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Found 5 results

  1. Few months ago I modified the set 42138 with one BuWizz motor for driving the rear wheels, one PU motor for steering and a BuWizz 3.0 to power the model. This MOD was really fun and all BUT, deep inside I knew I can do better, especially after being inspired by upcoming Bolide (and a bit frustrated by it's lack of AWD). So after a lot of trial and error, fiddling and trying literally all kinds of component placements, I came up with the following MOD: So you may be thinking, It's a different color, so what? It has a fancy diffusor, spoiler and a few body mods but what's different? Well... The answer hides on the underside photo: Yes, this small 1:16 model has all wheel drive with differentials! Not only that, but the rear axle allows for torque vectoring which allows me to fine tune handling, especially adjusting understeer/oversteer. The model has been assembled and tested with real bricks, I will post more media soon. AllI can say for now is that performance is excellent, there is plenty of torque to spin all 4 wheels and it can even do AWD powerslides.
  2. I just yesterday created this alternate model of the 42137 set and added some additional details today. Looking at the currently existing 42137 alternate models on Rebrickable I hope to add something different with this one. I wasn't actually fond of the 42137 set. This mainly because of comparing the retail price (same as 42123) and the offered features didn't really leave me impressed. I bought it anyhow - when I got a 40 % discount - mainly because of the new panels, from which I already damaged one during testing. This alternate model features basically the same ratchet mechanism as the original 42137, but as I needed the double bent red beam for the front, I had to implement the release of the ratchet mechanism differently using axles instead. The rear is mounted at a half-stud offset to the chassis, allowing for the fenders to get really close to the rear wheels. The interior features a dashboard with gauges, a start button and a hand brake lever. The design is a mixture of a supercar mid-rear-end with air intakes at the side and a shortened hot rod like front with front wheels in the open. I admit the limted parts left played a role but I like the idea and the result, though I would have liked something better for the headlights. It's not that visible due to the white background (especially in the last picture), but the roof line flows into the rear spoiler nicely. I consider it pretty much finished but, a few details might change here and there and also when digitizing it later on.
  3. Once I got a veird idea to compare the exisiting "mid-scale" cars to see how they match (or don't in size, wheelbase and other dimensions). Here is the result of overlaying the folloeing cars: 42093 Chevrolet Corvette 42098 "Fake Chevrolet Camaro" 42123 McLaren Senna 42138 Mustang Shelby GT500 I used the front-left wheelarch (panted in red) as an anchor and that is what I get: The biggest surptise for me was that Senna is not that low as may look like - its roof is even the higest one. Only "Fake Camaro" is higer, but due to lifter rear axle. Another discovery - the rear overhang of Shelby GT500 (I saw it as disproportionally short) is just only 1 stud shorter than McLaren's one Corvette's front overhang appeared only 1-stud shorthet than McLaren's "nose" And now the wheelbases: early-built Chevrolettes shares the same wheelbase, than +1 stud longer goes Shelby and once again +1 stud longer goes McLaren
  4. Hi folks, I want to present my latest alternate build for 2021 to complete my lineup of 2021 alternates - the McLaren 600LT Spider made from 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Instructions are available on rebrickable Follow this link for more content and other builds. Rebuild the 42123 McLaren Senna GTR into another McLaren - the McLaren 600LT Spider. As an alternate build, this McLaren 600LT Spider uses only pieces from the 42123 main set (Senna GTR). Other parts or spare parts are not required. Parts with stickers applied can be reused without any problem. The McLaren 600LT Spider uses 754 parts (more than 90%) from the set 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Functions & Features realistic openable scissor-doors HoG-steering working V8-engine fits on the 42098 Car Transporter Impressions made for 42098 Car Transporter With 15 studs wide, this alternate model fits other mid-sized cars in the Technic-theme since 2019, like 42093 Corvette, the new 42137 Porsche or 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT. All these cars can be transported by the 42098 Car Transporter and this McLaren 600LT Spider fits this scale as well. If you're looking for another car to transport by 42098, this McLaren is the right joice. Instructions With 154 pages, the instructions for this McLaren 600LT Spider comes with high quality images and steps that are easy to follow for a satisfying building experience. Here are three example pages of the premium instructions: The real car The McLaren 600LT Spider is more common in lime green or orange and can be build in this color as well. Here is an example of the real car (for the american market) that fits this alternate build most: Have fun with this McLaren 600LT Spider alternate build.
  5. From Another medium-sized car awaits us with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. The set consists of 544 parts and will cost 49.99 euros . The car is lime green and has white rally stripes. Set number: 42138 Name: Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Number of parts: 544 Release date: January 01, 2022 RRP: 49.99 euros