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Found 96 results

  1. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Small Plantation It was a slightly cooler, but not really because it was still hot, day in Mesabi Landing. A new building had been erected, a plantation house next to some fields. Poppy Plantation by North White, on Flickr Outside, existing Poppies were being harvested, while the sandy soil of Argentia was dug up, revealing more rich soil below. Poppy Plantation by North White, on Flickr Inside, Agnes inspected the house. A large drying rack where poppies sat waiting was on the upper floor. Finished product was packaged below. "...Of course Lady Mezabi, we must keep this area guarded. This stuff is addictive you know." Said Pete Zanzibar. A horticultural expert hired by the WTC "That's precisely why we're selling it, Mr. Zanzibar. But is this the most effective way? I've heard stories of procuring substances, more efficiently..." Siad Agnes "If we had the resources, we would make incisions in the fruit, and drain the sap. But alas, we only are capable of drying it, for later use. However, the market for the crop is currently barren. The New World has little to no plantations. So you will make a fortune!" Pete opened the chest, revealing three large Poppy husks. Poppy Plantation by North White, on Flickr "That's it?" Asked Agnes incredulously "That is a month's profit. 5 Db for the whole chest. And of course, the chest itself, which has a miniscule cost which you must subtract, because you must import the chest, and get rid of the chest." Said Mr. Zanzibar. Poppy Plantation by North White, on Flickr "Load it up. I want this shipped immediately. The Mesabi name is going through some financial struggles, but Mesabi Landing can easily afford paying off the property." Said Agnes. "I want everyone in the new and old world begging for a taste of our 'medicine'" FIN Thanks for viewing my latest build. It's been a busy month for me in BoBS. And I think @Phred is going to come yell at me for being in the red on my Mesabi account. @Bregir, you did transfer that 250, right? Anyways, this will be licensed by Mesabi Landing. At this point I've realized that Opium isn't the plant of Argentia, but I still want a plantation of it here, because, well, opium addicts. I'm not sure if I can have morphine production, that was 1804, on the tail end of our reference point, but then again, British Opium wars of the 1820s, so maybe. I'm not sure how accurate drying out Opium poppies is, wikipedia says that they just cut into them, and drain the sap, but I saw this reference photo, and went off of that. Those actually might be pots now that I think about it. I ordered parts for Agaves for my next plantation. You can see the one I built with existing parts in the Lower left of my first photo. Let me know what you think. C&C appreciated, as always.
  2. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Freebuild After touring the factory, Agnes decided to finally investigate the claims of " succulents introduced to this island from further east bears sap ten times sweeter than sugar cane." She took one of the few remaining horses on the Island, and rode southeast, until she came upon a strange plant. The Sweetest Fruit by North White, on Flickr She dismounted, and began flipping through her book on Horticulture. The Sweetest Fruit by North White, on Flickr She found an entry that matched the description. Papaver somniferum, Commonly known as Opium Poppies, these flowers bear large fruit that can be used as painkillers, or a recreational substance. Realizing the market potential of a "recreational substance," she took a sample of seedlings, and rode away, with nothing but profit on her mind. The Sweetest Fruit by North White, on Flickr FIN Hi everyone, Thanks for viewing my build. Yes, it isn't very detailed, but I just wanted to do a quick introductory build for the next part of Agnes's story. So, I'm going to ask the Leadership here, ( @Bregir, @Kolonialbeamter, @Legostone, and @Capt Wolf) Can the "Succulent 10 times sweeter than sugar cane" be opium? Because I really want to be a drug czar, for one, and when I first read the description, I was like, oh this is totally opium. If not, please suggest what the mystery crop of the island is because I have no idea what it is if it's not Opium. If it ain't opium, I'll change the story accordingly. Take this as me asking for permission, instead of going ahead and having to ask for forgiveness, like I usually do. Anyways, I would like to start building Plantations in Mesabi Landing, so I'd like to know what the crop is. Again, thank you, and C&C appreciated.
  3. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Factory With the Count Away on some half baked adventure, it was up to Agnes to keep the peace in Mesabi Landing. Today, she toured the New Cannon Foundry. The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "So, give me a tour of this place." She said unhappily. It was hot outside, and hotter in the Foundry. "Yes of course, countess." Said the foreman, John Slader. The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "First, we make a mold of a cannon with a sand clay mixture. We usually use a MAESTRO cannon for the mold, and engrave 'WTC' On it." Said John "Good to hear you're using the WTC's business model." Replied Agnes. The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "Next, we burn wood to melt the iron." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "We melt down iron for the cannons. Usually we use iron pellets, but any old iron will work." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "The melted iron is poured into the mould, which is mounted on these rails." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "We move the mold out of the the way, and let it cool." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "Once the mould has cooled, we remove it from the cart, and take it outside. Afterwards, another mould is attached to the cart, and iron poured in." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "The Cannon is chipped out of the mould." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "Finally, the Cannon is mounted, and it is slowly turned into a chisel, hollowing out the inside. Once that's finished, it's brought to another factory for the mounting." The Foundry by North White, on Flickr "Impressive set up!" Said Agnes, unusually impressed. "Thank you!" Said John. FIN Thanks for viewing my build for a factory in Mesabi Landing! I took everything from a "How it's made" video. It is a medium build, it might not look it, but it has 1024 studs total, which equals 32x32. C&C appreciated!
  4. Location: Madin Tags: Freebuild Madin was a busy city, far busier than any of the new world settlements. Merchants lined the streets selling all matters of goods. Brimstone, Pistols, and Pineapples were sold on this street, in front of a small building. A fine day in Tellvok by North White, on Flickr The Count and two marines walked through the crowds, past the loud cries of the merchants. A fine day in Tellvok by North White, on Flickr Dearest Agnes, Sorry for leaving Mesabi Landing with absolutely no warning. I think you know why I left. Don't try to follow me. I'll be back soon. Madin is cool. These Tellvokians put even MAESTRO to shame. They sell everything here. Not that I'm bringing you anything. Anyways, Bye. -Count Mesabi FIN Thanks for viewing this small vinaigrette. I just wanted to show a little of what I see Tellvok as. I'm not going to call it a great, well built build. But I'm happy with my fig posing, and choice. C&C appreciated, though y'all never seem to comment on my stuff....
  5. "As you guessed, Tristan, I'm in serious troubles" replied the Varcoastan consul. "I'll go straight to the point: somebody is organizing a conspiracy to seize power in Varcoast, murder our king and the ones loyal to him (among which me), strenghten his position with a great victory aganist Oleon and create his own empire, whatever the consequences for my country and for the peace in the New World." "Uhm, this could indeed be a problem! First of all, are you absolutely sure about that?" "Unfortunately, I am. What we know cost the life of the man we could infiltrate and of two of my best agents, found with their throat cut..." "...As you know, King Friedrich of Varcoast is becoming old and, since he doesn't have a direct heir, the crown will be inherited by his cousin Wilhelm. Nothing of too unusual, but several men of the Court don't approve his foreign policy ideas." Continued Alexander. "His wife is an Oleander noblewoman, and he is a personal friend of King Philip, isn't he?" "Exactly. Moreover, our current Prime Minister, head of the anti-Oleander fringe, and Wilhelm despise each other and, as soon as the latter will become king, the former woud be immediately fired." "Since the Prime Minister, Ludwig von Altenburg, is King's Friedrich most trusted man, and has always been completely loyal to the Crown, he is considered above any suspicion; his power and his ambition, however, have enormously grown, and he will never accept to lose his position." "Even if it entails a coup d'ètat?" "There's no doubt about that. We discovered that he has become the leader of a group of officers, noblemen and rich merchants, who will probably receive money and estates, but only crumbles of real power, assuming that rattlesnake will not execute them for treason after he takes the power. According to our infiltrate, their plan is to assassinate king Friedrich and accuse Wilhelm and the Oleander government of the murder." "Clever move, since we would obiouvsly intervene. Anyway, this would be a complete suicide: Varcoastan army is at most a third of Oleander one, not to mention better weapons, artillery and training: even if the Prime Minister had all the soldiers and officers on his side, and I doubt about that, in a couple of months we woud break your army and enter your capital city... sorry for my frankness!" "No problem. They would have a chance only dividing your army, with groups of Marderians deserters or something like that, absolutely not mercenaries paid by Varcoast attacking your colonies, and only later deploying Varcoastan regular troops, reinforced by volunteers, where and when they could win." "But even so they could at most win the first battle! And knowing their plans we could ignore their diversion, temporarily lose an island or two and directly invade Varcoast... sorry again for my frankness, but your army would be annihilated!" Father Costantinus, silent until that moment, replied: "Your analysis is correct, monsieur Rimbaud, but what would happen if Corrington supported our enemies? We could only defend ourselves, but surely not attack at ease." "Of course this would turn the table! But what would justify that course of action of the Corries? Our relations are normalising, and we would intervene to defend ourselves and to restore the legitimate government, surely not to conquer Varcoast! What would lead them to an act of aggression?" "For example, the explosion of a Corlander ship with most of its crew..." N.B. Before part 2 is published: no Corlander will be involved in treasons, plots or other unpleasant things; no Corlander will be hurt, except the ones disintegrated with the Wolf's Blood
  6. Location: Weelond Type: Small Artisan Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr The Crew of the WTC wandered the streets of the festive Weelond, home of the Oktoberfest. Brought about by some ancient tradition, minifigs from around the world traveled to Weelond to eat Pretzels, and get hopelessly drunk. Street venders sold all sorts of goods, But several members of the WTC found refuge on the roof of the bar their beloved leader was visiting. Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Look, I know you're holding back. You were there, you can tell me what happened. So tell me what happened, Fatsidro." Said the Count Angrily. "I've alheady told you evyhing I know." Said Isidro, visibly annoyed. "I met you hih as a couhtisy." Said Isidro "What else do you know about the group? Even a Pawn knows somewhat of what's going on." Asked the Count Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Not much I just was hihed to hihe a guy who hihed Thaum. I know not even theh name. But it is they who dehstoyed the Wolf's Blood." "And?" "If you come afta them, they will dehstoy you as well." He checked the scene nervously. "And they have eyes and eahs evhywhehe." Weelond stopover by North White, on Flickr "Well, if they can hear me, then I say bring it!" Said the Count FIN Thanks for viewing my oktoberfest entry. I don't think I emanated the Dutch style well enough but whatever. It used all my colourful bricks. C&C Appreciated
  7. Great work everyone, your entries were all excellent. Here's the list! @Bodi @Professor Thaum @Bregir @Maxim I @Keymonus Vote on who you think's build and story is best! Thank you all for your entries! I'll remind you of prizes 1st Place: WTC will build and license a large property in the settlement of your choosing And, you decide what really happened. Was it an Eslandolan plot? Native interference? Mardierian reprisal? Captain Mesabi? You decide! 2nd Place: WTC will build and license a medium property in the settlement of your choosing Finally, I'm disappointed in Y'all. No one said Count Mesabi did it! Also, If I missed anyone, please let me know. I just woke up... Now Vote!
  8. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Residence Darby Tyler walked towards the Mesabi Residence, It was a beautiful day, and the sun shone bright above Mesabi Landing. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr He walked past the two Mesabi Children playing with swords, no doubt looted from somewhere. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr He Passed Sgt. Sally, who was reading a newspaper. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr He Passed a fight between an Oleon soldier, and Corrington one. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr At Last, he reached the door to the Mesabi residence. Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr He looked up to see Agnes Mesabi killing a Sea Gull. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr The Sea Gull fell to the ground with a plop. Darby sighed. He had already eaten Sea Gull Soup twice that week. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr Agnes leaped from the roof. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr She landed next to Darby. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr She took a swig from her bottle. "Dinner will be in an hour! Sea Gull Soup!" She said drunkenly. "Yay." Said Darby. "Is the Count inside?" "Yup! She said, and sauntered off to watch the fight. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr Darby entered the Mesabi Residence, and walked through the kitchen. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr Count Mesabi sat with Sgt. Eric, and the Saboteur. "Well, you did put in an effort. That at least should be rewarded." Said Count Mesabi "Thank you!" Said Sgt. Eric Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr "Even though you came to me with nothing, and it was complete luck that the Saboteur was brought to me. I mean the natives only come here for the fruit." "Ummm." Said Sgt. Eric "But since you're here, let's get this guy to talk!" Said Count Mesabi "No! Please!" Said the now clothed Saboteur, "Anything but that! make him go away, he's an animal!" "Why don't you leave, Sgt. Eric. You'll be paid by someone. I think you're services are no longer needed." Said the Count. Mesabi Residence by North White, on Flickr Sgt. Eric quickly left. "Darby! What are you doing here?" Asked Count Mesabi "Dmitri was getting on my nerves again. He kept going on about the 'Papaver somniferum' on the island. Whatever that means." Said Darby "Weird. But we have a conundrum. This man isn't the saboteur. The Saboteur was hired by a man named Thuam, and this man knows nothing." "Huh." Said Darby "So the question is, what do we do with him..." FIN Thanks for viewing my latest build! This one has been on my shelf for a month, while I waited for the minichallenge to wrap up. So, uh, no excuses this time. Extra Pics Here are my thoughts on everyone's entries. @Bodi, Sorry if I've marginalized your characters to much in this build. you really put a lot of work into the challenge, and I liked your builds. I really liked how you used Count Mesabi too. @Professor Thaum, would have liked to have seen you make it to Mesabi Landing. Your story left a lot of unanswered questions. I always like Collabing with you though. @Bregir Herlock Sholmes was an interesting character, but you should have made him an opium addict, like his source character. I might have to change that for you. . Your builds were great, however, and very nice. @Keymonus Your build was really the most creative. I hadn't even thought of using Varcoast or a NPC nation! Bravo! @Maxim I Good job integrating the WTC's shenanigans into the Challenge. I really liked your build too. Oh! And I'm feeling nice today, so I think I'll add a participation prize to 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. I'll each build you a small property of your choosing in a settlement of your choosing, so long as you PM me by November. Expect Shenanigans!
  9. Part 3 and final part of my entry, hope it's not too late. The day when sergent Eric and his men were arrived at Mesabi's Landing, they were invited to dinner by the Count Mesabi. At the table, Eric was petrified to find the saboteur! - " can it be...why he's here?" Asked sergent Eric. - "Relax, sergent, let me introduce you the King Carrot Karuta, his men have found in jungle this fellow, who was hidden under some leaves, they thought he was one of my marines, lost in the jungle, since I and Karuta are good friends, he made his men to bring this energumen to me." Said Count Mesabi. - And he said he is the saboteur? - Of course not, but I know the saboteur was hidding in the jungle, when Karuta and his men brought him to me, I immediately realized that he is the one we are looking for, and your reaction confirmed my suspicion. - Very well, looks you were luckier than us, thumbs up. - Now, mr.Saboteur, I'm offering you two choices, one, we continue to act like civilised men and you tell me who is behind the explosion, or the second choice, I'll let our sergent here to "interrogate" you, again.
  10. "Sir! Sir!" General Whitedragon looked to his left. He just enjoyed some applecider in the "Golden Fish Inn" at the Quays of Trador. "Officer Kai, you have my attention" Officer Kai, happy to have the attention of the General, saluted once more before speaking. "Sir, I have an update about the WTC raid in Trador, after their game" "Oh yes, that curious case. Tell me what did you find?" "Sir, it is even getting more curious. No one of the participants remembered putting stuff in that warehouse. So in other words, the stuff they looted wasn't ours and hasn't been claimed by someone else." "But what about the Eslandolan soldier the whitness described" "As you may know, Sir, he hasn't resurfaced anymore. But to make it a little bit more complicated, we did find his clothes. They are green indeed, but they don't belong to any militia that was on this island the past months." General Whitedragon stared into the distance for a moment. "Well, case closed then. It is clear someone put those explosives in that warehouse for a reason, and it seems that the guilty one has left our island as well." ------------------------------------------ Meanwhile in Mesabi Landing, a WTC soldier left the "Fallingwater Pub" ------- Thanks @Mesabi for hosting this fun challenge!
  11. Location: Trador Tags: Small Artisan After losing in the 617 Soccer Cup, the WTC marines console themselves in a local Trador Bar. Trador Bar by North White, on Flickr Fortunately, property damage was minimal. FIN No Story today, but I wanted to get out a build to express my gratitude to @Maxim I for his soccer cup minichallenge. The Bar scene shows off my entire collection of WTC marines, and I thought it would be fun to make a little scene with them. C&C appreciated, and don't forget to build for my minichallenge! More Pics
  12. Professor Thaum

    [WTC ] No witness

    Far west from Nova Malto and east from Tortuga... A cutter is sailing beat to the east Iauln : Lee Shore !!! It's Barney, right in the rendez vous point !!! Turpin : I don't even understand why we sailed to get him back, Oliver. You hired 3 saboteurs, and this perfect specimen is the only one, you press for recovering... It boggles my mind. Doctor Thaum : No stress Dick, the two others are backseat drivers, and this one is the only one which I met while hiring. And Barney is not a bad guy. The WTC and the... spit... count Mesabi could run after the 2 others, who cares, but this one is mine !! Turpin : You're the boss, Oliver. Time to take on board Callaghan ! Callaghan : OK, I'll go ! Spillet : We are close to Isla de Victoria, Doctor, we must hurry. And the wind is changing. Doctor Thaum : You're a wise man Mr Spillet, we will sail as soon as possible, but I need this man ! Callaghan : Should I take one or two turtles back with Barney ? Doctor Thaum: You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Hurry up !!! Callaghan : Come on Barney !! We're getting you back to Tortuga ! Barney : Great !!! I'd just decided that if you won't come in 3 hours, I had to runaway on a turtle heading east !! C&C welcome
  13. Sergent Eric and his men have wandered nearly a month in the jungle, they were exhausted and at the brink of collapse, when finally, the vegetation became less dense and they saw the white wall of a Corlander fort. -Hurry up, guys, we are save! -It's about time, sarge. - Sir I see some Oleaneses wandering on a chocolate bar muddy path! Should we open fire? - No, they must be the prisoner escorts long awaited. Inform the lieutenant. -Good day, sir, you are late. -Yes, my apology, and we've lost our prisoner, and we are not ashamed of. FInally, our sergent meets Count Mesabi and announced him the "good" news. Of course the Count wasn't so pleased, neverthless he invited the Blues to share his dinner. -Chef, prepare the table for our guests. -Count, I'm afraid that we are a bit low on horses. -Never mind, you can always walk. About the build, I tried to immitate Ayrlego's tower, as it has a strong corrish look.
  14. Location: Trador Tags: Commercial (Again) WTC Captain Biff walked along the pier towards the storehouse near where the WTC Aurora was docked. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "You da watchman?" Asked Biff gruffly "Why yes, my duties include sitting in front of this warehouse and watching it." Said the Eslandian watchmen elegantly "Figured." Biff lifted the watchman with ease, and held him over the end of the pier. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "Gah! Why are you doing this!?!" screamed the watchman "We be needing da stuff in your warehouse." Said Biff Biff let go WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "You could have bribed me you brute!" Yelled the watchman from the water "Meh." Said Biff He turned to his compatriots. "Load er up!" He yelled WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr The WTC marines sprang forth, already carrying boxes of stuff they had acquiesced from the city. They entered the small warehouse, and began taking the supplies from inside. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr Nothing was safe from the prying hands of the WTC. Everything not nailed down was stripped, and taken WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr The WTC Aurora was quickly loaded. Built for cargo hauling, the ship had plenty of room for goods. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr With everything loaded, they began pulling away, letting the gangplank drop into the water as they left. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr And soon they were on the open sea, far from the consequences of their actions. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for reading the final installment of the WTC's adventures with the soccer cup. Thanks again to Maxim for hosting, it was a great idea for a challenge. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter my minichallenge, you can find it here. The WTC Aurora is my newest and only ship currently. It was all I could bring to college, so It's going to see some heavy use in my stories. Yes, it's basically a slightly better version of the WTC Wolf's blood from the ship explosion story. And also @Bodi made a way better ship just recently from the same hull, so I was a bit reticent to post it. C&C appreciated, I plan to go back to my regular characters next post.
  15. As we've seen above, a month ago, the Oleander garrison in Eltina has sent a squad of their soldiers to deliver the imposteur, also the main and the sole suspect of the WTC explosion, to Count Mesabi now residing at Mesabi Landing (is he still there?). Unfortunately, they were landed at wrong place and should traverse the jungle, although the vegetation was dense and the path was muddy, they were expected to reach their destination in a 1 or 2 days, but we haven't heard of them since then. Now the squad finally arrived at WTC's gates and we are able to learn what happened to them and their convict. During the night, the Oleander soldiers decided to feast their landing and were generously served with wine, everyone was drunk, the saboter took the occasion to flee. Here's our saboteur, seems he managed to build a tent to hide and an apple-tree to sustain his survival.
  16. Location: Trabor Type: ????? The rowboat landed hard on the beach of Trador. "Why are we doing this again?" Asked WTC marine Sally "So that Count Mesabi can prove the WTC's Prowess in soccer as well as in commerce." Answered Joe, the one eyed Marine Invasion of Trador by North White, on Flickr Slowly, the WTC marines disembarked, Walking their way up to the beacon house The Customs officer greeted them. "You here for the football cup?" "No, we're here for the soccer cup." Said Biff, the squad leader "The what?" The Customs officer seemed confused. "Can we just kill him?"Asked Sally "Then we'd be disqualified. You read the rules. Murder is only allowed if their is a dispute over betting." Said Joe Invasion of Trador by North White, on Flickr Several marines groaned. They walked through the customs house and lined up, ready for the big game. Invasion of Trador by North White, on Flickr From right to left: Jackie, Joe, Sally, Kruschev, and Biff FIN Thanks for viewing my build. This concludes things for august. I'm not sure what to license this as, It's kinda a lighthouse, kinda a customs house. So, please let me know. This is my first build from my dorm, with what scraps I dragged with me, so the quality all around isn't great. C&C appreciated, and I'm glad to have participated in this challenge. More Pictures
  17. Location: Mesabi Landing, Argentia The Stockpile was built on the inland section of the Island. A WTC guard sat outside the house, because they had nothing better for him to do. Headquarters by North White, on Flickr "So, let's go over what we took. 10 Cases of wine..." Darby was interrupted "Nah, that's gone. I drank about a case, and the rest I fed to the horses." Replied Count Mesabi Headquarters by North White, on Flickr "You know at this point I'm not even going to a..." "So I heard about this place in Oleon that feeds wine to cattle." "So Naturally, you wasted 10 Cases of wine..." "Eight. No wait, Seven on the horses." "Making are only mode of transportation drunk." Headquarters by North White, on Flickr "Yes. And I think it was six cases." FIN Sorry for my absns. This was the only thing I had ready to go for BoBS for the month of July. Vacation and work really cut down my free time. But now I hope to be back. C&C appreciated.
  18. Peace talks by North White, on Flickr Darby and Captain Mesabi stood on the ramparts of the fort. "Well, we've had some fun, but I think it's time to leave." Said Captain Mesabi "I'm glad to leave, but what about the saboteur?" Asked Darby "Eh, we can deal with it from somewhere else. Peace talks are over, it's time to go!" He replied They walked into the fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright, we need to take everything we can, and I mean everything!" Said Captain Mesabi "Uh, won't the Eslandolans be mad?" Asked Darby "We sold them a fort, not a fully furnished fort, now let's get looting!" Captain Mesabi replied They began packing up everything into wagons. WTC Marines stood proudly in their new uniforms Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright! Let's Go! We have more to pick up in the city!" Yelled Captain Mesabi Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr Later, 2 Eslandolan soldiers came in to inspect their fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Aw man, they took everything! We're going to need cannons if we want to defend this place." Said one They went inside Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Zeus! Everything is gone!" Exclaimed one. "Is it just me, or do you smell vomit." Said the other ______________ MEANWHILE _____________ Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Open the Gates!" Yelled a voice from behind the wall "Only one more day of this, then we're off this rock." Grumbled the Corrington Soldier Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *CRASH* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my conclusion to my part of the Nova Malto saga. Captain Mesabi still hasn't been given his count status IC, but I plan to do this next. All builds are reused, except for the wagon train. C&C appreciated!
  19. Harbor of Nova Malto just before the disaster... Sailor : Well, let's remind... reach Nova Malto Harbor.. talk... corries flag on... again talk... find the red ship with red sails. Ok it is just behind me Sailor : now open the chest... talk... there's 2 bottles and some doubloons... more talk... one bottle is for the WTC, the other and doubloons are for you. Fine, I was not forgotten !! Sailor : Set fire at the WTC bottle, they like rum when it is flambéed... talk... Sailor : Throw the flambéed bottle to the powder magazine, shouting : "happy birthday" HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Sailor : talk... and then sail away, you deserve your bottle and the doubloons... more talk... my friend of Corrington... again talk... Captain Mesabi... talk talk talk... *** Sailor : What will we do ♫ with a drunken sailor ♪ ? What will we do ♪ with a drunken sailor ♫? C&C welcome
  20. Growing up in New York City in the 80's and 90's the Twin Towers were buildings you thought would always be there. No matter how old I might get I always imagined I would still be able to see them standing in the distance- when no other buildings are tall enough to be seen, even from the far end of Brooklyn, We all know that was not to be. It has been some time now since they are gone- and I still miss them. This set was my small way of bringing back a part of what I miss. Please take a look and support it if you like it. I have the pieces to build it on order, hope to be able to take real pictures by next weekend. Some pictures:
  21. Stelario


    Windland Tower Checkpoint Border Crossing between Windland and Sandland that's the first line of defense against monsters trying to get to lands where water is free and for everyone. Wall will be attached on both sides of the building. One side is finished just waiting for another one.