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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! This is my extensive build review of the 10229 Winter Village Cottage. I decided to do a review of the set, but photograph the progress of building it in stages. Normally I would organize the pieces and line them up, to showcase what pieces come inside this fantastic set, but I was not feeling well today, and wanted simply to build it! Lego 10229 Winter Village Cottage Name: Winter Village Cottage Set Number: 10229 Pieces: 1490 Price: $99 US / $129 Canada / DE 99.99 € / UK 89.99 £ / DK 899 DKK Ages: 12+ Minifigs: 8 Theme: Winter Village Year of Release: 2012 Here we see the box: Here is the parts listing on the side (sorry for the low resolution - you can view a better version here http://farm9.staticf...e15e0f15d_k.jpg ) In case anyone is interested in the "version" of the set I have, you can see the serial number seal here: All of the bags from inside the box, laid out in all of it's brand new goodness: The dreaded sticker sheet. I did not apply these to my reviewed set. Here are the contents of Bag #1, and the start of the build. Looks like the snow plough started to roll on its own, and the lumberjack tried to stop it, but failed. Always remember to be careful around heavy machinery! Here we start bag #2: Here we start bag #3: And, we are done with the build! On with the review! There is definitely a good assortment and number of minifigs in this set. 3 female characters and 5 male characters, makes a nice variety. From left-to-right, we have the mom, then her mom (the grandmother), the grandchild, and grandpa (holding his newspaper - I did not apply the sticker for this review; I really wish Lego would print these pieces, especially at this price-point). Next we have the girl skier, the snow plough driver, the lumberjack, and lastly the boy skier. Some of the heads feature dual facial prints (the grandchild and the grandpa). The log shack and igloo are very interesting buildings. I'm not sure if they really add that much to the set, but they are a welcome addition, none-the-less. This brick-built sled features shovels for the skis! Very simple, yet intricately detailed. I believe the pail on the sled is new. Next we have the snow plough. I love the design of this vehicle. You're probably wondering what those brown bricks on the back of the truck are for. The plough on the front of the truck can detach, and be mounted on the back of the truck on those bricks. Nifty! Inside the wonderfully designed cottage is a light brick. Every Winter Village Set has featured a light brick, and this one is no exception. The use of the light brick in this set is well thought-out. Some of the other Winter Village sets have featured the light brick that simply added light to the room. In this set, the light brick provides a nice warm fire! The brick-built tree in this set is very simple, yet well designed. Here's another view of the light-brick fireplace. Let's hope the cat doesn't fall! And here we have the set shown in full. I do have the other Winter Village sets in this series, but none built at the time of this review. I may go back and revise this review at a later date with photos of all of the sets together, but not right now. Overall I really like the size of this set. TLG has been slowly increasing the size (and cost! ) of these special holiday sets since the first release. I can only imagine what the new releases in a few years will feature (2000 + pieces???). I think the $100 price point is essential to stay under, and in my opinion the size of this set is about as large as you want to have with this series. Here's my rating: Build: 9/10 There was nothing too repetitive about the build that would make it boring. There are some ingenious structural implementations that would be useful in some MOCs. Pieces: 1490 10/10 I think the piece count is about as large as you want to have, yet seems just right for a set in this series. Minifigs: 8!!! 9/10 While the number and variety of minifigs is nice, TLG have introduced some new prints, but some are recycled from other sets. Price: 7/10 While this set is priced at $99 in the USA (and a good bargain at that), it is priced much higher in other currencies without the exchange rate being considered. In Canadian dollars, this set sells for $129, but the US/Canadian exchange rate is 1:1 right now. That makes this set 30% more expensive in Canada than the USA. I was fortunate enough to drive down to the USA and purchase 2 at $99 and save myself some money. TLG could do better to make their official retail pricing on their sets more in-line with current exchange rates than lining their pockets. I deduct 3 points from the score because of this. Variety: 10/10 I like all of the variety and use of new pieces in this set. I am especially fond of large plates, and those "brick-bricks". There are 40 "brick-bricks" in this set, making it a wonderful supply for these pieces. Also, the window frames in dark green, and the snow plough piece make this a wonderful set to own multiples of for MOCs. Also nice to have are those dark-blue floor tiles. Yummy! Overall this set earns 9/10 from me. A definite buy, and a wonderful addition to the Winter Village series. If you wish to see very high resolution pictures from my Flickr set, you can view the photostream here: Locutis