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Found 2 results

  1. The son of trot sounds in the deserted streets of suburb of Astrapi. A carriage stopped at the gates of the newly built Military Academy. - "Ah, here she is!" The headmaster of the academy, proud as he is, could not help shuddering at the sight of this cart carrying the Courteville's coat of arms. A valet hastened to run to the gates and helped the lady to get off the carriage. Madame de Courteville crossed the court, flanked by ranks of cadets and naval officers. - "Madame la Duchesse, I hope the trip was pleasant. Would you care to partake of some refreshment?" Asked politely the headmaster. - "Oh, monsieur de Torchon, you are too kind, but I think we put aside the courtoisie for a moment, you know our majesty has orderred personnaly the construction of this arsenal. Ah, I forgot, this academy thingy, you know it's the first military school in the new world, and I hope you will not fail us." A big drop of sweat slid down the cheek of de Torchon, he knew quite well the reputation of this Madame de Courteville, and she shall not make his life easy unless she got a satisfactory response. He began to search his pockets for that piece of paper but came out with empty hands, par Poseidon, he must left it in his old clothes. He had to improvise. - "Hum, see..."Stammered de Torchon. - "Monsieur, I hope you won't make me listen your harangue in the tropical heat?" Said la Duchesse with a grin. - "Mille pardon, madame, you are absolutely right, could you do me the honor to follow me to my office, a detailed report is waiting for you." The poor headmaster was quite relieved when he heard the protest. - "Volontier." The Duchesse was ready to go enter building, when she raised her eyes and her gaze focused on these lime-green plates. - "Quite an exquisite taste, where did you find these green plates?" She asked ironically while frowning her eyebrows. - "They are made of quartzites that exist in abundance in this region, a quite unique color, isn't it? But to be honest, Astrapi is a small settlement, we were low on budget and we had to do with what we already got." Replied de Torchon, seemingly quite proud of his work. - "Very well." Exclamed la Duchesse, then, in a whisper, she said to herself,"I shall see to have them replaced." Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome!
  2. alexandertam

    Football shirts

    Hi, I've been a Villa fan for nearly a decade, been through glory times and really tough times. I've always wanted to do this, so recently, I've combined my love for Aston Villa with Lego, and made some new designs for other teams too. Hey? Any Villa fan in here? To start off with, of course: I've done, in total 4 designs, an Aston Villa 13/14 home shirt, England 2014 world cup home shirt (men and women), and Arsenal 15/16 home shirt. I haven't figured out how to make the 15/16 Villa shirt, so it's still in experimental process, as for why I chose the 13/14 one, but not 14/15 one or earlier. It's because this is the design I like most in recent years. One other thing I did was the Acrons logo, I prefer not to help the betting company to advertise, and I've always wanted to help promote the local hospice. Ever since I did a year of volunteering in a hospice, I've always had many respect with the place, and wanted to help promote this practice. And of course, Acrons is the main charity sponsored and promoted by Aston Villa, as all fans know. So move on to the 3 Lions (England) shirts. It's a hard design, as all things are white. But I've managed to make one for my gf and one each for Gerrard and Rooney. And as all who follow English football knows what Gerrard is famous for.... XD Rooney: You do not flipping slip!!! You do not Flipping SLIP!!!!! Gerrard and Rooney discussing how to take the free kick. He is also famous for being a very efficient person, and can get done by 38 seconds :grin: I meant to do Arsenal players, as I was going to make one for Sanchez, but I ran out of white legs, so they became the top-4 glory hunters (Arsenal fans).... with selfie sticks!! I really think they should be banned in the stadium... don't you agree? The guy can't resist to take a selfie while being chased by a maniac (me) OMG Rooney got into the act! Thanks for reading, tell me what you think :)