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Found 1 result

  1. Bob De Quatre

    Review: 21119 The Dungeon

    Introduction In this review I'll present you the Lego set #211119 The Dungeon, from the Minecraft line. I'm not a Minecraft expert, but I know how to put colored bricks together to create a world. Including this wave, Lego have produced 14 set based on the famous game, which shows how Lego believes in this partnership. I would not be surprised for this theme to continue for a few years. This set represent a Dungeon, which is supposed to be a small room, with a mob spawner and up to two chests. From that description it seems that Lego designed that set quite well, but let's see that in detail. Whitefang's review of 21120 The Snow Hideout mostlytechnic's review of 21121 Desert outpost Hinckley's review of 21122 Nether Fortress Also, I'd like to thanks Eurobricks and The Lego Group for the opportunity to review this set. Set information Set Name: Minecraft The Dungeon Set Number: 21119 Number of Pieces: 219 Theme: Minecraft Year Release: 2015 Prices: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 #21119 on Brickset Packaging The front of the box follows the Lego Minecraft design, a the green square patterned area on the top with Lego Minecraft logo and a creeper face, an indication of the set number and recommanded age, the minifigs included with their name, and a picture of the set itself. There is also a "Build your own creations" add which promise us that inspiration is included. Seems sweet... The rear of the box shows the "alternate build" of the set, which consist of shifting one block of bricks from one place to another. The play features and the blocks included are also shown. Again the "build your own creations" is highlighted. It must be something really important in this set. On the usual green Minecraft background, a side of the box shows us the 1:1 picture. In this case it's a zombie mob. There is also a picture of the set, the same as the box front, Lego Minecraft logo and the set number. Content of the box The box contains an instruction booklet, three parts bags numbered from 1 to 2, and 2 8x8 dark bluish plates. The bag labeled 1 looks pretty empty, and I couldn't find the inspiration that should be included as indicated on the box. Bad sign... Instruction The instructions booklet's front sports the same picture as the front of the box, minus the minifigures highlight and the "Build your own creations" that said inspiration was included in the box. A page mentions in universal language that we should build the set following the bags numbers. And that's what we'll do, starting with the bag 1 as shown on the next page. The building instructions are easy to read on a light green background. Behold the "Build your own creations" pages, where inspiration flows like a rushing stream... Ok, the "inspiration" is just making a wall with five bricks... I was really hoping for some more creative ideas. We then have a page with a nice Lego Minecraft display, and a picture of the set with the play features highlighted. A double page shows us the sets from this wave and from the last, with all the minifigures and creatures included. We also got an ad page for, where we can find more informations on the Lego Minecraft products. As usual there is an ad fore the Lego club (I encourage you to suscribe if you have children, the free magazine is really nice and free). And of course the "win guy" page where a coffeeholic says we can win things by providing feedback about the set. Minifigures There are three minifigures in this set, two zombies and a Steve with an iron (or stone) pickaxe. Dark purple legs and dark azure torso, the three minifigs are identical, at least on what they wear. Steve is a fleshy, with the iconic square head, and so have a Light flesh printing on his torso. The zombies have green skin, so bright green hands and torso print. The torsos don't have any backprinting. Interesting parts The carrot top in bright light orange is exclusive to the Lego Minecraft theme, as is the treasure chest in medium dark flesh. The printed 1x1 plates only appeared in one other set. Build The bag labeled 1 gives us the minifigures and some of the set accesories: three torches, a chest with 2 wheat and a redstone dust, a lava patch with a cactus on it, the mob spawner cage, a tan/dark tan assembly, a mossy coblestone block, a sandstone block and a gold ore block. Moving on to bags 2, we start by building a strong base. We can see where the mechanism to rotate the mob spawner will take place. The base almost finished, with the rotating mechanism in place. The build is simple as it is just composed of bricks and plates, except for the technic mechanism. Dungeon are supposed to be in mossy cobblestone, and some dark green 1x1 tiles are randomly placed to simulate moss. The second play feature mechanism is put in place as we start to build up. The finished build, with all the minifigures and accessories in place. It seems like a great representation of an in-game dungeon. The materials have been respected (coblestone and mossy coblestone) as well as the mob spawner, the chest and the chest loot. The usual leftover parts are rather various and nice. We could even build a second cute mob spawner! Play features The set have two play features: a knob to rotate the mob spawner in its cage, and a trap wall. The trap wall is a simple but well designed feature, but I couldn't find an equivalent in-game. But the jewel of the set is the mob spawner. It seems really accurate to the game, with its rotating movement, the cage of course, and the four spot arround him to put torches as it is a way to defeat him. Sadly for Steve, Lego only gave him three torches... I must say I really like that mob spawner, it looks kinda cute. The tan assembly that we built with bag 1 can also be switched from place to place, and can be disassembled to build, if you have the required inspiration, what looks like a sand fall. Conclusion Design: 8/10 - A Minecraft design, true to the reference material. Parts: 6/10 - Some basic parts, nothing more. Build: 7/10 - Easy and straightforward builds. Playability: 8/10 - The play features are nice and work well. Minifigs: 7/10 - A Steve and two Zombies, that's not bad. Price: 8/10 - A little less than 10 cents per piece, with no rare parts and 3 minifigs, that's ok. Overall: 46/60 (77%) - A nice set for Minecraft fans, but I think not much to offer to the non-fans.