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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! You may or may not have seen some builds from my Updated Classics project that I've been working on, on and off, for a couple of years now: Modern 6624 1 by L@go, on Flickr Modern 6651 11 by L@go, on Flickr Modern 6653 8 by L@go, on Flickr Modern 6661 1 by L@go, on Flickr Hot Rod Clubhouse 16 on Flickr Modern 6694 15 by L@go, on Flickr As you can see, I've only had a go at one building so far, the Hot Rod clubhouse (which wasn't really much of a building in the first place). But my intention is to eventually develop this project into a layout of sorts, and then I need something more substantial than cars. So I decided to have a go at the classic set #675, the Snack Bar, which I owned as a kid. The white and blue colours of the original set have always appealed to me, and during the Eurobricks Event in Billund I got a chance to relive the feeling of holding the brand new, unopened box in my hands when we were allowed to visit the Vault :) I set myself a few goals with this build: I wanted to make it compatible with a modular street layout; I wanted it to fit in, architecturally, with my gas station; I obviously wanted it to be bigger, more modern and more detailed, while still keeping the iconic details of the original... and I wanted to replace that old-fashioned moulded pine tree with something more realistic, so I gave my friend and fellow Eurobricks member Marco('Ecclesiastes) the challenge of shrinking his fantastic tree design down to fit within a 9x9 footprint. He came through - more about that later :) So this is what I ended up with - built on a 16x32 base, it will go nicely with a modular layout if you add another 16x32 plate behind it, with, say, a few picnic tables and some more of those lovely trees, or something like that. I'm quite happy with how it turned out: Snack Bar 1 by L@go, on Flickr Snack Bar 4 by L@go, on Flickr On to the details - and let's start with that wonderful tree. Marco's pine trees are the best trees I've ever seen anybody build out of LEGO, so he was the obvious person to turn to for this. He applied his fantastic building skills to the task of shrinking the mammoth trees down into something that wouldn't dwarf my snack bar, and then brought a few different trees to the Eurobricks Event in Billund for me to choose from. This one was his own favourite, and who am I to argue? Snack Bar 7 by L@go, on Flickr If I'm not too badly mistaken, Marco will post some detail shots of his own soon - probably over in the Historic Themes section, where he normally resides. Snack Bar 8 by L@go, on Flickr I wanted to have a small round window on this wall to match the rounded edges of the roof and the arched opening on the facade, and it ended up like this. The upside-down arch that makes up the bottom part of the window frame is connected to the rest of the wall using those bars and clips that double as a downspout. I was originally planning on solving the SNOT challenge with some old-fashioned finger hinges, but the ones I had were yellowed, and they would have been much more visible in the wall than a couple of tiles. This design is less obvious and just as sturdy. Snack Bar 9 by L@go, on Flickr During the Updated Classics project, I've had to acquire unused stickers from very old sets, which can be a bit difficult. This is the oldest set I've revisited, and while it doesn't have stickers, it has what could potentially be an even bigger challenge: White, printed bricks. I knew I needed an original 1x8 "SNACK BAR" brick, and I assumed finding one that wasn't yellowed and still looked fresh would be a big problem - but I bought the most expensive one I could find on BrickLink, at a whopping 4€ (...) and quite simply hit the jackpot. It doesn't appear used at all - it's still sparkling white, has absolutely no nicks and the print doesn't have a single scratch. Quite incredible for a 35-year-old brick, if you ask me... Snack Bar 12 by L@go, on Flickr The snack bar's owner has an unwelcome tenant underneath the wooden decking... Snack Bar 16 by L@go, on Flickr Snack Bar 19 by L@go, on Flickr The interior is a bit more detailed than the original set's. There's a small table fixed to the rear wall; a sink with a soap dispenser and a towel; a fridge with... well, food; a microwave oven in the corner; a second fridge for fizzy drinks and fruit juice; an oven and a cash register underneath the counter; and ketchup, mustard and other condiments on the rotating plate on the counter edge. On the counter itself, waiting for hungry customers: An ice cream cone, a hot dog, and, not least: The World's Biggest Hamburger. The price? 100, of course. Everything's 100. Snack Bar 20 by L@go, on Flickr The owner and customer are updated versions of the ones in the original set. As you can see, they've 'aged' gracefully. And the customer comes armed with... 100! Snack Bar 21 by L@go, on Flickr And, finally, a comparison shot to show the 'evolution'. This is the original set from my childhood, that I've dug out from the bin underneath my bed at my parents' place... More pictures, showing the assembly of the sign on the roof and some more interior details, in the Flickr folder. I hope you've enjoyed it - I've got another car in this series to follow soon, I just have to edit the photos. Thanks for watching!