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Found 63 results

  1. Inthert

    [MOC] TIE Fighters

    These TIEs have already been up on Flickr for a little while but I thought I should put them up here too. Not a lot to say really, we all know what a TIE looks like after all. This is my version, it (comfortably) fits a fig, has an opening top hatch and even the rear window seen extensively on ILM models and in the Rebels TV show. It's also surprisingly sturdy, I made sure the cockpit was built for strength (less for looks as you may tell form the amount of studs) and in that it can keep up with my X-wing's tight manoeuvres in a hand-held dogfight :D TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr TIE Fighter (cockpit) by Inthert, on Flickr I've made an LXF file for the cockpit if anyone's interested: TIE Cockpit.lxf (I had added this to my X-wing topic but its obviously more appropriate here ;) EDIT: I've competed the full TIE in LDD as requested. Enjoy!: TIE (complete).lxf UPDATE: I've been informed there may be some pieces missing in the from of 4 2x1 grey plates (used to close the hexagons on the insides of the wings) so just keep that in mind when using the file ;) I also noticed that some parts were omitted from the first file so I decided to re-try the cockpit, seems to be okay in the complete TIE file just so you know. I couldn't just have one imperial ship around to blow my X-wing and Falcon to bits so I made two! This a mining guild TIE as seen in Star Wars Rebels, its a fairly simple modification on my imperial tie, just a few colour changes and what not but it does the job ;) Mining Guild TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Let me know what you think, I'm sure they're far from perfect so any suggestions will be welcome :)
  2. Hi, If you have blue & red 3D glasses, have a look to this fabulous model. This is a cuusoo model of Cornwaille. If you like, support it! His Tie Bomber is also great... If some are interested, I could write a note concerning the stereo renders.
  3. StarWars8Spoiler

    TIE Defender MOC help needed

    So today I've been working on an MOC of the Imperial TIE Defender, and I'm nearly finished, but I plan to bricklink this model and build it in real life after the digital render is complete. Right now this is about 835 pieces, but I'm asking the community for help as to how I might potentially stabilize the wing connections. As they are right now, each of the six wings are attached to the middle plate by some clips which are in turn held in their upright position by a series of inverted 1x2 curved slopes. There's no chance of this thing standing on its own if I were to build it with the current design. Despite this, each of the three central plates are securely held to the rotating axis by means of technic pins. So other than what I mentioned does anyone else have any comments or ideas on how I can improve this? Thanks!
  4. Earlier this year y'all gave some good feedback on my TIE interceptor MOC I finally gotten around to addressing the pylon and wing stability issues. And thanks to your feedback below I painted the windscreen piece to blend into the cockpit. TIE interceptor windscreen and port side More photos on Flickr (including earlier posts)
  5. MaxTube55

    [MOC] TIE/IN Interceptor

    So this basically exists because 12 hour ago (from posting) I was bored out of my mind. So I took apart 75150, and used any other parts I could find from my bin. It could technically be a MOD, but since I changed enough I believe it is considered a MOC. Anyways I ended up with what I have now and I am pretty satisfied with the results. This is also my very first attempt at a MOC...with real bricks (I've made two LDD attempts at the Yavin Base). Enjoy. More pics can be found by clicking here. I am very fond of how the wings turned out and it looks great from the front. But, I'm not very fond of the back, but due to it being done in a day and not having the right parts what I have now works. Anyways I hope you like it and please leave comments, suggestions, and thoughts. Edit: I have fixed the rear with a huge improvement. Please leave, thoughts, comments, and criticism.
  6. Magmafrost

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Hi Eurobricks My first MOC here ever, and its this weird TIE cockpit I've had lying around for months, with boring TIE Interceptor wings glued on it. The idea of a TIE cockpit like this (6x6 dishes on either side, with the 1x4 bowed bricks in between) was originally by Yub Nub, although the means of accomplishing it is my own. TIE fighters have had such a range of sizes over the years that I'm sure this is minifig scale relative to one of them... Ultimately I can't say I'm too happy with it, its not very strong, and while it can (barely) fit a pilot, it can only fit the old style, and they sit too high. What I am happy with, is that I managed to get the window in the back (or according to the guy drawing the Darth Vader comics its a thruster) to actually be a window, and that I found a way to get the canons on the cockpit (in a perfect world, there'd be a short length of red flex tube in there, rather than the green stud. But I dont have any, and this thing isn't worth a bricklink order). It took an entirely new piece coming into existence to figure that one out. I also threw together a regular TIE Fighter with the same concept, although its an older design, before I figured out the front canons. It does demonstrate how it looks in light grey though.
  7. Here is my latest MOC, a TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber, also known originally as Torpedo Launcher. TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr Do not look for this TIE craft in any of the movies, anime, or comic books as you will not find it. It is based on the 3D model created in the early nineties par Marco SPitoni for his excellent animation fanfilm: " ". (Look from 27" and also in the credits)I then decided to build it using my bricks in order to complete and expand further my LEGO TIE collection. TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr This side view shows the technic beam used to link the top wing to the TIE body. It provides structural strength and thanks to it, you can play with the TIE and replicate any kind of space combat. TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr The rear side offers a view on an unusual feature for a TIE craft: the presence of 2 distinctive engines under the wing: TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr Here is a shot at the wing global shape. Note that the middle section has built using an odd number of studs in order to respect the symmetry with the body and the support pylon. TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr Front view depicting the torpedo launchers under the wing: TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Veynom, on Flickr And of course, it is on scale with other TIE sets. ;) Comments welcome.
  8. Ephseb

    [MOC] TIE Raptor

    [spoilers for the X-Wing series and Courtship of Princes Leia] The TIE Raptor or TIE/rpt was a starfighter design used by Warlord Zsinj's Empire during his reign from the Battle of Endor until his final defeat at the hands of the Hapan Royal Navy. A fast and manouverable design, it was not a regular SFS product like other TIE models, but was produced from Sienar components at the shipyards of Zsinj's hideout - Rancor Base - over Dathomir. Raptors are known to have participated in the battles of Vahaba and Selaggis, and were most likely used in many other missions and engagements, since Zsinj's elite troopers (also named Raptors) used them for space combat. The TIE/rpt was equipped with 4 laser cannons and 2 concussion missile launchers, but like most TIE models, lacked shielding, though some prototypes were produced. I admit my design is far from perfect, but I hope you still enjoy seeing my take on the Raptor. Pictures can be found on my Flickr page: Technical data and history of the TIE Raptor: You can learn more about Zsinj here:
  9. Veynom

    [MOC] TIE-Defender

    After my TIE-Emancipator, here comes my rendering of the TIE-Defender, legendary spacecraft from the Star Wars expanded universe. TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr Directly inspired from the 8087 Lego set, here is my attempt at the TIE-Defender. Originally, I merly wanted to slightly modify my 8087 in order to block the rotation of the cockpit. Ultimately, I rebuilt the TIE from scratch, one update after the other. TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr As a consequence, my version is heavier and looks bulkier. However this only makes it more impressive. And a good side effect is that the wings are now symmetrical on both sides. No more inverted studs. :) TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr Front view depicting its angelic face. TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr A couple of pictures from the rear side, where the body supporting the hulk is doubled compared to the original. TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr TIE-Defender by Veynom, on Flickr I really enjoy building TIEs, it is all about TIE-Fun. ;) Comments welcome.
  10. Here's another TIE Interceptor. Comments welcomed! My idea behind this build was to have it: 1) be proportional according to "Blueprints of ships and vessels from the Star Wars franchise" 2) stand without too much support 3) match the style of LEGO set #9492 without compromising (1) and (2) I hope this explains the result. Scale: 3 studs per 1 meter, or about 1:42 scale. Coincidentally, it fits well with X-Wing set #9493 and Y-Wing set #9495 but not the A-Wing set #75003. This TIE pilot is wondering why the interior is so cramped, even though the exterior is clearly bigger than the original set #6206. Two 12-stud long technic axles extend deep into the cockpit to connect it with the wings. A closer look at one of the pylons: The pylon sections are held in place by octogons but otherwise the sections are not connected. This means a hard "roll" would cause the dagger wings to wiggle. I feel this needs to be fixed before it can do any serious space flight. What would you do here? Back view: I only learned recently that the cavity is supposed to be an hexagonal window. Really? Those ion engines must be really really small. Front view: The wingtip guns' main function is to keep the long gray "hypotenuse" tiles from rotating away from the wing (quite an embarrassing sight). Side view: The middle section of the wing is the most unfinished. You can see the technic axles extend all the way to the surface. An earlier iteration used the pulley wheel as a spacer between the pylon sections, which gave room for the obligatory round decorative tile with the TIE print. Unfortunately that lengthened the pylons and unstablized the wings. What would you do here? Due to the cockpit diameter of this particular build, I chose the windscreen from set #6206 instead of the dome from #9492. dream in bricks Shoutouts: The cockpit SNOT borrows heavily from 501st Commando's TIE, The 6ø dishes and octogon-based engines borrows from CCOOK's TIE, Other elements borrow from MOCs now buried deep down in the forums. Thanks to all TIE MOCers for your inspiration.
  11. The wings on the 9492 Tie Fighter were always excellent, but the cockpit let it down badly. The cockpit on the 75082 Tie Advanced was a big improvement, the canopy pieces were quality, but the wings sucked big time. So, I kinda combined the 2 designs and hopefully improved them by adding my own tweaks. Here you go. I willl post some images later on today (unfortunately I set my uploads off as I set off to work today and some of them failed).: All black Batman Tie Fighter! Yes you read it right
  12. Here is a brick-built version of a MOC based on the MKI version of the excellent TIE-Emancipator from GuyDudeMan27. Compared to the original design, I made the following modifications: - The read body has been redesigned to be symmetrical; - Extra details have been added here and there; - Some color swapping depending on available parts in my stock; - Printed parts have been used for the cockpit or parts with stickers for other areas; - Wings supports have been re-enforced for playability & swoshability; - Some structural details were modified for sustainability and resistance to kids. (I know, resistance is futile) TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr Front view ... nasty beast. TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr A top rear view offering insight on the details. TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr Lateral views. Sadly with black on black parts, details are not very visible: TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr And more pictures... TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr TIE-Emancipator by Veynom, on Flickr So special thanks again to GuyDudeMan27 for his design. I really like it and it is a killer once built.
  13. Using the ever-versatile 75082 set, which I believe is the first Interceptor on this site to do so (I've lurked). Previous MOCs I've seen using this set were for a TIE Fighter or Vader's Advanced TIE. UPDATE! VERSION 2 I've made major changes to the wings of this MOC to be better proportioned, detailed, and more accurate. The wing mid-sections are now 6 studs wide, while the wings themselves have been lengthened by one stud each, and pushed back. You can see the original version here:
  14. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] TIE Emancipator

    Hey guys! Today I have my latest MOC, the TIE Emancipator. I made this guy when I was experimenting with some tie fighter designs. The wings are a mix of the Tie defender and Darth Vader's Tie. I took a lot of inspiration from Cornwaille's amazing Tie designs, but there are some changes I want to make to make it more in line with 9492. I've finally managed to make renders without making tons of changes. I've also made up a little story to go along with this guy. Lastly, here is the LFX file: New Tie 2.lxf All pics are on my Flickr. Enjoy! The TIE Emancipator was a TIE variant developed shortly after the Battle of Endor, originally intended as as a successor to the TIE Defender, but evolved into it's own fighter.The TIE Emancipator was a heavy fighter / assault craft, boasting 2 light guns, 4 medium guns, 2 heavy cannons, and 2 concussion or proton missile launchers. It could also be outfitted to carry proton torpedoes and proton bombs, depending on the mission. The Emancipator carried heavy shields, but no hyperdrive, since it was intended to work in atmosphere or around capital ships if needed. The Emancipator had the same engines as the TIE Interceptor, but heavily modified to match the speed the TIE Interceptor could output. The Emancipator saw great success as a ground attacker, being able to rip apart rebel bases with ease. As a fighter, it also saw success, but not as great as the other fighters in the Empire's arsenal. It did better at a capitol ship attacker than a dedicated fighter. Although it's success, they're were only a few thousand ever created, joining the group of Imperial fighters that were too few, to late. Sorry for the huge story guys, now onto the fighter itself! Tie Emancipator by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Tie Emancipator Back by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Tie Emancipator Cockpit by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Tie Emancipator Wing Connection by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr This one is courtesy of Vean. Thanks! Any comments are welcome, so say what you like about this guy!
  15. Nick6314

    LEGO TIE Fighter Modified

    Hello, this is my first post on Eurobricks, if have so much errors don't be so rude. Its about a various modifications of the set LEGO TIE Fighter 9492, and here is: Back comparison view: And a quick tutorial of a optional modification: You can download here tie_fighter_9492 Modded.lxf I can do a update soon...
  16. I think this may be my first real post in this forum, so hello everyone, I'm Brian, aka Bootz. I've recently started seriously collecting SW sets again after a long while of favoring my modular buildings and City sets for my town layout. Last week I purchased the 75082 TIE Advanced prototype with the intention of turning it into an Interceptor (plus I wanted the figs). Since I was snowed in last night, I took it as an opportunity to build the Interceptor I've always wanted but TLG hasn't made in forever. The cockpit is essentially unchanged from the official set, of course I deleted the "Advanced" body to strip it down to just an eyeball, but otherwise I left the design as is. The wings make use of several FO TIE and T-70 polybags that now I don't feel so stupid for buying so many of. The overall shape is as close to the real thing as I wanted to get. They're a tad too long towards the rear but I feel that they look right. The hinges are the same as the Advanced prototype, so there's no chance of them supporting the weight of the model without collapsing, hence the makeshift stand. They do however "click" into place when extended like you see here, and they stay in position while swooshing. With all my builds I aim to retain swooshability and this model is exceptional in that regard. I also kept the missile launchers of the official set with the rotating back of the cockpit as the firing mechanism. It doesn't look great from behind but it's fun to shoot things and the mechanism is very slick to use. My A-wing started as mostly a recolor of the green RZ-1 from the Mon Calamari Cruiser set, but by the time I was done I realize it looked more like the Ralph McQuarrie inspired A-wings seen in Rebels. I'm very pleased with the overall shape, I wanted to capture the rounded hull as best I could while sticking close to the official models and average building techniques. The engines aren't quite accurate, but I instantly loved the way those round pieces looked there.
  17. Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I hope so. On Cuusoo, Paulwiseone and myself have designed several updated TIE variants, designed to match the 2012 TIE fighter model. I am trying to drum up support for these models in the hope that Lego pays attention and starts building more of the imperial fighters into their Lego Star Wars lineup. Please check them out, and if you like them, support them. Thank you. :-) TIE Interceptor: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/31941 TIE Bomber: TIE Advanced x1: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/21227 TIE Avenger: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/33269 TIE Defender: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/33270
  18. Sunder

    [MOC] TIE-Raider

    I'm not a big fan of Star Wars and I've never made good SW MOC's. So this is the first for a long long time. TIE-Raider by Sunder_59, on Flickr Model on MecaBricks:
  19. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] TIE and Falcon

    I've had these built for a few days now; thought I'd post them together. Currently there are plans to build several more micro-ships with some recognizable scenes.
  20. I wanted to incorporate the new cockpit elements (here and here) from this year's 75082 - TIE Advanced Prototype with the 2012 9492 - Tie Fighter. Unfortunately, the new elements aren't in LDD yet. So, I used part 44375 - Parabola 6X6 in their place. This is what I've come up with - along with some other edits: I'm quite happy with the design - especially the rear window. Note: This model has no flick fire missiles or spring shooters. The cannons are just a pair of forward facing 1x1 round plates. Next, I think I'll render a scene with the my approximation of 75094 - Imperial Shuttle Tydirium.
  21. WarSquirrel

    [MOC] TFA - The Scavenger

    30 Years after the Battle Of Jakku, Rey roams the landscape, scavenging everything she can find to get her portion for the day This is a small and simple MOC I built when I was trying to build a TIE fighter. I realized I was missing pieces for the other wing and was inspired by the movie and Star Wars Battlefront to make this Rey finds a TIE pilot helmet, a rare sight on Jakku, which can fetch a pretty penny Sorry for the blurry pictures Thanks for looking - leave feedback if you would like
  22. Reputator

    [MOD] TIE Defender

    I was thrilled to death when I found out this had been accepted into the new canon. It's just such a cool ship, way more advanced than any other TIE, and completely awesome looking on top of it all. That realization just made me want this set all the more, but the original model is marred by a number of substantial flaws. So how about a before-and-after? Re-familiarize yourself with the original TIE Defender, a set I hardly ever see anyone talk about anymore. Before (click to enlarge) The original model definitely has the look (please excuse the ugly hairy appendage). The proportions and everything are good and the structural integrity is decent for the most part. You might say it's a little chunky looking, but it's hard to fault it much for that. Here's a close-up of one of the wings. It's simplistic almost to a fault. The 1x2 grills just don't work as wing frame braces, almost conveying a "pixelated" appearance from an old Atari game. The model also sported a swivelling cockpit, ala B-Wing. You could pivot the wings around in any angle, which looks cool but AFAIK is a complete fabrication on Lego's part on the actual capabilities of the craft. Here you see the pilot, awkwardly sitting inside of a completely featureless cockpit with no controls. Maybe he was trained by a Sith and controls the ship using the Force? After The new-and-improved TIE Defender. A close-up of the wings with a complete frame all the way around, and added center detail. Slightly modified cockpit. It now sits in a fixed position and no longer swivels independent of the wings. The pilot sitting with his new kitted-out flight controls! The "yoke" is the same used on the latest TIE sets. The original model cockpit opened from the top -- the roof and front dome all one piece. It was LAUGHABLY fragile, using a ratcheted hinge that was much too strong for its limited support. A much smoother, wider hinge is now used at the bottom -- WAY more durable and a much more silky movement. --------------------------------- The TIE Defender is an amazing Imperial craft. It looks wicked, and has that too-good-to-be-true, almost fanfiction quality that you often see of Extended Universe creations in how seemingly invincible it is. The fact that the powers-that-be smiled upon it, and grandfathered it into the current canon via Star Wars: Commander is such an awesome move, and allows collectors of strictly "official" storyline Star Wars sets an excuse to add this one in with open arms. Hopefully it will start getting more attention now, and who knows? It might even make a cinematic appearance in one of the side-story movies!
  23. Sullust. At least it isn’t as cold as Hoth. But the volcanic smoke has made a lot of patrolling missions a whole lot more difficult. Take KQ-351, now restoring in the sick bay after almost suffocating due to a minor failure in his ventilation system. Am I glad this base isn’t built near to any major streams of lava. That would be excellent for defence, but highly impractical… On the other side, this base doesn’t seem to be built to keep anyone out in the first place. Sure, the solid rock walls, the few but strong gates and the narrow entrances are good to keep people inside, but there isn’t much protection from attackers. [soNE Ep. IV] Eye on the skies by Bert.VR, on Flickr It was built when just the thought of attacking the Empire would have made everybody laugh. It was built when there was no real Rebellion trying to crack into it. When everything was peaceful… The main services got a place on the roof. Good for communications. Bad for protection. Cannons? Nowhere to see… So it’s up to us to defend the base. The pilots will have to save the day. The AT-AT pilots on the ground, the TIE pilots in the air. We’ll keep the forces of the Rebellion off, while our friends on the inside will stop the infiltrators. My rank got me this position at the main gate. Destroy everything that tries to get in, they said, until the backup arrives. So my eyes are scanning the air, in the hope of seeing reinforcements, in the expectation of seeing a horde of Rebel fighters. [soNE Ep. IV] Ground reinforcements by Bert.VR, on Flickr At least I’m not alone to stop that filth of the galaxy. Every pilot has been summoned. So I’m not the only one to stand up against this brutal Rebel attack. It will be a lonely battle though. In this atmosphere communication is hard, and in fear of abuse by the Rebel infiltrators, all communication has been abandoned after the distress call to our fleet. Look, there’s one of my colleagues in his TIE flying by, from the other side of the cliff where the hangar bay is. He’s heading for… the sky? Why isn’t he on his post in the first place? It could be a reconnaissance mission, but why? We have our detection equipment right here. We already know the place. And why doesn’t a take our usual routes? Why is he flying like a wampa anyway? Whoever it is, I… It might be a Rebel… And I pull the trigger. My instinct is a good shooter. Smoke coming from the crucial wing section, the TIE goes down. It disappears behind the rocks, where it will most certainly perish in the lava. [soNE Ep. IV] Every shot makes two victims by Bert.VR, on Flickr It might have been a friend… No… the thought petrifies me. But how? How could it have been a friend? That’s impossible. Why would he abandon his post? Why would he fly like that… No, it can not… may not… have been a friend. Surely, I have done what was best. There might be hundreds of explanations. A reconnaissance mission because our equipment failed, an emergency evacuation, some kind of special mission… or just a foolish act of heroism by a rookie. Is there another explanation? Couldn’t ir really have been a Rebel. Who somehow got past all security. But how? Who somehow managed to get away with a TIE fighter. Impossible, isn’t it? Aren’t all TIE fighters in the air? Except… KQ-351’s. Hope. Despair. I’m a hero I’m a murderer . I’ll never know. The wreckage will never be found. People will go missing today. Fighters will perish today. Who knows what chaos the upcoming battle brings. And what chaos might follow. I’ll never know if I did the right thing. Nobody’ll ever know. Nobody even saw it happen. Nobody goes through the same hell as I. No one to talk to. I’m alone with a killer. [soNE Ep. IV] What have I done? by Bert.VR, on Flickr Only now I see what this war is taking. I’ve killed before, but only now I realize I remember every single deadly shot I fired. Twelve. I already took the life of twelve people. People just like me. Friend or foe, I killed twelve people. I’ve killed myself twelve times. What’s left of me? I’m only a human. And humans are not made to kill. Whether I just shot down a Rebel or an Imperial, I’m still a murderer. And I can’t undo that. That’s what this war has turned me into. Not into a hero. Into a murderer. There are no heroes. Not in battle. I won’t claim a medal for what I’ve done. All I can do, is go on. Go on and end this war. I need to do the best I can to stop this war. Even if I’ll have to kill again. This war has to be stopped. And if battle is what it takes, so be it. I hope that one day, this war ends with throwing away weapons. That not the Rebellion, not the Empire wins, but peace. But that’s a thing for heroes. I’m just a simple pilot. All I can do is choose the lesser evil. Either way, I’ll have to kill again. I’ll have to kill others. I’ll have to kill myself again. But that’s the only way. Now that I’ve took this road, I can’t go back. I can only go on to be the victim of my own shots. _________________ OoC: LDD file here One more picture of the gate available on my Flickr Not everything is connected, bacause that's (nearly) impossible in LDD. Those Technic axles in the rock pillars aren't connected to each other, but in real life a (LEGO) grey rubber band should do the trick. Trust me, I tried it out. Same goes for the smallest tires in the smoke, that just hang on the bar. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the rigidity of the rock wall. I did add in some Technic support, but in LDD it's really hard to work with all those angled surfaces. Also, I used a couple of 2x2 dark tan plates, that never appeared in a Lego set, but are available on bricklink. I hope these aren't any major issues, and that you still can enjoy the build.
  24. This is my entry for the Contest. Probably won't beat the Wild Karrde or the Howlrunner but here goes. My Entry is a Tie Ugly (Z-Cepter) Here is a link to a side picture since I can't get another upload in :P And a link to the Wookiepedia page.
  25. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] TIE Defender D

    I've always loved the TIE Defender. Since I didn't have any TIE cockpit pieces at the time of this build, I just made a drone. The engines. I imagine it must be very fast.