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Found 1 result

  1. First uploaded in November 2012, this passenger train originally had six 8-wide cars consisting of a baggage car, four passenger coaches, and a observation car. It was pulled by my 2-8-4 steam engine for a while before I whittled down the number of the (slightly heavy) cars to a more manageable total of four. Over these two years I have modified them a lot, taking out the detailed interior and replacing the complex window assembly with something less fragile. The last time I changed the train was October 2014, when I modified the baggage car to a half baggage / half passenger coach (this is known as a combine) and lengthened the 2-8-4 Berkshire type into a 2-10-4 Texas type. After I originally had built the six cars I realized the only thing that could pull my 8 wide cars was a 8 wide engine. The coaches just didn't look very good with a 6 wide locomotive at the front, but the opposite was true about 6 wide coaches with an 8 wide engine. So after much internal debate over the possibility of reducing the size of the train cars, I found a workable solution that looks good. This is that solution, plus their is an added bonus of having enough parts left over from the "slimming down" of the four 8 wide train cars that I could build a third passenger car. This makes me happy, because a full size 2-10-4 that can pull 10+ heavyweight cars in real life looks silly as a LEGO model pulling only 4 coaches of the same style. (although five isn't much better, it's good enough for my purposes) In case anyone want to see my original inspiration for these cars, here is a vintage 2009 LEGO model of "Galaxy Express 999", which caused me to select reddish brown heavyweight coaches as the color / style of choice. (Link to Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=374748 ) The name 909 Limited is a combination of this train and the Beatles song "One after 909", which is sort-of about a train. (If you are looking for said song, it's on the album, "Let It Be") The rear of the 6 wide train cars feature an observation platform, with a single tail light under the roof. Statistics for the coaches: Train name: 909 Limited Car Types: Baggage / coach (1) Coach (3) Observation (1) Configuration (per car): 4 wheels on two bogies Designer: Pullman Car Company Build Date: 1924 Builder: Pullman Car Company Current Owner: Brick Railway Systems Length: 28 studs Width: 6 studs Height: 10 ⅔ bricks Here is an updated look at the 2-10-4 I modified from Anthony Sava's Berkshire. I didn't do much this time, except for rounding out the originally flat middle segment of the boiler. As before, the letters spelling out "Brick Railway Systems" go on the tender sides, while "6297" goes on the cab sides and tender rear, next to the ladder. Background for the locomotive: Engine Type: Steam, heavy freight Configuration: 2-10-4 Engine Class: Texas Designer: (unknown) Build Date: 1939 Road number(s): 6297 Builder: Lima Locomotive works Current Owner: Brick Railway Systems Length: 81 studs (with tender) Width: 8 studs Height: 10 bricks Top Speed: 100 MPH Please note: the pistons rod are missing two pieces that are laid off to the side of the locomotive. They do work in real life but LDD doesn't like them being attached. LDD file for the whole train: http://www.mocpages....1424626224m.lxf And if anyone doubts the fact that I've built this engine and have photographed it and the prevous version of the coaches here's the proof: (Please note, these are cellphone camera shots... they are not the best, but they work for me.) Steam loco #6297, in real life (this photo show an older form of the model, as the tender is now closer to the engine and the tender wheels have been changed to the form in the LDD screenshots. Combination baggage car / passenger coach in 8 wide The two 8 wide heavyweight coaches ...and finally, the observation car (8 wide version) with rear deck and number board. (The black tiles on the rear say "909", the name of the train.) Comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!