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Found 10 results

  1. Digger of Bricks

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    As modeled after previous years' discussion topics, share and discuss your thoughts on this year's best and worst offerings from The Lego Group, as according to the below posted criteria: Best Theme: Best Minifigure/Figure: Best Set: Worst Theme: Worst Minifigure/Figure: Worst Set: Most Anticipated for 2019: If you'd like to discuss the best and worst of recent years past, here are each of their respective discussion topics: The Best and Worst of 2017 by @Khscarymovie4 The Best (and worst) of 2016 by @BlockLogo The Best (and worst?) of 2015 by @BlockLogo The Best and worst of 2014 by @Robert8
  2. Khscarymovie4

    Best And Worst Of 2017

    Hello eurobricks! I have seen this done in the past here and I thought it would be a great idea to do it again for 2017 now that The Joker's Manor is starting to be released. Basically post your favorite theme, minifigure, and set from this year. Then post you least favorite theme, minifigure, and set. If you want you can put your most anticipated set, theme or whatever for 2018. For an example here is my list. Best Theme: The Lego Ninjago Movie, Honorable Mentions: The Lego Batman Movie, Lego Ideas Best Minifigure/bigfig: Gladiator Hulk, Honorable Mention: Two-Face Best Set: Ninjago City, Honorable Mentions: Assembly Square, Knighton Castle, Destiny's Bounty, Old Fishing Store, The Joker's Manor, Arkham Asylum, Carousel, Resistance Bomber, NASA Apollo Saturn V Worst Theme: Minecraft Worst Minifigure: Snoke Worst Set: The Ocean Monument Most Anticipated 2018: Harry Potter sets, Honorable Mentions: Avengers: Infinity War sets, Modular Building, Nexo Knight's, D2C Fairground set 2017 was a great year for Lego and I hope 2018 is even better.
  3. Instead of another "Your favourite......." kind of topic in this forum, how about I did something that nobody did before in this forum? And the title say it all: What's the worst movie, game and song you ever seen, played and heard?
  4. Well, I'm not sure if we have one of these already, but if it does exist, then it's so old that using it would be necroposting. So, what are everybody's favourite and least-favourite masks? In Bionicle, Hero Factory, and anything else? For me, I might as well divide it up a bit. Bionicle Best: The Ignika Worst: Basically any Glatorian helmet that exposed most of the figure's face. Let's be honest, the Glatorian heads weren't great as faces, being all-trans and looking a lot like a certain Marvel Hero, weren't something you wanted to keep on-show. Hero Factory Best: Any of the 1.0/Breakout helmets. They all looked functional, they had their own identity, and they fit their characters. Worst: Brain Attack Bulk. I mean seriously.
  5. In your opinion, which is the best designed Bionicle 2015 Skull Villains and the worst? For me, the best will be Skull Warrior. He has great weapons design and he very looks like a warrior to me. The worst will be Skull Scorpio. The way Skull Scorpio built is very lackluster and the legs are very bad- designed.
  6. A lot of people think 2008 was the begging of the worst era for Bionicle. Why is that? Was it due to the poor storyline? Introduction of heavy silver?
  7. YellowCorvette

    Worst lego theme (Ever)!

    Hi,everyone.Lego is a great toy company,and it make many great themes,like Star wars,Bionicle,and more.But at the same time,lego also make terrible themes too.In your opinion,which is the worst lego theme lego ever launched?Just write according your opinion.For me,it will be Galidor and Ben 10. Galidor is not Lego and it is ridiculously overpriced! Galidor sucks! Ben 10 is not needed and all of it's set are totally garbage!
  8. BirdOPrey5

    Your worst MOC?

    This is a place to share your worst creations... This is mine- it's in LDD because I haven't built it since I was a kid- the actual ones I'd built were very similar- based on a half-size base plate with lots of wheels. Basically a big brick I used for ramming through other creations- mostly buildings. The difference was as a kid I wouldn't have bothered to match any colors. I re-built it in LDD just o get a feel for the software. I call it an Assault Van.
  9. I found this at the LEGO Store today. It's the sequel to the critically acclaimed Wedding Decoration set. That Clown figure... I absolutely positively regret being a completionist and skipping on this set today to buy a completely awful Speedorz set. What do y'all think about this set?
  10. It's exactly what it says on the box: What is your worst MOC? C'mon, don't be shy, everyone has them. What didn't you like about it? Did it not work as intended, or simply ugly? To keep things friendly, you may only put a post in this thread about your own creations. We're not bashing anybody here, okay? To start, I've got my AAV-12 mech. The coler scheme needed work, and it could not stand, but it proved my point, and it isn't one of your usual technic creations, either. I also tried to make a five axle portable tower crane, but like a bunch of my other stinkers, no pictures were taken.