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Found 6 results

  1. With all of the other entries for the [TC6] SBrick contest, I thought I'd post some work in progress pictures of my own entry. Some time before the contest actually started, I was starting to build the chassis of a most unusual truck, a custom Kenworth C500 tridem-tridem with a Cormach 23000A loader crane, assembled by Falcon Industries of Canada. My model is not quite a straightforward replica, but more inspired by this machine. Initially, I was planning on making the model more like a flagship set, with no remote control, and just a single motor for all the crane functions. But, when I heard about the competition, I just had to adapt this model to enter. The model itself is about 30% complete, consisting mostly of the chassis, and some parts of the bodywork, including the unusual C500 engine hood. The model currently has the following features: Drive, via XL motor, to the rear three axles, and to a modeled V-12 engine. (not quite realistic, but it looks cool.) Steering on the front three axles via Servo motor, with differing angles between the axles. This is accomplished with steering arms of differing lengths. Lights, controlled via a switch. An opening hood, with two fold up panels on each side, and two removable panels, as for a real C500. Opening cabinets on either side, as on the real thing. (one has not been added yet.) I plan to add more features, including the crane itself, and the rest of the bodywork. The crane functions will be controlled with a function splitter, somewhat similar to 8043, but different, as the splitter only has two motors, but six outputs. Thus, for the purpose of the contest, the four functions are: Drive, via XL motor. Steer, via Servo motor. Function split control, via servo motor Function splitter, driven by XL motor, with six functions. (Raising the crane arm, bending the crane arm, extension, winching, slewing, and the outriggers.) Now, on to some more photos of the chassis. This shot shows the rear light cluster, but I've got a better shot. These two shots show how the hood opens, and the removable side panels. The engine actually has many details, including a supercharger, a cooling fan, an airtank, an oil filter, and a batter box, with wires. The battery box is the dbg box with two strings coming out of it, representing wires. This shot is in the dark, with the truck lights on. And now, the money shot, the underside, showing the different lengths of steering arms to get different steering angles, and the drive train to the rear. These are detail shots of the undersides, showing better the drive and steering mechanism. The truck is so long, you can't really get a good view of the underside in just one picture. A detail shot of the opening cabinet. I wonder what, if anything, I should put in there. The rear bumper, with license plate from set #8682 Nitro Intimidator, mudflaps made out of track links, and the taillights, which actually work. Although, the license plate is not correct, as the real truck is from Canada. That's all for now, I hope you guys like it. P.S. I actually had this written out earlier, but I accidentally turned off my computer, and lost it. Oops.
  2. Hi, Here is my latest MOC (still WIP). It is the Alfa Romeo 4C spider and is the first supercar that I built since I came back from my dark ages. It has the following features: Motorized (using a large BB): - drive (L-motor) + V4 fake engine - steer (servo) - select gear (M-motor) - seats (L-motor) With the gear selector you can select between 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. At the same time you also select one of the four seat functions (seat forward/backward and tilt of the back of the seat). These functions are driven by the second L-motor and all have a clutch to prevent motor stalling. It features full indepedent suspension (double wishbone at the front and McPherson at the back) The steering has Ackermann, kingpin inclination and caster angle. All doors are openable, hood & trunk as well. The model is quite stiff, you can lift it by the handlebar without any issue. In fact the center of gravity is right below the handlebar, so it is even very convenient to lift the model that way. I was building this already for some time when the TC6 came along and since this model fits all the requirements I may decide to enter. However it is not working perfect yet The gear selector has a 10% succesrate, so that will require some tinkering. Furthermore the red wheelhubs should be white, but I am not prepared to pay 10$ a piece for them. Especially since they will become available in white within a few months. All the other white soft axles are 12L. And for the ones with attention with detail: the right headlight is at a wrong angle, that is because the piece was bent. I am hoping LEGO can provide a replacement for that one. Since this is the first MOC in a long time where styling is actually a big part of the package I would like to invite you to give feedback on that aspect in particular. Enough talking for now, here is a photo (more will follow later, but I'd first like to sort out my gearselector issue): And the best wishes for the new year of course
  3. Here's my work in progress for the Sbrick contest. The plan to build this was actually before the contest was announced, but I didn't actually start building until januari, just had a rough draft in my head until then. I usuallly don't post WIP stuff, but since I solved the problems I had with this build (and there were many, but more on that later), I feel confident enough to post a little about it. It has the following functions: 2x L motor for drive (and steering obviously ) 2x M motor for the arms The M motors will also fulfill another role, but I am keeping that as a surprise for now. I tried to "hide" the 2 IR recievers in Wall-E's front. He has a display there too where the black tops of the recievers pop, though it isn't as wide as this and the battery meter suffered a little because of it. Of course with an Sbrick you can make a proper display, but I think this works pretty well for a purist As you can see I still need to make a neck and a head, but the groundwork inside is ready to build that so I don't expect much problems with it (yes, I totally jinxed myself). Also, the white wheels in the tracks are temporary. I ordered grey ones from BL, which already shipped and I hope to recieve them some time next week. A little glimpse of the insides: You can also see Jeroen Ottens' awesome little microphones. Why did I used those? The regular ball pins or balls with axle would touch and block each other if both M motors run, these do not. Besides cramming in 1 batterybox, 2 IR recievers, 2 L motors and 2 M Motors I also used a gearbox based on this principle: I found this type of gearbox while looking around on the web trying to figure out what would be cool (and compact) to use in my model. No need for me to come up with my own gearbox when there are so many good ones online after all I chose this one because it meant I could always control 5-6 functions without knowing which gear was selected in the gearbox, which adds to the playability imo. I am aware there alot of Lego Wall-E's out there, ALOT. I know, I saw most of them when looking around And of course the Lego Ideas Wall-E that is incoming. Though that guy needs to explain to me how 5L tracks fit in a 10L wide body when Wall-E wants to transform into a box. I do think however I made a Wall-E that's different than most, for the simple reason it is build 90-95% from studless Technic. All others either have Technic bricks combined with Sytem bricks or are build from System bricks. It wasn't a goal to design a studless Wall-E though, it just came to be during the build and I tried to solve stuff as much as possible with studless Technic since then while still looking clean. Though I am unsure if this studless approach works for the hands, perhaps I should make them from System bricks. The hands do function like Wall-E's real hands though and can be set in fixed positions thanks to friction pins and 3L axles with stop. For the top cover I didn't want to add another layer of liftarms since it felt "too high" for the scale of the model, but I couldn't used thin liftarms either unless I wanted a swiss cheese look for the top, so I went with Syetem tiles to provide a clean smooth top. I actually wanted to make a transforming Wall-E but still have drive and moveable arms and whatnot, but I simply can't build that at this scale (*looks at all that PF blocking the places where the tracks and head would need to go in to be a Wall-E box*). Speaking of scale, I took a little bit of liberty with that. Simple example: 5L tracks, 13L wide body. Which makes technical sense to me when looking at his transformation in the movie (I watched it again for "research" before I actually started this build ). 13L wide body means 1L for the sides and 1L for inbetween the 5L tracks, those spaces are there in the movie so they are there in my model. I also wanted the rear wheels in the tracks to be a little bigger. I even considered Unimog rims, but those don't play nice with tracks. I am open for suggestions for bigger rims that play nice with tracks, though I do consider these to be ok (hence why I ordered them in grey ). Fun fact: every (and I mean EVERY!) part has been at least rebuild two times. I think I even took the rear cover apart about 8 times, the centre 3 times, arm mechanisms 4 times, tracks have been rebuild 4 times. Though the last track revision was simply to scale it up with bigger rear rims, since I had smaller ones in there first which looked too small with the rest of the model. All other revisions were basically reinforcing the structure to prevent any gear slips. I solved the last of those gear slips today and the model is very rigid now and works perfectly. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's dark outside Hope you guys like it so far. More to come.
  4. Technic SBrick Contest This topic will be used as a voting topic for the SBricks Contest. VOTING RULES AND REGULATIONS Voting scheme uses the old Formula One style point distribution (10, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 POINT) You need to assign 10 points to the 1st place, 6 points to the second and so one. You need to vote for 6 ENTRIES (no more, no less) Clearly mention the ENTRY NUMBER and the NUMBER OF POINTS per entry that you vote on. If you joined Eurobricks after the start of the contest, you can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected) You may NOT vote for your own entry. In the event of a tie for any place the Technic Staff will decide which entry wins. Our decision is final. Questions about voting can be asked in the SBricks Contest Information Topic. For example (entries randomly chosen): --- comments can be placed above the votes 5: 10 (no comments here please) 6: 6 1: 4 9: 3 7: 2 3: 1 Or comments can be placed below the votes ---- NOTES Please use this exact notation NUMBER: VOTES (with a colon). Please use this thread only for voting. You may explain why you made your choice, but any general discussion should take place in the SBricks Contest Information Topic. Comments should be placed ABOVE or BELOW the votes. Please don't comment on the same line as the votes. ENTRIES All entries can be found in the entry thread: Please visit the entry topic to see all entries. 1. IS-2 Heavy Tank @ Tommy Styrvoky 2. CASE TR 270 @ dfs473 3. Z-Van @ Ode 4. Speed off-road Buggy @ TheNextLegoDesinger 5. Katipo Spider @ BachAddict 6. DT-54 Bulldozer @ falconluan 7. ESL 19/21 Sideloader Forklift @ efferman 8. Mead's Towing @ gmshades 9. Dump Bed Pickup Truck @ lindr6 10. Mercedes Econic Garbage Truck @ Eraman 11. '66 Chevy C-10 Custom @ Graydingo 12. Extended Customized Pick-up Truck @ filsawgood 13. Modified Rough Terrain Transport @ deehtha 14. Modernized 8868 B-model @ D3K 15. Komatsu WA 600-6 @ jorgeopesi 16. Hot Rod Wrecker @ Lipko 17. Bin lifter-Satellite Waste Collection @ MrTekneex 18. Arctic Equalizer @ desert752 19. Dumptruck 8x4 @ Dave21 20. Lamborghini Huracan @ LeocornoProductions 21. Secret Project @ Omikron 22. Fire Truck @ super-jaschka 23. Concrete Truck @ jono.rocky 24. Tractor @ Seasider 25. Liebherr LR 634 @ Milan 26. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider @ Jeroen Ottens 27. MAN Transport Truck @ TeClem8 28. Hyster 32-12 Heavy Forklift @ TheItalianBrick 29. Motorstorm Pacific Rift Truck - Molotov Baikal @ PKW 30. Zis E134 Trial Truck @ Berghain89 31. Mech Mini @ Fissl 32. The Wiggle Truck @ MikeTwo9398 33. Wall-E @ Appie 34. Whirligig @ mdbz 35. Radical RXC V8 @ Epic Technic 36. Compact Motorized Forklift @ Zblj 37. Linde Inspired Forklift @ Nazgarot 38. Terrafugia Transition Street-legal Aircraft @ JamesJT 39. Ice Mole @ braker23 40. Civil Titan Tank Bridge Layer @ jeanska79 41. TOYOTA Land Cruiser FJ45 with snow plow attachment @ rm8 42. Automated Loader @ weavil 43. GV-106 Razorback @ Victor Kojenov (TFOL) Good luck!
  5. The Wiggle Truck It's my first MOC using studless (technic) Lego. I always wanted to create a vehicle whose control is based on the tilt of the vehicle. Functions: The "Wiggle Truck" is equipped with 5 motors connected to a SBrick. 1 Servo steering (tilting the main body) 2 XL motors for propulsion 1L engine for lifting 1L motor for rotating The 2 XL motors are connected to 1 output of the SBrick and works perfect. The video Here are the Pictures Wiggetruck 01 by miketwo9398, on Flickr Wiggetruck 02 Inside by miketwo9398, on Flickr Wiggetruck 03 Steering neutral by miketwo9398, on Flickr Wiggetruck 04 Steering by miketwo9398, on Flickr Wiggetruck 05 lifted open door by miketwo9398, on Flickr Wiggetruck 06 lifted by miketwo9398, on Flickr Thanks @ Moderator: can someone add [TC6] to the topic
  6. Hy this is my entry for the TC6 contest. zijkant by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr The idea came before the contest started. I was watching a video of a club who was driving into mud and other off-road parcours. the idea was to make something that could drive around in heavy off-road conditions. That's when I wanted to make a RWD buggy. 1068465-4_seat_invader_dune_buggy by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr I didn't had any buggy motors only 2 XL 2L and a 10M motors. The whole designing began before the start of the contest. It featured 1M motor for steering, 1XL motor for driving and an L motor for shifting gears. The gearbox is a MOD of the Sariel's 2 speed heavy-Duty gearbox. It had 4 functions but the 4th was lights. DAMMMMMMMMMM So i came with the solution to make a winch powered by an L motor, BUT the motor had to be under the hood, in a place that was smaller than the motor itself, so i had to make it bigger. Now after the final touches it is finished It has the folowing functions. -1 XL for RWD -1 L motor for return-to-center steering -1 L motor for the winch -1 M motor for chifting speeds Manual: -open hood -open rolcage -seperate DRIVER Wheight: -buggy: 1,200KG -driver: 11g -total:1,211KG voor-cabine-open by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr voor-winch-open by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr panelen-af by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr It has 33.84 of torque in first speed, 2-speed-gearbox 2 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr 12.17 of torque in second speed 2-speed-gearbox by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr The winch is directly powered by the L motor. winch by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr Front suspention is independent and rear suspention in live axle ophanging-voor by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr ophanging-achteraan by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr To not have to much pictures in this topic, other pictures on my flickr watch-the-road by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr Don't look to us Look on the road that's it by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr That's beter