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Found 2 results

  1. Toa_Of_Justice

    {LDD MOC} Cosmic Winger

    UPDATE: See real-life photos of this model in the next post. I have been looking at the insectoid forces in sets 70700, 70701, and 70707 for a long time, imagining what it would be like if they were all combined into one large bug. Before building the Cosmic Winger in real life, I decided to design it in LDD. I ended up using every single piece of each insectoid vehicle/creature in my combo model. Click any picture for a larger picture. { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { LXF File } { Brickshelf Gallery } The Cosmic Winger has 4 eyes, 4 mandibles, 2 guns beneath those mandibles, 4 wings, 12 legs, a buggoid pilot, and a crazy mosquitoid gunner wielding two blaster pistols. In addition, I have made a "stinger bomb" out of the pieces left over after building the Cosmic Winger itself (I hope to get got the jackhammer to fit more tightly in real life). When I have time to build, I'll post pictures of the real thing, but if you have any suggestions for the digital model, I can make any necessary modifications before I build it. Bugging Out, -Toa Of Justice EDIT: That big green thing in the back of the Cosmic Winger isn't a cocoon prison. Although it's shaped like one (and could technically fit a minifigure), it's actually the hyperdrive engine, with a thruster at the very end. EDIT 2: See the next post for the real thing!
  2. Lord LOLrus

    Review: 70700 Space Swarmer

    My second review here (my first was 70701) is of 70700 Space Swarmer, the smallest (I think) set of this wave. Set Number: 70700 Name: Space Swarmer Piece Count: 86 Minifigures: 2 (1 Galaxy Squad (Blue “Robot Sidekick”), 1 Alien (“Buggoid”) Price: $11.99 USD Starting with the box... Front: In the lower right corner the Blue Robot is shown, and in the upper right the Alien is tearing a hole in the box. Back: The canopy (I’m sure there’s a better word, but I’m too lazy to find it) opens, the wings are fully posable, and the alien spaceship eats robots. Top: Once again, we have a 1:1 pic of a ray gun. Contents: We have two bags, one for large pieces and one for small, and an instruction booklet. The large bag. …and the small bag. The small bag seems to have a lot more pieces than the large one. New and/or interesting parts: I’m pretty sure that the trans-red windshield bubble is new; the trans-neon green wing piece is new (or at least unusual) in that color. We get four more inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets, and a neck brace in dark grey. There’re also two 1x2 piece with a stud on one side and a place for a technic peg on the other, four of those Ninjago blades, seven dark red Exo-Force robot arms, and some yummy red cheese slopes. Here we have the instruction booklet. It’s the same size as the one in 70701. A random step. …and the parts list. The Minifigures: The Alien and the Blue Robot (the color is Dark Azure). The Alien (what is it supposed to be? Doesn’t really look like an alien. - Upon checking the LEGO website, I have learned that it is a "Buggoid") has a different torso print than his Mosquito friend, but his legs are identical. The Alien’s head is made entirely out of standard ABS plastic - no rubber here! However, the head reminds me less of a bug and more of Zoidberg from Futurama. The Blue Robot has a unique torso print, and its leg printing is unique as well. The head is also made out of standard ABS. Both figs have unique printing on their backs. Neither has a double-sided head. The Alien’s head has a long spine-like protrusion hanging down its back, and looks sort of like plating. Unfortunately, the Alien’s head is also entirely fixed due to the spine, and can’t turn at all. I believe the color of the "Buggoid" is called Olive Green (like Jabba the Hutt, or the Moria Orcs). The Build: We start out with a simple jetpack, apparently powered by machine guns. The Robot is very close to tipping over at this point, which is why it’s also equipped with… …a huge laser cannon (or something). Now it’s pretty well balanced. Here’s the base of the “Swarmer,” everything attaches to this, using those cool inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets. The control panel (which you can barely see - sorry about that) is printed; no stickers here. This is one of the wing assemblies. It’s fairly simple, and the wing can rotate 360° and can be angled any which way. Here’s the Swarmer with wings attached. Next the craft is flipped over to put on some legs - just robot arms with blades, but they look OK. (If you wish to mod your Swarmer to be more like an insect, there are places to attach extra legs.) Note: upon further posing of the Swarmer, I've found that the legs are very floppy, and don't hold their position well. This is the maw assembly. Simple enough. The round tile is printed. Here’s the finished model. From the rear. There appears to be a single, sad little rocket engine. The ray gun can be stored here while your alien spaceship... …munches on some yummy robot! Nom nom nom. Scoring: I really dislike awarding points to things; I always feel like I’m missing something, or getting too subjective. Design: 8.5/10 Pretty good for a small $12 set. Plenty of SNOT, good poseablility, being able to eat minifigs is always a plus. In addition, the ship doesn’t look like anything I’m used, and I am liking the look. However, the legs are very hard to pose and they don’t hold in place well at all. Features: 7.5/10 Not very many, which is to be expected in a small set such as this. Even the back of the box only lists one feature, the “Grabbing function.” The reasons it’s not rated any lower are because I really like the eating function, and I’m glad it had neither a catapult nor a Flick-fire. Parts: 7/10 It has some nice pieces, like the inverted brackets, the windshield, and the pieces the legs attach to. Minifigures: 9/10 2 figs for $12 seems to be standard, and I really like the robot. I’m kinda bummed that it doesn’t have the armor like the robots in the largest two sets have, but it’s still a great figure. Price: 4/10 $12 for 88 pieces?! That’s 13.6¢ per piece! What is LEGO thinking? …Well, I suppose I did buy it, so I guess they’d say things are working fine. Total: 36/50 72%. That’s pretty bad. However, I still like this set quite a bit, mostly because of the figs and unique ship design. I’m not really very happy with this score; the set seems better than this. Nevertheless, I’m not going to further mess with the numbers. Now if you’ll excuse me, my aliens have some minifigs to snack on...