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Found 8 results

  1. An Imperial detachment searches the streets of Mos Eisley, looking for a pair of hard to find Droids. Sandtroopers Deploy to Mos Eisley, 0BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr SandTroopers Deploy to Mos Eisley, 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr SandTroopers Deploy to Mos Eisley, 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Greetings fellow Eurobrickers; I haven't been very active on here for a while. This X-Wing model was started a while ago by my son, but he only went back to it recently and asked me to post it as he is not quite old enough for an account on here (he is 15). Here are some photos of the ship: More images on Flickr: All constructive criticism welcome.
  3. We are running the Star Wars Olympics now at our german forum Imperium der Steine, this is my entry to the third round. I also uploaded my entries to round 1 and round 2 here on Eurobricks. I had to build something of my choice from the Expanded Universe. This scene shows the cloning facility in the Mount Tantiss on Wayland, known from the Thrawn Trilogy. I tried to combine the style from Kamino with imperial grey and black. If you don't know anything about the Thrawn Trilogy, I highly recommend to read it, or get the audio book, it is really intersting and exciting. Greets Disco
  4. Reekardoo

    MOC: Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, Here to present the MOC I posted on - It's all about grand admiral THRAWN and his seat of power :) He is a beloved character from the former STAR WARS' EU. But if you feel like me then this one should become canon as well because there is plenty of room between episode VI and VII. Hope you like it. Set - It is a pretty simple set. There is a moveable arm console that let's you place a small holocron image. The seat spins 360º because of turntable element underneath the seat. But the main attraction is in fact the minifigure :) Let me know what you think and if it deserves your support or why not :) Cheers
  5. Five heroes make their way down to the docks. They are... The Party Hoke Ablesword The Krakenwhacker and Titan Smiter (UsernameMDM) *Party Leader* Level 29 Mystic Knight *Immune Fragile, Weakened* Power Bonus: 8 Defense: 29 Health: 48/48 Ether: 29/29 Gold: 528 Equipment: Flagpole (WP:3, +3 SP to the whole party whenever equipped, lance), Steel Buckler (SP: 20), Samurai Helmet (WP:4, suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, winged warriors), Pugilist Gloves (+2 to power, immune Weakened), Heavy Armor (SP:5, immune Fragile) Inventory: Vintul (WP: 16; greatsword), Warrior's Treads (SP:2, Health +1), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, causes the Bleeding effect; spear), Chains of the Pongcanis Chief (Hero Pierces SP if fighting from Front, Enemies ignore SP if hero fights from the back row, cannot be removed in battle), Medal of Glory (Artefact/Accessory - Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles), Electro Gear (Adds lightning-element to physical attacks and protects from lightning-elemental damage, accessory), Cultist Hat (damage vs undead), Counterstrike Gloves, Opal (Ice), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Emerald (Wood), Aquamarine (Water), 2x Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Garnet (Earth), Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Sleep, 4x Potions, 4x Grand Potions, Remedy, 3x Phoenix Essences, Phoenix Incense, Mead, 4x Ether Core, Dragon Scale (Grants lucky- and blessed-effects when consumed), Grating Stone, Zoot's Plaything (Special 3/4 Edition), Water Bomb, Dirt Bomb, 2x Smoke Bomb, 3x Venom, 3x Deadly Venom, Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Kraken Fang (grants hastened- and reinforced-effects when consumed), 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), Level Up Mushroom, Pumpkin Bomb Benji Carvenhall, the Dragonslayer Level 35 Beastwarrior *Natural Respite* *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened Effects* Power: 51 (35+16) Defense: 9 (3+6) Health: 61/61 (6+34+15+6) Gold: 227 (owes 500 to Alexis Fenral) Equipment: Meduiak (Precision Bow; WP:16; AIM's become HIT's; darkness-, ice-, fire-, wind- elemental), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to asleep, blinded, confused, fragile, and weakened effects), Tricorne (headwear, SP:3), Overkill Gloves [borrowed from Galen] (handwear, +1 gold for every point of damage done extra when defeating an enemy), Scaly Skin of the Allanoid (SP:6, backwear, suitable for Ranger and Barbarian Oriented Classes and Beast Warriors) Inventory: Crossbow of the Pongcanis (WP:15; earth-, wood-, water-, lightning-, light-elemental), Kusarigama (WP:10, whip), Brown Dragon Girdle (bodywear, power +3; immunity to wood; suitable to rangers, rogues, alchemists and beast warriors), Ratmancer's Cowl (headgear, the wearer's physical attacks deal double damage against vermin), Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (artefact, accessory), Health Core (8), Grand Potion (14), Potion (2), Remedy (6), Phoenix Essence (5), Phoenix Incense (2), Dragon Scales (3), Nostrum (3), Smelling Salts (3), Mead (5), Mulled Wine (3), Venom, Smoke Bomb (3), Skeleton Decoy, Lightning Bomb, Fire Bomb 2x, Water Bomb, Bone, Magic Compass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Shovel Tesni Hightribe, Level 32 2/4 Beserker *Restoration* *Immune to Afraid* Power: 59 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 14 Health: 51/51 Gold: 1426 Equipment: Fàelàn (WP:20, 8x damage to enemies weak to fire, fire-elemental longsword)),Sir Roderick’s Shield (SP:11, Immunity to afraid), Bone Claws (WP:3, SP:2; handwear), Dragon Bone Armor (SP:4, Max. Health +2; bodywear), Barbarian's Boots (Changes “Natural Respite” job trait into “Restoration”, restoring full health after every battle; suitable for barbarians, chi monks and beast warriors). Inventory: Mellt (WP:10, ice- and lightning-elemental; hammer), Qilin Blade (WP:15, damages undead, ignores row and SP; longsword), Cysgodion (WP:14, darkness-elemental; greatsword), Dryw ar Zoot (WP:14, light-elemental; longsword), Cryfder (WP:6),Party Maracas (WP:4, user is hastened, instrument), Rebel's Dagger (WP: 5), 2 Shackles of War (prevents all fleeing, accessory), Red Dragon Plume (artifact, accessory, immunity to Weakened and Fire, suitable to Barbarians, Knights, Skirmishers, Winged Warriors), King's Crown (Headwear, protects against Doom and Petrified, Suitable for all classes), Scroll of Sleep, Remedy, Tiger Balm, Elixir, 2 Phoenix Essences, 5 Venoms, 2 Deadly Venoms, 2 Meads, 2 Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Soma, Deadly Venom, Smoke Bomb, Bright Polish, Aquamarine Lamp of Summoning, Mod Rod (WP:10, causes the afraid-effect; lightning-elemental staff suitable for staff members only) -Nerwen Calmcacil (played by Chromeknight) Level 23.33 Shaman *Immune to Sealed* *Immunity to water**Restoration* Power bonus: 0 Defense: 3 (3(Robe of the Archmage) Health: 42 (Base Cleric 9 +Level bonus 22 +Shaman Bonus 9 +3(White Cloak)) Ether: 34 (Base Cleric 5 +Level bonus 22 +Shaman Bonus 1 +5(Robe of the Archmage)) Gold: 245 Equipment: Magical Staff (WP: 15; Water-, Darkness-elemental; staff), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3; Max Ether +5; Immune to Sealed; bodywear), Barbarian’s Boots (Restoration; footwear) Inventory: Mourning Star (WP: 10; Fire-elemental; inflicts Fragile-effect; mace), Grogmas Handcannon (WP:12 + the number of the round of battle), Bent Crowbar (WP: 8; 3x damage to Mechanic enemies; hammer), Axe of the Minotaur Champion (WP: 30; user is Slowed and Immune to Hastened; cannot be equipped at the same time as a shield; axe) • White Cloak (Max HP +3; backwear), Crocodile Handbag (Max Ether +2; Immune to Water; accessory) • Opal, Topaz, Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald • Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Fragile, Scroll of Confusion • Grand Tonics (3), Potions (3), Elixirs (3), Remedies (5), Potion, Phoenix Essences (3), Phoenix Incense, Tiger Balm, Neutralizers (2), Essence of Sorrow (50% assassination chance on non-immune target), Venom, Fire Bombs (2), Ice Bombs (2), Lightning Bombs (2), Water Bombs (2), Dirt Bombs (2), Air Bombs (2), Bone, Milk (restores 15 HP and 15 Ether), Carrot (restores 5 HP, 10 to rabbits), Bright Polish, Double Rainbow, Dragon Scales (2), Mead • Shovel, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass Jess Islanti (Sisco) Level 19 Assassin *Immune to Weakened Effect* Power: 37 (+4) (19+14+2+2) Health: 31/31(+1) (7+18+5+1) Gold: 176 Equipment: Blohdhurm (WP: 14)(Fire elemental, Permanently Poisoned), Pugilist's Gloves (+2 to Power, immune to the Weakened Effect) Inventory: Mercutio's Dagger of Mugging (WP:5, Mug Ability +5), Diamond of Thoric, 2 Venoms, Mead, Smelling Salts, Remedy, 4 Grand Potions They find a horrifying little creature waiting for them, waving. "Heroes of Heroica, I assume? My name is Gocklo. I'm a professional witch hunter, and also you're contact." The little creature bobbles forward. "Heweyrt hired you, yes? He and I are friends, go way back. I was swinging round Eubric to tie up some loose ends for a different friend and Heweyrt asked me if I wouldn't greet you all and make sure you got to him okay. I'll be coming with you to Baltarok, too, so it's nice for us to meet beforehand, of course! Seems things are getting a little tense up there. So, are we all here? Got any questions for me? Probably. I've got us a ship, but there's time to kill before it heads out." OoC: Check stats, happy to have y'all along. Should be fun! Oh, and like the Dastan Trilogy - though we of course have no way to enforce it, you will probably enjoy these quests more if you show discipline and don't read the other two.
  6. The air was permeated with the distant clash of steel and roars of battle on that long-remembered night in the High Kingdoms. All in Castle Fortaan knew of the storm that would rush to their doorstep. And none were more prepared for the inevitable fight than the King, though silent he stood, poring over the war-torn forest. "Years I've suspected this day might come. Countless battles fought without hesitation, with neither fear nor mercy...few in my position would bother with the fact that they will die. No. They rule as they will. Change policy on a whim to elevate themselves. Linger with their corrupt followers in some lavish hall. Then they die. The cycle continues with the next in line. Nobody spares a thought." The King paused, looking down into the courtyard where even now his soldiers prepared themselves. Word of the attack never arrived. Only the bodies of his patrols spoke of what was to come. "But I have worked too hard for that. I have come far. Beyond what anyone could imagine possible. My enemies quake at my very presence, the mere thought of my kingdom touching theirs a nightmare to fester in the minds of their people. This kingdom, this legacy...I will die. But only while ensuring my people will survive - no...thrive, beyond my passing. None alive now can claim to have observed the rise of an empire so quickly, so....effectively. Ennon is ours, as should always have been." He lifted his eyes again, to the forest. The sounds had subsided. For now. "Inherited thrones and hereditary crowns are not those sung in song. Nobody is fit or right to rule. They rule, or they do not. History will determine the rest. Sometimes power must be seized. It must be taken, and used. If the cause is one the people find just, they will see it through to the bitter end." The King hefted his greatsword, the light of the moon playing off the blade. "And my cause is the truest of them all." "It is one thousands of years in the coming. Centuries of hardship. War. Torment. The hurts inflicted upon my people are not those healed or forgiven. Too many have died for that. Too much has been taken or destroyed. No. Our former glory is long dead." But it will be avenged. Renewed fully and reborn in the blood of those who saw us enslaved, saw us subjected to suffering that has spanned generations of our kind. Countless years we have been bound in these shackles, confined to a seemingly eternal existence of servitude and pain. Yet by the impossible drive of my kin, and the will of Tarok, we have broken them. We have slaughtered our masters and decimated every kingdom in our path. We have done what was thought impossible, what these oppressors feared for as long as they have held us prisoner. We have made our race whole once again." There was a sudden, enormously loud crunch of splintering wood and a roar of hurried footsteps in the castle behind the King. His soldiers down below, preparing for a frontal assault that would never come. He was unguarded, undefended. Yet he did not stand alone. Tarokai turned, walking to the door. "And no human will ever change that." ---------- The activity of Eubric was already in full swing by the time any of the heroes made their way to the docks. The scent of fish had luckily not reached the alley behind the harbormaster's office. An orc dressed equally for travel and combat leaned against the wall there, pushing a lock of thick black hair out of his eye on occasion to check the sun. Soon, however, his promised heroes began to arrive. "There you are. Olmstyr, of Clan Musalnav. And you are?" Party Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) *Immune to Weakened, Fragile, Asleep, Confused and Blinded* *Immune to all elements* *Party Leader* 44 year old male human Raider Level 28.33 Power Bonus: +4 Health: 42/42 Defense: 4 Gold: 10 Equipment: Lifestealer (WP: 32, Ice, Darkness, Light, attacks restore 3 health, dagger), Dancing Shoes (Wearer dances well, in the turn after a miss is rolled, the wearer can act twice. +Immunity to Asleep, Confused, Fragile, Weakened and Blinded, + Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightningand Ice Elemental Damage, footwear), Pugilist's Gloves (2+ Power, Immune to Weakened, handwear), Crocodile Armour (+4 Defense +Immunity to Water Magic, bodywear) Inventory: Stag Antlers (WP:10, Intimidation, halberd), Twin Sai (WP: 10, dual strike, dagger), 2x Ambrosia 8x Mead, 7x Smelling Salts, 8x Nostrum, 22x Grand Potion, 4x Health Core, 2x Elixir, 1x Grand Tonic, 1x Ether Core, 14x Remedy, 3x Phoenix Essence, 5x Smoke Bomb, 4x Deadly Venom, 2x Neutralizer, Shovel, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, 4x Mythril Shard, Metasimian Ale, 5x Grating Stone, Voucher to the Guild of Invision (Good for one lesson in Alchemy), Chauncey's Diamond Lamp of Summoning (Summons ???), Clippard's Poison (When applied to a weapon, all damage dealt will instantly KO enemies unless they are immune to poison, deadly poison, or sudden death. Can be applied 3 more times), Crimson Serum (Grants Mutated Effect for one battle.) Copy of the Eubric Herald (Grants transcended and inspired effects for one battle), 3x Pumpkin Bomb Thormanil Nihai, Dragonslayer (Played by swils) and Arx the Hatchling *Immune to Darkness, Wood, Asleep, Confused, Fragile, Weakened, Blinded, Bound, and Slowed* Level 30.5 Dragoon Power Bonus: +1 Defense: 8 Health: 53/53 Gold: 1283 Equipment: Dragonsbane Lance (WP: 20, triple damage to enemies with 'Dragon' in their name, lance), Wooden Shield (SP:5, Null Wood), Bright Armor (SP: 3, Null Darkness), Winged Sandals (Wearer is immune to bound, slowed, asleep, confused, fragile, weakened, and blinded effects)., Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory) Inventory: Weapons & Shields: Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, Spear, causes bleeding effect), Wyvern's Tailblade (WP: 12, Greatsword, suitable for Barbarians & Knights), Thundering Totem (WP:9, lightning, axe), Tongue on a Stick (WP:1, Miss -> "Aim"), Frozen Saber (WP: 9, longsword, Stuns enemies) Artefacts: Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Weredog (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Elf(Accessory), Fighter’s Boots(Footwear, +10 damage to melee attacks. Suitable for QMs only), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Aqua Gear (Wearer deals and is immune to water elemental damage) Consumables: Smelling Salts(1), Nostrum (1), Deadly Venom(2), Phoenix Essence(2), Remedy(5), Jinxy Juice(1) (Q35), Fire Bomb(2), Milk(1), Potion(2), Venom(3), Lightning Bomb, Grand Potion(2), Smoke Bomb(1), Ice Bomb(1), Bones(3), Water Bombs(5), Mead(1), Tiger Balm(1), Neutralizer (1), Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Amethyst. Misc.: Pickaxe, Shovel, Amethyst, Grating Stone, Teleportapple Haldor Skovgaard (Played by Scorpiox) *Immune to Stunned, Fragile, and Blinded* 34 year old male human Nord Shaman Level 29 Power Bonus: +4 Defense: 7 Health: 48/48 Ether: 38/38 Gold: 96 Equipment: Zoot er Isen (WP: 15, Ice and Light Elemental) Ethereal Cloak (SP: 2, +4 Ether, Protects from Blindness), Scarlet Hood (+4 Power, Protects from Stunning), Heavy Armour (SP: 5, Protects from Fragility) Weapons: Heavy Metal Rod (WP: 12, Water Elemental), Dualis Sceptres (WP: 13, darkness-elemental, Dual-Striking), Bear Claw Gloves (WP: 8, SP: 2) Artefacts: Pugilist's Gloves (+2 Power, Protects from Weakening), Gladiator's Helmet (SP: 3) (x2) Consumables: Health Core (x2), Potion (x4), Remedy (x6), Venom, Tonic, Grand Tonic (x2), Ether Core, Smelling Salts, Mead, Phoenix Esscence, Grating Stone. Inventory: Scutum Shield (SP: 9), Shovel, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Sleep Alexis Fenral (Masked Builder) *Immune to Fragile and Blinded* *Counterstriking* 20 year old female elven Harlot Level 35.5 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 3 Health: 64/64 Gold: 697 GP: 9 Equipment: Cat-o'-Nine-Tails (WP: 20, damage divided between all enemies, Suitable For Rouges), Lieutenant's Helmet (SP:3, protects from fragile), Ring of Sight (protects fromblinded), Counterstrike Gloves Inventory: Steel fan (WP:20, ice-, lightning-, and darkness-elemental), Death's Whip (WP:11, on successful hits there is a 1/6 chance to cause double damage), Quickdraw Quiver (permanent hastened-effect, suitable to Rangers), Healing Staff (WP: 5; healing effect), Staff of Ennon (WP: 5, light-elemental, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4; staff), Medal of Glory (Artefact/Accessory - Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles), Electro Gear (Adds lightning-element to physical attacks and protects from lightning-elemental damage, accessory) Aquamarine (Water), Diamond (Light), Sapphire (Wind), Topaz (lightning), Fifty Shades of Bley, Bedroll, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, 2 Remedies, 2 Somas, 8 Water Bombs, 2x Lightning Bomb, 2x Fire Bomb, 3 Dirt Bombs, Smoke Bomb, 4x Venom, 2x Deadly Venom, Health Core, 3x Potion, 2x Grand Potion, Phoenix Essence, 4 Nostrums, 8 Meads, 2 Smelling Salts, 10 Remedies, 6 Grand Potions, Skeleton Decoy, 8x Bone, Deadly Venom, 2 Kraken Fangs (grants hastened- and reinforced-effects when consumed), Silver Ore (worth 60 gold), Demon Repellant (Makes the user impervious to direct attacks from demons during one battle. Consumable), Winged Sandals (artifact; footwear; protects from bound and slowed effects), 2xTitan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 3x Level Up Mushroom Alexandre le Chevalier (Played by Capt.JohnPaul) *Immune to Stunned* 20 year old elf male Black Knight Level 23.33 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 14 Health: 41/41 Gold: 28 Equipment: Sword of the Elven Blademaster (WP: 10 ;ignores SP, +1 gold per successful strike), Cross Heater Shield (SP: 10), Dapper Hat (Headwear, wearer has a 1/6 chance of becoming encouraged at the start of each battle), Black Knight Armor (SP:4, protects from Stunned effect.) Inventory: Potions (5), Bedroll, Smoke Bomb 2x, Fire Bomb, Feather Duster of DOOM (WP: 1), Eyepatch (Headwear: 1/2 chance to prevent blinded-effect. Costs 20 gold. A hero cannot equip more than 1 eyepatch) Deadly Venom x2, Tome of The Regret, Volatile Venom x6, Mead 4x, Nostrum 3x, Smelling Salts x1, Grand Potion 3x, Emerald (Wood), Mulled Wine, 1 fine Montresorian Wine,Ambrosia, Remedy Dyric Rone (Played by The Legonator) *Immune to all elements* *Lucky* *Steals 50% more gold* Level 22.33 Assassin Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 3 Health: 34/34 Gold: 1146 Equipment: Requiem (WP: 20; wood, light and darkness-elemental, ranged), Lucky Die, Tricorne (SP:3, Water, Wood, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness - elemental) Sticky Gloves (Increases amount of gold stolen by 50%; handwear) Inventory: Double Chain Whip (WP:10), Throwing Knife (WP:4, ranged, retrievable), Aquamarine (Water), Diamond, 4 Potions, 5 Grand Potions, Elixir, 2 Remedies, 2 Meads, 2 Venoms, Smoke Bomb, Skeleton Decoy, 3 Mythril Shards (3/4 of a Mythril), Silver Ore (Worth 60 gold), Bone, Winged Sandals, Smelling Salt Bedroll, Shovel, Banana (Restores full health to target), Diamond Lamp of Summoning (1/3 Uses Left), Tonic, Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3, Immunity to Ice and Water, Bodywear, Suitable for Barbarians, Regulators, and Beast Warriors), 1 Military Grade Light Bomb, 1 Military Grade Darkness Bomb Welcome to the Quest. Makes sure to check your stats. If you're going to do any Marketplace shopping or make any last minute deals in the Hall, please do so before posting here. You can chat with eachother or with Olmstyr as much as you like, we won't be kicking things off at least until the other two Quests get rolling as well, so take your time.
  7. The city of Eubric bustled with life as the heroes made their way down to the harbor. The crowds were a mash of the familiar everyday faces and the new travelers that had come to seek their fortune in the famed port. The scarecrow hurried along ahead of the heroes stopping at on one of the crowded docks. "Ah, are we missing anyone? You can take a minute to catch your breath. One of my employees is seeing about booking you passage to the High Kindoms." Party Cinna the Dark (darkdragon) *Party Leader* Level 25 1/3 *Immune to Stunned, Lightning and Earth* Power Bonus: 2 Defense: 11 Health: 44/44 Ether: 38/38 Gold: 89 Equipment: Mauryl (WP:19 + Darkness, broomstick), Turtleshell Shield (SP:9), Black Dragon Robe (Max. Health +6; immunity to earth; suitable to mages, rogues and chi monks; bodywear), Anniversary Medal:Y2 (+2 to all stats per year; accessory) Inventory: Healing Staff (WP:9, heals target; staff), Naginata (WP:10; halberd), Lumber Axe (WP: 8, wood-elemental axe), Party Maracas (WP:4, user is hastened, instrument), Pointy Hat (Max. Ether +2, suitable for mages and clerics; headwear), High Heels (Power +1, suitable for women; footwear), Blue Dragon Cape (Immunity to slowed and water; suitable to knights, rangers and dragoons; backwear), Amethyst (Darkness), Topaz (Lightning), Opal (Ice), Ruby (Fire), Emerald (Wood), Diamond(Light), Sapphire (Wind), Garnet (Earth), Aquamarine (Water), Scroll of Sleep,]Scroll of Disenchantment (Removes all positive effects from all opponents at the cost of 5 ether), Scroll of Sealing, 2 Ether Cores, 6 Grand Potions, 5 Remedies, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, 5 Meads, Smelling Salt, Soma, Tiger Balm (Grants immunity to all effects for one battle), 3 Deadly Venoms, Fire Bomb, Floral Bomb, Air Bomb, Aeolus Bomb (100 wind-elemental damage to all enemies), Bedroll, 2 Pumpkin Bombs Dreyrugr (Vash the Stampede) Level 19.5 Black Knight *Immune to Stunned, Water, Wind, and Fire* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 12 Health: 38/38 Gold: 152 Equipment: Sharkjaw Scythe (WP:15, WP x2 against Aquatic type enemies, Darkness,Ice), Gloves of the Undead Assassin (For every enemy the wearer kills, it gains 5 HP, Immunity to Water, Usable by anyone, Handgear), Dragonbrand Shield (SP: 8, immune to wind and fire, shield), Black Knight's Armour (SP:4, protects from stunned-effect) Inventory: Venom x6, Bedroll, Remedy, Smelling Salts, Mead x2, Net (if used in combat, 1/3 chance to slow enemy, 1/3 chance to be useless, 1/3 chance slow self, lasts 3 rounds, retrievable), Nostrum x2, Throwing Dagger (WP:3), Fauxthril Scythe (WP:5), 4 Bones, Bow (WP: 4), Grand Potion x2, Phoenix Essence x2, Soma, Mulled Wine, Crow-Claw Dagger (WP: 6, 50/50 chance to stun enemy on successful attack), Shuriken (WP:5, Wind), Cloak of the Blue Assassin (SP: 1, backwear, suitable for anyone), Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), Pseudos Hood (can damage undead with normal attacks), Hunter's Plate (SP: 4, wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed, suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors), Deadly Venom, Scroll of Ice Armour Nagure (Costy) Level 21.33 Berserker *Natural Respite* *Trap Evasion* *Immune to Ice,Fire, Earth,Petrified, Fragile, Blinded, Confused and Asleep* *Counterstrike* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 25 Health: 43/43 Gold: 5 GP: 4 Equipment: Xiaolin's Bident (WP:16; instantly kills Aoi; ice- and lightning-elemental spear), Yeti Fur Coat (SP:12, immunity to Ice, Fire, FragileBlinded, Confused and Asleep; suitable for yetis only, bodywear), Counterstrike Gloves; handwear), White Dragon's Greaves (SP:3, avoid traps on the ground, immunity to earth and petrified; suitable to knights, dragoons, skirmishers and winged warriors; footwear), Shield (SP:10) Inventory: Stone Hammer (WP: 15, Earth & Darkness-elemental, hammer), Tiger Slayer (WP:10/20 against enemies with “tiger” in their name; spear), Axe of the Croise (WP: 10, Light-elemental axe),Helmet (SP:1), Potion x2, Grand Potion x8, Remedy x4, Elixir, Phoenix Essences x2, Mead x2, Deadly Venom x2, Smoke Bomb x5, Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Pickaxe, Lightning Bomb x2, Smelling Salts, Venom, Phoenix Incense x2, Teleportapple, Scroll of Weakening Purpearl Berthadhiell (Purpearljellyblob) Level 3 Mage Power Bonus: 0 Health: 7/7 Ether: 7/7 Gold: 0 Equipment: Crimson Arcanon (Wand WP:3) Inventory: Bedroll, Potion, Tonic, Party Bomb (x2) (20 damage to all enemies, 1/3 chance to stun every enemy), Ruby (Fire), Topaz (Lightning), Amethyst (Darkness) Baradok Segul Cannari(Cryos) Level 4 Barbarian Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 2 Health: 10/10 Gold: 250 Equipment: Calcified Club (WP: 5, Earth-Elemental) Light Armor (SP:2) Inventory: Potion x3, Remedy, Phenoix Essence, Deadly Venom, Blind Fury (Causes enemy to become Blinded and Enraged), Smelling Salts, Starter Halberd (WP:3), Doppel Vial Matthias (nstickney) Level 1 Ranger Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 0 Health: 6/6 Gold: 0 Equipment: Tinker's Crossbow (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion x2, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll QM Note: Welcome aboard everyone. For those of you relatively new, please check and ensure that all of your stats are correct. Once we've got everyone confirmed we'll move things along. In the meantime feel free to role-play/interact with anyone or anything you see in the photos or may not see. As always if you really want to do something specific, please ensure you bold your actions as it will make it much easier for me to spot. Good luck.
  8. Tanma

    Knifefish 2

    So here we are again for another tale. This finishes the first three stories in my MCU project, so please check out its prequels Knifefish and The Armored Automaton. Please give feedback, and if you can recommend books or sites giving accurate information on modern Japan, please do so. My current designs for the fourth and fifth stories needs that information. Other than that I present my newest story. "Okay, remember," Robin managed as she looked ahead, "No killing unless you have no choice." She flew through the air, inside of a patchwork armor painted bronze. "Alright," Isaac said. The intelligent armor shot through the sky as she rode inside, the pair of them bolting. As they flew they came upon a tower, smoke pouring out of the side. Letters ran down its length, though they were obscured by the ash. Isaac flew into the hole, landing with a tap. Immediately Isaac opened up his back, and Robin stumbled out. As she balanced she patted her chest, feeling a lump where her yarn catfish was held underneath her black and gray uniform. Scars covered her face, burnt in. "Okay, they have tech based off of the Expo drones and early Iron Man Armor," Robin focused, "Crude mechs, but enough to keep the police at bay." She felt around, feeling the electricity of the tower. Below she could sense the mechs, their guns raised to fire over anyone who approached. Robin was a scientist who managed to engineer organic implants that bind to humans. These implants grant the implanted the ability to see electricity and the power to fire bioelectric stings. She was the first to be implanted, and known to the public as Knifefish, the first autistic superhero. "SHIELD suspects ties to AIM," Isaac updated in a boom. He was a cobbled together suit of armor, built from the remains of Iron Man's arsenal and Chitauri technology. The Chitauri were aliens who invaded the Earth fairly recently, led by the Norse god Loki. "Thanks," Robin nodded. "You think they are after a way to stabilize Extremist?" The company that owned the building was infamous for genetic experiments, and the Extremist formula required a lot of improvements. "Or a new superhuman serum," Isaac blasted through some wreckage, "There is a lot of research on regenerative formulas in this place." The two of them ran down the hall, making their way to the stairs. Knifefish scaled onto Isaac as he dropped down, falling through the gap in the staircase. Then as he reached his target his Repulsers fired, levitating him and Robin in the air. The two landed back on the stairs, stepping towards the doors. Knifefish hummed as she stared at the wall, feeling around through the barrier. Suddenly she burst through the door, discharging electricity into a mech. Sparks danced from the bulky suit, as Robin dropped out of the way. As he came up Isaac fired, sending blue energy into the mech. It crumbled to the ground, sizzling. Knifefish felt it, detecting the trapped pilot. With a nod she moved on, with Isaac coming up behind. --------------------- "They're in." SHIELD agents crowded around their monitors as they watched from Isaac's cameras. The duo were moving forward, slipping towards another mech. With a leap Knifefish discharged into the foe, before Isaac unleashed a burst of energy. Across the room an agent asked, "Sir, are you sure it's wise not to send the Bolts?" An agent with black hair and an eyepatch turned to face him, "The Bolts and the Drones are not supposed to be public. We need them for the next big threat, and we need them stealth. The public will not take kindly to mass genetic engineering." "Do they know?" asked the agent. Agent Jackson looked his underling over before saying, "Knifefish is currently informed that we are trying to make superheroes, not soldiers. Whether she believes it, we don't know, but the Automaton does not know about his duplicates. And we prefer they don't find out. Understood?" "Yes sir," the agent answered. "They are just the public image," Jackson muttered, "The clean portrait." --------------------- Outside of the Sentinel SHIELD base a whirling of blades spun as a helicopter landed. From its doors stepped out a woman covered in implants with a yellow suit of armor. As she landed with a thud she walked forward, a red light in her chest aglow. "Who are you?" a SHIELD agent asked, machine gun at the ready. "My name is Agent Georgia," her eyes turned red, "I am your superior. Escort me inside." The agent's eyes turned glassy as he nodded, before leading her forward. Behind her came a trio of men, none in SHIELD uniforms. Together they wheeled crates of supplies, masked from sight. As they approached the entrance another agent asked, "Who are-" "I am Agent Georgia," she answered, "Your superior. I have come to help in the defense of Earth. Inform the others that their superior is coming, then take me to the bulk of your agents." The man activated his earpiece, and began to give a report. Turning to the first agent she said, "Take these three agents to the comms and do whatever they say." Her face scrunched up briefly, though she still calmly walked inside. The agent led her forward, his eyes blank and glazed. Stepping forward she entered a large room, where agents crowded in front of monitor. "Who are you?" an eyepatch wearing agent pulled out a gun. "My name is Agent Georgia," she answered, "I am your ruler. I am here to lead you in the defense of Earth." The agents saluted, even as blood trickled from her nose. "Now," she said, "What resources does this site possess?" --------------------- Knifefish ducked, narrowly avoiding a swinging metal fist. With a push she thrust out her arms, zapping the machine. As the mech stumbled she ran to its back and delivered another shock. The Mach stagger, even as it swung around, knocking her to the ground. Ducking behind desks hid workers and scientists, trying not to be spotted. A few tried to record the fight, but most had the sense to just avoid the fight entirely. As Knifefish pulled herself from the ground missiles soared from the mech. As they neared a blast of azure energy struck the projectiles, bursting them. Isaac turned back from Knifefish as she picked herself up, before he fired a blast of energy into another mech. The mech was knocked back even as Isaac flew into it, smashing its front. As he fired again into it a fist swiped his leg. The third mech began to bash him about, striking the ground. Elsewhere Knifefish ran around her mech, feeling the electricity of the battle. As the mech launched its missiles she ducked, leaving them to slam right behind her. She stumbled forward, but caught herself. While the mech reloaded she pulled herself to it and discharged a strong blast. Sparks emitted as wiring was shot, before the mech toppled over. As she started to run off, the cockpit swung open to reveal a man. Knifefish darted back, before discharging into his chest. He passed out, though his body remained functioning. Knifefish ran over to the mech flinging Isaac, and delivered a shock to its back. It stumbled, freeing up Isaac to break free. As he landed he fired into the mech, blasting off an arm. While the pilot stumbled Isaac flew at the robotic suit, knocking it to the ground. As the mech crashed he blasted into it again, shorting it out. Immediately he rush to the remaining mech, which had begun to run away With a thrust of his wrists Isaac fired into the surviving meh, sending it cashing. As the last foe fell Isaac and Knifefish ran up to each other a dipped their heads, even as the civilians cheered. As Robin felt around Isaac pried open the mechs, taking out the crew. "Threat disabled," he reported. "...Good," a voice stated, "Wait around until the recovery team gets there, we can't afford for that tech to go missing." "Yes sir," Isaac bellowed, before turning to Robin. She was watching the fallen enemies, even as she felt her catfish. Her scars scratched over her face, a relic of an Extremist Soldier's attack. "Knifefish," he stated, "I have something. Can you watch them?" "Sure," she answered, "Just don't leave without me, you're my ride." Isaac nodded, before departing from the area. --------------------- As Isaac went off Robin turned to the three unconscious enemy agents a civilian came up to her. "Robin, right?" he asked. "Call me Knifefish," she said, not focusing on her lack of a secret identity, "You need something?" "Who is that guy?" "Oh, that's just Isaac," she answered, "His body's made from some of the Iron Man Armor. He is okay." "He's a robot?" Knifefish stared before she said slowly, "He is not a robot, he is an android." "What is the difference?" "Robot is an insult coming from the Czech word for slave. Android comes from the Latin and Greek meaning man." "...Okay." Knifefish calmed and resumed watching the mech pilots. Time passed in awkward silence, before Isaac returned. "I have what I required," he said, "Hopefully SHIELD will send a team up here sometime this day." As he waited police made their way into the room, spotting the knocked out pilots. "I see you have everything under control," a policeman muttered. Isaac turned towards him, "Yes, it would appear so." Knifefish meanwhile was checking a clock, noting the time. --------------------- Robin looked at Isaac, "It's been too long. Call another SHIELD base." The two of them were on a roof, with the mechs in one pile and the bound pilots in another. Isaac nodded before remarking, "I heard you earlier. I was unaware you had strong feelings about the word 'robot.' Despite its origin you realize it's current meaning jus means humanlike machine." "...That is the main definition," she said, "But it also is used to meaning 'emotionless machine.' Which you aren't." She sighed, "It's a insult people sometimes associate with autistics; the robot, the Vulcan. On the other side you have the r-word and savant." "I was unaware of this." "My mom says people don't do it any more and times are changing," she looked away, "That we are so common that they have to change. Will doesn't think so." "Odd," Isaac said. "No, he has had a harder time than me," Robin said, "He moved out because the stress of moving was actually less than being with his birth parents. There are reasons a lot of his family are villains in his stories." "No," Isaac said, "I just spoke to the Director of SHIELD, he was unaware that agents haven't come yet. I believe that can only indicate nothing is wrong." "Agreed," Knifefish replied, "...You were being sarcastic right?" "Director Fury is sending agents to us now," Isaac looked up, "As well as some to investigate the base." "We better join them," Knifefish looked up at the sky, "You know, once the agents arrive." --------------------- Helicopters whirled in as Extremist Soldiers unloaded supplies. An army of the superhumans moved about, incoming from the survivors of AIM. AIM had been a technology group responsible for terrorist attacks and a conspiracy against the United States. After their founder was taken down and AIM was exposed by the superheroes Iron Man and Iron Patriot the remaining workers were on the run. But with the fatal nature of the Extremist treatment and the efforts of superheroes like Knifefish and Iron Patriot AIM had dwindled in number. Now all surviving AIM agents were injected with Extremist, as their leader had commanded. The superhumans were all ticking time bombs, unless they could stabilize the technology. "Any luck with Stark's research on Extremis?" The former superhero had managed to purge the treatment from a user, allowing SHIELD to deposed captured agents. But it alo might help in balancing the formula. "No, Madam." As Extremist Soldiers modified the long range transmitters, Madam Georgia looked on. As she watched her workers, a pair of operatives approached her. A youth was clutched in their hands, struggling to break free. "Madam," one of the AIM acts said, "We caught this kid trying to access the comms." "Who are you?" asked Georgia, "Who were you trying to contact?" The teen winced and grunted. "Go to ---- neut," he answered, "I'm not talking. Give me all the headache you can, I won't give it up." "No," Georgia slipped, "No, no you can't be immune. No, I-we need this. Lock him up, and get the amplifiers ready. We have to hurry, I need to unite the world before it is too late." The agents dragged Will away, as Georgia breathed heavily. "Control," she muttered, "Need to maintain control. Can't let it happen again." --------------------- Robin flew inside of Isaac as they approached the base, struggling to get comfortable. With a twist he dived, landing outside the perimeter. As Knifefish stumbled out Isaac remarked, "Radio signals are jammed." "Okay," Knifefish felt around, "Truth, there is like an army of Extremist Soldiers in there. I thought there was only one left. Even if they built another device, how did they get so many volunteers?" "Truth?" "Sometime you have to see FMA Brotherhood," she backed up as she felt more, "Okay, this is over our heads. We need to get Avengers on this, or Iron Patriot-" "You need to go get help," she turned suddenly, "Just go outside of range, it shouldn't take long for you." "...You are not coming?" "There are a lot of SHIELD agents here," she answered, "And Will. I need to make sure he is okay. I can avoid them long enough to figure out what is going on. You know, maybe. Point is we might not have time to wait. I mean yeah I only write down three-fourths of the Bolt information, but who knows what else they have there." "You were prepared for this?" Isaac focused on Robin, as she looked down "Captain America is the first superhero," she answered reluctantly, "But he was intended to just be a soldier. And you told me about New York. The Chitauri only noticed us because we were using that Tesseract to make advanced weapons." "I have difficulties seeing the difference between a superhero and a soldier," Isaac remarked, "Both defend populations and battle enemies, and both kill. You are the exception." "...A superhero should be a defensive force," Knifefish began to move forward, "To protect first, fight second. Soldiers are meant to fight wars, heroes should save and protect lives." Isaac stared at her, before saying, "At the base SHIELD has records of the regeneration experiments. If they could use them to stabilize Extremist..." Knifefish nodded turning towards the facility. Isaac turned away, before bolting into the sky. In a blur he flew off, as Knifefish crept forward. She made her way towards the base, feeling everyone with bioelectricity. Knifefish finally reached the door, and fired a weak jolt to the electronic lock. As it opened she bolted inside, feeling around for anyone. As she ran she suddenly froze, as she spotted a security camera swiveling about. Feeling around she bolted, just as the camera faced away from her. With a leak she discharged, causing the camera and the nearby lights to spark out. Her hands held out like antennae, Knifefish swerved as she ran, looking for everyone. Bioelectricity roamed over the base, forcing her to duck and weave. As she felt around she ould feel someone in the local brig, contained. Knifefish made her way towards the prison, spotting an unusual soldier guarding the cells. He felt a odd, not human, but not quite a Extremist Soldier, with hotspots on his arms and chest. As she focused she could see Will, glaring. She breathed out, even as the soldier suddenly turned towards her. Knifefish leapt forward, sending a blast into the agent. As she turned to watch him. her eyes widened, as a surge of electricity struck her. "Bolt," she realized, hardening up. The man leapt at her, discharging. Quickly she leapt to the side, tumbling onto the ground. As she pulled herself up she swung out her arm, zapping his leg. As she stood up the Bolt staggered, freeing her to spot a faint spike of electricity in the soldier's ear. Hoping to herself she leapt forward and discharged, frying into the soldier's ear. As the soldier stumbled in pain she blasted again into his ear, letting the earpiece burn into him. "And that is why I don't carry electronics," she said, before kicking him in the crotch. She breathed as Will clapped, "Nice takedown," he said, "Listen, something is going on. I think we are looking at a Loki scenario." Knifefish nodded carefully, Isaac had told the two of them the story. Loki was the brother of Thor, both gods. Loki had lead the invasion in the Battle of New York, but in the build-up he had used his powers to mind control SHIELD agents. Will suddenly smiled, causing Knifefish to shake her head, "No," she said, "AIM probably didn't factor in non neurotypicals in whatever device they used...Isaac. That lab was a diversion." Will nodded, "I thought so. Time for you to save the world?" "Time to stall," she shorted out the lock, "We need to get to communications, the Avengers need to know...but first we need to head to the labs." Will nodded, before following her out into the hall. --------------------- "Attention Director Fury," Isaac hovered over a forest, "Knifefish and I have investigated Sentinel. It appears to be overrun with Extremist Soldiers. Signals are jammed within." "That is all we need," Fury sighed, "The military is sending Iron Patriot, and we've got some of our agents on route. You need to navigate them." "Sir Knifefish has already gone in," Isaac said. "Funny," Fury glared across the comms, "She didn't seem suicidal." "She isn't," Isaac answered, "I suspect she might be after the research on Extremist. She may be attempting to cure the invading force." "You think she can?" "...Not all of them." "Iron Patriot is almost at your location," Fury said, "Get him there with all speed." "Sir." "You won't make a dent in them," Fury said, wait for help. You're no use to us dead." Isaac stared out towards the base, his hand clenched. --------------------- Madam Georgia relaxed as wires piped into her implants, as her soldiers hooked her up to the communication hub of the base. Lights flickered as she started to link in, even as she winced. As she hyperventilated an Extremist Soldier walked up. "Madam, we are having some electrical problems." "A rogue Bolt," she managed, "Get...the others on it." "Madam, why are you doing this. It could kill you." "If we are safe, then I am willing," her eyes looked pale, "Now hurry. I can't risk taking out SHIELD when they arrive. Get our army prepared." the soldier nodded, before departing the chamber. --------------------- Knifefish and Will slipped through the base, her hand guiding him as she felt around. Her eyes were opened, but most of her vision was through electroreception. Suddenly she began to move faster, dragging Will behind her. "Truth. Truth," she muttered, "Come on-" Suddenly she stopped dead short, letting Will drift. As he came back he asked, " What's wrong?" "We're surrounded," she muttered, "Truth, a Bolt is running up, he feels me. We're running now." Will nodded, as the two of them focused. Knifefish took off, running with Will right behind. As they ran Extremist Soldiers swiveled, before sprinting after them. The superhumans pounded into the ground, their footsteps cracking the floor. As the Bolt came up Knifefish discharged into his ear, causing him to collapse in pain. She winced at the sound, before sprinting towards the lab, even as the soldiers charged. Suddenly a fist smashed into Knifefish, knocking her to the ground. Wearily she pulled herself up, to see a fierce Extremist Soldier towering over her. Quickly her hands flew up as the foe punched, sending a jolt down through the soldier's arm. As he winced Will tackled him, knocking the soldier to the ground. Knifefish pulled herself up, before forcing her body to sprint. Her side ached, even as Will covered the rear. "Almost there," she managed as they turned a corner, squeezing Kitty. Suddenly an Extremist soldier ran from the front, causing Knifefish to dodge. As she moved she heard a sick crunch, as the foe slammed her fist into Will. Knifefish stared in horror as Will fell, watching him collapse in pain. As a hand grabbed Knifefish she spun around, before discharging into the Soldier's skull. In a flurry she charged, letting adrenaline take over. She zapped another soldier, and another, before grabbing at Will. Helping Will up she dragged him inside the lab, just as a pack of AIM agents charged. Inside she heaved a table to block the door, before rushing to a lever. With a twist she pulled, as an alarm sounded. "Quarantine!" it sounded, as the door slammed shut with a metal gate. Robin sighed with relief, before turning to Will. He was bleeding from the chest, and the smell of ash came from his blackened shirt. "I'm not feeling so good," he admitted as he sprawled. "Okay. Okay. Okay," Robin held her chest, squeezing her catfish inside the suit, "Wait, duh. Okay, computer." Robin rushed over to a monitor,typing in her username. Quickly she searched through, before pulling up a series of notes on the regeneration formula. "Okay, I just need to fix a serum that turns users into lizard-men," she began to read as she spoke, "With science not in my field that I have never studied before. Please be my cave moment." Tony Stark was the first modern superhero, using high tech armor. However his first suit of armor was simplistic and built together in a cave with a box of scraps. Yet that first suit still possessed the first mobile Arc Reactor in the world, and the cleanest power source at the time. --------------------- As Extremist Soldiers patrolled, there was a twinkling in the sky. As they turned a barrage of missiles flew through the air, pounding into them. With a Thud Iron Patriot and Isaac landed, even as Quinjets began to flew towards them. The jets shifted their engines down and began to hover, even as large guns opened out at their bottoms. Bullets began to pound into the nearest Extremist Soldiers, even as Iron Patriot and Isaac flew into the base. Iron Patriot whirled open his shoulder gun even as Isaac fired blue bursts into two soldiers. As the AIM agents stumbled Ion Patriot fired a missile, ripping a trio of agents apart. "We need to find Knifefish," Rhodes said, "Can you track her? I'm reading at least six signatures." The pilot of the Iron Patriot suit was a soldier who had been a long time friend of Tony Stark. "Bolts," Isaac said, "They are too similar. Their freedom is...curious, though two appear unconscious." "Yeah," Iron Patriot blasted another agent, "And I am reading a lot of SHIELD agents coming towards us." "Loki scenario?" "I really hope so," Rhodey fired a missile at the feet of the coming crowd, knocking them to the loot, "Or lose SHIELD has the worst background checks in the world." As they moved in there was a rush, as a squad of Extremist Soldiers mashed though the walks into the two of them. --------------------- "Madam, the rogue Bolt has locked herself in a genetics lab." Georgia lay in her chair, her eyes red as she twitched. "I'm...I'm...I'm focusing," Georgia answered, "Deal with the other intruders first first first, one Bolt isn't going to hurt us really real fake." "...Yes Madam." --------------------- "Talk to me," Robin said as she separated strands of lizard DNA, "I think that is what you're supposed to do to keep conscious." "Sounds great," Will blinked long and slow, "Did you...did you know at least a third of the soldiers think we are together." "We are." "No," he winced, "Like Almei." "...Never," Robin stated at him for a second, before starting again, "I mean I'm flattered they aren't assuming we can't feel, but you're like my brother. And I couldn't do that to you." "I know," he answered, "Though even I disagree with your con-cough-ception of love." "It isn't love it's lust," her hands were a blur, her clumsiness forgotten, "lust can sometimes transform into love, but it always starts as filthy dirty primal urges." "..." "Will, come on," she said, looking at him frantically as she worked, "Please. Will. William?" She began to hyperventilate as he muttered, "I'm sorry if I pushed you-" "You couldn't if you wanted to," Robin finished, "Not really." She looked over a syringe of chemicals, wincing. "Why couldn't it have been catfish DNA?" she moaned, before forcing herself to inject the fluid into her arm. As she started go automatically refill the needle she grabbed a scalpel and made a light cut on her wrist. As she looked the cut began to rebuild itself, rapidly healing. As she helped she felt around, checking out the Extremist Soldiers outside the door. "Okay," she affirmed, "Everything is okay." Quickly she rushed to Will and injected the serum into his blood. She watched over him, squeezing Kitty tight through her uniform. The soft catfish cough to keep Robin calm, as she watched over her dying friend. --------------------- "Madam," an Extremist Soldier ran up, "It appears that the Bolt is actually Knifefish. She returned already from the diversion-" "You fools!" Georgia's eyes erupted with fury, "And you let her get in a lab? She is god there! Release the drones, take her out and the intruders!" The soldier nodded, before running out as fast as he could. --------------------- Isaac smashed into a wall as an Extremist Soldier tackled him. As he pulled himself up there was a twist as a burning touch singed into his armor, roasting into him. Isaac struggled to break free, just as Iron Patriot flung another soldier into the one pinning Isaac. The android pushed up before blasting the soldier point blank, tearing into her. With a twist Iron Patriot launched a volley of missiles into the incoming Extremist Soldiers, knocking them back. As dust over their vision Isaac scanned forward, before hauling twin burst into a charging soldier. Suddenly red eyes pierced the gloom. In a burst an ebony figure rocketed through the shadows, smashing into Isaac. As he tumbled he caught sight of a robotic drone, roughly identical to him. "What is this?" Isaac stood up, "Why...they made more of me." His sensors poured over the two robots, taking every detail. Just as he prepared for a fight an Extremist Soldier tackled him from behind. As he fell, Iron Patriot blasted the drone, knocking off a chunk of its armor. The robot turned towards Rhodey, before surging blue energy into the warrior. Iron Patriot knocked into a wall from the blow, as a second robot crashed into him from the side. He skidded across the ground, before catching himself. Isaac activated the jets on his feet, burning into the Extremist Soldier. As a rip in her toro emerged he blasted off, tackling the first robot. Isaac swung his fists wildly, pounding into the machine. Behind him he could see Iron Patriot firing missiles into the second done. The robot sparked as its core was ruptured, before blasting Isaac. He stumbled back, as it swung out its leg, knocking him to the ground. Isaac shuddered from the blow, while the robot began to step on his face mask. Twisting his arms up he fired at the robots core at full blast, even as his sensors failed. Feeling the pressure relax he pushed up, knocking the robot off of him. As Isaac turned to help Iron Patriot, a metal arm swung into him. He staggered, to just as spotted the drone, it's left arm dangling by exposed wires. The robot swung again with its right arm, before blasting Isaac in his core. Isaac shuddered at the impact, his power source shaken. Suddenly the second robot smashed into the one armed machine, freeing Isaac to launch twin blasts into the core of the first robot. With a rip it exploded, tearing into the second. Iron Patriot focused his hands and fired his Repulsers into the machine. As it staggered Isaac hurled blue energy into its core, just as Iron Patriot launched a missile into it. With a rip it exploded, tearing it apart. As the two took a moment o recover Isaac managed, "I de-detect abnormal brain Bolt in labs. Possibility it is Knifefish. Go investigate?" "You okay?" "Head in pain," Isaac answered as he touched his bent up head, "Need repairs. Least SHIELD apparently has experience in make me." "Not just that. You just destroyed copies of you." "I not agree to them. Simple programing I sense. They mockery to I. Not true people. Just robots. You kill humans." Iron Patriot gave him a look, saying, "True. Just don't give out on me." The two technological heroes ran down the halls, coming up upon the lab room in question. Outside some soldiers were trying to burn their way in, as a drone watched. Suddenly the machine swiveled, as a barrage of missiles flew into the crowd. The ceiling ruptured, raining rubble onto the group. The debris knocked into the heroes and the group, burying them. Slowly the group picked themselves up, just in time for Iron Patriot to fire a surge of power into two of them. The third soldier leapt on Iron Patriot, as the done and Isaac picked themselves up. Isaac leapt onto the robot, smashing hard into its core. As the robot fell he kicked, before blasting it's core twice. The robot collapsed, just as the Extremist Soldier collapsed. Walking up to the door Isaac smashed it open, for Will to leap at him. "Oh," Will climbed off, "It's you. Huh, looks like SHIELD was making an army put of you." "So it would seem," Isaac looked as Knifefish came up, her hand squeezing the lump in her uniform. "I might have good news," she said, "I have started researching the Extremist purge, I think I can maybe make a dispersal system through the sprinklers." "Right," Will said, "In a short amount of time we should be able to strip all of them of their abilities, except for your drones and Bolts." "So do you know why they are attacking here?" Knifefish asked suddenly, "This isn't the biggest SHIELD base, and the research here isn't exclusive." "Maybe they were after you." "But I was sent away-right," Knifefish glanced at the damaged drone, "Bolts. Duh. Okay...but again they have files on it elsewhere. Probably less guarded places, and if their mind control fails the Bolt guys will quickly turn on them." "Oh, right," Will slapped his head, "She said she was going to unite the world. The AIM person in charge I mean." "...Base po-po-possess ability project signals across world," Isaac turned towards a wall, "If AIM able use power, perhaps they transmit mind control across planet." "Alright," Iron Patriot turned, "Isaac, you're with me. We need to stop that signal. Knifefish, try to depower the AIM agents." Knifefish nodded, before running over to work. Will stood beside her, brandishing a scalpel. Iron Patriot and Isaac took off, clunking away as they ran. Isaac smashed through a door in a rush, charging up towards the communication hub. The two bursted into the room, to find it literally covered in Extremist Soldiers. --------------------- Knifefish turned to Will, flask in hand. "Okay," she nodded, "Now we need to move to...I have no idea where sprinklers get their water." "I do," Will began to run, "Remember 'Of Water and Blood?' I had to make sure you could use the sprinklers to defeat Stingray." Knifefish smiled briefly, chasing after him. Will's stories tended to revolve around Knifefish, even before she was discovered by SHIELD. However ever since the two of them had been forced to flee to SHIELD only Robin had been able to read them. "Okay so we need a blueprint of the building," Will said, "Think you can access that?" "You know I'm not good at computers." "Well then we have a lot of guesswork to do." --------------------- Explosions rocked the room as Iron Patriot launched missiles across the room. SHIELD agents leapt in the way of the explosives, shielding the comms. "Really?" he asked, before switching to Repulsers. Extremist Soldiers charged past the fallen agents, searing heat bursting from the AIM operatives' mouth. "Keep them-ah-ha-busy," the woman in the center ordered, "I need more time!" Blood trickled out of her nose, and her face had started to turn red. Her breathing was irregular, heaving up and down. Suddenly a burst of electricity discharged into Iron Patriot, causing him to spark. As he turned Isaac tackled the Bolt, blasting the mind controlled superhuman in the face. As the Bolt fell another surged electricity into Isaac, causing him to collapse. Sparks dances about him, his systems already devastated by the fighting. As he stumbled Isaac forced a burst from his hand, blowing up the agent's skull. Isaac collapsed on the ground, as Iron Patriot sent Repulser blasts into a charging Extremist Soldier. The AIM agents crashed into a wall, as beams of energy burned through the horde as they charged. With a twist Iron Patriot got a blast free, burning into the comms. Sparks erupted from the monitor, shocking the yellow suited woman. With a shriek she sparked, ripping the wires off her face. Blood oozed from her ears as she shook. "You fool," she roared, "You have doomed the planet!" --------------------- Robin and Will twisted a valve, pouring fluid into the pipes. "Okay, that should do it." "I've got to set it off," Robin started to sprint, "You tie up the Bolts I knocked out." Will nodded as Robin ran off. Knifefish sprinted about, skidding into the room. Her hand flew to her mouth as she stepped into the comms room, which had a layer of goo on the ground. Devastated SHIELD and Extremist Soldiers crowded the floor, torn to bits. As she stumbled an Extremist Soldier tackled her. Quickly Knifefish discharged into his head, stunning him long enough to get free. As explosions rocked behind her she leapt at the ceiling, before discharging. Sprinklers activated, dripping mostly water onto the crowd below. But mixed in came another compound, soaking into the Extremist Operatives. Slowly they stumbled, before collapsing on the floor. As Knifefish landed she spotted Isaac, collapsed on the ground. His electronics were silent, and no lights flicked. "Come on," she muttered, before giving a weak discharge into Isaac. She waited briefly as something thumped behind her, before trying again. Suddenly Isaac flickered and managed, "I-I-I-I-oh. Major repairs needed." "Just lie down," Knifefish sighed, just before a Repulser blast knocked into her shoulder, sending her across the room. As she stood up her tissue began to heal, even as she winced. As she looked she spotted a woman in a yellow suit of armor smashing Iron Patriot into a wall. "Do you comprehend what you have done!" the woman shrieked to the soldier. "No," said Knifefish as she ran up, "What have we done?" She delivered a shock to the stranger's arms freeing Iron Patriot from her grasp. He crashed into the ground, the suit inoperable. "You will die!" "Seriously," Knifefish crashed as a blast of energy knocked her back, "And where did you get that armor?" " want to know? Fine, I'll tell you. I was at the Battle of New York. I was there when the sky burned and gods decided the fate of the world. And you know what I did there. You want to know what I contributed?" "Nothing," the woman said, "I did nothing. I could do nothing. I was just an ant in a tornado. Everyone was. Only the Avengers had any control of the situation, we were helpless. And we will be the next time." "Don't think for a second there won't be another disaster," the woman clenched her fist, "We've been noticed. The aliens will come back, and others too. The only way we have a chance is if we work together. We have to gather our best minds and develop new soldiers, stronger technology. Otherwise the next time we won't have another chance." Knifefish looked about with electricity and said, "AIM did have a mass produced superhuman serum." "And at the time we were still respected," the woman clenched her fist, as the two of them encircled each other, "We even were allowed to modify Iron Patriot. The governments toy! In a few years we could have mass produced proper mechs like this exoskeleton! But then Stark had to reveal Killian's plan and drive us apart." Knifefish continued to feel electricity, and focused on the woman. A spike was gathering behind the woman, radiating energy. Knifefish tensed up, just as a blue burst smashed into the woman. She turned towards Isaac, who had managed to stumble to his knees. Quickly Knifefish leapt, discharging into the AIM Leader's back. The woman spun about, punching Knifefish to the ground. She pulled herself shakily, as the woman fired twin Repulser blasts into her gut. Knifefish crashed to the ground, her chest ripped. She laid still panting, her body slowly squeezing new tissue over the wound. As the AIM Leader charged Isaac fired into her, blasting her back. With a turn she spun, before firing into the android. He sparked, before completely collapsing. Knifefish pulled herself up, crawling over to the AIM Leader, who immediately spun around. With a kick she smashed into Knifefish, cracking her hand. Tears leaked from her eyes, as Knifefish grabbed the leader, and discharged. Electricity parked from her touch as she unloaded, causing the woman to scream. The leader kicked into Knifefish, just as Will tackled her. His fists swinging he tore at her face, squeezing on her implants. She roared as he ripping into the metal, prying into it. His eyes gleamed yellow, his pupils thin. With a surge she blasted Repulsers into him, before flinging him to the floor. Will bent on the ground, even as Knifefish pulled herself up, her chest covered in a faint level of skin. Standing up she leapt, discharging into the AIM Leader's chest. The leader staggered as her radiant core sparked. Energy began to leap from her chest in a strange mist, not unlike the reach of the Tesseract. Knifefish winced as a fist smashed into her, knocking her to the wall. Blood trickled from her implants, even as she struggled to charge. The yellow suit sparked and shuddered, as it's safety's began to kick in. Suddenly Will tacked her, holding Iron Patriot's shoulder mounted gun. With a roar he stabbed it, driving the tool into the mech's core. Fire was born from the armor, slamming Will to the ground. As his skin roasted he looked ahead to see the current leader of AIM, her body torched and tortured. Her body crumbled still and broken. Knifefish pulled herself up, crawling to Will, her chest still devastated. "I'm ah-ha-fine," he managed. She nodded, giving him a hug, before crawling to the leader. Squeezing Kitty, who had survived the fight inside Knifefish's uniform, Knifefish laid her head on the villain. Worry in her eyes she discharged into the Leader's chest, before listening again. As Knifefish felt a faint heart beat she relaxed some, before gulping. She tore some of the clothing off a shredded AIM agent, and bond some of the particularly bad burns. She finally calmed as Will scooted up to her. The two of them leaned there, even as Knifefish looked at the electric dead android. Her eyes were narrow as she stared at Isaac, his body one of many brutalized ones in the room. --------------------- Robin watched as SHIELD agents were bound to tables. The first was slid into an MRI machine, a familiar sight. As the agent lay inside the machine neurologists looked patiently, ready to investigate. Will stood beside her as she asked with a sigh, "Will Isaac and Iron Patriot be okay?" "Yes," Sitwell answered as he looked as well, "The Iron Patriot Armor will take some time to repair however and Isaac will need major reconstruction as well, but both will survive." "Isaac is going to have to explain himself first," Robin decided, her fist clenched. A flicker of the tore apart bodies entered her mind, exploded corpses devastated by her allies. "When did you plan on telling Isaac about the drones?" Robin suddenly turned to Sitwell, staring into his mouth. "We did informed him," he answered, "The data must have been damaged in the fighting." There was a silence before Robin said, "I really doubt that. Then again I don't always get people, I'm still checking out me and Will." "We noticed your experimenting," he said,"you destroyed all the research on the regenerating serum." "Yes," she said, "I didn't want AIM to get the research. And as it turns out it has side-effects in some people." Will nodded, his eyes still golden and reptilian. She could also just about see her reflection, her eyes had a trace of yellow in them as well. "Could you fix it?" "Not my field," she shut him down, "You want a safe serum go to...whatever that company was. Or just put up with Bolts. By the way, has she talked?" "Georgia has been moved to a secure facility," answered Sitwell, "She won't escape." "Yeah," Robin said, "And these agents?" "Hard to say," he glanced at the MRI, "Their minds are several damaged, it may be years before there is any type of recovery." "What are you going to do now?" he asked. "Me and Will are going to talk about writing and stuff," she glared at the thought, "Then when 'murderfest' gets bettered we'll ship back out. Unless you have a reason for us to stop." "No," he said, "We can send you out in the field before then though." "Quinjets are too slow." "We have alternate quicker transportation." "...No robots." "Current Quinjets," he said, "But we have been studying Isaac's design. We can improve them to move at Isaac's speed." "You sure it works?" "Completely." "I will need time to prepare," she said, "But I could use a break from him. Will and me will need a few days" "Understood." As Sitwell walked away Will said, "You know they are making weapons out of you, if they did it to Isaac they would do it to us." "I know," she replied, "But I can't take the research I gave them back. I'm not skilled with computers. And they would probably try to synthesis their own if they had to. The box is open, so all I can do now is hope." "Besides," she said, "The world still needs heroes. And there need to be Autistic heroes, they can't all be neurotypicals. Though we definitely could use some other ethnicities too, even I've noticed everyone but me and Iron Patriot is solid white. Though I heard something about a bird man..." "Wait..." Will said, "You and me?" "...Yeah," she answered, "You have powers too, and you don't like being around these people all the time." "You realize what you might unleash." "No, Will," she was firm, "You aren't a villain. You would never let yourself. Just...don't massacre people. Just, scalpel not sledgehammer.." "Understood," he looked at Sitwell's back as he walked away.