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Found 4 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    So Far Away From Home

    An ordinary afternoon in Puerto Desafio. A man outside a tent - and a visitor, looking much like Guy K. Wyndzon. Guy: Alberto da Pontelli? What are you doing here? Alberto: I live here now. Guy: In this lousy tent? What happened? Alberto: Well, it is all related to Asma April, the new Mayor of Pontelli. Guy: What did she do? (flashback) Asma April: We will put an end to all this monkey business. From now on, no pets will be allowed in public in Pontelli! Anyone seen with their animals will go straight to jail. Let's make Pontelli proud again! Syco the Phant: Very well, Madame. Asma April: And maybe we should break with the rest of Eslandola. Become independent again. Do a Pontellexit. Syco the Phant: But Madame, how shall we cope alone in a world of enemies? Asma April: It is more important to get rid of those who could possibly control Pontelli. Let us not forget that I am the elected Mayor of Pontelli. Syco the Phant: Erm, Madame, you have not been elected. You have ursurped power of this city. Asma April: One more reason to become independent! And don't keep reminding me. Use the phrase "Asma April's rightful claim to the throne". Syco the Phant: Yes, Madame. Asma April: And I want to win a beauty contest. We should do a beauty contest! Syco the Phant: Erm, Madame, this might become difficult... Asma April: Shut up! It is only a question of who the other contestants will be... (end of flashback) Guy: And so you are here all alone? Alberto: No, no. George is here. And my wife too. Guy (sad): And you have to live in this small tent... Alberto (laughing): Oh no, my friend. We live in the manor behind you. I bought it from the money I got for my house in Pontelli. But the weather was hot so George had asked whether we could stay outside in the tent for a few days until it gets colder again. Guy: .... and I thought .... Alberto: No worries. Come inside, we can have a warm beer and some cookies. There were some bananas too but they seem to have disappeared. (stay tuned for other events around Pontelli or Puerto Desafio)
  2. News and excitement hath struck Pontelli! Members of the Royal Society have rushed to see the great discovery: While digging in the back of his garden, Alberto da Pontelli has actually found the complete skeleton of a unicorn! History of nature needs to be rewritten! All the Royal Society members are so excited! But wait, George da Pontelli is nowhere to be seen. Could this possibly be a prank set up by the clever monkey? I owe the house's design to Marcu22. The first version was built as a "counter attack" in the Kaliphlin Civil War - and I liked the design a lot, so I modified the MOC into a smaller version and added a bit of an interior. Then many months have come and gone. The build stayed in its box. And now I am happy to present the house to you (before I need to take it apart...) C&C welcome!
  3. Following his induction into the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, Alberto Antonio da Pontelli was invited to present and demonstrate his findings in Elysabethtown. So he jumped on board the next ship and arrived a few days later to be greeted according to his position as Mayor of Pontelli: Alberto was accompanied by his wife, who brought the cat, George da Pontelli and Colonel Brickinson. He was received by Elysabeth of Dondril. A few days later, Alberto traveled on to meet with Hawksbrugh in Port Raleigh: They met in the famous tavern "Three Cannon Balls". Alberto was once again joined by George da Pontelli (or was it the other way round?). Innkeeper Burbutter's beer is said to be of highest quality. C&C Welcome Larger and probably better pictures on flickr. (You will need to scroll down)
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB3] How to Steer (Comic)

    Here is the big question (and a possible answer to it) how to steer a Balloon/Phlogisphere/Ballhover - presented as a photo-comic: (Hawksbrooke is meant to spell Hawksbrugh but the painter did not know that) Prithee, here is a fine picture of the new Eslandolean Ballhover: I hope you find this enjoyable - C&C welcome!