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Found 6 results

  1. When the first settlers came to An Holli more than 50 years ago and founded Weelond, they built the initial structures mostly from wood. As the settlement became more established, they replaced structures that were considered vital to the settlement with more permanent buildings made from stone. Other than the fort, one of the first structures to be rebuilt using local stone was Weelond’s church. It is located on the village green, between the town market and the waterfront’s warehouse district. Fifty years after it was built, it is now known simply as “the old stone church.” Reverend Calvert DuBois invites us inside. Once inside, we can see the sanctuary, which feels larger than one might expect due to the high roof and large stained glass windows. At the rear of the church, Rev. DuBois has an office where he keeps his library and items needed for church services. The church is a center of Weelond’s cultural activity. Rev. DuBois has a full house in attendance today for his sermon. Let’s take a quick peek from his office as he delivers his sermon. * * * Build notes: - I actually started planning this build before the Cultural and Educational categories were added to the list of property types in the game, so that saved me the trouble of figuring out how to classify it. - The main roof comes off for easy access: - There is no back wall, but I built it so that I could add a removable wall at some point in the future: As always, all c&c welcome! For details on the religion practiced here, the Church of Sol and Luna, also known as the Church of the Two Coins, see here:
  2. Do you wear a shirt? Or pants? Or underwear? I am sure you do. And I am also sure that some of the cloth you are wearing was manufactured in Weelond. Weelond?, you ask? That's right, Weelond, on the island of An Holli. You don't believe me? Come along, young lad, and let me show you. A while ago the largest facility in the new world has commenced its business. In the Augustinian Colonial Textiles (named in the honour of our beloved king), the MCTC fabricates cotton, making some of the finest cloth in all of Terra Nova. From here, the cloth is brought to cities both in the new and in the old world. Come and join me for a small tour through our Royal Cotton Factory, or look around yourself. Augustinian Colonial Textiles The workers are working quite hard right now. Take a look from the top, right through the roof, and see the inside unfold. Isn't it colourful inside? Spinning cotton is no easy task. We have quite some machinery, here in Weelond. Those men are really doing their best to keep the spinning machines running all the time, and running and running. Whenever a piece of cotton is all rolled up to a thread, a new one is put on the machine, and a new one, and so on... Believe it or not, your shirt did not grow on a field like that. Someone has added that precious green colour to it, at some point. Last but surely not least, we are weaving. It's funny, actually, that four women operate the machines while more than 10 people are constantly carrying around fibres and cloth to keep the machines running. Storage racks are important. Because believe it or not, not everything we produce is transported away immediately. This does not only go for white or coloured fibres, but also for fine cloth. We always try to be ahead of ourselves, here at the MCTC. This is why we installed a small wagon to ease our work. Because we care about logistics. And we care about our workers. Take a break and eat some of that tasty "chocolate" thing we have imported from Cocovia. Anyone still want some carrots? Noone? Really? And look outside. Isn't she a beauty, our factory? It's quite funny that the backdoor is the place where we do most of our business. Having a river nearby always helps. Look at those two, bringing in some new cotton for us to make cloth from. Will it be green or purple, what do you think? Yellow you say? I'm not so sure, I think we have produced enough yellow cloth for today. But who am I to tell? Did you know August? That's how we call that small pig. Noone has a clue how August got here, or how he has any right to be here. But we all think he's quite cute, doing what he does, so we let him do his thing. Now imagine you were an eagle, my little friend. Just think about how much good we are doing to the world, running this factory. Noone has to freeze in cold winters once there is enough cloth in the world. Yeah, just look around a bit more and memorize what you see here. Because what you see here, young lad, is the future of the world. It's not ships, nor gold nor treasures, it's factories, it's industry. The real revolutions of the next years won't be against kings. The real revolutions will be against our untechnologised past and for the machinery of the future. I'm a weirdo, you say? Well, just look around and embrace the future, my dear. Believe it or not, accept it or don't - you won't change it. Neither will I. But I will be part of it. Why won't you? see a full album on Flickr for more pictures This is by far the hugest build I have done till now, and by far the best (in my personal opinion). Thank you BoBS for inspiring me to go for something like this. And thank you also to all those people who gave me inspiration with all their wonderful builds here at BoBS. And of course a great thank you to my fellow MCTC members for sticking with me for the Royal Textile Factory, from the initial idea (let's rather call it a vision), through financing and the realisation, and for providing feedback and suggestions during the building phase. You are great. Alright. Time to clean up my Lego over the... next few weeks I am afraid.
  3. Weelond, like Bardo, is a company town, and the company keeps it busy! At the MCTC warehouse, cargo handlers are busy sorting crates and barrels of the latest trade goods. Trade is the lifeblood of this settlement on An Holli. Corn, cotton, and textiles are the primary exports currently (although there are rumors that rum and ale may soon be produced locally), and various exotic foodstuffs and equipment are imported. Local MCTC officials are anxious to see more properties go up in Weelond. * * * * * A couple of new pictures have surfaced of this warehouse. Apparently there's more to it than initially illustrated. The warehouse extends well back from the street front. A side alley allows the workers to move goods out of the main street while they work. But they better watch what they're doing. Two pigs have escaped!
  4. There is much to celebrate in Weelond on the island of An Holli. The new royal textile factory is opening, and several MCTC dignitaries have arrived to see the factory in person. Additionally, the mayor of Weelond, Willem Guilder, has just been appointed governor of the island. Governor Guilder (he likes how that sounds!) hosts his guests at his new residence. The governor’s mansion is a simple 2-story affair with an entrance portico and a kitchen off the southern wing. A statue and fountain grace the front lawn. A stone path around the north wing leads to a garden in the back. Small access hatches in the cupola allow access to the widow’s walk along the top of the roof. Here Governor Guilder greets the mayor of Nova Terreli, Román Esteban Fontonajo, and his lovely wife Marietta. Fontonajo was instrumental in getting the royal factory built in Weelond, and Guilder is quite grateful. Eslandola’s Secretary of State, Guy K. Wyndzon, leader of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, discusses matters with the mayor of Bardo, Colonel Oystridge. Rumor has it that the colonel may soon be named governor of the island of An Toli. Guilder needs to let the colonel know that the position comes with no upgrade in pay beyond the continuing mayoral duties, but the title does look nice on the letterhead. Guy’s uncle has wandered onto the lawn and started yelling at the statue of the Eslandolan explorer who discovered An Holli more than 50 years ago. Perhaps Guy’s uncle knew him before he was a statue? Regardless, the other guests steer clear of him… A view of the house unobstructed by the fountain: Here's how the grounds look to anyone who might fly over in a phlogisphere... Many thanks (and apologies) to Kai NRG, Elostirion, and Sir Stig for use of their characters. I hope my versions of their characters is close enough for government work!
  5. Willem Guilder was pleased with how his cotton plantation was progressing. With some early returns in hand, he could afford to open up additional acres for planting. So he set a team of men to clearing and plowing the land. *** This build expands on the earlier medium plantation found here, increasing it in size to a large plantation. Here is the new build by itself: And here it is combined with the previous build: In addition to the new sections, I added some stones to the road along the fence in the old build, as you can see better here: A close-up of the plow: And a resting worker with his scythe: I think the plowed rows in the field worked out ok (although I did get some glare off the slope pieces I used in one of the photos). All feedback welcome!
  6. Aaron van der Meede is a young lawyer, recently graduated from the University of Terreli. Working for an established attorney, Aaron was tasked with finding a suitable plot of land in the islands for a plantation for a wealthy client. Aaron did some research and then sailed to An Holli. There the young lawyer fell in love with a world he had never imagined. The lush countryside intoxicated him with an enthusiasm for life. Aaron quickly completed his task, finding a suitable plot for the client’s future plantation and sent word back on a fast ship. But Aaron did not return to Terreli to deliver his findings in person. Aaron could not imagine ever going back. The islands were where he belonged. He scouted the town of Weelond for a suitable place to set up shop. In the warehouse district he found what he was looking for. He found a small private warehouse with available space on the second floor. The building was a bit older than others around -- the stone walls were no longer whitewashed, and the roof was made of wooden planks, not the red tiles seen almost everywhere – but the building was sound, and the location was good. The second-floor space was really nothing more than a small apartment, but he could make it into an office. Aaron quickly found the proprietor and they came to an agreement for the young lawyer to rent the space. Aaron borrowed a ladder and literally put out his shingle. And the fates clearly approved of the young lawyer’s decision. Before Aaron even had a chance to furnish his office or send for his books, a prospective client saw his sign and came up the stairs. Aaron had his first client, surely the first of many. *** One of the things I wanted to do with this build was play with the roof technique. I think I'd adjust how I did it next time; feedback on it is appreciated. I planned on doing an interior, but I wasn't particularly happy with how the wall panels looked from the inside, and I wound up stealing the tiles I used on the floors for another build.