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Found 1 result

  1. This is my fleet of vehicles for Unikitty and friends. Story line for this theme so far: The surviving denizens of the fall of Cloud Cuckoo Land are living in a enclosed space castle ship floating in the asteroid field that used to be their former home planet. They are also sending out space ships to search for a new home and the long-lost "Crown of the Clouds", a powerful relic from an time long past that will supposedly help guide them to a new era of prosperity and safety. Unikitty sends her brother Prince Puppycorn to obverse these efforts from the Sunshine V, a medium-size space cruiser. He succeeds in finding the Crown, but as he is not the destined user (Unikitty is), he cannot wear it without dire consequences. So as he speeds back to the castle, he is intercepted by space pirates trying to get the Crown for their own evil purposes. Luckily, Puppycorn stashes the crown in an escape pod and sets the hyper-space coordinates for a place he can trust just before he is captured. Master Frown (Unikitty's former friend-enemy from times past) sees this happen from his own ship, (as he hadn't been home when Lord Business attacked on that black day, so he didn't know what happened to them and had been left behind.) Anyway, Master Frown hides from the pirates and carries back to Unikitty the message that Puppycorn, his ships, and the Crown have been captured. Unikity blasts the castle off into space, and into battle with the pirates with the rest of her fleet at her side. Even the citizens man the guns of the castle itself, beating the pirates and saving Puppycorn who tells Unikitty where the crown was headed via hyper-space. Meanwhile, Benny the 1980-something space guy opens a crashed space pod near his moon base and pulls out a shiny gold crown... This is a modified version of the 2009 version of the Tantive IV. (set 10198) I renamed the cruiser the Sunshine V and changed the auxiliary colors to teal and medium azure, with a splash of shades of two kinds of pink in several places. The eleven engines now have trans-pink exhaust to match the fighter ships. The main body's roof still comes off, as does the cargo area's top section, but the escape pods are sealed tight. (Changes in the design of the pods were needed due to prices of the necessary parts in white.) Also, Puppycorn or Unikitty can sit at the desk, but only while the roof is removed. The two pilots get the ship where it needs to go. They can stay in the seats with the canopy closed, but only just barely. These are two slightly modified set 70830 (Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship!) space fighters. They have a different mini-doll pilot in each, but I forgot to take a picture of those figures. The two ships are identical, in that each has a prison for potential detainees on one side and a area for survival equipment (usually dual blasters) / a space for hair when the helmet is worn on the other. The space castle of the Unikingdom floats in a bubble of air on a rocky chunk, surrounded by the smashed remains of Cloud Cuckoo Land. (in actuality, it is a modified set 70838, Queen Watevra's ‘So-Not-Evil' Space Palace) It is a rocket in of itself, and carries on it at-least four smaller fighters of two distinct sizes. If all else fails, the top spire and the fusion reactor (which is placed on the top of the castle in a shielded enclosure) ejects off the castle to begin a countdown to become a black hole emitter, while the castle denizens get away on the smaller ships / other transports. This will (theoretically) destroy all bad guy ship in the vicinity while leaving the good ships safe from harm outside the event horizon. The lowest floor has the security desk, making sure every one is who they say they are and going where they need to be. This floor also has the snack bar and mailbox nearby. The second floor is Unikitty's throne room, with balconies off to the left and right side. The fusion reactor is under this protective dome. That's all I got so far... what do you guy's think?