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Found 12 results

  1. So I have been meaning to post this for awhile, so here are the few reworks I made. Updated Feature List -Full Body Suspension Front: Soft Double Wishbone Suspension Rear: Hard 360 Live Axle Suspension -Positive Caster Angling -Working Steering Wheel (controlled by servo) -Working V6 Engine & Spinning Fan -Altered Body Shape and Structure -Fake Engine Intake -Opening Hood -Cab interior (Dash, Folding Chairs, and Steering Wheel) (The working steering wheel function has been removed to reduce unnecessary wheel pivoting and weaker steering/suspension/axle structure) -The Working V6 Here's a video of it: Hope you like it! Have fun building!
  2. Hi folks! This is my first post and first go at a MOC from scratch. Dengar has become one of my favourite Star Wars characters and I'm looking forward to having him for the first time in LEGO minifig form when my Eclipse Fighter set (75145-1) arrives. I thought for such a great character, just having the included speeder wasn't enough, so I set out to build something more appropriate—the Punishing One. The most challenging parts were getting the crescent shape correct, attaching the SNOT built crescent to the rest of the ship, and the engine block area. Brick count: approximately 1160 Features: Spring missiles on under side Quad cannon on ball joint Functioning ramp to interior Liftable roof to view interior Detachable landing gear I'm currently in the process of seeing how soon I'd be able purchase pieces to actually build it. At that point I may submit it to LEGO Ideas. Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what your thoughts are. More images on Flickr: -Nicky
  3. Hi, below you'll find my first custom build in about 25 years. I wanted to build this iconic starfighter using only parts from the classic space repertoire up until 1987. I especially like how the foldable foils turned out. There is certainly room for improvement, especially when considering the engines. The nose could use some tweaking as well. MK II is going to be a bit larger in order to accommodate a minifigure and a prototype is sitting on my desk. Unfortunately the folding mechanism is too weak for the increased wingspan, so I will have tinker with this a bit. Anyway, I hope you like it.
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to show you my latest MOC, a Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario in the scale 1:10. Since the real life release of the Aventador I’m really fascinated by this car. The model has about 2.470 parts (without ribbed hoses, rigid hoses and soft axles) and it took me 3 month to build it. The model features: - Full independent suspension - V12 engine - 5+R all wheel drive transmission gearbox (the gearbox is a modified version of the gearbox from Crowkiller’s Vampire GT) - Functional steering wheel - Opening leaf doors with damped shock absorbers - Opening hood I used a blueprint of the Aventador and Sariel’s Scaler Tool for scaling the model which both were very useful. The whole model was designed in LDD in the first way. I already know the well-designed and functional Aventador of Francisco Hartley and I tried to build my version as different as possible which wasn’t easy when looking at some details. That’s also the reason why I decided to build the limited edition that differs a lot from the normal version of the Aventador. Fortunately I got around of the use of the horrible expensive Technic Connector #4 in yellow. Instead of original soft axles I used third party pneumatic hoses. More pictures as well as building instructions are available in my Bricksafe Gallery. That’s all, I want to say thank you to all who gave me inspiration and I hope you like it. Regards, Stefan
  5. Moyalmas

    [MOC] Wolfie's Hot Rod

    Haven't build a non-Technic car for almost 2 decades... Hope you enjoy this small MOC P.S.: It was a under 200 parts vehicle challange, in the Portuguese "Comunidade 0937", concerning the series 14 minifigures Emoticon smile
  6. Hello. What do you think about my interpretation of new X-Wing and Special Force TIE? X-Wing was based on the new Poe's X-Wing polybag TIE was my idea :D
  7. Hello everybody ! I can't wait for the new Star Wars : The Force Awakens movie, and as a TIE lover, I tried to make a mini First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. It's the first MOC I posted in this forum, but I'll post some more later. It's just LDD built for now and need it's printed TIE canopy piece to be complete. Hope you like it ! And here is the LDD file ! Cheers, Ramses25
  8. Hello Everybody! I have a technical question about the large actuator. I am making a truck mount crane. And will use 2 large linear actuator to lift the main arm up. I want to know: 1) the maximum lifting force of the actuator 2) the maximum input torque of the actuator Could anyone can help on this ? Many Thanks!
  9. Sir Stig

    Brewery [MOC] [WIP]

    I am working on my first MOC, using bricks that I already had (with the exeption of the 2x8 dark red slopes on the roof that I PaB'd at Outlands, Oslo). I got surprised how much that falls into place while building freestyle, and how much I enjoyed making a building that way. I have a few LDD MOCs where I am going over everything in much more detail, so it was refreshing to build with real bricks. I started with the roof, with only a slight idea about the color scheme. So far I like how colorful it seems to turn out and at the same time has some realism. I am planning on keeping the outside ventilation, but it looks a little bland on the short side of the second floor, so I might move the ventilation and place a door with hook for lifting up ingredients. The baseplate is a crossing, simply because I don't have enough baseplates. The sign only says rum at the moment, because I'm not very good at coming up with original names. And I just wanted to get a feel of the whole building, so I can see where I need to make adjustments. Entrance and delivery platform. Brewery [MOC, WIP] entrance by Sir_Stig, on Flickr Side view: Brewery [MOC, WIP] by Sir_Stig, on Flickr 2nd floor: Brewery [MOC, WIP] 2nd floor by Sir_Stig, on Flickr I plan on making bottling and packaging facilities upstairs, and perhaps a mash. Production floor: Brewery [MOC,WIP] Production floor. by Sir_Stig, on Flickr With the yellow maturing tanks (Solera system): Brewery [MOC,WIP] Production floor view 2 by Sir_Stig, on Flickr And a closer view at the coffey still. Brewery [MOC,WIP] by Sir_Stig, on Flickr Sorry for the bad pictures, I have a lot to learn about photography and photo editing. I don't really know how a brewery looks inside, but I am trying to get most of the production steps in there (just now realized I need to cool down the liquid before they go on to the maturing casks). Feedback and comments are welcome :)
  10. Hello! Recently I was fiddling around with my Hero Factory models. I combined Stringer and XT4 and came up with this: *drumroll* Triclops! An evil 3- legged bot with a slicing blade that spells certain doom to its victims. Also, Triclops is equipped with two sharp- shooting claws either side of its head to capture its prey. Hope you like it! C&C welcome.
  11. TheBrickAvenger

    Sopwith Camel F.1

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to present you my latest creation : the Sopwith Camel F.1 The Sopwith Camel was a British fighter aircraft of the First World War. He was one of the handiest of all time had, although difficult to control. The Gnome rotary engine was a 9-cylinder 150 hp (110 kW). He was armed with two Vickers 0.303 (7.62 mm) mounted in front of the cabin, synchronized through the propeller and covered by a fairing, giving a bump which earned the aircraft the nickname camel. He was able to reach the speed of 185 km / h. Between July 4, 1917 (date of entry into the conflict) and 11 November 1918 (date of the armistice), Sopwiths shot down 1294 enemy aircraft. Sopwith Camel F.1 par TheBrickAvenger, sur Flickr Do not forget to see other pictures for more details! Deeplinks : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 I hope you will like it :) !