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Found 9 results

  1. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    This is my first MOC about Pirates/Imperial Soldiers Thanks More photos in
  2. Mjazzw7

    Pirates vs EITC

    SPOILER ALERT FROM PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT WORLDS END!!!!!! Of course, many of us have watched "Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End". BUT, what would have happened if the EITC, lord cutler Beckett's flag ship, would have opened fired on the black pearl and the flying Dutchman with its massive 100 cannons, 50 on each side? Would the two pirate ships survive? Or, would it be a replay, before pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales?
  3. malmen

    An army on the march

    I felt bad for my little Imperial Soldiers just lying around in a box, even sharing space with hideous red coats , so I thought I'd build them a display. Sadly I was not missing a lot of bricks to build a bigger display as I first had in mind, so I had to scale down and could only fit one third of the soldiers. But hey! It's at least something I know the photos are not the best, my skills are below average and I had to use the available lights. I've edited them a bit and it actually looked decent at first, but then Flickr compressed them even harder so it's a bit of graining now. Oh well, here are some pictures. All kind of feedback is appriciated An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr
  4. Staslegomaster

    Rule, Britain!

    Hi, everyone. That's a new MOC Rule, Britain It is a historic moment after the battle of Trafalgar when a French admiral with hand cuffs puts the last version of the LEGO bluecoat flag down to King George III’s feet. Archbishop is on the right, Royal Court judge on the left. The throne is protected by 2 royal guards with white epaulets which you sent me together with a French flag. And the prisoner – by 2 classic red coats. The priest and hangman are waiting for a royal decision. I hope, LEGO fans will like my new set in Galleries and in LEGO Ideas. Please support
  5. BrickOn

    MOC Fully Loaded Little Ship

    So we had some rainy weather this weekend, which I intended to put to good use extending my blue coat fort. Somehow during the building process this all got derailed, when the idea started to take shape that maybe my blue coats could be building a ship; in a dry dock; as part of the fort. Then this just became building a ship. It's only small because I didn't really have the parts or the inclination to start destroying the rest of the scene I was working on.... I guess it's a bit unconventional, I started building upside down and switched halfway so the ship can be separated into two parts revealing the storage compartment below (and as long as you don't fully load it too much it fits together rather well, considering). But my blue coats were happy with my mini ship and just about all squeezed on, cannons and all... The whole little ship Lego ship MOC Photo 1 Other Vessels 4c So here is the side view of the two halves... Lego ship MOC photo 5 And a bird's eye view... Lego ship MOC Photo 4 And a few close ups... Lego ship MOC Photo 3 Lego ship MOC Photo 2 I guess this the first time properly posting something that I have built myself, so go nuts with comments, complaints and recommendations... This ship could sink at any moment so all feedback welcome.
  6. Hello, would like to present one simple and classic design. I 'm pretty sure you are all well familiar with the Caribbean Clipper (set no. 6274). And while my dream ship was the Black Seas Barracuda, I always yearned for the blue sails of the imperial soldiers. Even though I never had the set, I always found it to be lacking compared to the big pirate ships. So once I had my hands on the complete BSB, I also got myself a 70ish percent complete set of the BSB that I used to modify and enlarge the complete one. What I was left with was enough pieces to build my own redention of the Caribbean Clipper. Where I found it lacking was not in the style itself, but I found it to be too short in lenght, and lacking a second full mast. And for the past years I 've been building it slowly with extra parts I was left with from other creations. It's nothing that special, it's quite simple actually, but I hope I managed to catch that "Classic pirates" vibe I really love :) Brig - Two Masts - Two Square Sails on the Main 21C And ofcourse the bow and stern I hope you'll like it guys
  7. Here we have a project I've been working on over the past few weeks. Its a MOC/MOD of about 10 of the new 2015 Imperial soldiers outpost sets, 4 of the Soldiers Forts, and even a set or 2 from the 2009 Pirate line. In the background is one of my 2 Imperial Flagships, and all the sets have been combined, MOC'ed, and MOD'ed, into whats supposed to be a giant Imperial Port and trading center. This MOC is supposed to create the feeling of a very busy, hustle and bustling fishing port that's controlled by the Imperials. This is my first time showing a MOC here. I hope you all enjoy it, and there is a link to my flickr with over 100 pics to enjoy. 20150325_012210 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_220557-1 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_004156 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235526 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235802 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_225348 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_223111 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_000654 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_015751 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_002855 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_004830 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_225745-1 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_000155 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235802 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_222455 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr
  8. Ltfalcon

    The Bluecoat Brig "Avenger"

    169D This is the Brig Avenger that was tweaked for my son. We needed a ship to help protect the our blue coat port as we ready for the 2015 blue coat port sets. From the crows nest, "Admiral!! a pritate ship on the horizon". (Updated battle pictures at end of thread) Vengeance approaches and she readies for battle.
  9. Ecclesiastes

    TOR III Entry 2:Let's play cards!

    Let's play cards! It's time for the annual card game, war on the table! Not playing for money but for heads. And ofcourse the grand prize: the challenge cup. Well let's start this exiting game! No conclusion on the winner yet, it's a draw. So time for a fifth game, and a royal flush for our blue coat! And this year again, the challenge cup is ours! Could a mod, please add: TOR III Entry 2: in front of the title! Thanks!