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Found 4 results

  1. There are updated pictures posted at the bottem! Hi there fellow EB members! I decided to mod my AT AT's cockpit, Now it can sit two pilots but I ran out of space for General Veers I hope you like it! Feedback is welcome.
  2. Hi again! Finally, the Base is finished. Yes, completely finished. Not a WIP anymore! These pictures are from ALEBRICK2015, a Lego fan event that took place in May 2015 in Madrid, Spain. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Feel free to ask anything you want. More pics will be published later! These are the general pictures. The base is 1.6 x 1.6 meters, 16 baseplates (yes, very big, I had to visit the physiotherapist after this event, my back suffered much of loading and carrying heavy boxes) The Base has a 180-strong staff: 109 snowtroopers, 24 shadowtroopers 12 SpecOps stormtroopers, 12 AT-ST pilots, 5 officers, 15 administrative-service staff, 1 mechanic, 1 cook, 1 medic. The buildings in the Base are the following: MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING: DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, PANTRIES, ARMORY, GYM, LAUNDRY, BAR-CINEMA (hey, a bar is something essential if you are from Spain) This post will only show the multipurpose building. -DINING ROOM This is the dining room. More than 50 seats for the staff. A very greedy snowtrooper has an extra-stuffed pizza. Fat! This one...better not to say anything. Should anybody inspect the kitchen to prevent this? -BAR-CINEMA These ones want to have a kiwi. Too much food for too few! Training with simulated weapons is a good idea. Lobster day!!! -GYM AND LAUNDRY The Imperial Navy takes care of its troops. a Gym with a sauna, jacuzzi and cold water pool is necessary to keep high the morale of our troops. State-of-the-art running machines and boxing bags Cold water pool Sauna (better without armour) Sometimes the Imperial Navy´s cheerleader team leader comes by! More fun! -LAUNDRY Keep your uniform clean or the Commander will have you clean the reactor with your tongue! -ARMORY The armory has two levels, and this is what you will find: This is the upper level. You can see extra missiles and grenade launchers. There are boxes with explosives and 6 sniper rifles. Lower level, general view. The kitchen can be seen, too. The weapons specialist having a piece of brownie! Is that serious? That container has some of the mines and detectors for the UAV. Extra blasters, heavy cannons, and land mines. Close up on the mines and detectors for the UAV The elevator to the upper level. The "doomsday weapon". Have you watched the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes? -KITCHEN AND PANTRIES This is the kitchen. The Chef prepares ultra frosted pizzas. Are they healthy? :) The kitchen has two ultra-fast ovens and a tray cleaner. Two sinks and a small BBQ complete the equipment. This is the dry food storage. Bananas, olive oil, water, trays and more trays. Cold storage and freezer. Pizza bases, bananas, Spanish omelettes, carrot cakes and other foodstuffs. The small cupboards keep more brownies.
  3. samiam391

    Custom 6,000 piece UCS AT-AT

    After 4 weeks of what felt like a battle more than a build, I've finally put the final piece in place on cavegod's AT-AT. Ever since I first saw pictures of it several years ago I've always wanted to try my hand at building it. However, there never seemed to be an opportunity, until a few weeks ago when cavegod ironically posted a listing of someone selling all the pieces to the AT-AT which he wanted taken down due to copyright. In an effort to appease cavegod (my excuse) I purchased the listing. A week later, the pieces arrived, and I dove in head first. After hours of building, improvising, fixing, building, improvising, rebuilding, fixing, improvising (you get the gist)... I have finally completed the monster roughly 3 weeks later. While I have my concerns over it falling over at the slightest touch, I'm in awe of Pete's creation. The attention to detail is simply incredible, you can't ask for much better. The scale is quite impressive too, as you can see from the (poorly and hastily taken) pictures below. Also, it only feels right to direct anyone interested in this set to @cavegod‌. Shoot him a PM and he'll send you the instructions for a very small, well deserved sum.
  4. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    AT AT MOC (or MOD?)

    After looking at the pictures of the upcoming 2014 Lego incarnation of the AT AT, I realized that it is a slightly modified version of the old 8129 set, which I unfortunately missed because of dark ages. So, in order to save me some money for my Lego purchases this summer, I decided to build my own Imperial Walker based on the frame of the 8129 set. I reinforced the connection of the front and back part of the main body, altered the proportions of the front section of the main body (which narrows down to 4 studs on the front end instead of just 2 studs wide), cleaned up the plating and re-textured it by adding smooth tiles onto studded areas to represent the escape hatches, for example. I also re-designed the hinge-based opening mechanism of the main hatches in order to better integrate the hinge pieces into the hull plating. I also closed lots of gaps. The head received all the detail it needs at this scale (and which the official versions lack), and I tried to re-create the shapes and textures, especially at the sides of the head, as accurately as I could with my parts selection. Last but not least, I basically built the legs from scratch after I saw the result I got building the legs as per the instructions. The technic joints are now embedded tightly into a snot-structure which allowed me to mirror the plating which makes up the outer and inner faces of the legs. So I figured I might call this a moc, because everything is modified and some huge and essential sections are built completely from scratch. I dunno, maybe it's still a mod - you decide.