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Found 6 results

  1. Brickington

    Albion Tower

    Lord Brickington was back in Avalonia. First thing he did once he was there was visit an old elf friend of his. This friend was a noble elf of a very serious manner. However, he was cursed with long blond. He hated his blond hair, for all respectable elves had brown hair (or at least he thought). At this point, he was a lord of an Albion tower and Lord Brickington went to see him. This tower was in the inner sanctum thus giving a rather enjoyable view from the top. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Well hello again everybody! I made this tower before my finals week, but just now uploaded it. I won't be building again until Monday, so this is my build for the week. Sorry for the poor pictures, it was a rainy day and week for that matter. This is Tower 1 in the Inner Sanctum of Albion. Well here are the additional pictures: And my favorite: ~Brickington
  2. Brickington

    Gaffon Bridge

    Lord Brickington was finally back in Albion! He was on his way to see Rex. When he arrived on the outskirts he realized that it would be a busy spring day, thus the main gate would be very crowded. To escape the crowds, Lord Brickington went to a alternative gate known as Gaffon gate. No one but guards and a few Albion citizens were around and he liked that. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build from me. I will be building all week to make up for the next two coming weeks. Very sorry for the bad editing in the last photo. Enjoy!
  3. Brickington

    Assain's Watch

    Lord Brickington was finally back in Avalonia. He was headed towards Albion and while on his he had a chance to the see beautiful Avalonia in the spring time. While on the road he passed a sturdy, but slender built tower. Although he didn't know it, the tower was known in those parts as Assain's Watch. Assain was known as a old King in a part of Avalonia. They say he built this tower for himself. But he probably didn't even exist, mere fairy-tales. When Lord Brickington passed this tower he realized that he was seeing a rare sight. There was an Assassin Archer. Those archers are the best, they shoot and kill. And apparently on this occasion, he was looking for someone who was suppose to ride by. Lord Brickington didn't pay any attention though. Others things were on his mind. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Well here's my most recent build, hope you like it! Here is another pic of the tower:
  4. Brickington

    Sorcan Tower

    There is a lonely watchtower on the border of Arkaine. It never sees any action, hence there is only one guard there. It is laid in a rocky plain. However, mysteriously bountiful trees grow around it. _________________________________________________________________________________ This was a little tower I built after I came back from my vacation. It is heavily based on DC's awesome tower, though mine is much more basic. Enjoy!
  5. Brickington

    Fortane Fortress

    I built this as a tribute to how much my building skills have grown since I joined and I have only been here a month or so! Thank you all for the comments to my builds and putting up with me. Also, I think I get the title of King of Castle with this moc. Fortane Fortress was built to protect the people of Arkaine. It is the home of Lord Brickington and the White Riders. Lord Brickington was arriving back from his long journey and everyone wanted to greet him. Bird's Eye View: The Entrance: A White Rider of Arkaine: Courtyard: Wooden Tower: Side: Side: Neat Looking View: Without Minifigs: Thanks for viewing. I think my skills have improved tremendously since joining GoH. The goal is to become a powerhouse mocer like Ecc and dG. C & C would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Brickington

    Albion Tower 4

    I will be away from my bricks for about a week, so I thought I owed Avalonia a build. Here is a build for Albion. I reserved the Tower 4. Not one of my best builds, because this was a quicky. Thanks for looking!