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Found 7 results

  1. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    Been wanting to finish this WIP of a xenomorph alien I had laying around since the beginning of summer; the Space Jam Contest over on Flickr finally gave me the incentive to do so. Prowl; a xenomorph inspired by the 'Alien' anthology & 'John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads'. Build started out with those 'shooters' for legs as they have a 'xeno' look to them and that plate with a handle as I saw a 'jawline' in it. The head uses a couple of black 'ingots', technic plates with the toothed/round ends, rounded plate with 2 open studs and a link tread attachment to give it some more texture. The jaw is also attached by a droid arm, to give some more shape to its neck, although you can't really see it that well in the pic's. The body came together as I was bulking it up with various organic shaped pieces; from a technic ball socket connector for the upper torso, technic clip connector for the pipes on the back, that strange technic knob wheel gear as part of the hips, minifig arms, jackhammer, handlebars, bar with plate as part of the fingers, wrenches, to minifig scarfs. The arms & legs where simple 'bar with clip' to barholders connections + round plates with hole (3L bar hidden in the legs for stability), but convey the 'boney' feeling' just right. To connect the body en arms together there's a pneumatic T-piece inserted into the mainhole of the ball socket conector capped off using round plates with holes on the ends which keep the T-piece in place and serve as an attachment point. The 'hidden' T-piece also serves as the neck and articulation point for the head. The legs are connected to a minfig weapon blaster which also serves as the connection point to the hips as well as the tail. Inturn the hips are connected to the body at the back using another T-piece. The feet were a crime though; had some brick built ones at first, but seemed too simple/average, 'till I spotted those train pantograph shoes which in combo with droid arms & barholders with handle gave the right stance; a 'high heel' look. While making this build, I rewatched all the movies several times, you might recognise some elements similar to the movies in it. It also has multipable 'glow in the dark' pieces making it more interesting/eerie/spooky to look at when displayed at low-light conditions. Gotta say it was a challenging build to make, something totally different than I would normally build. Coming up with solutions for some minor stuff I ran into, this being mostly the torso/body work; as I first used a minfig neck bracket with attachement points for the pipes at the back. To attach it to the ballsocket piece didn't work, 'cause it kept popping 'outwards' when using it with a balljoint and made it sit at an awkward high angle which didn't look right. And a different hip configuration which made it look too short. Also photographing black is hell, even ordered myself some new light bulbs to make it easier. But not really satisfied how the head turned out in the pic's, could also be the angle in which it is photographed though. Same goes for the lower part of the legs (shins) as well, they could've been 2 plates elongated in retrospect/hindsight. But nevertheless I'm pleased with the end result. Owyeah before I forget; TLG please provide us builders with some black long cattle horns in the future, it would be much appreciated. More angles/pic's can be found on my Flickr.
  2. M2m

    My Alien Xenomorph

    I modeled it in LDD first and finally got all the parts to build for real!
  3. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi everybody, With the new Alien: Convenant movie coming to cinemas this May, I wanted to pay tribute to the original Alien motion picture (1979) by building the space ship in which this sci-fi classic is set – the USCSS Nostromo. Since there are already some beautiful Lego designs of the Nostromo ship (the “towing vehicle”), I wanted to do something different. As Alien fans will know, in the first few minutes of the movie, a massive refinery is moving silently through open space. I would try building this ore refinery! I hope you like the result and thank you for your feedback and comments. A special shout-out goes to the Arvo Brothers, who did some amazing Alien designs. Their work and our mutual passion inspired me to start this first Lego project . The Lego Model: Bricks: 3'144 Scale: 1:42000 (approx.) Length: 55 cm (22 in) Width: 40 cm (16 in) Height: 38 cm (15 in) Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) The build After doing some research; I started with new and old dark gray bricks. Halfway in the project the model looked like a dark “blob” and I decided to change the color to light gray. After I used up all my old gray bricks, I spend way too much money on buying bricks – especially small parts for the detailing. At first I thought the different coloring of the bricks would not work, but the fact it is not completely build out of new bricks fits the model well. The Challenges One of the main challenges, was the decision to having the top- and bottom section inverted. The reason for doing this, was to allow me to detail the model with round bricks both on the top as well as the bottom. It had to look like a refinery with tanks, pipes and structures. With every brick, it became more evident, the stability would be a challenge. The two biggest towers standing in the rear became quite heavy. This works in space with zero gravity, but on earth this means the model started tipping backward and looked more and more like a banana! After many, many trails and errors it finally worked in the end. I hope you out there like it! You can find all the pictures here on Flickr. Cheers, Remco
  4. Oh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien ...“ [I'm a Neomorph, attacking at night.] Aliens. Some may love them, others may think they’re looking disgusting and scary. But in any case, the Xenomorph became in every way iconic. I also have discussed the latest installment of Ridley Scott’s saga, Alien: Covenant with a few people now and the feedback is rather mixed. But honestly: who is watching an Alien film for a good story? The evolutional pre-steps of the original acid-spitting and deadly Xeno were designed with a keen sense for the looks of sci-fi horror and I really got taken by the white-skinned Deacon Neomorph babies. They’re fast and they’re furious, that’s all I need … :D The following scenery is not an 100% accurate recreation of the attack scene but more like a display to show you my simple but (as I think) effective Neomorph design which still has to be improved (I’m really lacking small, white parts) but which also does its job here very well due to the maneuverable legs and the catlike appearance. For Daniels I used Tina Goldsteins head as they both share the likeness of Katherine Waterston but unfortunately it’s lacking a shocked or at least really angry expression. I also decided to change the cap into Professor Flitwicks’s hairpiece. But now enough of my explanations for this again rather small display. I hope, you'll enjoy the view – and keep running! Regards, RC
  5. Spirit

    [MOC] Alien Xenomorphs

    Here's my little collection of xenomorphs so far. I know there's been quite a few very good Lego xenomorphs already, but I just tried to make my own. I don't think they're much better nor much worse than the others, they're just mine so I like them. ;) First of all, a Queen: (I watched too many J.J. Abrams movies, hahaha) The main specific feature of this model is the movable forehead (side to side, up/down and rotation), which is also the main reason for the model's size. At a 1:40th scale (that's what I try to use for minifig scale, although I have no idea what the official scale is), it's slightly oversized compared to the movies, but according to the Alien Species Wiki, it's still an average size for a queen, just not "the" queen. It's easily posable, although potentially unstable and not as solid as I wish it was, but it can fall on its side without breaking which I consider acceptable enough. Then, the Drone and the Runner: Bullies. (I don't know who designed those eggs, but that's a good idea, credits to him/her.) (Those flares! My eyes! Those aliens! My throat!) The drone was slightly modified for the second pic so its head can now move up and down as well. Changing their pose is really easy although obviously at that scale not all joints are movable. Also, they met Benny: Update: Here's the latest version of my Queen, not final yet of course, but I think there are enough changes to post it. I'm still having a hard time taking good pics of it though, so I'll keep trying. These will do for now.
  6. Sérgio

    [MOC] The Queen

    Hello, i dont always build trains :) The Queen from movie Aliens 20 bricks High, 40 studs long, full articulated, hope you like it :) Lego - Aliens, The Queen by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  7. A kind-of-bust of the Xenomorphs head, based on the Alien from Ridley Scott's 1979 epic Science-Fiction/Horror film Alien. Built for the up-and-comming Armageddon Expo in Dunedin in February/March, so expect many more film and comic book based builds from me in the future. More pictures found over on MocPages;