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Found 3 results

  1. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 2

    The Shadowmere throneroom was lavish, with a red carpet rolled out from the foot of the obsidian steps leading to Vladivus' golden throne. Banners hung from the walls, indicating fealty sworn to Shadowmere, and defeated enemies. The honour of guarding the throneroom went to the Kazzar Blackcloaks, who owed the Lord of Shadowmere a life's debt. Fearsome warriors all, they cut an intimidating silhouette with their lances, and none moreso than Vorek Steeljaw, his long golden lance setting him apart as a Captain in the Kazzar Blackcloaks. Without so much as a glance at this, the Black Spire emissary strode purposefully up the centre, towards Vladivus, flanked by two of his zombie guards, his crown glinting in the orange torchlight. He bowed exaggeratedly. "Hail once again Vladivus", he said mockingly. "Would ye hear my terms?" "Aye", came the measured reply, "let us hear them." The King's words came swiftly, as though practised. "Ravaage would have you bend your knee to him and yield the Resistance leaders," he said gesturing at the balcony, where Angfauglir and Lord Mortis watched. "In return for undying fealty and the dissolution of the Shadowmere Guard, you shall be granted your mothers former lands in Avalonia, where you shall live your life in exile. Your generals must either bend to Ravaage, or be executed." As the last word left the emissary's lips, the doors to the throne room crashed open, and a shout echoed through. "Stop this madness!" At this, the King drew his dirk, and charged at Vladivus, the sceptre in his hand glowing green, seemingly granting him warding against the Kazzar, who moved to intercept him. As fast as the Kazzar were, and as quick as the King moved, the Falcons were faster. Lead by Sir Eothain the Insane, they charged from the doorway, covering the ground swifter than any would have expected, followed by Lady Sithanna, her lips curled in a snarl, and her Manbat Warriors. Eothain's sword clove the sceptre in twain, and the head of the emissary bounced from his shoulders, as his guards fell to the floor. The bodies were swiftly cleared away, and a hurried council of sorts commenced. "What is this? You would kill an emissary?" Vladivus anger was palpable. "Hear us out my Lord" soothed Sithanna. "Your pup damn near killed my men", spat Eothain "He turned on us on the road to Abyssian. Ravaage's troops ambushed us, nothing we couldn't handle. Then the wolves came. Clawbreakers, and others. Fenrir didn't hesitate. He called for us to follow him against the wolves. Who were we to argue? The wolves came again, from behind, and as we turned to take them, Fenrir turned on us. If it weren't for Sithanna's timely arrival, on account of her taking a roundabout route from Kaliphlin we'd have been dog toys. Your guard you sent with us are all dead I'm afraid m'lord." "This King was with Fenrir- baying for blood. He's no emissary, he is, well, he was, an assassin," said Sithanna. "Amset-ra sent one of his men with us as a sign of the new alliance, and he knew the emissary of old." "This is troubling news". Vladivus mused. "Eothain, I'm offering you the position of Shadowmere General- it seems deeds must speak louder than words." At this, he cast his gaze at Angfauglir, who still leant upon the balcony. He turned, "Vorek!" "Yes my Lord?" said the Kazzar. "Call the Captains. Sir Eothain, ready for war." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the next installment! C+C welcome!
  2. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 1

    Horns sounded across the swamp- strange, wet, muddy sounds, more gurgling than a clear ring. The Moruth Rangers had tracked the party, noting the sizeable number of Schkyklyk Raiders attempting to pass in secret. The zombies and their palanquin, seemingly bearing a zombie king, were less discreet, marching straight to the Eastern gates of Shadowmere. Vladivus, Angfauglir, Lord Mortis and several warriors met the creatures beneath the black outer walls. The stench of the swamp followed them, not that the Nocturnians cared. The zombie king ordered his party to stop before the Lord of Shadowmere and the other Resistance leaders. "Salutations Vladivus!" called the King, his voice unnatural, "I speak as the King of the Moruth Swamps, and mouthpiece of Ravaage, the true Lord of Nocturnus." His eyes cast their gaze over the other Lords. "My esteemed Angfauglir, long has it been." Lord Mortis spoke from the gateway, "Name your reason for being here. If all you wish to do is bandy titles and small talk, then you are truly a King." "Ah, the vampire has a voice," sniggered the KIng, "very well, I wish to discuss terms of surrender." At this, Vladivus who had been quiet until now, spoke up "As an emissary, you shall be accorded due respect, and I guarantee your safety, providing you behave yourself. These are not the halls of Ravaage, we will have decorum. Turning to the Knights of the Inner Keep, he said "See the emissary to my throne room. I will receive him there." To be continued... So, the next part in the LV/ME/Jorrith collab. Hail Nocturnus! C+C welcome.
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Old Friends

    The calvacade of horses picked their way across the stony ground, the steep, rocky walls of the canyon watching them pass. Vladivus eyed Angfauglir, the warlord confident despite being surrounded by elite Knights of the Inner Keep. It was not the same when the Lord of Shadowmere had last seen him. The clash of steel upon steel was still fresh in the half-vampire's mind. Many warriors of the Shadowmere Guard had fallen that day, and it had only been a reckless charge by Vladivus himself that had allowed his battered forces to retreat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. At first, the battle had gone well, Vladivus and the Shadowmere Guard exacting a punishing toll as the first of the Covenant warriors met them. Vladivus had hopped up on a rock to wave his forces onwards, the Lord of Shadowmere cutting an imposing figure arrayed in his armour, a cloak the colour of stormclouds billowing from his shoulders, and the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin sitting upon his head. Then Angfauglir himself had charged. The warlord and his guards were mounted on mighty black warhorses, and they thrust into the Shadowmere Guard lines, zombies and orcs flying aside as the horses hooves pounded onwards. Angfauglir's staff blazed with malevolent red light, and the magical blasts emanating from it slew many a warrior. Whilst the Knights of the Inner Keep, in their heavy armour, had managed to hold their section of the line, the charge by Angfauglir had turned the battle in his favour. Vladivus saw that only a miracle would prevent the utter rout of his army, and in a moment of foolishness he called out a mighty challenge to Angfauglir, his voice ringing loud across the battlefield; "Face me you Spire whelp!" And Angfauglir did. Vladivus remembered little of the duel after the first few blows. The next he remembered was awakening covered in grievious wounds, surrounded by Lady Sithanna and her Manbat warriors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vladivus' mind drifted away from the battle. What was it Krell had said when he heard Angfauglir was coming to Shadowmere? "Old Friends". Vladivus snorted to himself with the memory. He looked ahead, the citadel of Shadowmere rising imposing and black into sky. The road to Shadowmere was almost at an end. ============================================================================================================================ So the next part of the collab between myself, Mass Editor and Jorrith. Credit goes to Mass Editor for the opening shot, and the microscale Shadowmere has been posted before, albeit many moons ago. This was my second or third attempt at a battle scene- I tried to make it a bit more dynamic. I'm also away from my usual Lightbox (I really need to start editing my pictures...). Anyway, C+C is always welcome! A few more pics are on Flickr.