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Found 3 results

  1. mccoyed

    [K-D08] Blind Date

    Kawashita Embassy Manor Angornal - 3185 Tags: Spying, Special Operation Determined to find out what the heck was going on with the "suspicious" characters at the function, Koro tailed them when they went out on a nearby balcony. As if Bonnie The Mechanic was psychic or something, the woman put the data cube into a mediaplayer and stuck a pair of headphones on her face. The man was barely containing his excitement, but Koro could tell from the tension in her shoulders that the woman was not enjoying whatever it was she was hearing. Just when it was getting good, Koro heard a very chiding voice pipe in on his communicator. " Koro. What the quasar are you doin' out there?" "Shhh. Dude. I think he's playing recordings of some secret conversation." "I would be three battleships, two mining asteroids, and a partridge in a pear-frickin' tree that he isn't. But for the sake of argument, tap into the 'player's signal and find out." "Wait. I can do that!?" "Ugh. I swear. I'm going to strap you down to a workbench and watch you read that manual." Sure enough, Koro confirmed that the mediaplayer was indeed playing the man's new demo. The woman was a signer for a Kawashita recording company, one of the dozens the corporation included in its Media Division. The music was terrible and Koro felt a bit sorry for the signer. She had to listen to it for quite a while before she threw the data cube off the balcony and stomped back to the party. Koro stayed in cover until they left. Eventually, Bonnie The Mechanic came out after him. "So I guess I'm glad you got that out of your system." "It's so weird. Maybe whoever the target was got wind of us and changed their mind." "See? This is the problem with you "need to know" clandestine types. You don't actually know the who, when, why, or quasarin' what you're doing half the time." "Beltar always says 'don't hate the player, hate the game'." "There were no targets, Koro. This was a set-up." "So what, we're going to get ambushed at some point." "No, you idiot. Remember what I said earlier? I had a hunch this was some kind of blind date or something? Well while you were hiding behind the shrubbery stalking crappy musicians, I was getting to the bottom of the real reason we're here." "Why's that?" "It's a BLIND DATE, you ninny. You and me. Set up at a fancy place with fancy people." The End! Builder's Note: -Guess I needed one more to get this out of my system. No more fancy Koro builds for a while after this. And you'll all just have to wait and see whether he gets his crap together and gives Bonnie The Mechanic a halfway decent response.
  2. mccoyed

    [K-D08] Dance Hall

    Kawashita Embassy Manor Angornal - 3185 Tags: Spying, Special Operation Having got into the big shindig, Bonnie The Mechanic and Koro proceeded to fake having a good time until, somehow, they actually began to have a good time. They almost forgot what they were there to do, what with all the famous faces around. They took a dance in the center of the room, getting a feel for all the faces and names. Koro didn't know who they were looking for, all he knew was that there was going to be a hand off of some kind and he and his "date" were to keep an eye on it and follow it to where it led. The Op was secretive even for Kawashita standards, but Koro knew that either Narbilu or one of his fellow Operators would eventually let him know the details. Until then, he focused on looking like he wasn't there to work, and on keeping Bonnie The Mechanic from stepping on his feet. "Koro, look over there. Don't stare, you quasaring fool! Yeah, behind you... is that General Akama? But who is he dancing with?" "Who the old guy with the cyber-eye? Yeah that's Akama." "Shhh not so loud!" "That's his kid with them. Teen fashion these days, I swear." Koro looked to the west side of the dance hall and noticed the famous actor Chad Schmidt dancing with his husband... a retainer flirting with a pretty lady... an older couple he didn't recognize... service staff... security... "See anything?" "Just people doing people things. Nothing suspicious yet." "Do you think you were recognized? You're not exactly the most inconspicuous guy." "Look who's talking. I may be closer to you than any man's been in a while, but I'm sure they can smell the machine oil on the next planet." "You keep talking like that and I'm going to get creative with these heels." "Promises, promises." Koro looked to the East side of the dance hall and noticed another retainer... an officer smirking at his oversized holodisplay (compensating much?)... a couple of women in very expensive clothes... and the owner of the Manor himself, Mr. Olsen, drinking alone and gazing disapprovingly at the oversized holodisplay. A man after Koro's own heart. He made a mental note to introduce himself to Olsen later on, if he got the chance. Unless of course it was Olsen he was here to spy on... "That has got to be the ugliest dog I've ever seen. And what is she feeding it? You see the size of that bone?! It's bigger than the quasarin' dog!" "You know, your lack of focus is really starting to become my lack of focus." "This mission is so weird. Maybe someone was just trying to trick us into going out on date." "..." "?" "Uh..." "What are you trying to say, Koro? You'd better not be--" "Ummm... what's THAT OVER THERE!?" "What those two? She's probably a DJ or something. Maybe that's his demo?" "Or it could be secret intel!" "They're doing the hand off a bit out in the open if that's the case. C'mon, at the risk of painting a target on my face here... you think it's really that amateur hour?" "Who knows? Times are strange. No one seems to remember what happens to traitors in Andromeda like... a week after the fact. So people keep doing it. It's weird." "I really don't think those two are our targets, Koro. I think you're trying to change the subject." "What? No. Those are definitely traitors. We'd better, uh... get closer." 20150906_214854 by Evan Todd-McCoy, on Flickr "I see you, you bastards. Koro sees you." "This is not going to end well, is it? So glad this isn't a real date." "What? You say something?" "Sigh... never mind, Koro. Never quasarin' mind." BUILDER'S NOTE: I felt the need to finish off this little story about Koro and Bonnie The Mechanic having their outing. Is the mission real? Did someone just set them up on a date without their even seeing it coming? Who knows! I have a lot of fun writing their dialogue. Maybe too much fun. Also this build gave me a chance to stretch some figging muscles after a few straight weeks of pretty challenging spaceships.
  3. mccoyed

    [K - D08] Formal Wear

    Kawashita Embassy Manor Angornal - 3185 Tags: Spying, Special Operation Koro was definitely more at home running around some backwoods planet with sword in hand and head on fire, but every so often Narbilu-sama tricked assigned him a mission that looked safer but felt more dangerous than a thousand angry space worms. When he was asked to infiltrate a gala being held at the Kawashita Embassy on Angornal, he expected to be sneaking through air ducts with Beltar or strapping on a jetpack and bringing death from above with Raven. He did not expect to be wearing a suit and ceremonial sword. He didn't expect to need a date, and he certainly didn't expect that date to be the Mechanic. "By the way, you're going to have to tell me your name." "Why? Isn't this supposed to be undercover?" "Well, sort of. But I'm not exactly inconspicuous. Look at me. People who know people are gonna know who I am. And I can't introduce you as "my mechanic"... or can I?" "Hey, I'm not your mechanic. I'm the Mechanic." "Great, yeah. That's what we'll tell people." "Ugh. I'm never going to hear the quasaring end of this am I?" "Nope." "'s Bonnie." "Your name is Bonnie?" *METALLIC SNORT* "Oh shut up and focus. I'm Bonnie, you're Koro, and we're hear to mingle with some high-ranking Kawashita bureaucrats who are suspected of colluding with MANTIS agents, or possibly being agents themselves. We need to be on our toes!" "Speaking of toes, are you up on your tippies or what? You are not this much taller than me." "You can thank the quasars who invented heels." The retainer at the entrance checked her holodisplay for "Koro and Guest". She gave a curt nod, which Koro knew she would. Bonnie The Mechanic gave a small sigh of relief. "Wait... Bonnie. Is this your first time infiltrating a party or something?" "Ugh. Your hair looks stupid." "Don't change the subject. Also, I look suave." "It is not my first party, Koro!" "That's not what I asked." "Ummmm... I don't have to answer your dumb questions. Let's just go and catch spies or whatever!" "Okay but Bonnie?" "What?" "Stop squeezing my hand so hard. They're made of titanium and that still stings." "Oops. Sorry." Builder's Notes: -Just a quick one from me this week, but I'm satisfied with the fact that it continues to show more sides of Koro and what can constitute spying. -Some may question whether this is a "spying" build in a strict sense of the word, but I feel like being too narrow about that will let all spying builds be too similar. If you've seen a spy movie, let alone James Bond, then this sort of scenario should be familiar and definitely fits into the general context of spying as a result of story accompanying the MOC. -Thanks for looking!