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Found 9 results

  1. There were always problems with the drivetrain when trying to pull heavy loads. It went up to 12kg total weight (transformer transport) but only with a crack. Now I've used the new diffs and nothing cracks anymore, even with more weight. The Actros weighs 2.9kg, the module 1.6kg, the shovel tooth 4.6kg, the large brick 2.7kg and the small 0.33kg, making a total weight of 14.6kg
  2. Hi This weekend I could finsish the 8x4 dump truck project which I started somewhen in February. It is a simple 8x4 dump truck inspired by Scania G450XT. The functions are driving, steering, dumping and automatic tail gate locking. Everthing is controlled via Powered Up. I control the model with the brickcontroller2 app. For propulsion I used 2 x PU L motors and for steering and dumping one PU L Motor. I'm really happy with the PU system. For this moc it works great and the model is powerful. At the front axle I developed a new supension system. it is inspired by leave spring systems. However, there are no leave springs since I haven't found a proper solution for LEGO. Anyhow, the suspension works great. The model is built in scale 1:16.5 and fits to my telehandler and other mocs and Technic sets (42043)
  3. Hi Guys, some time ago, I built this truck http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=120767 and I was thinking, how it will looks if I will make something similiar, but smaller? And this is the result. I'm happy how it turns out. It's fun to drive and i could finally use 43.2mm tires again. Some specs: Parts count: 790 Dimensions (W/H/L): 13/19/38 studs 8x4 Driving: 1 Medium motor 8x4 Steering: 1 Servo motor. Each axle with different angle 2 Rear axles has "pendular" suspensions Openable doors Interior So, what do you think? Short Video:
  4. hello everyone, let me introduce my new MOC; Isuzu FY 8x4 Cement Truck, it have real cement truck function, pls look at the photos and testing video. Thanks for watching... another great moc: THE VIDEO: only rotate but no 1x1 bricks: rotate with many 1x1 bricks:
  5. Hi guys, just finished my latest build after almost year long break from lego. It,s 8x4x4 truck inspired by Mercedes Actros. I know, another truck... But I ordered thouse weels and they seems to be great for trucks in medium scale. Features: 4x2 Drive by L motor 4x2 Steering by servo motor with different angle (great turning radius) Manual 2 speed gearbox Openable doors Liftable cabin I would like to build more trucks in this scale! Any suggestions, what to build? I was thiking cherry picker or dumper for start? I will propably also create LDD model if anyone interested? PS: Sorry for photo quality...
  6. Hello thear... Do you remember the set 6393 BIG RIG TRUCK STOP? i did it in my own style with my trucks. i combined also part of the service station from 10184. photos: TRUCKS: 1)Kenworth T408 8X4 2) kenworth K200 3) peterbilt 359 4) Mack ultraliner LXF Link: http://www.brickshel.../truck_stop.lxf original set: What do you think?
  7. Hello everyone, let me introduce my New Moc Mercedes-Benz Actros Tractor - Technic Figure 1:1, It has 1 XL motor for drive and 1 M motor, I have two mining machine but haven't transport tractor, Now I created a tractor for transport my mining machine, thanks for watching. Testing Tractor video: The official video:
  8. Hi everybody, I want to present you my planned TC6 Entry: A remote controlled Dumptruck with 4 axles. The functions are: - Driving the rear wheels with a XL-Motor - Steering the two front wheels with a Servo-Motor - Cabin tilt with a M-Motor - Tilting dump bed with 2 LAs over a L-Motor (or maybe XL-Motor) - Open the doors (manual) All motorized functions are controlled by 2 IR-Receiver and 2 Remotes. This model isnĀ“t based on an real model, it should represent a standard European dumptruck. My design of the cabin is inspired by 8258, but I choose a different color scheme. Here are a few screenshot of my current project in LDD: ---UPDATE--- The first WIP pictures: The next WIP pictures: The finished model: Comments, critic and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading Dave
  9. Hi guys, i created another "small" MOC. I choosed a scania 8x4 dump truck. I tried to make small, good looking and working dump truck Features: Drive 8x4 by 1 L motor Steering by first two axles, each in different angle using 1 Servo motor Dumping the truck by 1 M motor Last axle has suspensions Openable cabin Photos: (sorry for bad qualtiy) Video: (Also could be better quality) PS: Sorry for missing right mirror. I tore it in previous driving test. So, what do you think guys?