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Found 73 results

  1. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and our heroes are traveling to Gravensteen.On their way they pass a watchtower: More pictures here:link He would appreciate any C&C
  2. As Ruadh profiled itself more and more as an artists paradise, well-known in all of Historica, MAESTRO saw the opportunities to make a shop in this capital of arts. Lord Tomvaximus himself asked permission to Siedna if they may make a shop. After granted permission, the constructions started. As Stedor is famous for its armory, weaponry and goldsmithery, Lord Tomvaximus put an atelier above the shop where artists can paint the chestplates and shields. These artists are being teached by Miss Cleo, a famous paintress. When she is not teaching her students or wandering in Ruadh, she is working in the small atelier she has in Stedor. In the shop itself, a Maestro trader sells various items being made in Stedor like golden cups, golden weapons, golden windows, cloths, hats, swords, ... . The shop is located next to the other shops in Ruadh, along the wall. At this moment, it are Maestro soldiers who are guarding this part of the wall untill Ruadh will have their own guards :) => Miss Cleo with brush and herald (note, I do not own the painter of the CMF, so the brush and plate may look a bit odd :p ) For UoP, I claim: - Culture: Art - Architecture: Roofing Technic For HSS: Sarahjoy may claim for Ruadh: - Forticification: Wall - Craftsmen/speciality: Heraldry C&C ofcourse welcome :)
  3. soccerkid6

    Daydelon's City Wall

    My phase 3 build for the Wall category in AoM. My main goals for this build were to experiment with making walls with batter (sloped sections), hoardings (the wooden addittions to the tower), and larger buildings than what I generally build. The apothecary hinges open and has a full interior, and I think the windows right under the gables are a new design. Daydelon continued to expand: new businesses such as apothecaries, blacksmith's, and coopers were popping up throughout the city. And eventually the small stone wall didn't provide enough space or protection. As such, a new much larger stone wall strengthened with towers was built. You can see more pictures here: link All C&C appreciated
  4. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Wall

    My build for Phase 2 of the Wall category in AoM. I experimented with using only SNOT tiles for the wall texturing and making a machicolation (the 'false' tower). As Daydelon grew, the wooden palisade was taken down and replaced by a stone wall with wooden walkways. More houses were built and many farms were started just outside the town: All C&C appreciated
  5. Capt.JohnPaul

    Berlin Wall

    Hey all, I didn't know where to put this, but I think it fits best here. I want to start making MOCs of actual historical or real things and I'm really interested in historical things. Thus, I made part of the Berlin Wall. It is over 2 feet long and used about $150-$200 worth of LEGO bricks. Pics below! How the wall is made. Famous "Checkpoint Charlie," where numerous escapes took place. Long view, along with the towers and barbed wire. Thanks for looking!
  6. Previously
  7. soccerkid6

    Trebuchet Emplacement

    This is the third set in my series of custom modular Castle sets. It is similar in size and part count to what an official set would be. The trebuchet actually works and is fun to play around with. There's also an interior in the first floor of the bastion, including a bed, torch, and ladder to reach the second floor. This is a corner section of the modular castle and can attach to the other sets. Total piece count, including figs is 240 parts. See the trebuchet in action here: All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. Price for the complete set is 30$ Without the minifig: 25$ All 3 sets combined: Just the 3 Castle sections combined: More pictures can be seen here: link C&C welcome
  8. soccerkid6

    Ballista Siege

    This is the second set in my series of custom modular Castle sets. It is similar in size and part count to what an official set would be. The wall can hinge and features a breakable wall panel for the ballista to knock down. The ballista actually works and is surprisingly powerful. Total piece count, including figs is 168 parts. See the ballista in action here: All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. Price for the complete set is 25$ Without the minifigs: 19$ For just the wall and defending soldier: 18$ And for just the ballista and attacking soldier: 10$ All C&C welcome
  9. soccerkid6

    Trebuchet Attack

    I tried to make this build as much like an official set as possible. The wall/tower can hinge at two points, there is a secret door hidden in the wall, and the trebuchet works. See the trebuchet in action here: After receiving so many requests to put Manaor Castle, or a simplified version thereof, on Cuusoo, I got to thinking about designing several smaller builds that could all be hooked together to form a large modular castle. I know a lot of Castle fans have always wanted LEGO to produce something like that, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'd be selling the sets myself. And I'd probably put the idea up on Cuusoo at some point, or even Bricklink now that it's going to have a MOC store. I'm not worried about selling tons of sets, 5-10 a year would be plenty for me. This is my first build/prototype for the project. I purposely tried to make this build like a set, so mostly simple building, a cool secret door in the wall, working trebuchet, and no super piece intensive techniques. I'm using official fig parts shuffled around to make two basic factions, blue/black and red/dark green. This build contains 406 parts, only one of which is a panel. There are plenty of useful castle parts: 18 bley headlight bricks, 4 bley brick modified with stud, 25 bley 1x1 brick, and 28 bley 1x2 bricks, and lots more. I'd be selling this set for 65$ which includes shipping to anywhere in the US. If anyone was interested in the set without figs, that would lower the price to 50$; or for just the wall tower and two figs that go with it, 40$; or just the trebuchet and its two figs, 20$. I'm planning to use LDD to make the instructions for the sets. For those outside the US, I'd be willing to sell the instructions by themselves for around 2-5$. I'd really like to hear some feedback from you guys on what your thoughts on the project are, whether it's feasible, what kind of sets to do, etc. I already have a lot of possible set ideas in the 20-30$ range and a few larger ones. Anyways let me know what you think.
  10. IenjoyLego89

    AoM: Wall Phase Two

    Finally got a phase two finished Literally took all my grey 1x2 bricks and tiles so going to have to make an order for phase 3 Anyway enough talk, here it is Decided to do a corner wall with a building, its built similar to the last house built slightly shorter. My sigfig hasn't made an appearance in awhile so he decided to see why building the wall is taking so long All C&C welcome May I move to phase 3?
  11. soccerkid6

    Siege Tower Attack

    Built for the Alternate model category of the CCC. This MOC was built using only pieces that came in the set 70402 The Gatehouse Raid. This was a fun challenge and I think it came out pretty well. Any C&C welcome
  12. Alfadas

    AoM - Wall phase l

    So, here I am with another entry for AoM, Walls phase l. The wall. The back of the wall. There are some wooden things to stand on to look over the wall. The wall from above. I know it is a bit blurry, unfortunately I took the wall down, so I can't take better pics. Sorry. The wall from beside. I know the Mitgardian flag is half plant, simply because I wanted a flag, but don't have a light green flag. So the plant will have to do for now. The two vikings guarding the wall. Comments are welcome, so I can upgrade it to the next phase!
  13. Here's a way to keep your LEGO Room warm: That colorful thing on the wall is a radiator.
  14. Capt.JohnPaul

    Aginmoria Outer Wall

    $107 worth of bricklink orders came in yesterday, and I got right to work! Thanks to Derfel Cadarn for the techniques/tutorials! Now I present a section of wall of my city. I can add onto it if I wanted, and I have a town I can put behind it in different sections. (Sort of modular,) Full thing. Pond where the city gets its water. Arrow Slit. Top of tower where lookout and archers can be. Inside. The wall, and includes a few studs and jumper plates to place guards. Overview. Comments and Criticism welcome!
  15. Built by my 11 year old brother, I helped him a bit with the wall design for this build. Kendrick and Basil have almost reached their destination, now they are just about to enter the city where Kendrick will meet his companions: He would appreciate any comments/criticism
  16. Mark of Falworth

    The Siege of Troy

    Achilles chased the Trojans to their city. The gods, seeing that he had killed too many of their children, decided that it was his time to die. He was killed after Paris shot a poisoned arrow that was guided by Apollo. --------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, never anger the gods kids... This scene is loosely based on the actual Siege of Troy. I don't really know much about the story, and I haven't read the whole thing yet so if it's not 100% accurate just enjoy the build. More pictures on Flickr! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  17. Flare

    [MOC] Castle Wall

    I haven't been building much recently (besides a couple of scenes for Heroica), but I built this small Castle Wall scene back in December. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing! Constructive criticism / pure praise would be appreciated!
  18. Made for the Fortify Lenfald Challenge in LCC. This is the home of Manek Asten and his wife Eleonora. Manek is a captain in the army of Lenfald and lives just outside the great city Stonewald. He has hired Pepin (my character) to oversee the construction of a stone wall around his home as war seems to be coming: More pics, including interior, here:'s-Home.php Any C&C welcome
  19. Legopard


    Hello I always wanted to try my hands on a brick-build graffiti. Finally i did it: (Picture = Link) But the graffiti was a bit alone, so i included it in a scene. The intersting part of the build was to use my old greys to create a rusty look. Hope you like this little scene. Feel free to comment. Jonas
  20. Brickington

    Albion Tower 4

    I will be away from my bricks for about a week, so I thought I owed Avalonia a build. Here is a build for Albion. I reserved the Tower 4. Not one of my best builds, because this was a quicky. Thanks for looking!
  21. Pyrovisionary

    Mitgardia in a nutshell

    I have been toying over techniques for a fort... And I have a small "Extract" like vignette. This is the basic technique that I will use if I build a fort at all. The slight problem is that it is slightly to complex for my collection to satisfy. Here are the fruit of my labour though. A small vig showing the average landscaping of Mitgardia. "But we fought back... and within no time, we were patrolling our own walls again. Summer has come and gone... And winter will come"
  22. Legonardo

    Wall tower - Albion

    Hey guys, here si my latest freebuild, one of Albions massive wall towers. In this build I tried to create a more traditional large castle tower, I think I did OK C&C welcome!
  23. brickingbad

    Framing a Lego Mosaic

    Hi, I've built a Lego mosaic on 6 baseboards. Now I need a way to keep them all together and frame the entire thing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about doing this?