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Found 1 result

  1. Lego 41062 Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle Lego managed to get a Frozen licensed set in the new wave of Disney Princess sets. However, I'm VERY surprised by the size. It's a $40 set and comes in a small Friends-style box (roughly 12"x12" size) - I almost didn't see it on the shelf when I was looking for it because it's so small. I mean, I know it's only $40 but it's a friggin' CASTLE. And why did Lego only make this a smaller set? If they'd made a $200 Frozen castle they still would have sold every one they could produce. They made big Harry Potter Hogwarts sets and those sure sold. And have you SEEN the toys in the Frozen section of stores? HUGE playsets for Barbie-sized dolls. But I suppose I'm getting the cart before the horse here, reviewing before I've even opened the box. So..... Name: Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle Set Number: 41062 Pieces: 292 Price: $39.99 Minifigs: 3 Theme: Disney Princess Year of Release: 2015 Links: Bricklink Peeron Brickset The Box The front of the box is standard Lego fare, other than the large Anna and Elsa in the bottom right corner. Oh, and surprisingly, nowhere on the box is the normal minifig lineup. The only way to know what characters are included is to look at the set pictures. The 1:1 This set uses one of the minidolls as the actual size sample. That's probably not a bad choice since the minidolls are not nearly as well known as a minifig. The Back On the back, the play features are shown in insets around a rear view of the castle. Like Friends sets, you also have an array of play accessories. The Seals Is this standard on 2015 sets or is this specific to this set? I've never seen 3 tape seals on a set. Even huge modulars or Technic sets only have 2, so 3 on a set this small seems excessive. Perhaps Lego expects people to try to steal the dolls? If so, why bother with extra tape? A tiny pocketknife makes quick work of the tape so the third strip doesn't even slow you down. The Contents In the box are 2 instruction booklets (bent), a white plate, a sticker sheet, and 3 numbered bags of parts. The Stickers These are very hard to photograph since they're shiny. I mean polished chrome shiny. Those dark lines across the corners are not really there, they're reflections of my ceiling. The Manual Backs The back of one booklet has a Friends "Win!" girl. The other has an ad for the Lego Disney Princess website. That site is SO girly there's even sparkles following your mouse cursor around. So I didn't stay too long or look too deeply. The Sample Page The interior pages of the manuals are on lavender backgrounds. It's standard Lego instructions with part callouts and insets when needed. The Build, 1 The first thing you build is Anna, but I'm not showing that yet. Then you build this little picnic scene. It's tiny but effective, and nice to have something not icy in the set since the movie has the "In Summer" song for Olaf. I'm curious what's in that sandwich though - green and pink? After the picnic is the Olaf build, but I'll save him for later too. The Build, 2 Next is this small sleigh. It has an amazing amount of style for something so small. The curved front and decorative whips on the back make it look sleigh-like instead of blocky. But come on, it already had pink accents, are the pink flowers really necessary? Technically, yes, so the whips can mount to them, but still, it's just over-girly for my taste. The Build, 3 The sleigh needs a ramp to help it rocket along (for a couple inches, at least). The ramp starts like this, with a hidden lime green jumper plate that gets a cookie on it. I couldn't remember anything in the movie like that, so I asked my wife and she couldn't either. A hidden cookie under a hill? The Build, 4 After putting the tilting 2x8 onto the base and adding decorations, this is the result. A lime green bucket holding a pair of ice skates, a flower (in the snow, really?), green and white round studs that I assume are supposed to be grass and snow? The Build, 5 The sleigh looks huge sitting on top of the tiny hill, but it actually works pretty well. Assuming you're on a smooth surface like a table, you can give the sleigh a little nudge and it'll shoot down the ramp and a few inches across the table. The unevenness of the slopes vs the blue tiles holds the sleigh in line well, and the bumps in the slopes don't seem to hamper anything. The Build, 6 Moving on to bag 2.... man that's a lot of colors in this base already. And I'm already starting to feel like there's trans-blue cheese thrown around randomly. The Build, 7 Continuing (and rotating), some steps and even more colors thrown in. Magenta? In Elsa's ice palace? I sure don't remember any of that... The Build, 8 Wait, seriously? An ice cream stand in the castle? That is what the magenta is for? I kinda actually like the looks of it, but it doesn't fit the set. The Build, 9 Spinning back around, now there's a light aqua spiral staircase added along with a roof. This is where I'm really starting to wonder about Lego's thinking. Those light aqua stairs, and the light aqua 1x4 tiles, are exclusive to this set (as far as I know... it's possible some other 2015 sets use them, but nothing in Bricklink yet). Seems expensive (to produce) to me, when there's no huge reason to need them. Another blue for the tiles would have been fine. And the spiral stairs? Really? Elsa's castle is KNOWN for staircases, but NOT spiral ones! There should be a huge straight ice stairway out front or sweeping curved stairs inside, but not a spiral. The Build, 10 And now we finish the tree. Again, why? Where is there a tree next to Elsa's castle? And so weird... with ice hanging from green branches that have both snow and flowers on them. Huh? Did Lego watch a different movie? The Trans-Light Blue Bits Before looking at the upper level, a brief pause to look at some other parts. Here's the 1x2x5 brick in trans-light blue and the 2x4x6 rock panel in glitter trans-light blue. Do those look like the same blue to you? And again, ANOTHER unique part for this set. Why do those rock panels need to be glitter, when Lego made the same panel in trans light blue in 2013 and 2014 for SuperHeroes, Friends, and Chima sets? Apparently Disney REALLY wanted glitter, because there are a bunch of trans-glitter parts in the new Princess sets. There's trans-neon green cones for Jasmine; Ariel, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty all get glitter trans purple cones. So there's a bunch of new glitter parts for 2015. The Build, 11 Back to building - time to add the upper level. We get a bedroom with a decent bed, although stickered. The Build, 12 The other side of the bedroom has some little accessories. Perfume and a crown I assume? The Build, 13 Time for walls and a roof. I like the small white macaroni bricks for a wall, but what's with the lavender fence piece in the center? I'll grant that it looks nice (a common white fence would have been a little boring), but it's ANOTHER unique piece to this set. The Build, 14 The very top of the castle is built separately. Not a whole lot to say here other than why is there a torch in an ICE CASTLE? The Finished Castle Once the roof is put on, the castle is done. And that big purple star on top says everything to me about the styling. It just doesn't look like modern Lego to me; it looks like this should be an old Belville fairy tale set from around 1999. If I saw a photo of just the castle with no figs (or picnic blanket), I'd assume that's what it was. The Oops, Not Actually Done Yet Accessories At the end, there's a few bits left to add. There are these dark purple skis (yup, another unique part) in the lower level. Let me tell you, they're a pain to get into that location, at least with my big man hands. More Accessories The top level gets a stickered book. The sticker has a nice castle image on it that is, while not quite exactly the castle from Disney World, VERY Disney-looking. I actually had to google and see if that's the castle they use in their logo. Nope, but it's the same style. The Leftovers There are a LOT of extra parts in this. That's almost 10% of the part count in the set right there! They are pretty useful overall though. It's great to have an extra "carrot" and brown "branch" for Olaf, since you know those will get lost as he's played with. The Figs Finally, the reason for the set. Let's face it, the castle set is just an excuse to make these figures. And they're GREAT. I mean just fantastic. The print on them is just such a good match to the real characters. Compare to the cartoon version from the front of the box. Elsa's hair is a little darker than the cartoon, but overall these are just dead on. If I had to pick out a flaw, it's the "spell" Elsa is holding. It's too bad she can only shoot it forward with her arm down like that. It'd be nice to have the end of the splash part bent 90 degrees so she can have her arm forward and the spell shooting forward too. Oh, one other thing. The minidoll heads don't press down tight to the body like minifig heads do. There's still exposed neck. It looks nice, but it means Elsa's cape can swing around. The Fig Backs Elsa's cape is glittery on the back and you can see the removable bow in her hair. The Full Set One final issue. When you put Anna on the sleigh, her cape doesn't have enough flexibility (since it's a wraparound kind) and so it folds out funny. That's why on the back of the box it shows her standing on the back of the sleigh with Elsa in the seat. Edit: How on earth did I forget to comment on those orange flowers to each side of the castle? I'm pretty sure Elsa did NOT have any flowers blooming outside her castle! The Conclusion Hm. I really wanted to like this set, but I just can't quite bring myself to. It feels like Lego pulled a random castle design from the files then redid it into white and trans blue to look icy and allow a Frozen tie in set. The figs are great, but the castle isn't. I guess the real castle in the movie would be a boring set and this one has play features, but it just is too different for my taste. The Ratings Value: 7/10 - $40 for less than 300 parts is high (especially when so many of the parts are tiny, but on the other hand there's a LOT of rock panels and 1x2x5 trans blue panels), but the figs help save it. Design: 4/10 - Not one of Lego's best. Not as bad as the lows in the 90s, but not a great set. Minifigs: 10/10 - Possibly even a 12/10. They ARE the reason to buy the set . Playability: 8/10 - There are a bunch of play features, but they actually detract from the design, so I had to knock off a couple points. Parts: 7/10 - A bunch of impractical unique parts (how often do you need dark purple skis or a lavender fence piece?) but also a bunch of nice parts if you wanted to make your own icy scene. Overall: 7/10 - A great bunch of figs, but I'd recommend not bothering with the manuals. Just use the parts to build your own castle that's better.