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Found 1 result

  1. Six heroes approached the empty lot where the Academy of Enlightenment had stood only some hours ago. They pushed through the crowd that surrounded the place and the watchmen that tried their best to keep the crowd back. Party: Amorith Marvelo (legobodgers) 324 year old elven Sage Level 16 *Immune to sealed* Power: 27 (16+10+1) Defense: 9 (6+3) Health: 26/26 (5+15+6) Ether: 27/27 (5+15+2+5) Gold: 5 Equipment: Staff of Light (WP:10), Crow Cursed Cloak (SP:6), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3 max ether +5, immune to sealed) Inventory: Opal, Ruby, Garnet,Diamond, Amethyst, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing, 4 Potions, 9 Tonics, 4 Remedies, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, Newtralizer (Like a neutralizer but with a 'w' instead of a 'u'), 2 Smelling Salts, 4 Nostrums, 5 Mead, 2 Mulled Wines, Ice Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Shovel, Bedroll, 4 Bones Erik Tyrvarr (Myrddyn) 19 years old male human Shaman. Level 16 *Immune to Fragile* *Restoration* Power: 0 Defense: 4 Health: 32/32 (8+15+9) Ether: 17/17 (16+1) Gold: 1 Equipment: Twin Axe (WP:5, Darkness-elemental dual strike-axe), Lighter Armor (SP:4, immune to fragile-effect; bodywear), Barbarian's Boots (Natural Respite>Restoration; footwear) Inventory: Titanic Axe (WP:11, Earth- abd Light-elemental, has 1/6 chances of inflicting petrified-effect; axe), Voltedge (WP: 13, Lightning-elemental; greatsword/longsword), Peacekeeper's Totem (Grants the "Diplomacy"-job trait; suitable to Erik only; accessory), Sharkskin Armour (SP +1, immune to Water; bodywear), Talisman of Enlightenment [(Protects from hexed-effect; accessory), Hundred Hero Hymn (Battle Song that gives Inspired-effect to all allies for as long as the song is sung at the cost of 10 ether per round), Potion, Tonic, Remedy, Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), Phoenix Essence, Nostrum, Bone John 'Heckz' Brutenhal, the Ghostbuster and the Super Sleuth (Cutcobra) 32 year old male Sorcerer *Party Leader* Level 17 *Immune to Sealed* Power: 29 (17+12) (Spellpower: 34 (17+12+5)) Defense: 3 Health: 23/23 (5+14+4) Ether: 26/26 (5+14+1+5+1) Gold: 112 Equipment: Darkstar Wand (WP:12; has 1/2 chance of inflicting hexed-effect; Darkness-elemental wand), Spellbound Gloves (Spellpower +5, handwear), Robe Of The Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether + 5, immune to sealed) Inventory: Rawr (WP:9), Rat Scepter (WP:3, 4x damage to enemies named “rat”; wand), Lovelorn Wand (WP 6, deals enamored-effect), Pitchfork of Abomination (WP:1, pierces all defenses including SP but breaks after one use; suitable to all classes), Harlot's Outfit (SP: 2, immune to poisoned; suitable for Witches, Sorcerers and Harlots; bodywear/footwear), Buffoon's Hat (Prevents anyone from taking the wearer seriously; protects from Free Hits unless the wearer is the last hero standing; headwear), Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Amethyst (Darkness), Grand Potion, Health Core, Grand Tonic,Remedy, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, Mead, Smelling Salt, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Wicked Perfume (Makes all male humanoid enemies enamored to the user, but makes all female humanoid enemies encouraged; consumable), Blue Jelly ]Karie Alderflask (Kintobor) Level 20 1/3 Witch *Evasion* *Immune to hexed* Power: 31 (20+11) Defense: 2 Health: 34/34 (7+19+8) Ether: 26/26 (20+4+2) Gold: 12 Equipment: Oculoid Palm (WP: 11, successful hits lowers the target's level by 1; coils around the user's arm and mimics a tattoo outside of battle; whip), Ethereal Cloak (SP +2, Max. Ether +4), Catsuit (Wearer has 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits; suitable to women only; bodywear), Paper Doll (immunity to hexed; accessory) Inventory: Heirloom Dagger (WP: 3), Trickster's Mask of the Elf (Accessory, changes user's appearance into an Elf), Sexy (WP: 8, Rapier, Disregards SP, usable by Knights and Rogues), Rusty Dagger (WP:2 - Deals the Badly Poisoned Effect, Breaks After 3 Uses), Doppleganger (Retribution: The user inflicts any negative effects he or she has on to the targeted enemy on successful hits.), Grumpy's Staff (WP:10, fire staff), Medal of Valor (This pendant is awarded by the Bonapartes to those who show their heroism in the battle against piracy. The wearer gains double experience from battles.), Glittering Dress (The user's job traits are replaced with those of a Harlot: Promiscuity, Flee and Money Maker; suitable to women only; bodywear), Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Newtity (costs 10 ether; usable by ex-Amphibians only), 3 Grand Potions, Tonic, 3 Grand Tonics, 2 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, 2 Meads, 2 Nostrum, 8 Venoms, Pumpkin Bomb (causes stunned, poisoned, asleep, blinded, sealed, and confused to all opponents when used), Military Grade Darkness Bomb, Love Potion (Makes target enamoured with user for three rounds), Tasty Pretzel (1/3 chance each of granting lucky, hastened and encouraged-effects upon consumption), Greasy Sausage (Max. health +2 when eaten), Telescope, Bedroll Sorrow (Endgame) 428 years old undead Assassin Level 25 1/3 *Immune to Light and Blinded* Power: 53 (25+27+1) Defense: 6 Health: 36/36 (7+24+5) Gold: 274 Equipment: Mockthril Longbow (WP: 27 Ice and Darkness Elemental), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors; handwear), Night’s Helmet (SP:6, immunity to light and blinded; headwear) Inventory: Longsword (WP: 5), Shark Jaw Scythe (WP 15/30 vs. aquatic monsters), Armor of the Croise (SP: 1, +2 power; bodywear), Dark Cloak (Backwear, SP:1, Max Health +1, Power +1, suitable for rogues and barbarians), Archer's Hat (Artifact, headwear, Power +1, suitable for rangers), Disguise Kit (Allows the user to disguise them self as the opposite gender; accessory), 5 Grand Potions, 3 Health Cores, 2 Tonics, 2 Ether Cores, 5 Remedies, Neutralizer, 3 Phoenix Essences, 2 Venoms, Deadly Venom, 14 Meads, 14 Smelling Salts, 14 Nostrums, 2 Ambrosia, Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Root Beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against undead enemies for 20 damage.), Exterium (Can be used on an enemy to make them confused and plagued (15 damage, -1 SP) for 3 rounds), Bedroll Thalion Dwinlas, the Super Sleuth (-obelix-) 213 years old male elf Sorcerer Level 22 1/3 *Immune to Fragile, Sealed, Poisoned, Bleeding* Power: 35 (22+13) Defense: 7 (3+4) Health: 30/30 (5+21+4) Ether: 32/32 (5+21+1+5) Gold: 1 Equipment: Alpha and Omega (WP:13, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether; staves), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether +5, Immunity to Sealed; bodywear), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile; headwear), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding; handwear) Inventory: Weapons: Sleeper (WP:5, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow [Grand Potion], melee/throwing weapon), Ratsbane (WP:10, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, dagger), Batarang (WP:13 darkness-elemental, throwing weapon) Artifacts: Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing; headwear), Dragoon's Helmet (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear), Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle; backwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, vermin with level less than half of the wearer's are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear) Gems: Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Garnet (Earth), Ruby (Fire), Opal (Ice), Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind), Aquamarine (Water), Topaz (Lightning) Scrolls: 2 Scrolls of Sealing, 2 Scrolls of Blindness, 2 Scrolls of Frailty, 2 Scrolls of Weakening, 2 Scrolls of Confusion, 2 Scrolls of Sleep Consumables: 3 Grand Potions, Grand Tonic, Ether Core, 2 Remedies, Elixir, 2 Phoenix Essences, Mead, 2 Nostrums, 2 Smelling Salts, Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended andinspired-effects for the duration of one battle), Smoke Bomb, Bone Tools: Magic Compass, Shovel, Bedroll Some of the heroes spot the familiar, sweating figure of Detective Warlock Hoples interrogating people among the crowd, but before they can approach him, they are hailed by a bespectacled man in a rectangular hat. The heroes walk to the small group the man is standing with. "This way please, ladies and gentlemen. I am Provost Darlavon Lector, who summoned you here on this dreadful day. I am the headmaster of the Academy of Enlightenment, but as you can see with your own eyes, the Academy is no more. Just hours ago, it disappeared before the eyes of countless onlookers, along with everyone who were inside at the time." "That includes my little brother, Lyren. Our mother is crying her heart out at home, so you must do something and fast!" "Oui, we 'ave been just standing 'ere the whole mourning, watching zat woman échange letters wiz 'er son, while my Nuitan and the ozers are gods know where! Mon pauvre petit frère could be dying and zere's nozing I can do..." "Pardon me, Lady Shadeaux, but my correspondence with Noel - who is also trapped where-ever the school has went, mind you - just might be the key to getting your brother back, and yours, Mr. Hinckwell. We share the same goal here, so why not work together for a change?" "Miss Ziegfried is correct. Getting everyone safely back from wherever they have been spirited away is our top priority." The provost turns to the heroes. "These valiant heroes from Heroica have arrived to help us in this endeavour. Heroes, I am sure you recognize Master Lorcan Hinckwell and Lady Umbra Shadeaux, as well as Miss Valentine Ziegfried. All of them have a loved one inside the Academy. Miss Ziegfried has been able to reach her son through the Z-mail system. Can you enlighten us about that, Miss?" "Certainly. My son Noel was clever enough to send me a Z-mail almost as soon as the school disappeared, so thanks to him we know that the Academy and the people inside are still intact somewhere. However, his letters have gone through the system all tattered and wrinkly, so I am puzzled about how far the letters have travelled. I can send letters all the way to Xu without any such problem, and I am confident my son can too. Anyway, in his letters Noel says that all he can see outside the school building is white emptiness. Also, there are monsters and spirits roaming the halls, so he is afraid to explore any further. He says he can hear the other students screaming from time to time. Please, we must do something before the monsters find him too!" "Oh, this is just too horrible... But here comes the detective! Mr. Hoples, what have you found out?" The Town Watch's one and only detective marches towards the group, with beads of sweat trickling down his face. "Ah, I see some familiar faces have been recruited to help us out. I'm relieved to see you, dear friends. Now, according to the eyewitnesses I've interrogated, I've counted that a total of 74 people got trapped inside the Academy when it vanished. Eleven members of the faculty, 62 students, and one other person whose identity is a mystery. That's... well, a lot of people." "Come on, there must be something we can do!" "All zose kids, at ze mercy of vile monsteurs... What can we du?" Everyone looks at the heroes, expecting them to have a solution.