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Found 7 results

  1. BrickCurve


    Of the towns and villages surrounding castle Anrarr FaraTown is by far the greatest. Built over a river the town has one of the best fresh water supplies in Kaliphlin.
  2. A message to the moderators, something went wrong with the title when I pressed post, it was meant to be- Bk II Ch III: Mens Quest: Category C: The Diplomats of Anrarr Could you fix this please? Hassius Meduseld, a cartographer from Barqa returning from Mitgardia to Durok lighthouse where a meeting of diplomats and advisers to the lord of Anrarr await the detailed maps of the Mitgardian coast. Meanwhile, the messengers of Anrarr are engaged in a heated conversation with the dwarf lord Andrix. Messenger- My lord I bring you an invitation to a meeting in Kaliphlin concerning the possibility of a war with the Avalonian Elves. Lord Andrix- Very well I will attend, I hope the dwarfs of Mitgardia may gain valuable allies through this. Where does the meeting take place? Messenger- The meeting takes place at Durok Lighthouse near the northern border of Kaliphlin. Lord Andrix- Very well, now return to Kaliphlin bearing word of acceptance. Messenger- As you wish my lord. (He departs). Little does the dwarf lord know that one of Glorfindels spies, a high ranking elf captain had overheard the entire conversation and was made plans to also be at Durok Lighthouse at the time of the meeting. The dwarf lord Andrix arrives at Durok lighthouse, to his surprise he finds one of Glorfindels captains already at the meeting. Lord Andrix- Why is one of Glorfindels Servants, an enemy of the dwarves present at this meeting! Lord Parimere- This meeting was called to discuss the prospects of the dwarves starting a war with the Avalonian Elves, Not to volunteer our services to the dwarves in the war you have made so clear is coming! Lord Andrix- So what if a war is coming, I refuse to have anything to do with Avalonian elves. Elf Captain- You have the influence to calm the dwarves and stop this war. Lord Andrix- So what if I do! Hassius Meduseld- The elves of Avalonia have detailed maps made by me of all the war preparations made by the dwarf clans. Lord Andrix- Then the dwarf clans will make new plans. Lord Parimere- You know as well as we do that the dwarves have made the best possible plans for tunnels, secret tracks, tricks and attacks, and that those plans are in our hands. And all the forces of Anrarr will be with the elves to defend their lands. For the defeat of the dwarves you will be held responsible when you could have easily been known as a peacemaker by the dwarf clans. Lord Andrix- Very well I consent, your plans have been well made. I will make the dwarf council see reason. Elf Captain- It is better for both our races my friend. Lord Andrix- True, it is. I thank you lord Parimere for making me see reason. (He leaves) Lord Parimere- Let us hope that the peace will remain long unbroken. I hope the story is up to scratch, I have had nothing to compare it to since no other category C entries have been posted. On another note I am currently exhibiting the lighthouse at an expo in Williamstown and have had little kids running there hands through the water and "borrowing" 1 x 1 round plates.
  3. BrickCurve

    Castle Anrarr

    The Great Castle Anrarr, built by the Lord Parimere on the Inland Sea near East Gate as one of his main strongholds in Kaliphlin. The great castle slowly gathered a small town around it and became a place of safety and refuge for the towns folk in times of war. For those interested, an improved version of this, (or something similar) will be at Brickvention Australia in 2015. More pics on flickr I would like to claim UoP credits for Anthropology, Life in Kaliphlin. Update: 1 UoP credit short of approval.
  4. BrickCurve

    The Streets Of Anrarr

    I was Experimenting with a GoH style modular building and managed to finish the facade before I ran out of bricks. I'd like to claim UoP credits for Architecture wall technique 1.
  5. BrickCurve

    Anrarr Rock

    On a rocky outcrop not far from castle Anrarr lies the rock upon which sits a watchtower older than the castle itself, a watch tower built to guard the builders settlers of Anrarr from the many pirates privateers coming from the whither woods and beyond. Today the fort is still in use manned by the guard of Lord Parimere to keep watch of the castle it helped Build. All credit for the original Kaliphin map go to nice.marmot</a> More Pics on flickr I'd like to claim UoP credits For Geography, Mountains or cliffs, Hydrology, Waves, Architecture, Roofing 1 and Landscape Design, Studs up rocks and Cliffs.
  6. The gate of Anrarr Castle, stronghold of the Wanderer of Kaliphlin, Located on the grasslands of the northernmost Island of the Inland Sea. UoP credit for Landscape Design, Dense foliage landscaping, Architecture, Round walls and Towers, Geography, Grass lands and Military Science, Fortification.
  7. BrickCurve

    Castle Anrarr W.I.P.

    I am currently working on extending my Gate house, (more pictures here http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=99983 ) into a proper castle as a base for my sig fig. I'm currently waiting on a Bricklink order now, so I should have most of it finished by Friday. (I hope). This should also be at Brickvention Australia in 2015 (assuming it gets in). I'm not quite sure about the strip of light grey on the second segment, so I may remove it, (if I get around to it).