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Found 4 results

  1. My Lego Traxxas Slash is a short course truck based on my Lego Technic Pullback Truck with suspension. The chassis is nearly identical - but I redesigned the suspension setup, incorporating a smaller shock absorber with a custom linkage enabling extremely long travel of the rear suspension. I modeled the styling of this truck to the popular Traxxas Slash R/C car. The traversely-mounted V6 engine is non-functional - HOWEVER, you can adjust the pistons into 36 different positions to your liking by turning the 36z gear. YouTube Video: IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO: Please consider subscribing to my channel and sharing this video. According to the new YouTube Partner Program policy, my channel must reach 1000 subs & 4000 hrs watch time in the last 12 months by February 20, 2018 - or I will be kicked off the YPP. So I really appreciate ANY support you can offer! More Pictures:
  2. Hello everyone, This is my newest creation, it is my forth MOC using non-Lego parts in its construction. I started this project when I bought some rear and front hubs from the Traxxas Rustler to try to fit them with Lego, it turns out that the rear hubs are almost exactly two studs wide and the front ones are about 1.5 studs. I also am using 2.2" wheels with the hubs, they are really grippy and are much better then Lego ones. Unlike my last MOC that had a full body with almost no gaps which ended up weighing about 1/4 the cars weight I went with a more simple design to save weight. IMG_1453 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_1454 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr It uses Traxxas 550 12T motor for drive, Hitec HS-322HD servo for steering, a hobbywing quicrun ESC 1060, a FLYSKY FS-GT3B remote, and a 7.2v 2000mah battery. IMG_1455 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_1457 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr It has full independent suspension on the rear and the back but the back uses Lego dampening springs to stop it from bouncing around during high speeds. Unlike my older MOC's this uses bearings for all of the drivechain components to stop friction, in fact without the motor mounted I could free-spin the wheels because of the low friction. With no surface to rub against no parts were damaged on the drivechain except early versions of the parts to adapt the Traxxas universal joint to Lego. IMG_1467 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_1468 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The total drive ratio is 9:1 with the 12T gear on the motor going to a 36T that goes to another 12T to the 36T differential, this gives it a lot of torque and acceleration. When I designed the chassis I wanted to place the heavy components as low as possible and the motor ended up the same level as the bottom plate with the battery just 1 stud above it. Because of this I can turn at high speeds an it no flip over, there were a few times I would hit a large bump or rock in the road and it would simply skid around not flip. IMG_1458 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_1459 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The steering on this is much better then my last ones and has a pretty good radios for its size, I am using a rack and pinion setup with turnbuckle steering links that allow me to adjust the toe-in or out, I set it to have a small amount of toe-in and with that it can stay going strait for a long time at high speeds. I have used a GPS app on my phone and it says the top speed is 24.9mph or 40kph
  3. Hello everyone, This is my new MOC, it is my third creation using non-Lego parts. Without the body was the fastest out of the three going over 20mph-32kph but with the body it only went 17.4mph-27.9kph which was included in the video. This project was started when I bought the 8880 style hubs from Efferman on shapeways and evolved to also use the non-Lego electronics. I also used the high torque differential, 550 motor mount, and the CV joints for the 8880 type joints, designed by Efferman. This was also my first creation to use my custom designed part, the 5x7 frame for bearings IMG_1130 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I went with a lime and black color scheme on this one to give it a pop of color compared to my other, more bland creations that are white and black. IMG_1131 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I worked a lot on the front to make it look menacing like most real supercars often do. IMG_1132 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr With the custom hubs I was able to make the gaps around the wheel very small but still have it where it does not bind. IMG_1134 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I covered up the bottom to stop dirt and other debris from getting inside the gears and motor that would cause the parts to wear faster and also shorten the life of the motor. IMG_1150 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Here is a picture with the tape and body removed. I mounted the motor and other electronics as low as possible to keep the SOG low for better handling. The gearing is 9:1, there is a 12T gear mounted to the motor and a 36T going into my 5x7 frame with bearings, along with lithium grease, that made the drive chain have almost no friction. With such low friction the motor almost never got hot and no drive parts were damaged even after me driving it on a bumpy road and some crashes. IMG_1149 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The hubs seem to have blended into the background in this picture but here you can see the rear assembly, I made this creation modular where if you remove the two black beams connected to the two dogbone pieces on each side the entire rear axle could be taken for maintenance like regreasng if any was needed. IMG_1148 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_1146 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The front axle was nothing special, just two wishbones with different lengths and so on.... The performance was good but it did tend to pull left or right dew to the slack in Lego parts, but there is nothing you can do about that... Finally the video
  4. IMG_0560 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Hello, Here is my new MOC I named "No limits", It features Traxxas Titan 380 motor Tenergo 5000Mah 7.2V battery HobbyWing Quicrun ESC Futaba Standard Servo motor Custom CNC milled aluminum parts by Brick Machine Shope 3D printed 4bevel gear differential by kind Efferman :) FlySky remote + receiver When I first build this it had full independent suspension but it was melting the CVjoints and UJ's I was using so I settled with a pendular rear suspension for rigidity and a single spring independent suspension for the front. Overall the suspension works well on pavement as well as on loose dirt or gravel terrain. Effermans custom differential works very well and has never ground gears even after my brutal driving and the high RPM's it is spinning at. IMG_0557 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_0555 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The single spring front suspension really helps the performance because it basically allows one wheel to go up and the other down in the same motion much like a bogie but still allows up and down movement. One thing I am not happy about it is the HORRIBLE geometry since the top beams are monger then the bottom ones making it have a negative camber angle. The pendular rear suspension was the only choice since I dont have Effermans custom CV joint parts that would allow full independent suspension with drive. IMG_0558 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_0559 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I mounted the ESC and receiver up high to allow air flow to cool the parts and have easy access to them. The battery was mounted very low with only 2 plates protecting it from the ground kept the SOG really low so I could do full-throttle 90 degree turns without flipping over. Overall it performs VERY well and has not flipped over ever and has broken the Lego speed record by doing 32kph IMG_0586 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Hope you enjoy and please leave a vote on the poll on how you like the use of custom electronic parts.