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Found 3 results

  1. Broadside is one of my favorite triple changers ever since I set my eyes on his G1 toy photo decades ago. I had a chance to acquire Chinese KO version of him many years ago (bundled together with a few KO combiner limbs) but sadly missed out on it. So I never owned / played with this toy to understand his notoriety as a brick-former in the TF fandom. Anyway... 9 years ago I attempted LEGO Broadside version 1 (below) . VERSION 1 As you can see... the ship mode looks fat and the plane mode has saggy wings. duh! VERSION 2 Few months ago I started this v2 project after I saw a photo of Macross Valkyrie in my FB feed . That's an eureka moment where I kinda got the transformation to jet mode figured out. From there , I took a few breaks in between to retreat, rethink and redo it to get the right shaping in both his alt modes. Inspired by USS Nimitz, the back of the ship mode must be symmetrical to provide more mass to form robot legs, unlike an actual ship show above . Compared to v1, the ship mode v2 here is missing armaments on the deck. This is a nod to G1 Broadside's bio about "his vulnerability in ship mode and the need to rely on his passengers to protect him." USS Titanic is a Transformer too :) One of the transformation step: fold the ship deck to form the jet mode's rear. JET MODE Jet mode was inspired by F-14 Tomcat. Since the ship mode is long, this causes the halved deck to form pretty long wings for the jet. ROBOT MODE! In the actual G1 toy of Broadside, he's equipped with an Axe and also a gun. Here, I've decided to integrate them both as a single weapon (Axe turning to gun)... and it's named Hull-Raiser. :) When not on active duty, he tend to his farm and crops. With fellow triple changers that I built recently, Rodimus Prime and Snapdragon For more photos of Broadside v2 and clearer visuals on how he transform between modes , click on my blog link below: don't forget to follow me below!
  2. Hi, It has been a while since I posted a MOC, but I have not been sitting idle. Here is my latest creation, a LEGO Technic replica of the infamous F14A Tomcat: It is as densily packed as I possibly could with features. It has seven electrified functions (driven by one M-motor), six pneumatic functions and four manual functions. Driven by one M-motor and using a manual gearbox the following functions are electrified: - The engine turbines (directly coupled to the M-motor) - The rotating Gatling gun on the port side - A small pneumatic pump - The canopy - The landing gear - The eight landing gear bay doors - The main adjustable wings (in the picture above they are in the low speed, extended position) Next to that there are six pneumatic valves controlling the following functions: - Switch between the internal small vacuum pump and the external large vacuum pump - The bleed doors in the air-intakes of the engines - The delta wings at the side of the air-intakes - The arresting hook - The front and rear flaps on the main wings - The two air brakes on the main wings and the three air brakes at the end of the fuselage The plane also features a couple of manual functions: - A knob to control the pitch of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wings and the joystick are controlled with this knob. - A knob to control the roll & jaw of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wing, the vertical control surfaces and the joystick are controlled with this knob. If the landing gear is down, the front landing gear is steered with this knob as well. A special differential control mechanism is used to combine both pitch and roll control and feed only one signal to each wing. - The nacelles that contain the turbo engines can be opened and the engines can be taken out. - A double lever to activate the ejection seats. The canopy is ejected at the same time as well. This model is available as a limited edition exclusive set on my website. Finally some fun facts: The model weighs around 4 kilograms and is just shy of 4000 parts It is 87 cm long, 101 / 66 cm wide (main wings open / swept back) and 33.5 cm high when put on its stand It has ten small pneumatic cylinders and nine shock absorbers It has 549 axles, 110 gears and 111 panels Most of the functions are color coded so that you can distinguish them during the building process Comments and questions are welcome as always. Leg godt, Jeroen Ottens
  3. Hi, After a few years of procrastinating, but pushed into action by the new technic Jet, I have decided to try to build my F14A Tomcat again, studless... Here is a first shot: The ambition in terms of functionality: 6 motorized functions (one motor with a manual switch gearbox): - Landing gear - Landing gear bay doors (2 for the front landing gear, 2x3 for the main landing gear) - Canopy - Swing wings - Pneumatic pump - Gatling gun 6 pneumatic functions: - Arrester hook - Brakeflaps (2 in the tail + 2 on the main wings) - Canard wing - Inlet deflector shields - Leading flaps & trailing slats on the main wings - Main landing gear lock (when landing gear is down) The aircraft is controlled with differentially controlled wings at the back so that they act as tailerons and rudders on the vertical tail wings. The whole set can be operated manually with two gears at the bottom, one to control pitch and one to control roll. I hope to be able to connect the control surfaces to the joystick in the cockpit, but space is a little tighter in the version than in my old version (I try to build to scale this time, the previous version had a too high cockpit). The front landing gear is suspended. When completely compressed the hook for the catapult on the aircraft carrier is deployed. The landing gear can also be steered with the roll control when it is deployed. The main landing gear will swivel around it's own axis when it retracts. A 3D linkage system will guide it, just like the real thing. I don't think I will add suspension to it. With the weight of the plane the suspension will always be compressed, so it is a bit useless. I'd rather use the space to make a good connection for the pneumatic lock. One thing I am not sure about whether or not I will be able to fit is the ejection seats. My previous studfull version did have ejection seats, but because the space is more limited I fear I will not be able to fit those in. The biggest question I have now is which colour to build it in (that's why the surface elements are all darkblue at this moment, I can easily select that colour and change it to the final livery)... The obvious colour choice would be LBG. Unfortunately there are hardly any panels available in LBG on BL and some panels don't even exist in that colour. For instance I expect to be using a lot of 11x3 curved panels with 10 pinholes, since the paneling will have to provide a lot of the rigidity of the structure. But these panels are only available in red, blue, yellow, black, dark blue medium azure and medium blue and not in LBG. Black is a colour that will have all parts, but it will make the plane look very, erh..., black. A white and red combo can maybe work, but will look quite stuntplane-ish I'm afraid. All red maybe? Thoughts are appreciated. I'll keep you posted on the progress, Leg godt Jeroen