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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, some of you may have seen the underfloor of this car already. It has been built as a slot car from scratch, that's why it's the most stable slot car we have so far. Some facts: 7 studs wide. Fits 3 whole minifigs, even 4, when omitting the rear windows. To my own surprise it is possible to seat 2 figs side by side even in such a setup which increases the possibilities very much. Don't know why I haven't tried this before ... The car has the usual slot car chassis with moveable rear and steerable front axle, see Windscreen see Credits: Misterzumbi ( Henrik Hoexbroe ( Rear: Four passengers: On a trip in NYC: Here you can find a video of the Checker moving. It was filmed during an endurance test with the Checker driving nearly a kilometre. C&c welcome as usual, thanks for looking.
  2. mtrkustoms

    [MOC] RENFE 151 "Santa Fe"

    Dear All, From the MTRkustoms train Factory i have the pleasure to announce my latest MOC, After some Spanish Train MOCs I wanted to make a Steam Locomotive, and I Started with the biggest and more powerful Spanish Steam, the “Santa Fe” 151 (French/Spanish) 2-10-2 (Whyte) This locomotive was able to pull a 450 tons train at 30km/h and a slope of 20mils The most difficult challenge was create a MOC that can run in R104 Blastemtrack, and R40 curves. To get the power I use a 9v dummy motor to pick up energy and 2 L PF Motors inside the boiler attached to the 9v pickup, is not a fast MOC, but is a very powerful Locomotive DIMENSIONS Locomotive length: 45 studs Tender length: 25 studs Total length: 70 studs Height: 9 bricks 7 wide Details To be a complete MOC I made some type of cars, 1 Closed boxcar, 5 open coal cars, and one caboose car. Details These 2 axle wagons have a flex hose coupling to be connected and allow Little turn of the axles. Also the coal wagons have an aperture system for the next project. All the pictures in Flickr Album And a little Video: Enjoy it
  3. This locomotive has been planned for a long time, but I never started construction until a few days ago due to my lack of parts in dark blue. I had been slowly accumulating pieces for many months and I finally decided it was time to start. It is meant to be paired with my first CSX locomotive, as it is the same model, but it will not be identical. For reference, here is the original: I've been taking photos as I go along. I like to start with the hardest parts first. Those small brackets make this easier. Need to visit the LUG's HQ to grab some pieces. I'm out of yellow cheese. Also out of 1x1 dark blue tile. Had trouble with this part. I think I matched every angle and offset in the prototype (#61). I made a "purchase" from the LUG HQ. The currency accepted is straight 9V track. Looks better with the holes filled in. Need some damn 2x3 wedge plates in dark blue! Angled and sloped windshield, a first for me. Held in place by pressure. Top of the hood was more difficult without 2x3 wedge plates in dark blue (they don't exist), but I think I made it work. Some cheating going on to get this photo, need some pieces in dark blue that don't exist yet. Happy with the back so far, but stumped on the top grill. For reference, here is the prototype: That's all for now. Out of town for the week.
  4. mtrkustoms

    [MOC] RENFE 446 Cercanias

    Dear all EB users, From MTRkustoms Railworks we have the honor of presenting the RENFE 446 Cercanias Electric units, This train has an import significant for me as is the train where i pass a lot of time in my life in my daily travel to work. 446 series was a specially designed train to provide a proximity service in the early 80s and the previous series, the 440s were insufficient for the huge amount of passengers in the big cities of Spain. This units have 2400kW of power and a maximum speed of 100km/h. both side driving units and 3 pairs of doors in each car MODEL SPECS Lenght: 180 studs / 144cm Wide: 7 wide Height: 11 bricks (13 bricks with raised phantograph) Weight: 2200g Others: Turns in R40 but looks awful, much better in R104 or smooth curves. Comparison with real model More pictures Chassis and 9v-PF connection (this model have a 9v motor connected to a PF motor in order to take current from 9v rails and increase the power and traction with no more expensive 9v motors) This train in 90s was frequently vandalized, so this is my personal tribute with a full graffiti side More pics and full resolution pics in Flickr Album Enjoy it
  5. 4/4/2015, EDIT: This thread has turned into some weird hybrid of a WIP and a 'let's see where I went wrong' thing. I've requested a name change to better reflect that. ~~~ I'm just gonna kill this project now before I regret my decisions: This is what happened when I tried to combine the styling of a 7-wide model from legoman666 ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102535 ) and the mechanics/internal design of an 8-wide model from Commander Wolf ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106654 ). Kudos to both of them for being willing to answer questions via PM, by the way! So, what went wrong? It turns out that you actually need to plan things if you want to do a 7-wide, because there's no good way to try and cram a what I assumed to be 6-wide internal structure into a 7-wide and have anything actually work out right. OH WELL. Could I save this? Maaaaybe, if I was willing to spend way more time than I have on it. Am I going to? Nope. The internal drive system consists of a AA battery box mounted vertically, with two L-motors driving a single four-axle truck each. There's a PF switch crammed in there as an extension lead/motor reversing switch, because I didn't realize until now that the trucks worked against each other if they got turned around by accident. Each drivetrain consists of a 20t bevel driving a 12t bevel, which then drives a series of 12t bevels to bring the power down into the trucks, giving a ratio of 3:5 for in-to-out. If I could somehow lop off everything behind the end of the 6x12 panel and still keep the fancy drivetrain, I'd be happy with the proportions; doesn't look like that's possible, so I'll be moving to a more traditional vertically-mounted motor setup without the extra gears. Maybe losing the extra gears will balance out in that I won't be losing nearly as much power to those gears, so the pulling power and speed will be somewhat similar? On my relatively small test loop, it'll pull five of the six Horizon Express cars (the sixth is the one with the motor and no battery, left out because I already have this engine to test with) plus the two container cars from the Maersk at a reasonable speed. Wheel slippage is definitely a problem, though I suspect it's because all the weight is in the center from the battery box and lack of body structure. The final revision I was envisioning before going to scrap the model would have ended up with the large plates on the side acting as a monocoque skin holding everything together. Leave your ridicule and/or constructive criticism below. Here's a cat picture to make it better:
  6. Dear all EB users, From MTRkustoms Railworks we have the honour of presenting the RENFE 594 diesel passenger train The 594 series of RENFE or TRD (regional diesel train) is a specially designed train to offer a regional sevice aka TRD. This series start the service in Spain in the end of the 90´s as a inovation in speed in the no electrified lines with a maximum speed of 160km/h. This train is based in the Danish ABB IC3 train. Lenght: 116 studs / 93cm Width: 7wide Weight: 1340g (includying 9v motor) Comparison with the real one Detail of the lower front part ot the train More pics and full resolution pics in Flickr Album Enjoy it
  7. mtrkustoms

    EMT "Charleroi" Madrid Railcar

    I am pleasant to present my EMT "Charleroi" Madrid Railcar This railcar was a typical railcar in the streets of madrid in the 40s This is the original: Datasheet: Lenght: 26 studs Wide: 7 studs Height: 9 bricks Pieces: 460 aprox, a bit more than expected in LDD File due to technical problems (i need more rigidity than i expected) Weight: 370g without battery PF powered with custom Li-Ion battery Detachable roof, for easy acces to battery Some pictures of the MOC: Detail of one rigidizer and the stairs: Detail of the boguie Detachable roof For more and bigger pics click here Pictures: Panasonic LX5
  8. ER0L

    Slotcar System

    Hi all, another aspect of the town layout planned by Altezza and me, based on the already known SNOT road and pavement system (see http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83287). Our idea was to have more street life within the city, so we thought about possibilities to get the cars moving (Altezza’s San Francisco Cable Car was the first step in that direction, see http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83761). This prototype of a slotcar system is chain-driven. Of course it will be improved and enlarged, but what you can see already is that the system as such is working. Bird's view: The cars must be modified to do this, of course – you need a self steering front axle and a suspension with spring at the rear since you can’t keep the roads completely plain: 2 videos: More pics here. C&C welcome as usual, thanks for looking.
  9. Hi Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymerisat-Fans, this is my new Project. A San Francisco Cable Car in minifig-scale, 7w, gauge of the track 3w And now.. Pictures - Pictures The original Thanks for looking - i hope you like it