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Found 2 results

  1. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F03] It Belongs in a Museum

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Air Vehicle (2 land vehicles ), Civil Structure, Science Planet: F03, Forring Translated from a Language of clicks and purrs Green helmed Alien: "The hour is late. The diggers are upon us. The eight carbon chain hive of humans has not abandoned their search as we had hoped." Bright Green helmed Alien: "I assume this was the work of that one scientist?" Green helmed Alien: "It would appear as such. Have our people been evacuated?" Bright Green helmed Alien: "All lives have been saved. Cocoon has been loaded." Green helmed Alien: "And the databanks?" Bright Green helmed Alien: "Clear" Green helmed Alien: "And the map?" *Crash* *boom* *VRRRRRRRRRRRRR* Bright Green helmed Alien: "..." Green helmed Alien: "We must flee." Bright Green helmed Alien: "But the map..." Green helmed Alien: "There is no time." _____________________ Several Hours Later Doctor Edris (seated figure): "Good news?" Masked Mook 1: "Fortune and glory, Dr. Edris, fortune and glory!" Dr. Edris: "That's what I like to hear!" Hatted figure: (Whispered) "Hail... MANTIS...." Octan Employee (Shorty): "Why did you get to have the chair? Is it due to your rank?" Dr. Edris: "I brought this chair. You'd have one too if you'd brought one. let this be a learning experience." Dr. Edris: "Excellent! Shorty, open a line of communication with the Axle. Get me Odus on the line." *Pew pew* * * Dr. Edris: "Roachbot! What have you done?" Roachbot: "I work for MANTIS now. They've offered me the one thing you all never could: Respect." Masked Mook 2: "Who the megablock programs our robots?!" Hatted turncoat: "Kill him, Roachbot. Take Shorty hostage and leave Doctor Edris to me." Shorty: "Why'd it have to be a Spec-ops Robot!?" Roachbot: "My armour is resistant to most forms of plasma-based weaponry. Please comply." Several Minutes Later: *Vrooooooom* "Hello. I'm Dave, from accounting. I've been informed by my corporate espionage agent that you've uncovered some very valuable objects from these ancient ruins. As you should be aware, this territory belongs to MANTIS, and thereby all artifacts found therein are forfeit to acquisition by MANTIS personnel." Dr. Edris: "You're an accountant?" Dave, from Accounting, "I never said that. Now, hand over the Artifact. All your digsite are belong to MANTIS." Dr. Edris: "MANTIS. I hate those guys." Dave, from Accounting: "What!? But! How!? I thought you were a scientist! What kind of scientist can take down a trained soldier?!" Dr. Edris: "I'm an Archaeologist." *bashes Dave with hilt of sword.* *shing* Dr. Edris: "Hello, Odus? Yes, I know she's on sabbatical. I need you to contact her. Tell Dr. Long that it's real, and we've found it. The item from her dreams. We've found it." ___________________________________ Sans People by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Pictures of the vehicles: Drill rig by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Drill Rig by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Mantis Speeder by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Mantis Speeder by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Mantis Speeder by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr I love that little speeder so much, I think I'll keep it around for a while! I'm back for the summer! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F04] Enter Stage Right

    Note: this was bound to happen eventually... Planet: F04-Illustria Tags: science, air/space vehicle, exploration //"Log date 387, this is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the Axle, in temporary orbit in sector F04, the planet designated Illustria. I received word early this morning that Corporate wants the Axle researching the reports of Alien activity in the core of the galaxy... they have postponed my endeavors to idiot-proofing our final prototype of the Chekhov's gauntlet in order to better prepare ourselves for whatever we discover therein. Comrade Commander was pleased to begin working on remote monitoring of the inner ring worlds, and now we will begin gathering data from our drones. I have requested that Bob of Quatrian oversee the piloting of an Sc214 Arial Observation Drone. I will attend his research gathering and direct him to ensure we observe the most valuable prospects. Dr. Long signing off."// Bob of Quatrian: "Hey, Danielle. Heard about your pet project getting tabled. That's rough." Dr. Long: "how did you know about--" Bob: "I used to be CEO for a bit. Hated the desk, but I've still got connections. So... you said you wanted me to pilot something for you? It's not another land vehicle is it?" Dr. Long: "No. It's a drone." Bob: "Aww. So that's why you set me up at a holo-desk." Dr. Long: "That is correct." Bob: "hah! Well, it's better than nothing! So, what'm I doing today?" Dr. Long: "we are going to be performing arial observation on an as-of-yet unexplored planet! Illustria waits beneath us." Bob: "Alright! So we're going to be the first? We're do we start?" Dr. Long: "hmm. I'm pleased that you're so enthusiastic. Well, we can start whenever you're ready. The drone is prepped to deploy once you sign in to your Holo-desk." Bob: "As you yourself used to say, ,Let us explore all these worlds we've gained access to, and better understand our universe and our place therein.'" Dr. Long: "Oh. You still remember that?.... anyways... let's get started." Bob: "Alright!" _______A little bit Later_______ Bob: "well the controls are pretty intuitive on this thing. Not bad maneuvering. I'd give it an A-." Dr. Long:"I was asking what you thought of the planet... Rocky cliffs... they seem weather-whipped. Not much foliage here. That's unfortunate. I do enjoy analyzing xeno-flora samples." Bob: "ha! I'm sure we'll find something!" Dr. Long: "yes. I'm sure we will. This is just a preliminary inspection anyways. Full planetary examination will follow. There, go over to that cliff... I think I saw something blue." Bob: "Ok, let's check it out!.. oh! Wait! What the blazes was that?!" Dr. Long: "Wow! It's going fast! Follow it! It looks... biomechanical.... Fascinating." Bob: "Alright... wow! It looks like it's trying to shake me!" Dr. Long: "Are you saying an Ace pilot like yourself can't catch it?" Bob: "Ha! You're on!" -----------Meanwhile, on the cliff where Dr. Long saw something Blue.------- Translated from a language of clicks, whistles, whirrs, and chirps... Zotaxian: "That was close... Good idea sending out a bug to distract it. What was that white thing? It didn't look like a native Alien of this planet..." Danny Longlegs: "a Human bot. I've seen their kind before. It belongs to one of the three human hives that arrived here not too long ago... considering the colour, I'd say it belongs to the hive that refers to herself as 'Saturated 8 carbon chain.'" Zotaxian: "what is her purpose? Does She seek to destroy the Halcyons?" Danny Longlegs: "We are the sentinels. We can never be too sure. Best to avoid contact with Her until we can better assess her intent." _____________ Yup. Here are the Zotaxians. A race of ancient planetary Nomads, protecting the hidden vestiges of their ancient civilization... and the secrets they hold. I'll provide more details on the species when I get some time. Also, yes, Dr. Long is kinda having fun. She needs a little de-stress here and there with an old friend. ~Insectoid Aristocrat