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Found 3 results

  1. Toa_Of_Justice

    {LDD MOC} Cosmic Winger

    UPDATE: See real-life photos of this model in the next post. I have been looking at the insectoid forces in sets 70700, 70701, and 70707 for a long time, imagining what it would be like if they were all combined into one large bug. Before building the Cosmic Winger in real life, I decided to design it in LDD. I ended up using every single piece of each insectoid vehicle/creature in my combo model. Click any picture for a larger picture. { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { LXF File } { Brickshelf Gallery } The Cosmic Winger has 4 eyes, 4 mandibles, 2 guns beneath those mandibles, 4 wings, 12 legs, a buggoid pilot, and a crazy mosquitoid gunner wielding two blaster pistols. In addition, I have made a "stinger bomb" out of the pieces left over after building the Cosmic Winger itself (I hope to get got the jackhammer to fit more tightly in real life). When I have time to build, I'll post pictures of the real thing, but if you have any suggestions for the digital model, I can make any necessary modifications before I build it. Bugging Out, -Toa Of Justice EDIT: That big green thing in the back of the Cosmic Winger isn't a cocoon prison. Although it's shaped like one (and could technically fit a minifigure), it's actually the hyperdrive engine, with a thruster at the very end. EDIT 2: See the next post for the real thing!
  2. Lord LOLrus

    Review: 70701 Swarm Interceptor

    All right, so this is my first review here on Eurobricks; I've been lurking for awhile and decided it's time for me to actually contribute. Anyways, I was at the LEGO Store in Santa Clara (California) looking for some Hobbit sets, when I saw this lovely set. I snagged it and 70700 Space Swarmer, which I might review if someone else doesn't beat me to it. Here we go... Set Number: 70701 Name: Swarm Interceptor Piece Count: 218 Minifigures: 2 (1 Blue Galaxy Squad ("Solomon Blaze"), 1 Alien ("Mosquitoid") Price: $19.99 USD Photoset on Flickr (which has more photos than are posted here) I'll start with the box: Front: Here we can see the rotating cockpit (my personal favorite feature) and the obligatory Flick-fire Missiles, as well as the Minifig featured in this set: the blue human. Back: This shows off the rest of the features - the cockpit separates from the wings (legs? The box calls it a "Missile turret," but it looks like a pair of legs to me...), the wings fold down, and a hatch near the back opens to reveal the FF missiles - which is fine by me, I'm glad the things are concealed . Top: Here we can see the Figs, and the 1:1 scale image of... a raygun. Huh? Why a raygun? Contents: Inside the box are two bags, and a horribly folded instruction booklet and a Dreaded Sticker Sheet. The DSS: The instruction booklet looks is nothing special: It has a new image showing how to empty the numbered bags, though (you can see it in my flickr photostream, I’m trying to keep images to a minimum). Here’s the parts list: …and a random step: (One problem with the instructions: the colors are often way off - dark blue looks like dark purple, normal blue looks like a bright purple, and the bright blue dark azure (like in Alien Conquest) looks like sand blue. Luckily there aren’t any pieces in the wrong colors, so there’s a minimum of confusion) Now for the set itself: Bag #1: Inside the first bag are the pieces for the little alien scooter and the cockpit, as well as the minifies. New and/or interesting pieces We get a new windshield in clear, one of the Exo-Force robot arms in dark red, a “4x4 Wedge Plate” in Trans Neon Green, and the Alien’s wings. (The Alien’s head is bagged separately). Note: the windshield is different than the one found in SP3 (and other places, I’m sure) - it has a bar to attach clips to, instead of the protrusions in the front for studs. Bag #2: New and/or interesting pieces: In the second bag there are some very useful new pieces, mainly the inverted 1x2 - 2x2 Bracket, but also the 2x4 hinge plates. I’m not sure if the large wing pieces are new, or if I just haven’t seen them before (they look like they probably debuted in a Town Jumbo Jet or something). The Figs - Front: The Galaxy Squad (From here on known as GS) has a nice torso print, and his leg printing looks like it could be useful in many different settings (except, y’know, for it’s color ). His helmet is identical to the ones in Alien Conquest, including color. The Alien (Do they have a faction name?) appears to be some sort of mosquito, and he’s the really interesting one - his antennae are removable (they attach like plumes), and both the antennae and most of his head are the rubbery plastic LEGO uses for many non-standard heads (note: his nose (proboscis, maybe?)) is harder plastic). The wings are textured in a way that makes them feel different than LEGO’s normal ABS plastic, but I’m not sure if they are. EDIT: Apparently the human is named "Solomon Blaze" and the alien is referred to as a "Mosquitoid." Back: Both figs have back printing, and the GS has some sort of a breathing apparatus in addition to the targeting system over his right eye (on our left). The back of the Mosquito’s head is ridged, like plating. The Build: Bag #1 Alien Scooter: The first third of Bag #1 is the Scooter, a simple build with a jackhammer for handlebars. If the Mosquito stands any farther forward his nose gets bent by the handle. The Cockpit: By the end of Bag #1 you have a finished cockpit, which is (supposedly) a small spacecraft in it’s own right - it has “wings” that fold out: Bag #2 The (mostly) finished first part of Bag #2 (I forgot to put on the last few pieces - mostly the FF missiles); this is what the cockpit and wings attach to. The completed wings (minus stickers) - the large “wing” pieces attach to the hinge bricks using a combo of the older 1x2 - 2x2 brackets and the new inverted ones. The result is very sturdy. I waited until the very end to put the stickers on, and found that the wings must be partially disassembled in order to get the wing stickers on. This is what the completed product of Bag #2 looks like. Finished Product: Here’s the whole thing (without stickers). It’s very swooshable. From the top. From the rear. The cockpit is self-stabilizing (it rotates freely) - this is my favorite feature. Here we see the thing on it’s “legs” - I honestly don’t know what else to call them. …and the must-have exiting feature of the FF missiles. Cause those just totally make the entire set worth it. With Stickers: I feel that the stickers do add something to the model. They’re by no means necessary, but they liven up the wings a bit. I do wish the wings were just printed. Extra Parts: A clear visor, two technic friction pegs, various 1x1 studs, a light grey 1x1 round tile, a black viking horn/tooth, and a black lightsaber handle. Not bad at all, IMO. Everything together: Scoring: Design: 8.5/10 A solid model. Not jaw-dropping, but I couldn’t find any problems with the design, and the features don’t take anything away from the aesthetic - and there are plenty of… Features: 10/10 With adjustable wings, detachable cockpit, and well-executed FF-missiles (AKA, they’re hidden), as well as the excellent rotating cockpit, there’s plenty of playability and no real flaws. Parts: 8/10 The four inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets are a big plus, and the new windshield design is (in my opinion) a big improvement. The dark azure color kind of limits the re-usability of many of the pieces, however. Minifigures: 8.5/10 Two figs for $20 isn’t bad, and the mosquito is excellent. I wish they’d put in a robot instead of a human GS, but there have to be humans somewhere, I suppose… Price: 9/10 218 pieces for $20 is very good, IMO, but maybe my standards are just a bit low. Still, 9.2 cents per piece is better than average. Total: 44/50 88%, or a solid B+. I personally like the set quite a bit more than that, but I’m not going to re-do the numbers. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this set to anyone interested in Space themes (and even for those who aren’t). EDIT: Credit to Aanchir for correcting me about the color names - what I'd been calling "bright blue" is actually (on Bricklink) referred to as "Dark Azure." I had worried I was getting them wrong, and I agree that it could be confusing to use non-standard names. Thank you for the help, I've now fixed that.
  3. Hello and happy monday to all... I was on the road late last week for a few days so I picked up the 70701 "Swarm Interceptor" set. I really like it, great little fighter for the money. I wanted to take the fight to the ground so I built this small mech... It's not very detailed, but I wanted to use only the parts that came with the set. I hope you like it, and have a great day/week!!! "Uhhhhh.... I surrender?"