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Found 2 results

  1. Here is my new LEGO build video - LEGO Technic – 42084 Hook Loader – Stop motion build. Not perfect but still watchable. :) Please feel free to like/dislike and comment my Lego Technic sets video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the fist to see new videos.
  2. INTRODUCTION The smallest of the 2018 sets, is the Hook Loader. A hook lift truck is a heavy duty truck that is fitted with a hydraulic hook lift hoist system. The hydraulic hook lift hoist system allows haulers to quickly change various types of roll off containers, generally designed for the transportation of materials in the waste, recycling, scrap and demolition industries. Probably due to intricate loading mechanism, we have seen many instances of hook lift trucks being built as Lego models, both officially from Lego, in a form of LEGO Technic Container Truck (8052) ... and lots of nice models from mocers. My personal favorite, is a Hook Lift truck model, made by Jennifer Clark. Note: Most images can be clicked for hi-res versions. SET INFORMATION Number: 42084 Title: Hook Loader Theme: Technic Released: 2018 Part Count: 176 Box Weight: 265 gr Box Dimensions: 15,5 cm x 13,9 cm x 6,8 cm Set Price (MSRP): € 12,95 Price per Part: € 0,073 Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX Being a small set, it obviously comes in a small box. The box measures 15,5 cm x 13,9 cm x 6,8 cm which is obviously not very big. The weight of the box is approximately 265 grams. FRONTSIDE The front of the box shows our Hook Loader unloading its container, standing on rough dirt surface, with some blurred buildings in the background. The box also states that this model is for the age of 7 till 14. More importantly, the 2-models in-1 logo is clearly visible, which means this set can be used to build two different models. BACKSIDE The backside shows a picture of the alternate model, which is the Airport Fire Truck. The conversion arrow and the 2-in-1 are printed to clarify that the main model can be converted into a secondary model. One of the sides shows a picture of the main model, and one of the wheels in actual size. CONTENT OF THE BOX The box contains: 2 Instructions Booklet 2 Technic Panels 3 Bags INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS The instruction booklet for the main model: (both booklets came folded in the box) The instruction booklet for the alternate model: EXAMPLE OF RANDOM INSTRUCTION STEP PANELS Dark Bluish Gray Technic Panels haven't been sealed in plastic bags. BAGS Three bags containing the rest of the parts. HIGHLIGHTED PARTS This section describes the new and/or otherwise interesting parts. Axle Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and 1L Axle in RED This 3L Axle Pin has never been released in red before for general public and easily obtainable. This year, it was released in 8 sets in this color, and it was also released in one set in 2017, The Nutcracker (Lego 2017 Employee Exclusive). Technic Panel Curved 3x11 in DARK BLUISH GRAY This Technic Panel 3x11 has never been released in Dark Bluish Gray before. This year, it was released in 3 sets in this color: Hook Loader, Mack Anthem and Rally Car. TIRES These 30.4 x 14 Tires aren't very rare. They appear in 79 other sets. We got four tires in this set. PART LIST This set contains 176 parts, shown below. THE BUILD The build is not very fun, and is pretty straightforward. FINISHED MODEL Here is the finished Hook Loader! Since it's a small model, i was on the fence about its look and functions. Seeing it's functions in real life takes every doubt away, they work flawlessly. More on functions later. On the other side, look is not on par with functions. Given the fact that the model has small number of parts compared to average Technic set, visual aspect of the model had to be affected. Overall, look is satisfactory if you keep in mind how basic the set is. It does look like a truck, and even has some amount of detailing like black parts to simulate windshield or grill. I don't like low ground clearance in the front, due to the steering mechanism, and back tires could be placed a bit toward the front, it would look more balanced. The model does not have stickers, and as a simple truck/construction machine, it is probably better this way. The chassis is pretty basic, with steering system and hook lift mechanism occupying central part of the chassis. LEFTOVER PARTS A few common leftover parts. FUNCTIONS Here's a short presentation showing the model's two functions. STEERING Steering is done via the 12 Tooth Double Bevel gear at the back of the cabin, it does not have steering wheel. The gear is easily accessible. The turning radius is quite big, which slightly reduces playability. HOOK LIFT Hook Lift mechanism is operated by black 12T Double Bevel gear, marked on the animation. It turns three 8t gears, which in turn moves the hook and container. Operation is smooth, it has some friction, but that helps the hook to stop in any position. Container has "rollers" at its end, so it can glide on flat surfaces. It also has a nice trick to keep the container from sliding left-right when loaded onto the truck. Namely it has 2L liftarm at the back, which is secured on one point. When the container is loaded on the truck, the liftarm slides/drops between the chassis' main frame and keep the container stable. Being the main function of the model, the hook lift part is done very well. SUMMARY I think this is one clever small set. Its target audience, kids, will love this set. It does look like a truck, and even better, it looks like a truck that is drawn and imagined by a kid, in a good way. I have a luck that i have my young relative with me, and he is very excited about this set. His favorite part about it...the hook lift mechanism, ofc. He enjoyed filling the container with bricks and plates, and move them to other location, watching it unload etc... Be careful, though, 1x1 parts can slip through container's floor. Side plus: I enjoyed being asked to explain many things on real life trucks to him...this set clearly boosted his curiosity. SCORE 6 DESIGN Simple colors works nice. Looks like a truck, but very basic. Overall good given the amount of parts. 6 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Nothing out of the ordinary. 9 FEATURES For its size, it has two great functions. 9 PLAYABILITY Kids love it! 7 PARTS Common parts and colors, two parts in new colors. 8 VALUE FOR MONEY I would buy this set for my young relative in no time. 7,5 Hook on! Thank you for reading. Hope you will find it useful.