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Found 2 results

  1. River Gate The Second Battle of Queenscross (WZ7:E8) For the Desert King! In the seizing of Queenscross, a detachment of Desert King troops is sent to secure the docks along the Arkbri. Near one of the river gates, they quickly overcome a group of High Council soldiers. It is vitally important that trade and travel along the river remain safe, and, in spite of the increasing conflict in the area, the Desert King will do just that. Overall shot:
  2. Warzone 7: The Second Battle of Queenscross Location: E8 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. Suggestions for GA to achieve this: E9, D8,D9) Terrain: Queenscross sits on the Arkbri River, and is aligned with the only main southern descent from the Great Escarpment, also known as the Jackal’s Teeth. The terrain is dusty, without much vegetation beyond the river banks, or the copses of Blood Ash trees that seem to prevail despite the little water in the soil. There are no rolling dunes here, as it is a rocky and mild desert. Nearer to the cliffs, boulders that once made up the top of the escarpment litter the landscape. The pass itself is heavily fortified along the way with small “murder forts” build along the walls leading up the escarpment. The region is truly the defensive capitol of Kaliphlin. Queenscross itself has just started to recover from the First Battle of Queenscross, and is still a large city, where the central landmark is the one bridge across the Arkbri River for over 200 miles in either direction. The Great Span was slightly damaged during the Revolword War, but still stands today. The architecture here has a flair of Middle Eastern / Greek / and Central European. The many monuments within the town are often Greek or Egyptian looking. The city is walled History: Queenscross is one of the most important cities in Kaliphlin. Not only does it defend the great plateau that Petraea and Kaligem sit on, but it is also a major trade hub between those traveling the Arkbri River, and those traveling the road to Petraea. It has long been a valuable part of the Kaliphlin domain, and once was even the capitol of Kaliphlin for a few decades. Its name was derived from that period, when the Queen of Kaliphlin resided in the city, believing that as long as she bathed in the Arkbri river each day, she would live forever. She was assassinated by one of her ministers, who coerced crocodiles farmers to release their catch while she was bathing one afternoon, the legend says that the crocodiles were so ashamed after they ate the most beautiful queen, that they left the region forever. Whatever the reason, none of the famous Arkbri Crocodiles reside in the region. Since that period, Queenscross has flourished, but the main square of the city is still named for her. The city was the focal point of one of the main battles during the Revolword War – The First Battle of Queenscross in the Historica Era. (This post you can see more of the city as it was depicted by me two years ago) The city is governed by a Triumvirate, and its representative to the High Council Al’Martin Doct has declared Queenscross neutral in this battle. Mini-challenge: This challenge is quite open. There are many areas in and around Queenscross that will need seized or fought for in the coming weeks in order to secure the region. Each builder should depict a scene where their forces fight the enemy’s. Remember, Unless Ulandus arrives at the last second, this is a battle between the High Council and the Desert King. Each MOC should clearly depict one of the major landmarks of the region, be it a monument, the Jackal’s Teeth, the docks on the Arkbri, or something that lets the viewer clearly identify that this is Queenscross. (IE: no random fight scenes in a street, without something interesting around them.) It does not have to be a landmark mentioned already in the GOH project, you can make your own up! For example, perhaps you want to have your soldiers seize the “Board of Trade” within the city, you could create a unique building where the fighting takes place, add a little bit of story about the location and the scene, and that would fit the requirements. You don’t have to be that obvious with it either, this is a good challenge for forced perspective! Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: April 26th