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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, Here is my Menck Cable Bucket Excavator for the Mini contest. The part count is 198. Promo Image Parts Image <Original Post> Hello everyone, Here is my WIP Menck Cable Bucket Excavator for the Mini contest. So far part count is 202, but there are plenty of places I can save on like pins with axles in their place. I started this project yesterday by searching dock cranes, but spelt it d#ck cranes in Google by mistake, LOL.(dont do that) This eventually led me to HO scale cranes and I saw this beauty. I then researched Menck and discovered they were the first to make a shovel excavator with cables, and unfortunately went bankrupt when hydraulics became more popular in the 70's. A bit like Kodak then...... Anyways here is my version in Technic. It features a fully functional arm just like the real thing and rotating body with tracks for movement. I still need to do some minor improvements to the design, especially trying to work out a nice relationship between the extending and lifting of the arm utilizing the clutch gears to resist the urge of gravity. Of course you can still just slide the 8T red gears and have complete manual control of the arm, which proves to be very very fun and challenging! I was very surprised at the range of motion the arm has, and never thought it would be so good, I guess that's why these cable excavator design lasted 70 odd years! Tho I should note the bucket I used isn't the right shape for this excavator, but its as close as you can get in 1 piece. Any questions please ask. Cheers.
  2. Hi all! This is my entry topic for [MINI] contest. I hope photos are not too heavy. Enjoy. This is "White dream" cargo plane inspired by Antonov 225. This is Antonov 225 Let's begin the overview with front view: Side view: - Front cargo bay opened and plane is tilted to load the TGV train. This is how original does it: Train loaded: But wait, there's more! Lets load a diesel locomotive in the rear cargo bay! - Done! Captain? - Ok, load all remaining cargo and start the checks. - Close all the hatches, we're preparing to take-off! - All pre-flight checks are done except landing gear check. - Rear landing gear checked! - Front landing gear checked! - Ok, perform the turn. - Start all engines, we're about to take-off! Vooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhh (6x times), (simultaneously), ( and VERY LOUD) - Taking-OFF Flies towards the sunset. Why this topic is a WIP? The model including cargo contains 199 parts. However there is a second variant of cargo load. Which brings us to 200 parts. And combining this cargo gives us a nice stand. So I just can't decide which one to use. They both are cool. So I want to ask YOU! What do you like more? In the mean time I'm slowly putting all parts to make one picture for a complete set. Hope you like it!
  3. Hi All Welcome to my first entry (and post) on Eurobricks. After recieving the CUUSOO Delorean as a gift from my lovely partner (20 years since I packed away my lego as a child!), I decided to google about modern lego. Wow, was I impressed - lego sure has come a long way. Anyway, I stumbled across Eurobricks (some impressive MOCs here!), and when I saw the contest I decided to dust off my old sets (well, what few I had - 8035, 8020, 8054 and that vintage), and give it a go. After looking at the other entries, it feel a bit out of place - it's not that mini, and not exactly modern technic (is this allowed?), but perhaps in 1994 TLG may have released this model Anyway, here are 193 non-randomly selected pieces. Grouping in lots of 10 helps with the counting. Some sort of chassis forming. The boom at the back. With functions of a tow rope, raise and lower arm, and to extend/retract wheel holder. The finished model. Four functions in total: -4 wheel steering -Raise/lower boom -Tow hook on string -extend/retract wheel holder I would love to make the boom only 4-studs wide (to be more realistic), but it will exceed the part count. [Edit] - main photo below, now with lego string from a 42009. Edit - view of the raise/lower mechanisms. Given the restricted range of movement, rotation around a large gear works. -Charliebravo
  4. This is work in progress topic for my possible entry: Technic remake of the classic 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer. At the moment part count is 222. Functions: 3 levers on rear which fully control crane arm. Crane pan left/right Crane tilt up/down Crane zoom forward/backward Simple steering Openable cabin For now I am not satisfied how the cabin window looks. This is the hardest part to mimic because the original Magnetizer has the iconic trans neon yellow cabin window. Original Magnetizer for reference :)
  5. My participation in this great [MINI] contest, i'm building a mini 8109. [updated] It has the following functions: - Steering (hog) - Sliding trailer-bed - Lifting both rear axles to ease the loading of vehicles - winch on the trailer-bed. - adjustable seats Part-count: - 195 I'm happy with the result. There is still time left for adjustments, but I'm pleased with the overall result. More pictures: Here is an early LDD model. I started this after i made some ideas with real lego's to see if the partcount is anywhere near 200 parts. So far the score is 174 bricks.