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Found 6 results

  1. AmperZand

    [Mod] War Machine Mech

    I slightly modded the War Machine Mech (76277). I'm not a big fan of the oversized shoulder-mounted blaster, so I got rid of it and mirrored the mech's left shoulder instead. I did add a couple of blasters using the existing angled parts that are supposed to keep the cockpit shut (but aren't needed for that - the cockpit remains closed without them). I slimmed down the upper arms so that they can be brought closer to the body, allowing the forearm blasters to point more-or-less forward. Some greebling added to the knees, elbows, forearms and coccyx, not all of which is visible in the picture.
  2. Hey there, Recently, I tried my hand at several Mech Armor style MOCs to see if I could put my own twist on those models, and created this duo. The idea was to design a $20 pack of two armors like the 76219: Spider-man & Green Goblin Mech Battle but to go beyond the simple "duo-pack" concept. Rocket's walker-type mech can convert into a cannon to use on War Machine's shoulder, as seen in the pictures below. More pictures and (free) instructions are available on my Flickr gallery. Enjoy !
  3. Here is my review on 76124 War Machine Buster. THE GOOD: Great War-Machine Buster build. (Actually looks great if stand side by side with HulkBuster from Infinity War sets last year.) The price is much more reasonable compared to other ENDGAME sets. THE NOT SO GOOD: Re-use of Avengers uniform. More outriders ... (I don't hate them but just feel it's lazy to re-use so many of them in this wave.) Overall, I like it and the war machine buster is surprisingly a refreshing build. It will be great if LEGO includes better minifigures ...
  4. UPDATE 15.02.15: New Version 1C Falcon below DeadlySpearThrowers 1a and 1b: The Griffin and the Raven Elves usually do not trust in machinery - except when it comes to giant bows. Initially designed as a ranged cavallery killer, the DST has quickly spread through the kingdoms as an all purpose war machine. Put them on your towers, put them on your ship and neither man nor beast will harm you. Mimicing color and shape of well known predators such as the griffin and the raven, the DST 1 strikes with force beyond the power of a human individual and spreads peace easily. Quickly deployed and maintenance free, it is popular amongst factions with different concepts of moral. The Raven version of the DST1 enjoys excessive use by the so-called "evil" factions, but other factions also like to employ it for nightime objectives. If this is ever becoming available on brickling mocshop, I recommend to equip your army with one of the many colors available. . von MWardancer auf Flickr . von MWardancer auf Flickr 3 front von MWardancer auf Flickr 4 total with elf von MWardancer auf Flickr 5 perspective von MWardancer auf Flickr 2 total von MWardancer auf Flickr 1 above von MWardancer auf Flickr 3 front von MWardancer auf Flickr 4 front with elf von MWardancer auf Flickr 5 perspective von MWardancer auf Flickr This is a redo of an older moc of mine, but I did not want to revive a long dead topic. C&C welcome.
  5. Sir Brickalot

    Iron Man

    Recently, I've been building some brick built Iron Man suits on LDD, so I thought I'd share them with y'all. First up, Mark 39- Gemini. What about Mark 7? Not forgetting Mark 35- Red Snapper. And good ol' Mark 42: Of course, Mark 38- Igor! And deadly War Machine- ... AND the star spangled Iron Patriot; Last but not least, a group shot of all my Iron Men. Hope you like my suits! If you do, be sure to check out the LXF File! C&C Welcome. Bonus: Mark 1, the suit that started it all!
  6. getdamonkey

    War Machine Mosaic

    144 x 128 studs ~40,000 pieces The mosaic is made using stacked transparent plates over a black background. My previous outing in this technique used only trans clear. This mosaic sees the addition of trans red plates to create the background effect and portions of the outer ring of the reactor. Trans clear areas range from 1 to 5 plates thick while trans red areas range from 1 to 3 plates thick. There are some opaque red plates used for the eyes and the center of the reactor. Trans Red was too difficult to see in these areas. This will be coming to NILTC's show at Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL this weekend (April 27th and 28th) Main view Angled - The contouring is very noticeable around the shoulder harness in this shot. Full album is available here.