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Found 1 result

  1. MKJoshA

    Advice In The Study

    See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga Chapter 1 Part 1: A Tragic Beginning Part 2: A Rude Awakening Part 2.1: Liam's Shop Part 2.2: Upward Trek Part 2.3: Misty Fight Part 2.4: Arrow Training Part 2.5: Weapon Training Part 2.6: Wind-up and Shoot Part 2.7: Stingy Trainer Part 3 Intro: An Evil Plot Part 3: A Timely Friend Part 4: For Whom the Bells Toll Part 5: Small Help Part 6: The Map Maker Part 7: An Excuse for Dialogue Part 8: Over the River and Through the Woods Part 9: Beleriand After many days, Wyndor and company made it over the Mitgardian border. The Mitgardian banner was a welcome sight for the travelers who had to be very careful traversing the lands of Avalonia. They saw many Drow patrols and passed many ruined villages along the way. However, they managed to escape any more large scale attacks themselves. The rest of their journey through Mitgardia was uneventful, though Wyndor noticed a slightly haggard look on the faces of the villagers they passed. They arrived in Aalborg on a quiet evening and walked up to the gate of the house of Graham. “Ho there from some weary travelers. We seek shelter for the night!” called out Wyndor. The gatekeeper bumbled out from the guard house muttering under his breathe, obviously upset about having to deal with travelers after the evening torches had already been lit. But when he got to the gate his eyes lit up. “Master Wyndor! It has been an age since you were last home! My how you’ve grown, please come in, come in.” He said as opened the gate and admitted the weary travelers. They were greeted with cries of joy, slaps on the arm, and hugs from the servants who tended the house of Graham. Graham himself came out from his study demanding to know what was disturbing his reading. When he saw his sons he cried out and grabbed them all in a big bear-hug. Wyndor introduced Graham to Valanice and there were tears in his eyes as he greeted his daughter-in-law. He turned to Wyndor, “You have done well my son. Thank you for bringing everyone home safely. I wish Tagaler could be here, but I know there is nothing you could have done to prevent that disaster.” Graham looked away for a moment and then continued, “But come, let us talk of more joyous things!” They talked late into the night laughing at the stories the brothers told of each other on their many adventures since the ice-dragon. Wyndor and Valanice stayed in Aarlborg for a week enjoying the peace life was affording them. The days following that week though, Wyndor woke up each morning thinking about all the unrest he had seen across Historica. He had been in the middle of a war in both Nocturnus and Avalonia and had seen division even in Kaliphlin as they strove to be better than their northern neighbors. He knew that Mitgardia had issues of its own and it seemed to him that it was only a matter of time before war struck his beloved guild. He decided to take the matter up with his father. “You are quiet right my son, war is on our doorstep” began Graham. “Ever since the Jarl went missing there has been a power vacuum in Mitgardia that has not been properly filled. Yes, things seem quiet on the outside here, but there is much turmoil.” “So, if war is inevitable, what can I do to make sure Mitgardia does not falter when our time comes?” asked Wyndor. “Well, I would ask you to help me here in Aarlborg. With all of your experience from traveling throughout Historica you could teach the militia here quite a few things, I’m sure” replied Graham. “I sense a “but” somewhere in there” said Wyndor. “Yes, you would be helpful to me here, but I have another course of action I’m going to recommend to you for two reasons. First, I already have a well-trained militia stationed here in Aarlborg. While you could teach them much more, I’m afraid there are too many other cities in Mitgardia who need your help more than my men do.” “You said there was a 2nd reason, what is it?” asked Wyndor. “It’s funny we should be having this conversation today because the 2nd reason is that I just received a letter from a Pjeter asking about you” said Graham. “Do I know a Pjeter?” asked Wyndor. “It seems you offered him your services if ever he should need them back during the dark time of Victor Revolword” replied Graham. “Ah! Pjeter! Now I remember, he helped me get to Northridge when I first set out on my journey” exclaimed Wynodr. “What is that old dog up to now?” “It seems he has done quite well for himself and has become mayor of the city of Dålig Ulv” answered Graham. “That’s one of the major trade centers for the Wolf Clans just east of Erikson right?” “That’s right,” said Graham. “It has remained a quiet and unassuming city even though many of the goods that get shipped out of Erikson usually pass through Dålig Ulv first. All of the clansmen from the Wolf Clans bring their wares to the city and so do most of the dwarves who mine in the western side of Mt. Mitgard. Pjeter has written asking you to aid him on the city council. There are some changes happening in the city and seems that not all of them are good. He remembers you as being an honest and brave man and wants your help.” “That’s quite the request coming from someone I haven’t seen for such a long time. What do you think Father?” asked Wyndor. “Is this something you think I should pursue? Will I be able to do some good there?” “I would advise you to go to Dålig Ulv” answered Graham. “There will be many opportunities for you to use the skills you have gained as well as to learn some new ones. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to effect some positive change on the western half of our guild.” It was settled. Over the next few days Wyndor and Valanice prepared to move north. Natolyth and Chalin heard about their plans and were none too happy that the brother trio was about to be broken up after so recently being reunited. They announced that they were going to be moving with the couple. Graham was sad to see his family move on so quickly after returning home, but Wyndor was thrilled that he would have the help of his brothers in whatever adventures lie ahead of him. To Be Continued in Chapter 2!