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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my newest C-Model. I'm keeping my current momentum of doing conventional vehicles from a tracked set and it's amazing how versatile the 42095 set can be. I call this MOC "Dirt Devil" because it was meant to run on dirt roads and has an agressive look. Now let's talk about the vehicle itself. It is 25 studs wide, 35 studs long and 14 studs tall. One of the l-motors available on the set is dedicated to steering, which has return to center functionality by using a common rubber band. There is no need to specify a size for the rubber band because it can be twisted as needed, it just needs to have enough strength to push the steering mechansim back to its center position, you can test this as you build it. Another l-motor is directly powering one of the rear wheels, so this is a 1RWD vehicle. I usually go with this approach because this set lacks parts to build a decent transmission mechanism, so, to power the two rear wheels, i would need to spend too many parts and would have enough left to model the car. Another issue with this set is that it is a tracked vehicle, so there are no rubber tires, which means the wheels on this car are useless on smooth surfaces, but if you've built my other MOCs, this shouldn't be a surprise. It runs fine on rough terrain though. Anyway, there are several fixes for this issue. Since you're getting a rubber band for the steering, you might as well get some more and hack them into the tracked wheels like i did in this video of my other MOC here; or you can add rubber studs on the wheels if you have them; or simply swap the tracked wheels for any other rubber tires if you have some spare ones, this is hands down the best and quickest solution. For anyone interested, building instructions are available at Belle-Ve Bricks
  2. If you're the proud owner of the Lego Technic set 42095 "Stunt Racer", you can now use its parts to build my newest C-Model, the "Sand Cruiser". It's a Baja/Trophy truck kind of vehicle, it has return to center steering powered by one of the l-motors. If you have spare wheels and off-road tires available, they also look very well on this model. Building instructions are available on Belle-Ve Bricks
  3. This is yet another C-Model for the LEGO Set 42095 "Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer". This time around, i challenged myself to use the available parts to build a war tank as closest as possible to the real, generic vehicle. I used the smaller sprocket wheels on purpose to make this model run slower to better resemble the real thing, as the original set doesn't have gears to adjust the velocity. It is powered by the 2 L-Motors, it can go forward and backwards, turn left and right as needed. The front is clear to easily overcome obstacles; on the rear there is a space dedicated for cable management. I tried to keep this build as compact as i could. It may not seem like it, but this was quite the challenge, it went through various revisions and parts optimization until i became happy enough with the result. It can be further improved and modded with additional parts, but i wanted to keep it as a C-Model, so i was restricted by the set's available components. Building instructions available at Belle-Ve Bricks
  4. This vehicle is an alternative build aka "C-Model" of the LEGO set 42095 "Remote-controlled Stunt Racer". This one draws inspiration from my other MOC, the "Desert Racer" in the sense that it runs on conventional wheels and has return to center steering. It uses a single l-motor to power one of the rear wheels and the other l-motor is dedicated to steering, which returns to center automatically by using a common rubber band. It's actually an improvement over the version used on the "Desert Racer" MOC, because it performs the same while being more compact and taking way less space. Can you believe it fits under that hood? Building instructions available on Belle-Ve Bricks
  5. Welcome to another alternative model of the LEGO set 42095. It's surprising the flexibility this set has, which allows the creation of very different models. This is a three-wheeled beach race buggy, powered by the two l-motors available on the set, each one drives one of the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to go forward, backwards, turn left or right, and do 360º spins; talented drivers can also do drifts. The design is simple and aerodynamic, it has adjustable windshield and rear spoiler; side doors that can be opened as well as the small trunk behing the driver's seat. Other small features include a non-functional steering wheel, side mirrors, engine exhaust and small headlights. The cockpit serves as cable management for a clean look and the battery pack is very accessible if you need to quickly change batteries; the IR receiver is disguised as the driver's seat. The fun factor of this buggy is high and obviously tied to its uncommon three wheels configuration which will require some level of skill to drive. Building instructions available on Belle-Ve Bricks
  6. Hello everyone. I just want to share a MOC i've made recently, it is a c-model of the set 42095 "Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer", so it was designed using only available parts on that set. It is quite a departure from the original, no one would think it was possible to build such a racer with this set. It uses a single l-motor to power one of the rear wheels and the other l-motor is dedicated to steering, which returns to center automatically by using a rubber band. The only limitation are the "tracked wheels", since there is no rubber, they don't have traction on smooth surfaces, this vehicle can only run on rough terrain like dirt, sand and snow, so it is basically an off-road racer. I tried to add as many details as possible given the available parts. The battery pack button is easily accessible, the IR receiver is on top to get the cleanest signal possible and the cabin is used for cable management, giving it a cleaner look. Building instructions are available at Belle-Ve Bricks For anyone who decide to build it, the most obvious modifications you can do is to replace the "tracked wheels" by normal off-road tires; or to apply rubber studs. Everyone feel free to share your opinions.
  7. Not posted here, but I tried make car from 42095 before but failed. Now I trying once more, and it's working! Car made from 42095 and one extra any rubber band!] Most hardiest part is driveing rear wheel. Because 42095 don't have ANY axle joiner. In old model I used 2 2Lpin with stop bush and 1 pin joiner but it don' work. Instruction will soon.
  8. How to create your own controller for SBrick (Profile Designer) First Run of your new SBrick
  9. Here we go. I only got the sets a few days ago, so I will be adding videos in this post as they get published: 42096 Porsche 911 RSR: 42095 Remote-Controlled Tracked Racer: 42065 VS 42095: 42095: Power Functions VS BuWizz: 42094 Tracked Loader: 42093 Corvette ZR1: 42092 Rescue Helicopter: 42091 Police Pursuit: 42090 Getaway Truck: 42088 Cherry Picker:
  10. My review of 42093 with images, video below: Review of 42095 with 42065 comparison, and the video: Review of 42096 (compared to 42056 and 42077) and the video: Review of 42094, and the video: Review of 42092: 42095 B model review: 42093 B model: 42094 B model: 42092 B model: 42089 review: 42090, 42091 & the combined model:
  11. All high quality pictures set description: Features a high-speed, fully motorized, remote-controlled vehicle with tracks and large rear sprockets for amazing acceleration. Check out the fresh yellow and blue color scheme with cool stickers. Traverse rough terrain and obstacles, drive forward, backward, left and right, perform 360 ° turns and pull awesome wheelies at high speed. Includes the following LEGO Power Functions components: 2 large motors, receiver, battery box and a remote control. This LEGO Technic is designed to enhance your motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination. This 2-in-1 Motorized Toy Rebuilds Into A Remote Controlled Racer. Remote Controlled Stunt Racer measures over 6 "(17cm) high, 8" (22cm) long and 5 "(15cm) wide. Remote Controlled Racer measures over 4 "(12cm) high, 7" (20cm) long and 7 "(19cm) wide.
  12. I spent the whole night building the replica of ucoming 42095 42095 RC Tracked Racer and here are the results: Of course there are some minor differences compared to the upcoming set, mainly in the lack of correct rear sprocket wheels and mirror elements, but I think you can get a basic idea of what to expect from the set.