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Found 3 results

  1. Review: 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Name: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Number: 42063 Theme: Technic Year: 2017 Pieces: 603 Price: Euro 49.99€, AUD $89.99 Brickset: Extra Info Technic Early 2017 Review Series Welcome to the fifth in my batch of 2017 Technic reviews! I was offered all the small sets early 2017 for review late last year... but I ended up getting them all! Thus I have a lot to review. I've been doing them in parallel and changing my process as I go so hopefully the latter ones will end up being the best. On that angle I'll probably retcon some of the earlier reviews if I improve my process. Due to this remember that I'm happy to take extra photos or provide extra info on request, and anything especially good will be added to the main body of the review. Do note though that sometimes the model may no longer exist if I have have made an alternate. On the subject of alternates, I will be making the alt model, if I have the instructions, think the model is worth making, and I have the time. Also I'll show mid stage construction only if I think it's relevant. Thus don't ask for construction photos or alt models if they aren't part of the review.... I am prepared to extract parts for detail photos though. Photos will all be hosted on Flickr so larger versions are available, and relevant videos will be on YouTube and linked to from here. I don't edit photos much; very rarely I'll crop one and almost never will "correct" them so the photos should be as natural as possible. I will try to not be repetitive; thus it's worth reading my other reviews. For example I'm not going to complain too much about the digital instructions; I'll try to complain about new things, or maybe not complain at all! Here's all the other reviews of H1 2017 Technic... 42057 Ultralight Helicopter 42058 Stunt Bike 42059 Stunt Truck (and 45058/42059 Combiner) 42060 Roadwork Crew 42061 Telehandler 42062 Container Yard 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42064 Ocean Explorer 42065 Tracked Racer Mucho multi thanks to the EB LUG Ambassador CopMike and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for allowing me to review these sets for Eurobricks. So onto the review! Packaging Front.... ...back.... The combiner is interesting in this one so I did make it. Unboxing Standard punch box. Instructions and wheels were loose. Instructions are provided for both models, and the quality is excellent with thick bound covers. The build is not sectioned. Aside from the anniversary piece there isn't anything new here, but the panels used for the side and the windscreen are new colours, and more importantly the wheels are in black at last. Parts list. Random instruction page. Build This is the lower frame with the engine and driveshaft joined. This is the bottom of the bike; the anniversary piece and the central gear are viewable in the finished model. It's done! Spare parts. This 600 part set, vs the 250 part 42007 (orange bike), but obviously it's not that much bigger. ('cos it's got the same wheels.) All those parts are just to make the bike better! (Black bike is a MOC. Not being reviewed.) Ahhhgh! Someone dropped my bike! While it's down you can see the frame shown earlier. The gear is there partially so you can spin the drivetrain, although it is functional as well. (Be careful to pick it up with your legs not your arms; these things weigh around 250kg.) Unflattering cam. Even with the extra parts it still suffers the curse of most Technic bikes; near transparency. Doesn't bother me, but it's a common complaint. What does however bother me is the exhaust; it's on the rear swingarm and is thus suspended. This was probably a compromise due to the already complicated rear, but it's just weird. (And incorrect.) The front suspension is mostly correct; telelever or something close anyway. What am I on about? OK.... ..look here. Most motorcycles have a shock either side of the front wheel, but many (not all) BMW ones have what they call Telelever, which put simply is a variant of double wishbone suspension. It has many advantages on paper but this discussion is beyond the scope of this review. Now look here! I'm no expert (not modesty!) but it's in the ballpark. The first time in an official set I believe. OK, let's put the stickers on now... on a side note I find it funny how the designers needed to widen the cylinder head to give it the correct BMW look that causes so many debates about leanability... but I digress again. Each box gets branded, but the model doesn't use the stickers for shape or even panel blending. You can also see here how relatively compact the shaft drive is. (First time in a set also?) Lack of rear brakes is disappointing though. No controls this time. The Technic front fairing is simple but it works well IMHO; these kind of fairings are rather hard to do well. (I cheated and used system on my own MOC.) Going nowhere fast it seems. The boxes come off without too much damage... which highlights that the rear suspension needs better pre-load adjustment (haw, haw, haw) as it's really not strong enough for this model unless it's going luggage free. (I think it's OK in the front.) Maybe it's time LEGO made a really hard spring... To my surprise they open too, which took some creative pin usage. Functional video. Future Bike Concept (B Model) Well for a start, it gets full points for building something very different in a licensed model! To be honest I didn't want to make this, but.... ...I then saw how nice the presentation of it was in the instructions. So I ended up making this first. It uses most of the parts... ...and even gets it's own sticker! (The un-used one.) I didn't realise this until I finished the A model. On a related but negative note, it assumes you have not used the stickers yet, but I don't think it would look bad if you had already applied them The functions are a rotating and angling rear thruster, steering vanes and folding wings. It's best to watch a video. While I do think it's a cool model with decent functionality... I just don't get it. Internal combustion engine in a flying bike? That kinda negates the possibility of Star Trek style tech so how does it take off? The thruster is too far back.... Nor does it lift enough to be an effective force in forward flight. Looking at the art and the front I suspect they wanted to work in the second wheel, but ran out of parts. The steering vanes are pretty cool though. The landing function is good however. The stand makes heavy usage of the pannier parts, which leaves me wondering if the panniers were added to make the B Model better! (I'm out of stuff to say about the B model, but there's plenty more photos on Flickr.) Ratings Function: BMW bikes are a good choice for LEGO as they are very different and give a chance to make a different model. (I hope though that they'll do other licenses.) As bikes go this is an excellent set, adding panniers and an interesting B model pushes this set to top gear. 10/10 Parts: A good blend of parts, although the panniers are not terrible exciting. 9/10 Price: Yeah, it's more expensive than I'd like, but it's licensed and would have taken a lot of work. 8/10 Accuracy: Ignoring the B model, the only flaw is the exhaust placement. 9/10 Fudge: Motorbikes + Technic? What a winning combination. 10/10 Overall: Ride out and get one! 9/10
  2. I was looking around on YouTube the other day and I found these videos by Milan "grohl666" Reindl. They are of an alternate model for the BMW 42063, a very nice hover bike.. The first is a demonstration of the features… The second is a how-to video. Has anyone built this or any other model that has a 27 minute Youtube video as instruction. I’m just not sure how well that would work out of me. I really want to build it, maybe I will try. I accidentally put the demonstration video in twice, can someone please fix it for me... Jim... Help! Andy D