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Found 4 results

  1. Just in time for the March trade convoy, I present the launching of the 5T Light Terraman La Contessa de Victoria. The Contessa is a stern mistress, as the figurehead suggests. The crew is busy on deck, although one deckhand takes a moment to gaze at the horizon from the foc's'l. A chest still needs to be stowed away. Sails are set and men are in the rigging. La Contessa is ready to sail for a new port. Some additional pictures from above: ---------------------- This was my first time using the string with handholds for rigging. I still have some kinks to work out with it, but I'm happy with this first attempt. I also focused on improving the gallery design I initially used on the Heart of Eslandia / Prince Fernando. Also, the decking is much better internally on this effort. Eventually I'll build one with an accessible and detailed captain's quarters. As always, all C&C welcome.
  2. To Captain Jonathan Cooke, Colonial Governor, Cocovia Dear friend, We have arrived safely on the island of Cascadia, and have rendezvous'ed with the forerunners of the Royal Pioneers. Hopefully, we will soon start to set up a more permanent camp. The commander of the Pioneers assures me that as soon as the rest of his unit arrives they will start setting up fortified positions. And I must say, I the wealth of nature here is astonishing. We have stumbled upon masses of nondescriept plants, beetles and felines, and I cannot wait to dive upon the reefs, or explore the inlands. However, I write to you to draw your attention to something I am sure you will find interesting, you being the very image of the nautical being. We were surveying a bay for its usefulness as a harbour for our camp, when this oddly shaped vessel stood in, its crew offering us pelts and fruits. I have forwarded a serious of drawings young mr. Baker have made. He is proving to be a most valuable companion in documenting what we find, and I trust you will find his illustrations fascinating. Your humble servant Montoya Note: I have never seen anything like these sails, and I am certain you are able to conclude much more from these drawings than myself. Note: Notice the armament, a sort of ballistae. They seem unaware of gunpowder, but showed how their steel spears thrown by this contraption would pierce a heavy plank at a hundred yards! Note: The strange pulley up front appears able to change the rake of masts. To what extent that influences its sailing properties, I have no idea. _______________________________________ Thanks for looking, guys. C&C welcome. This is not as advanced as my other (ongoing) ship mocs, but I bought those longboat hulls and wanted to try them out. And this is where it ended. She will be licensed as a 5T.
  3. The Monezterrel shipyards have been busy again - and they still are. To help out our expanding cargo needs, we have decided to order a Barque (and some more ships, but those aren't done just jet). It has the capacity to carry 14 guns and a lot more space for cargo. But let's keep this short for once - you just wanna see what it looks like, don't ya? _______________ Wow, this one took a while. Not because it was difficult, instead because I'm in the middle of exams and have 2 more ships in WIP. Don't ask how I have connected the sails, its magic (they fall off if you breathe). First, before anyone notices: This ship is heavily (!) inspired by the Christine, a Barquentine, by Sebeus I. As I like to try out different techniques for building ships I had to try out his technique too - and why not on a ship of the supposedly perfect length of 4 midsections? Off course I made quite some changes - the stern, which I originally wasn't too excited about, has been done very differently, and the masts, which were just the standard ones, were done completely different. So, let's just see the pictures: So many sails. 21 sails total on this ship, luckily the 10 square sails could be rolled up. A bit more detailed view of this side - as usual on my ships a lot is going on. Btw, as this is a ship inspired by Sebeus the Capstan had to work - what else:D Picture of the side of the bow. As you can see there aren't many places to hide on a ship this size - you have to get creative then. Picture of the stern, with the rowboat hung up. That shark was irritating as it kept rotating the whole time. And a last one, the rowboat is in the water and the shark has rotated a bit further. Imagine a the name Esmeralda on that dark tan tile. This Barque will be licensed as a class 5T; it is commanded by Captain Hector Ordone┼║.
  4. It had been a long couple of months but finally the Ship Sebastion Cliffton had commissioned was built, The Half Moon, A large trading vessel complete with living quarters and a Captain's bunk. As he inspected the ship he though about how he'd gotten here. One little secret lead to him becoming one of the more successful traders in the New World, discounting the last month when he turned back from the pirate ridden seas. He'd gotten the Fulbright from Lord Pennington to keep quiet and never speak his darkest secret to anyone. Sebastion agreed but quickly renamed the Fulbright to Saucy Jack in honor of the secret, nobody would be able to figure it out but he thought it was funny. Since then the name seemed to catch on others using the name Saucy in weird ways that probably didn't mean anything. It irked him but he couldn't force anyone to not name their ship after his, besides it probably made Pennington more mad, though part of the deal was Pennington couldn't come after him there was nothing about anyone else. As he continued making his rounds before setting sail he remembered he had to assign a man to captain the Saucy Jack, he picked Randall Kelsworth, a man he'd met as a beggar on the street on Port Raleigh. Randall was pan handling when Sebastion gave him the offer to join his crew, he quickly proved invaluable his knowledge of the streets almost ensured the best deals since he'd know what was in short supply at the port before any haggling was done. Sebastion owed a lot of his success to this man, and he made sure to show his appreciation. The time had come to move to a new ship, and Kelsworth had been with the crew since near the beginning it seemed only right that he be put in charge of the secondary ship. cropped by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The Half Moon was only the beginning Sebastion had plans to expand his holdings, Maybe buy a tavern in Port Raleigh which had become his base of operations, The town had been growing but the newer settlements farther East would require him to leave for extended periods, He'd need his own protection as the pirate menace got more severe and the Crown sponsored patrols spread thin. While he supported hunting down the pirates he felt his country gained the least from it, Their convoys were always the best protected and usually even captured more ships than they lost, If the crown felt inclined why not give traders that lost their vessel one of the captured ones to try to get if back instead of performing actions that help our enemies more than us. It was all very political and he didn't really care as long as his men were paid, and he could eat. DSC_2993 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2988 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The Cabin