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Found 1 result

  1. Four heroes make their way through the thin, stone-strewn roads of the Redstone Kingdom, one of the smallest domains in the Low Kingdoms, though a prosperous one. Many a stone- and blacksmith seemed to inhabit the walls; the heroes could hardly walk a block without passing by heated kilns, broken stone, melted metal, and strong, burly men doing their straining work. Housewives seemed to chase children around, warning them that the furnaces were hot and the metal was sharp. Those heroes were... ________________________________________________________________________________________ Annienal Anavir (Kintobor) "19" year old Elven Female Level 1 Knight Power: 4 Health: 10/10 Defence: 2 Equipment: College Shield (SP: 2), College Halberd (WP: 3) Gold: 5 Inventory: Potion, Bedroll Francis Barkley (Captain Settle) 22 year old human ranger Level 1 Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipped: Long Bow (WP 3) Inventory: Potion, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll Alexander Vandangant (Wedge09) 99 years old elf Hunter Level 23.33 Power: 35 (LVL 22+WP 13) Defense: 5 (Chevalier of Charis armor + Tricorne) Health: 36/36 (6 + 20 + 6 + 2 + 2 Chicken Drumstick) Gold: 215 Equipment: Fauxthril Crossbow (WP: 11 13 due to Hunter's Quiver, darkness-, ice-elemental, Hollow Blade upgraded [nothing stored]), Chevalier of Charis armor- (Artifact, bodywear) (Maximum health +2, SP: 2), Tricorne (SP: 3), Hunter's Qiver (WP: +2 to bows and crossbows, allows the hunter to favour two typers at the same time) Inventory: Delfrin Crossbow (WP: 7) • Duplovian Helmets of the Guard (SP: 2, Immune to Magic and Healing), Sterile Gloves (Immune to Poisoned and Bleeding; handwear), Trickster's Mask of the Gender-Swap • Grand Potion, Potions (10), Remedies (2), Tonic (2), Venoms (6), Nostrum, Smoke Bomb, Dirt Bomb, Ice Bomb, Holy Bomb, Fire Bomb (2), Military Grade Fire Bomb, Lightning Bob, Elven Bomb, First Aid Kit (Consumable), Meads (3), Weak potion (2), Weak Regeneration Potion (1), Weak Regeneration Tonic (1), Smelling Salt (2), Mithril Shard (1/4 of a piece of Mithril), Big Apple, Bones (6), Skeleton Decoy, Charcoal • Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass Bartholomew Docken, Dragonslayer (Brickdoctor) 34-year-old human male, Warden Level 44 *Gains Triple XP* *Takes Halved Damage from Free Hits* *Scary* *Immune to Defense Reduction, Removal of Positive Effects, Confusion, Blindness, Poison, Fragile, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Sudden Death* *Counterstriking* Power: 54 (Level 44 + WP: 10) (Power Bonus: 0) Defense: 23 (SP: 20 + SP: 3) Health: 76/76 (base HP: 6 + Level bonus: 43 + Class bonus: 8 + permanent boost: 19*) Gold: 1166 (1 Gold loaned to Lord Lawrence Boomingham [Zepher]) GP: 27 Equipment: Darksteel Crossbow (WP: 10; Blinded-effect), Mythril Shield (SP: 20), Dread Hat (permanent Scary-effect; immune to Defense Reduction, Removal of Positive Effects, Confusion, Blindness, Poison, Fragile, Fire, Earth, and Wind; Headwear), Mail of the Renegade Commander (SP: 3; Damage of all Free Hits is halved; Bodywear), Cobweb Cowl (immune to Sudden Death; Backwear), Medal of Glory (Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles; Accessory), Counterstrike Gloves (After the wearer is struck by a Free Hit, he counters with strength equal to his Level; Handwear) Inventory: Iris Shield (SP: 15; reflects physical Damage back to the attacker regardless of Row or Defense, if the user survives the attack.), Pan (WP: 1; +1 Max HP; suitable for all classes), Fishstick (WP: 7; deals double Damage on ships; club) • Large Water Canteen (Carries 6 portions of water; Accessory), Aqua Gear (Adds Water-element to physical attacks, immune to Water, Accessory) • Potions (2), Grand Potions (4), Health Cores (4), Remedies (11), Phoenix Essences (3), Phoenix Incense, Meads (2), Smelling Salts (2), Mulled Wine, Smoke Bombs (5), Water Bombs (5), Lightning Bombs (14), Bones (12), Venom (5), Deadly Venom, Skeleton Decoy, Teleportapple, Adamantite Shards (2/4 Adamantite) • Bedroll, Shovel, Magnifying Glass • Silver Ore (60 Gold) ________________________________________________________________________________________ They made their way to the center of the city, nearing a tall manor made of light grey stone. The size was far from impressive, but the stonework itself was intricate and beautiful. In some places, the stone rippled like waves; in others, faces and people danced and sang. Obviously the work of some sort of professional. The heroes approach the manor, gazing at the masonry before them. Their inspection is cut short as a guard emerges from the doorway. "Halt!" He commands, slamming the butt of his spear into the ground. "State your business with the Stonekeep." A muffled voice echoes behind the doorway, the guard stepping aside. Out strides a regal-looking woman in a flowing red dress, holding her head high. She smiles faintly as she recognizes the heroes. "You've come," she smiles. "I was beginning to worry that you wouldn't show... I'm a little unfamiliar with Heroica's policies..." She introduces herself with a tiny curtsy, bowing her head. "I'm Andrea Stonekeep, the Duchess of Redstone. Welcome to our manor." She holds her small bow, glancing at the heroes. It seemed as though it was courtesy to introduce themselves as well. You've got 24 hours to confirm OOC: Alright! It's up! Feel free to ask any questions, correct me on any stats or inventories, and point out any spelling mistakes I may have made (I went over it like twice, there shouldn't be that many). Please keep in mind this is my first quest and I've got a bit of a mix-and-match party, what with Docken and all, so if you guys have any issues with anything I'm doing as far as the Quest itself or battles go, please draw my attention to it! Also, if I make any mistakes, let me know. Without further ado, Quest 109. Let's have some fun, yeah?