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Found 2 results

  1. Open Entry from May 17th - August 16th As events continue to spiral out of hand in the world of Halos, several intrepid souls from across the globe set out to sea. Be it for fortune, mercy, salvation, boredom, or curiosity, that is for the players to decide. In the new Era, factions will be determined by player to player interactions in-game rather than by fixed nationalities. This means players may create and play as new characters from anywhere in the rich world of Halos! You can now play as a Lotii Pirate, A Naturalist from the Isle of Tam, a Monomonto Ronin, a Mokolei Physician, a Great Alliance Cossack, an Altonian Whaler, or whatever else may tickle you fancy! For inspiration and to learn more about the various lands and peoples of Halos, consult 'Jameis Farstrider's Guide to Halos'. Voting and Prizes: -1st and 2nd place winners for each category will be selected by the BoBS Brethren Court. The selection will be based on quality of the builds and story-telling rather than quantity of MOCs. Prizes for these players will be in-game starting bonuses for Era 3 and maybe a little something extra as logistics are worked out in the next few weeks. Category A: 'Old Scores and New Blood' Wrap up your Era 2 character's storyline and/or introduce your new Era 3 character's storyline with one 20x20 MOC and an attendant story explaining what they are doing in the waning days of Era 2. Additional 20×20 entries may be made to expand the story. The entry must end with the character setting out to sea for whatever reason you deem appropriate for them! Note: this doesn't mean your Era 2 character's story has to end. If a player wishes to use their Era 2 character in Era 3, then they simply need to explain why they are setting out to sea at the end of Era 2. Category B: 'The Rogues Gallery' MOC your new Era 3 character or your retiring or recycled Era 2 character in the fashion of an 18th Century Portrait. No story is necessary for this category, just the character's name and titles. This is where you show us who will function as your Main Character in Era 3 or your retiring Era 2 character. Surrounded by the tools of their trade, members of their retinue, fly furniture, lots of marble for some reason, beloved pets and the like. Photo effects are permitted for the Portrait however contestants must also show us the MOC they used to make this portrait with a second photo. (fig.a An example portrait) (fig.b The MOC used to make said portrait. This example is acceptable, though it would likely lose to more determined builders) How to Participate: -In order to make a submittal for any of the categories, please post your entries in the BotBS forum page here with the appropriate prefix of [TC2] and then link that post in a reply here! -A participant may make any number of submissions for each Category. Multiple MOCs for a single entry may be posted within a 'Category A' submission. If you elect to make more than one MOC for a single 'Category A' submission, please keep them in the same entry topic. Disclaimer: Because so many of the Era 3 rules are still in developement, none of the decisions made during this challenge are binding to the participants. You may change your mind about who you want as your Main Character later. 3 months leaves a lot of time for high quality builds and allows contestants to make several MOCs, detailing their stories for 'Category A'. We also want to encourage new players to join. This will provide ample time for someone to hear about BoBS, read a little lore and join in! Category A Index of Entries: A Suspicious Jungle Stroll - @Keymonus Down Below - @Keymonus Ada - @Bricksbypidy Category B Index of Entries: Killian Goodwill - @lmcpicture The Doctor Thaum - @Professor Thaum Commodore Kane - @NOD A Feast Fit For A King - @SevenDeadlyStreamers
  2. Entry for Category B: 'The Rogues Gallery' Killian Goodwill the retired artillary officer, owner of Tavern, Sugar plantation and Pandora continues his adventures into Era 3. With determination in his eyes and a officer's posture which exudes confidence and a sense of purpose in the new Era to come. Showing off his earlier adventures and the assets he's built up along the way. A bottle of Rum made from the same sugar produced at the Sugar Plantation, painting from the Tavern, The Hertzie tower, Delphinus Orca, Military camp and The Parvus in minimocs are represented in the background, aswell as Killians grandfather who played a big role in his earlier years. ______________________________________________________________________ Entire moc: