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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my new LEGO set video – LEGO Technic - Extreme Police Racer. This LEGO technic set combines two: 42046 – Getaway Racer with the 42047 Police Interceptor. Combine LEGO technic set 42046 Getaway Racer with the 42047 Police Interceptor to create the Extreme Police Racer combi model. Please feel free to like/dislike and comment my Lego technic sets video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the fist to see new videos.
  2. Hi guys This is my first review of Technic set in english. This is second Pull Back set this year. It is not as nice as 42046, but still I like it. 42047 is also neat, nicely built, color polished, but lacks character. Clearly, the TLG decided to give models to play cops and thieves. Series: Technic Year: 2016 No: 42047 Pcs: 185 PPP: 0,11$ Model Weight: 0,212 kg Set weight: 0,318 kg Model B: yes, but you need second set Price: £17,99 / $19,99 / 19,99€ Inventory: - Bricklink - Brickset Box Box looks very ordinary. Decorated in dark colors which are characteristic of the series Technic. What first strikes the eye are lemon elements of the car - bumper, wheels and some stickers (alternating with blue). Box measurments are 26 cm x 14 cm x 6 cm. The back of the box shows the alternative model, which is formed from a combination of components of the kits 42046 and 42047, which are both of this year's car Pull Back. Inside the box we can find: manual 2 bags with bricks 2 white liftarms Pull Back motor stickers sheet Manual has 52 pages with 49 build steps. There are also parts list and some advertisements. There are no new parts. Two of them are in ne colours: Lime Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm with No Pin Holes and Reinforced Rim - 4 pcs Lime Technic, Liftarm 3 x 3 L-Shape Thin - 2 pcs (i know - it was used in 2 sets in 2000 and in 2001) Build Forty-nine steps in the construction manual is nothing especially demanding, but giving a little fun. Building process would not call boring. Purpose model for children from 7 to 14 years is fine, though I would set the upper limit of a maximum of 12 years. Spare parts Finished model Podsumowanie 42047-1 Police Interceptor is a very neat vehicle a little shorter than 42046, but higher. The colors are pretty, but the excess white color gives the impression of boring. Stickers a little break the whites. Car is very nicely finished, there are no sharp edges. I like also the lemon wheels. It looks attractive. Pull Back mechanism is very strong - on slippery surfaces (panels, tiles, countertop) wheel spin immediately. On a more rough surface of the car takes off as it should. However, it is a little unstable - only when jumping - model usually lands on the side or "back". Despite these minor shortcomings I consider this set successful. Pros: + Lots of useful parts - mainly liftarms + Nice color + Lets you play the races (you must have at least two models of Pull Back) Cons - Alternative model requires the purchase of the second set - Alternative model is ugly (but it's a matter of taste) - Wheels spin - A little too much white elements Bonus Model B Read more at
  3. REVIEW - 42047 - POLICE INTERCEPTOR INTRODUCTION Starting with the 42010 - Off-road Racer and 42011 - Race Car in 2013, TLG released two sets in the first half of each year, using a pull-back motor. The pull-back motor allows the model to be pulled back, followed by forward motion. Usually there's no apparent relation between the two set, other than the ability to combine them into an alternate build. This year there seems to some sort of Cops and Robbers scene going on. A Getaway Racer and a Police Interceptor. That can't be a coincidence. Makes you wonder who will be victorious, the good guys or the bad guys. Let's find out! Note: All images can be clicked for hi-res versions. SET INFORMATION Number: 42047 Title: Police Interceptor Theme: Technic Released: 2016 Part Count: 185 Box Weight: 325 gr Box Dimensions: 26,0 cm x 13,8 cm x 5,9 cm Set Price (MSRP): € 19,99 Price per Part: € 0,108 Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX The box has the same dimensions as previous year's pullback motor sets. In the lower right corner there's a visual explanation of the pullback mechanism. Lime green might seem unusual for a police car, but it might work out better than expected. CONTENT OF THE BOX The box contains: 1 Instructions Booklet 1 Sticker Sheet 2 Technic Liftarms 1 Pull-back Motor 3 Bags INSTRUCTION BOOKLET The instruction booklet for the main model. Unfortunately no booklet for the alternate model. STICKER SHEET The sticker sheet shows similar lime green details as found in the rest of the model. PULL-BACK MOTOR AND LIFTARMS The pull-back motor and liftarms haven't been sealed in plastic bags. BAGS Three bags containing the rest of the parts. HIGHLIGHTED PARTS This section describes the new and/or otherwise interesting parts. 7L AXLE IN YELLOW The 7L Axle has never been released in yellow before. This year TLG surprised us with releasing axles in different colors, like yellow, red and orange. This set only contains a yellow 7L Axle, but you can checkout my other reviews to see which other axles have been (re)released. This 7L Axle has also been used in the Drag Racer. LIME GREEN PARTS The 30.4mm D. x 20mm Wheels are unique to this set. They have been released in various colors, but never in lime green. The 3x3 L-shaped Thin Liftarms haven't been released in lime green since 2001. TIRES These 43.2 x 22 ZR Tires haven't been used in pullback sets before. They do appear in 48 other sets though, so they aren't very rare. WHITE PANELS If you haven't bought Commander Cody or the Mercedes Arocs this looks like the perfect set to get some of the small white panels. PART LIST This set contains 185 parts, shown below. THE BUILD Since it's a small model, I will skip the building steps. I hereby present the finished Police Interceptor. I was on the fence about lime green, but seeing it in real life takes every doubt away. Although not your average police color scheme, the lime green does add a kick to this set. I do love the overall SUV shape of the model. The Driving Ring Connector used in the chassis of the Race Cart (see my review) are used constructing the roof of this model. That relatively new parts proves to be very versatile. Even though there are quite a few stickers, which add some lime green details to the model, the model looks great without stickers too. It doesn't rely as much on the stickers at the Getaway Racer does. The chassis is pretty basic, using the pullback motor in the rear axle. VIDEO Here's a short video showing the model. LEFTOVER PARTS A few common leftover parts. FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS VIDEO Here's a video demonstrating the pull-back functionality. And yes, my girlfriend was kind enough to catch the model before it fell to the ground B-MODEL The alternate model, the Extreme Police Racer, is a combined build with the Getaway Racer, which you can see on the back of the box. Unfortunately the instructions for the combined B-model are not included, so I didn't get a chance to build it. The double rear-wheeled formula one type racer seems to be cool enough to give it a go. SUMMARY I think this is one of the best looking pull-back racers, together with the 42026 Black-Champion-Racer from 2014. The Getaway Racer looks very good too, but it does rely heavily on it's stickers. Lime green adds a kick to this model. Combined with white it provides a great color scheme. The model itself has a very distinctive SUV look, which is properly executed. Negative aspects are hard to find. This is a winner!! SCORE How do I grade the good guy in this year's duo. 9 DESIGN The lime green actually works. Less dependent on stickers than the Getaway Racer. 7 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Nothing out of the ordinary. 7 FEATURES Limited to the pull-back functionality. 7 PLAYABILITY Combined with the Getaway Racer, kids will love it. 8 PARTS Lime green rims are unique to this set. Lots of useful white parts. 8 VALUE FOR MONEY Pullback sets always deliver a certain value. 7,7 GOOD GUYS DON'T ALWAYS FINISH LAST More image can be found on my Flickr page. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.