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Found 3 results

  1. So this my participation to the TC12. I was definitely not planning to participate but as I was looking for some ideas across Google Images, I saw the Mean Machine and instantly saw a possible use of the 42069 wheel arches. So it all started with these wheel arches and adapted the scale to it. I didn't had a lot of time to work on it though, the school is taking more and more time, and the only time available was the Friday nights and a few hours on the weekends. So I started with the cabin and then worked on the rear reactor. It took me quite a few tries to get the scale right and something that looks good. I manage to find a simple build with the mini panels. The wacky function was the hardest part of the whole build, I must have spent more than 10 hours to get it right. Anyways, I'm pretty happy with the final result. There is obviously propulsion and direction with a removable HoG. So let me introduce you the wacky fonction : folding propellers to fly over the other participants ! Instead of some complex explanations, I advise you to see the video to understand how it works. The chassis : More pictures :
  2. Hi everybody. This is my entry for the Wacky wheels contest. The "Big Racoon". A few months ago I was thinking about rebuilding my old truck build in 1987. I build it with almost all the Lego parts I had at that time. I dismantled the truck 1997 and made some pictures. There were no digital cameras at that time so the pictures I took where very bad, I realised that when the negatives where printed. Picture taken in 1997 When I was rebuilding the truck, Jim came with the Wacky Wheels contest. I am not familiar with the game but took a look at some youtube movies about the game and came up with the idea to use Fabuland figure “Ricky Racoon” (the only Fabuland box I own). Ricky Racoon or on Brickset Have a look at the pictures and movie. My temporary building place. The "Big Racoon" Wacky functions: - Road Blocker / Road Sweeper (fully manual function) - Cannonball (Part manual, lifting and loading, and partly driven by motor, the shooting) The truck is equipped with: 1 servo for steering 1 L-motor for driving (at this moment only 1 axel is driven with a possibility to add a L-motor to another axel. 1 m-motor to drive the cannonball Build with mostly 40 year old Lego technic and regular bricks. The Wacky functions are built with new Lego technic parts. The movie: See all pictures at flickr.
  3. Well, suffice to say, this has been a long time coming. I had ideas since this contest was announced, but only started building in the last week. That sounds like a great idea. Anyway, here is my entry, Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought. As kind of a backstory, Admiral Seasick was a rich fellow who had retired from the navy, but missed having a ship to command. However, one thing he did not miss was the rolling ocean giving him seasickness, so he wanted a ship, but not on the ocean. Thus, he contacted one of his inventor friends, and the Land Dreadnought was born. Now, the Admiral is running in a race, with some of his fellow Navy retirees, the inventor, and some assorted family members. Wish them luck, they're going to need it. Now, on to the model itself. I had many inspirations, including Mahjqa's Khagaan, armored trains, mining equipment, and of course, older naval ships. The chassis had 3 straight six engines, and steers via articulation. From a structural standpoint, it's almost complete, most of the work now is to make the thing look like a ship of sorts. The wacky functions are going to be lots of guns, of course, but there are going to be some other fun goodies, that you will never see coming. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 01 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Overview. I'm debating which end is actually the front end. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 02 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Turning. The steering gear mount is not final, and will be changed to be more solid. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 03 by Saberwing007, on Flickr One of the modules. There will be another engine mounted here. I'm debating whether this module is actually the front or the back. What do you guys think? Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 04 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The central module. The large turntables are going to be mounted to the front and back modules to make the frame stronger. The gear assemblies hold 2 of the 3 engines on either side. The gear assembly in the middle is for steering, and is going to be modified to go up and have a large knob gear on top. So, that's it so far. I'm going to be working on this later today, and hopefully get the frame finalized.