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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, Longtime lurker, first time poster! I have seen an old topic here that describes a method of adding a fast on/off roof switch to the Horizon Express. Only issue is, the images in that post are no longer working, so I'm a bit stuck. I got the set for Christmas last year (Came back to Lego train too late for the release! Expensive!) and am keen to modify it so my 3 year old can turn it on and off easier. He loves playing with the Lego trains in the attic but he does struggle a bit with the 10233 roof to access the power button. Any advice at all, or those original images, would be very much appreciated! Kind regards and many thanks!
  2. Brickviller V2

    Red Horizon Express 10233

    Hi everyone, Several years ago I got one set of the famous Horizon Express. But 2013 was a period I came into a small dark age. Most of my Lego City sets were sold off, including the train itself. Now after several years I´m slowly coming out of the dark age. I am planning to make a new city somewhere in the future, but currently I lack the space for any Lego creations. So most of those have to be stored in a box under my bed. My starting point for a new city was a large modular styled train station. As you can see here it's still under construction so minifigs can't enjoy it yet. New Canalview city station WIP Ofcourse I also wanted to have a nice train running around in this new city. I have bought the City high speed passenger train, but felt it was a little too simplistic to go with the new modular styled train station. Another option was creating my own passenger train. But that would take a lot of time, and I'm not really a train builder. Then I remembered the gorgeous Horizon Express that I used to have. I started up my computer and went searching for a second hand copy. It turned out the aftermarket was even more expensive then the original set! Two sets would cost me around € 400,- which is way too much for me. Also two sets would be really long, even too long for the new train station. But after that I wasn't going to give up, I browsed almost all Lego catalogues for more inspiration for the new train. Then I came across an old 12 V set which I really liked as a kid because of it's colors and attention to detail. And then it struck me, why not combine the Horizon Express with the color of the older 12V set? After researching for parts on BrickLink it turned out that a red/black version of the horizon express could be build! After scrambling my own parts for it and calculating it turned out the be much cheaper than buying two new Horizon express's. The result can be seen here: More high res pictures here: There are some changes to the original, like the shape of the lights, the number of cars and the windows of the passenger cars. I like it kinda better this way. It still needs an interior, but I'm happy with the result for now. Also, I'm planning to add real lights to it so it can drive at night too. Hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know!
  3. Hi. I've been into lego for quite a few years now but was never into the 'castle' theme. Recently, I purchased set 10233 Kingdoms Joust just to try the theme out since i heard there's going to be a new castle theme (nexo knights) coming next year. Honestly, I found the build of Kingdoms Joust to be very boring. The building techniques used were just very basic. I mean for the piece count I thought it would be a nice build and all but i was very disappointed with the building process and the finished product. Besides the Medieval Market set, are all of the sets under the castle theme this lame? Are the building processes used under this theme really very basic? What 'castle' sets would you recommend that would have a more exciting build and finished product?
  4. Hello! I would like to get into trains but I can't decide which train should I pick. I would really appreciate if you could help me make a right choice. I have chosen 3 to limit the options: 1. 7939 + cheaper than 60052 + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - looks 2. 60052 + looks + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - more expensive than the rest 3. 10233 + looks!! + cheaper than the other 2 - no tracks - no PF It is a tough choice. Getting PF is not so hard, as I already have the remote so I would just need to get the motor (and SBrick will be shipped soon ) but tracks are bigger problem. What are your thoughts? Which one would you choose if you could only choose one?
  5. Now you have a chance to the a one of a kind LEGO set. The money made from the sale goes to a LEGO friend who lost his job and could use a helping hand. You might know the seller Henrik Ludvigsen how has the World record for the longest LEGO train track. 10233 signed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - owner of LEGO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp - CEO LEGO Jamie Berard - the designer of the set Jan Beyer - LEGO CEE Kim E. Thomsen - LEGO CEE Peter Søgaard - Country Manager LEGO Danmark Annette Sørensen - Project Manager LEGO World Svend Erik Saksun - LEGO ambassador Denmark Cecilie Fritzvold - LEGO ambassador Norway Rickard Rasmusson - LEGO ambassador Sweden *snip*
  6. Hi Everyone! I want to show you miniscale variant of Horizon Express (10233). I hope you like it! Thank you!