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Found 3 results

  1. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    Tahu; Toa Mata; Ta Koro's Protector

    - Last year I became re-fanatic with the early lines of BIONICLES 2001–2003. I reread and looked at all the magazines, comics, books (especially Makuta’s guide to the universe) that I had about them. I went up online to scour YouTube for reviews of several sets from those lines—I was especially fond of the Rahi ones. I planned to set on a mission to collect all sets from those lines—a mission I have yet to start. I then came across a website where I can replay all web games and videos, that a while ago, were once on—good times… It has always been 2001 through 2003 for me—those will forever be my favorite lines… - 2015, now we have, what I jokingly term, “HERONICLES,” because personally they are HERO FACTORY literally masked with BIONICLES. Personally, they are respectable—especially since Lego brought the whole theme back, because prior to any release of confidential information about the return, I question why would they discontinue a beloved thing in the first place (not to put blame on their later lines *cough* “Stars”—but it did introduce the new Hau mold). The products though, are not what I anticipated. I remember when my brother told me images of the new sets were surfacing on the internet, when I found some decent images of them, I was hoping they were prototypes, fan made, or something! Where’s the sophistication? Where’s the skeletal-esque figure under all that excessive clad of armor plates? - I wasn’t not at all too fond of the new color scheme, well because I was looking for something more of the original Toa Mata (you know, orange, light/dark gray, tan, lime, etc.). It kinda reminds me of the Knights’ Kingdom figures when they attained new, shiny, armor—more armor is not always best option to make things look more invigorating! Then the masks, I will just say I like Pohatu & Kopaka’s most, but then again, for all of them, I wish they went with some of the earlier designs from their concept art, which resembles more of their originals. The gear feature is an enjoyable feature, but that reminiscence of that mechanical incarnation that the earliest years of BIONICLES simulated is quite loss under the clad of armor and the simplistic part alternatives. - But oh well! I did not come here to bring up a rememberable past or to gripe about change… umm… or have I already? Besides, isn’t it why most of us or even a reason why EB is here today, because we’re not completely satisfied with the entirety of Lego’s products? Well, somewhere down the line of rediscovering old things and discovering new things, I was tinkering with a red and medium blue Matoran torsos. I flipped the torsos sideways, in a clockwise manner, held them together in the form of a new torso, and pondered, “Hey this resembles the torso of a spartan soldier from the Halo series!” - Well I haven’t made any Spartans yet, but I had this astonishing idea to re-imagine Toa Mata Tahu with greater sophistication and stature, but minus the swivel arm action. In addition In tribute to the pristine era of Bionicles, I remain genuine to the original color scheme our favorite red, hotheaded Toa dons, but to also, the certain colors axles and pins were available at the time. Indeed, that is dedication. In most cases you will find deliberate uses of black Technic axles, light grey & black pins(w)axles, light grey Technic bushes, light grey gears, original Technic ball joints, etc. - On Tahu, I happen to use a few System elements for the hand and sword, as well a couple of minifigure arms & hands for thumbs—but that is all! Additionally, something that not so pure, is that I modified a Technic pin connector by which connects the ball joint on the chest. I as well permeated the axle connector of the head with super, so I could lodge mask(s) in a fixed position, since the head cannot actually accommodate the small mask. - To top it off, I wanted to come up with a term in BIONICLES that meant revamped. I had somewhat of a list for possible names to choose from, then I finally settled on the one that sounded and looked BIONICLE-ish enough: "Owihou." It is completely my fiction and I guarantee you will be "without" any chance of finding anything related to it on the internet. Enjoy!
  2. Paul Gauguin

    RoboRiders and Bionicles

    Hi there, I find it tremendous that people still whorsphip the old Legofigures. My question to you is if there are any people collecting RoboRiders or Bionicles. I find it would be a shame to give them away to some sort of institution, where they would be treated as "Old Toys". So are there any people who seriously collect them ? I still have lying around some of these Figures and as well some golden Wheels and golden Masks and some of the Slicers. Thank you for your Feedback.
  3. My wife recently purchased a bag of mixed Hero Factory and Bionicles from eBay. I have managed to work out the two Hero Factory models and found the instructions online and made them, less the inevitable missing pieces. Now I need to work out what Bionicle toys I have and get those. Is there an easy way to identify them? I attach a photo of what look like their heads!