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Found 10 results

  1. So in previous posts I have shown off a couple of my models so far, however I thought i would collate all of my current Australian Army vehicles into 1 post, to be updated as time goes on and I build more. Here is an overall image of them My Bushmaster, a very well known ADF vehicle, from the sands of Afghanistan to the fields of Ukraine. The 40M, a workhorse of ADF logistics so long as Truckies aren't crashing them. They do this a lot... I need to update my canvas cover for the back as well. The Cargo G-Wagon, another logistics vehicle. The canvas cover on this one is in even greater need for an update. The G-Wagon Panel Van. I had originally planned for this one to be the 4 doored standard version, but the second set of doors made it look too long. Until I can rectify the issue, I'll keep it the 2 door version. The Surveillance Reconnaissance Vehicle. The sexiest G-Wagon, allows choccos to feel like SAScats when they drive them because it looks like it was made for spec ops.
  2. Hello everyone, I built a model of holden\isuzu suv The vehicle called holden Jackaroo and based on the Isuzu Trooper Zebra color of The vehicle taken from a set 6672 And the base chassis is 10 x 4 There are side steps also to protect the body of the vehicle in off road croling. and also to help the driver climb inside. There are also icons of a "shell" on the side of the The vehicle, allegedly shell is the "sponsor" of this vehicle travel (like the journeys of the Land Rover company when camel were the sponsors' see "camel trophy") One wheel is different, seeing as the interchange Wheel. Here are some pictures of the vehicle that I built. The real vehicle:
  3. Hello, my name is Adam and I live in South Australia. I have built a Lego train "The Ghan" NR75 (my interpretation anyway). I have tried to conform to a 6 stud wide theme on the Deck. The train lends itself however to an 8 stud wide build but I do not want to deviate from 6 studs. The proportion of the train is shortened slightly and could of been another 8 - 10 studs long but was becoming miss proportioned due to the lego track gauge. The lettering is done using either a Dymo self adhesive lettering tool, or by having professional vinyl cut letters. The Logo's are cut freehand. I like to build Australian things, as it is hard to find original Lego subjects to build. Not alot of exposure to our unique vehicles so I try to focus on giving them some. The Ghan train is a rail passenger service that goes back almost a century that crosses the center of Australia north to south, over one of the largest deserts in the world. originally the journey was made by the Afghan Camel trains on foot and the heritage is demonstrated in the vehicle's livery. This is my first post on Eurobricks, so please let me know if I could improve my posting in any way and forgive my learner ignorance. I have made a short youtube clip to try and demonstrate the modelling details I tried to accurately replicate, and to demonstrate that a train that long can run freely around a track and negotiate the tight radius! Thankyou for taking the time to look at my work. Adam The Ghan with some other Australian Lego train builds (CK class, 830 class) You tube clip.
  4. Description: Based on a tried & tested English Electric design, the South Australian Railways 800 Class locos were unique in that they were primarily used around Port Adelaide and in later years rarely ventured out of the metropolitan area. Seven of the class were allocated to the now defunct Gillman Yard and when not in use, were stabled at the loco servicing point at the western end of the yard. It was commonplace to see five or more 'on shed' on a weekend - the rest could usually be found at Mile End Diesel Depot. Their arrival meant the end of steam loco working from Port Adelaide depot and the remaining diminutive P class tank engines were consigned to the scrapheap. The original steam depot was closed to steam in July 1957, but used to house the new 800 class locos for a while longer. Afterwards it was used to store condemned steam locos before their disposal but by the late 1960s, the building had been abandoned and all signs of the steam era had been removed. The 800 class locos survived the state railway takeover by the Commonwealth, but were later considered obsolete and scrappings took place from 1988 to 1994, leaving only 801 to enter the National Rail Museum in Port Adelaide. (Source: 800 Class Profile by Steve McNicol from Railmac Publications, visit Loco 801 (first entered service on 9th June 1956) is periodically used for shunting on the museum grounds from time to time and was eventually repainted back into its original 1950s SAR colors in 2013 as part of the Rail Museum's 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Later, the 'waistband' was added and the side lights were mounted on the end deck railings. More about this model: This model features a display stand, a 60th Anniversary commemorative plaque, two Railway Museum workers; Dale Patyi and Bob Sampson and it can either be equipped with either the English Electric 6-cylinder diesel engine (if you want it as a display model) or can be motorized with the optional Power Functions for play! Also, you can take off the roof to reveal the inner workings and (only if it's not motorized!) even put the crew inside! To see more about the real 800 Class Loco: http://www.natrailmu...p?exhibitID=42 http://www.comrails....cos/p_800.html Dale & Bob in human: LXF Downloads: http://www.brickshel...s_motorized.lxf http://www.brickshel...onmotorized.lxf And last but not least... Happy 60th Birthday Locomotive 801! :laugh: The real locomotive (taken in 2013 before the stripe and side light modifications) Please Support this one on Ideas now! Thanks for reading!
  5. Hi All, I am thinking about going to Australia and wanted to know the best LEGO fan events for train heads down there? Can someone post a list of events and locations and dates? Any info would be appreciated. Steve
  6. Hi all, after a few sightings of the 81 class while out and about in Sydney last month I decided to try my hand at a train MOC. This locomotive was a natural starting point for me with its boxy design and duplicated cabs at each end so integrating PF was easy. I'm also fond of the blue and yellow scheme of Pacific National even if they are more of a darker colour now with the weathering and exhaust stains over the years. The locomotive is set up for an IR receiver hidden between the exhausts and a single battery box and M-motor in the front half (LHS of pic). This should provide sufficient pulling power for a moderate consist however if I move the IR receiver to one of the cabs there's enough space for a second battery and motor. Quick question for the more experienced train builders though, is it possible to control two separate batteries and motors with a single IR receiver? I've ordered the parts to replace all of the light bley temporary pieces and to build powered bogies which should be arriving soon so I'll get some track set up to test this bad boy, I'll post a video of that once it's done. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  7. lightningtiger

    MOC - Landmark Store reboot 2014

    Final touches are going into NM, I changed a few things on the inside of my latest version of my Landmark merchandise store. In the last shot you can see a shearing set up on the wall along with a huge coil of wire fencing. Keep watching !
  8. Adamskii

    Australian 830 class diesel

    Hello again folks. This MOC is my interpretation of the 830 class diesel used by various Australian operators for the last 40 years! Some are still in use today and one passes by my suburb twice weekly (locally known as the "stonie") delivering a load of quarried stone to our local port. One of the liveries this vehicle carried is of the "Australian National" with the green and gold. Lego green and yellow lend themselves very well to a color match. I made the handrail configuration match that of the mid 1980's. This MOC is 6 wide at the deck, but 8 wide at the coupling plates. It has triple bogeys (Co-Co arrangement) and the innermost wheel sets are on a tile slider to manage the radius track. This MOC is not entirely finished, I have cut the "AN" decals by hand, and am not happy with them but am waiting for some inkjet printer decal film to arrive so I can make my own waterslide decals much more neatly and accurately. Also, If you note the port and starport sides have different colored vents (one side green, one side black) as I have'nt decided whether the reference photos show green or black grills - the vents cast a shadow that make it hard to decide if its green vents with dark shadows or just dark vents. The Jury is out but I will finalise the design soon enough. Also I originally built on a Lego 28 stud deck board, and that was too short, and have since removed it and replaced with plates, and have not fixed the stud line along the chassis. Thank you for looking at my work. Any feedback is welcome Adam
  9. lightningtiger

    New Mannum - The Rebirth 2013

    Since I have been finalising display pieces for April's meet and now the Servo Showdown comes are running low so time to rebirth my Aussie Town....improve it and make it scream even more Aussie, Aussie, you know the rest ! Just one fresh image right now......more to come....during the day I hope. How does it look so far.....the rebirth......keep watching (the Canadian and contest builds will run in parallel.....more fun that way )