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Found 82 results

  1. To be Bad Cop, or not to be Bad Cop? That's a question you could roleplay with… Set Title: Bad Cop's Pursuit Set #: 70802 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 314 Minifigures: 2 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Ask me which LEGO Movie sets I was least interested in, and this would've been at the top of my list. Only one unique minifigure, some random tower construction thing, and a car - not exactly that exciting. It seemed to compete with all of the other sets at this price point, the 2-in-1s, all of which seemed to be a lot better than this. But was my initial reaction correct? Let's find out! BOX Lots of action on the box, but again, not that much excitement. The cop car looks ok, but the other thing just looks like an excuse to have more parts in the set. The back doesn't exactly do much to help. The highlight seems to be the cop figure. Just two minifigures in this set - Bad Cop, and another Emmet that you'll probably get in a different set. Admittedly, this is the only way to get Bad Cop/Good Cop in a set, but he alone wouldn't be enough reason to buy this. INSTRUCTIONS Just one booklet for this set, and one small sticker sheet. Not too bad. Same dull color scheme inside as all the other sets, but oh well. It does the job. MINIFIGURES Emmet, as always, is useful if a bit dull, but Bad Cop is truly cool. I love the over-the-top angry face with the cool shades, and the helmet is a great new mould. The torso is nice standard cop affair. Both have alternate faces: the extremely silly Good Cop face, and Emmet's annoying scared face. The Good Cop face is terrific. Both hair/hat pieces are nice all around. Bad/Good Cop has some nice back printing too. A word about the new gun (making its only appearance so far out of Star Wars) - it works magnificently. I saw some reviews of Star Wars sets that say that it works sometimes and not others, but I'm not sure what those people did wrong, since it works every time for me. I get that it's no replacement for accurate guns in SW, but it's a really nice weapon that works very well. I can imagine kids (and myself) having a lot of fun shooting minifigures with this. ANIMALS We get two nice dark green cop gators; standard gator affair, but they're not in that many sets so it's nice to see them pop up again every once in a while. SET - RAILWAY Here's the thing that I took to be a bit of a throwaway, but it's actually an excellent construction. The build on the broken-down rails is great, and overall this thing looks lovely in real life. There's some nice little stone detailing with a frog down in the water, but what really makes this great is the play feature. You can push the red part to make the hanging track lock upright. Emmet thinks he's safe standing up on the rails (even if he's freaking out). And then you can pull out the red part again, and down he goes! It works very well, and I love that you can both lock it up and let it down with the same technic part. SET - COP CAR So the rail part looked surprisingly good, but the cop flying car is really amazing. The shaping is great, giving it a really sleek and fast look that just screams to swooshed around. I'm not sure these pictures show it well enough, but this car looks really really great. The designer did an outstanding job. The back has a great thrusters construction that makes it look like quite a fast flying machine. The inside is quite roomy. Plenty of space for Bad Cop to get comfortable and enjoy pursuing people. The sides lift up to reveal guns that are packed away. This feature is really unobtrusive when folded up. I always love some trans-yellow, even if it's just boat tiles. The guns fold out and back to become cop-colored weapons for to pew-pew away Bad Cop's enemies. The car looks a little strange with the wings up, and I wish they could fold back down somehow once the guns were out, but it's still plenty swooshable and doesn't ruin the look. Overall, just a terrific flying car. I haven't experienced a model I liked this much in a while (although the SWAT truck in the Cycle Chase set is pretty amazing too). EXTRAS Not too many extra pieces of note. You get a second one of the piece that shoots the studs in the new gun, but I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with that. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION To my great surprise, I've come away thinking that this set is a bit of a must-buy. The builds are great, especially the car car, which is simply outstanding. There is an excellent amount of pieces for the price, and though the minifigures might not sell this set, Bad Cop is great. I imagine a lot of people will want to get him after seeing the movie, since he seems to play a sizable role. Even though this is one of five sets at this price range for the line, I'd definitely consider getting this one. You won't be disappointed.
  2. The Chosen Minifigure

    The Lego Movie: Customs?

    I recently rewatched the Lego movie, and I kind of got thinking about all of the new moulds, prints ECT... So I wondered, did Finn's dad make those customs? Did he buy TLM sets? (Heh.) Or are they just kind of crop circles, things that have an explanation that nobody agrees on?
  3. ResIpsaLoquitur

    The Lego Movie Events Schedule

    Hey, can this be posted here? This post isn't quite about sets, and not quite about the film, so I'm posting here until somebody tells me better. Anyway, there's a LOT of events and release dates related to The Lego Movie in the next few weeks. I thought it'd be nice if we could condense them here so people know what to look for. If anyone can suggest anything, I'll edit the post when I have time and add it. (I'm putting US dates for now, but I'll be happy to add non-US dates if someone can tell me what they are.) January - 13 - Free Emmet Poster, The Lego Store 20 - Free Lord Business Poster, The Lego Store 21 - "Build Like The Lego Movie Master Builders" (get a free accessory pack), The Lego Store 25 - TLM Movie Event, Barnes & Noble (US) 27 - Free Batman Poster, The Lego Store February - 1-28 - Free Piece of Resistance Set with $50 purchase at and Lego Stores Variable - Color Me Mine Lego Movie Event 4 - Free Micro Manager, The Lego Store 4 - Soundtrack Release Date 4 - Video Game Release Date (Free Wild West Emmet figure with preorder at Gamestop; Free Robot Radio DJ with preorder at Walmart) 7 - FILM RELEASE DATE! Free Pajamas Emmet for Crown Members at Regal Cinemas; Free Robot DJ for Stubbs Members at AMC Cinemas. 7 - Movie Cups in McDonalds' Happy Meal 7 - Super Secret Police Enforcer Polybag appearing at Toys R Us 8 - Toys R Us Event - Build Emmet's Car 17 - Sea Cow Release Date for VIPs 22 - Lego Club Meeting (Movie themed), The Lego Store March 1 - Build the Lego Movie Event, Barnes & Noble June- 1 - Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP, Super Secret Police Dropship, and Construct-o Mech released 7 - Lego Movie Day at GameStop (Movie Emmet available again) 14 - Build a mini Master Builder, Toys R Us 17 - Blu-Ray/DVD release 28 - Lego Movie Club Meeting, Lego Store (get a Unikitty T-shirt) Future - ??? - Micro Manager Battle Polybag Released (nobody's seen it yet) Anything else I haven't accounted for? Let us know!
  4. It's a colorful explosion, the likes of which are rarely seen in a LEGO set. I'm talking about… Set Title: Cloud Cuckoo Palace Set #: 70803 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 197 Minifigures: 3 + two creatures Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 20 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This set always looked like a must-buy. Crazy bright colors, crazy cute colors, and the main characters (with Wyldstyle's hair, unlike the Melting Room) in a cheap set? I'm sold. So how does it stack up in person? Let's find out! BOX Not even Friends sets have this many colors. This box is a burst of bright, cheerfulness. It might hurt some people's eyes, but it makes mine very happy. The back of the box doesn't show much of anything different from the front. You either want the pretty colors or you don't. If you couldn't tell, the set comes with Unikitty, Emmet, Wyldstyle, and a suave-looking robot named Executron. His name sounds like an old Space theme. CONTENTS Oh my, the colors! Already this looks like a lot of fun. The front of the instructions show more of the beautiful bright art for this set. My instructions had a printing error in them - bunch of parts on top of the pink arch disappear for a while, and then come back. Not a huge issue, but it doesn't happen that often that instructions have errors so it's always interesting to note. MINIFIGURES To some the minifigures in this set might not seem all that exciting, since it's just Emmet and Wyldstyle again and they come in other sets. This is the cheapest set in which to get Wyldstyle's hair (not counting the collectible series), so that's cool, and Emmet has an exclusive head that I'll discuss more below. The Executron looks pretty cool and snappy too. This Emmet has his own scared expression, and Wyldstyle has her reverse angry face. I really wish Wyldstyle had also gotten a different pair of expressions in at least one set, but oh well. Hers are good as they are anyway. In this set Emmet has some type of tracking device on his leg symbolized by a red stud. Wyldstyle's hood is nice as always. Exectron sadly has no back printing, but he's in a simple suit and doesn't really need any. Here's this Emmet on the left compared with the Emmet that comes in all the other sets. The happy expression in this set is so much better. I really don't like the eyebrows on the other happy face, and this one just seems so much more pleasant. I much prefer the scared Cloud Cuckoo variant as well. The more common one is silly and all, but the Cloud Cuckoo one feels much less annoying and seems reasonable. I could see using it in a variety of MOCs, whereas the regular one will almost always make a MOC funny. Unikitty and the snail are excellent, cute creatures. Unikitty gives off very whacky vibes, and the snail is just plain cute. Unikitty is basically a 2D creature so she looks the same from the other side just without a face. The snail gets some green stripes on his back, making his look more interesting. EXTRA PARTS The extra parts are great in this set, since there are a bunch of small bits in unusual colors, and having more of those never hurts! You even get an extra printed eye-piece. SET First up is this little catapult to launch pretty transluscent flowers. It makes use of a yellow life preserve (actually with the same construction as the "scope" on the Flying Flusher plane), and fires pretty well. Here's the palace! Sure it's really just a wall, but what a wonderful wall it is. It kind of looks like if LEGO made a CandyLand theme, this would be a set from it. The "cloud" base looks convincing as clouds, and even though there are a lot of different colors mashed together, it seems to work. Often I might critisize a set for using too many little bits, but I love the use of 1x1 round tiles here. The plethora of colors makes it look like beautifully colored stone-work. The big sun looks nice too, as do the printed dishes and flowers. Really, everything is quite on-point to create a beautiful model. The one "play feature" is that you can turn the gears to make two things spin at once. How much fun is that? Not really all that much I'd say, but it doesn't intrude on the look of the model so why not have it. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION The Cloud Cuckoo Palace is an unusual and striking set. The model is really quite lovely, and the parts selection is tremendous for anybody that likes fun colors. The minifigures included are nice too, especially the Emmet with better Emmet face and complete Wyldstyle with hair and hoodie neck-piece in a cheap set. I'd recommend you pick this one up. It's worth it!
  5. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70800 Getaway Glider

    Actual set, or just Western parts pack? We're looking at… Set Title: Getaway Glider Set #: 70800 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 104 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 13 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This set always looked enticing. Not because the glider was great, but because the western minifigures looked terrific, it comes with a horse, and there are some neat rare parts like the cow horns and chicken in metallic. So is this anything more than a minifigure and parts pack? Let's see! BOX The box is small and boxy, with a nice western background. It's a small set, so what you see is what you get. And what you see looks enticing. On the back it seems that the glider is true to its name; it helped Emmet get away. But for some reason the robots ditched their weapons. The top gives us our character names - it seems the sheriff is trying to fool people about his mechanical identity, while the deputy doesn't care much. INSTRUCTIONS The instruction manual is small and comes folded over to fit in the box, both of which you'd probably expect. Plain color scheme, easy to follow, yada yada. Apparently I didn't take a picture of the sticker sheet, but you'll be able to see the four stickers on the finished model. MINIFIGURES As it often happens in small sets, the minifigures are a real highlight. The two western figures are terrific - the sheriff has an awesome new hat mould with extra-folded sides, and a wonderful new gigantic mustache piece that goes around his neck, like most beards. His torso and legs are also wonderful. The deputy also has terrific western printing without any grey skin showing, so it can easily be used for human minifigures. He features the Lone Ranger-style hat, exclusively in brown. Both robots also feature exclusive faces, which help diversify the evil bots across this line. I found it interesting that LEGO reverted to the old pistol mould (as opposed to the megabloks-ish Lone Ranger one), but it's great, since the old mould is really much better. The deputy has the new robot gun that appears in this line, a nice new addition to the LEGO weapons arsenal. Everybody has some appropriate back printing as well. EXTRA PARTS The extra parts are actually worth noting in this set because you get an extra cow horn (and this is only its second and appearance), and an EXTRA MUSTACHE! That's right, an EXTRA MUSTACHE! I was truly thrilled to see this. SET - HORSE & CACTUS In my opinion, one can never have too many horses. The more people you can mount on rides for a MOC, the better. So it's great to get horses in small sets, as that makes them easier to build up in great number. As usual, this one comes with bricks to "make it nude" and a saddle for the sheriff. The cactus is a cute little build, and green is always a desirable color, so I like it. SET - GLIDER Now for the "meat" of the set: the glider. Honestly, it's kind of cool looking, but I think most AFOLs would agree that the parts are more interesting than their sum. I mean, we're talking about five of the new 1x2 slope in dark brown, two of the new clip with hole for rod pieces in grey, two cattle horns, a dark brown barrel, and a metallic chicken. That's some great stuff for a small set. Even the four stickers are useful for western builders. I can't help feeling that this set was actually made for AFOLs craving some western stuff to help build western MOCs. I'm sure it wasn't actually, but it kind of feels like that with all the great parts that are worked in. Not much to see from the back. Plain and simple backside. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Terrific minifigures and a terrific small parts selection for a low price. Need I say more? If you like western at all, go buy this set! It's that simple.
  6. So here's a thought (and a possible challenge): what are all the real-world objects that showed up in the Lego Movie? One of the fun little things I like about the sets is the intrusion of "real" stuff into the Lego world. Unfortunately, we don't get much: the Kragle (and the Piece of Resistance in any set with Emmet) plus the Battery in Lord Business' lair are the only items we got. I know that the Super Cycle Chase has one of those "good job" stickers on it, but I can't think of anything else. (Edit: I forgot Virtuvius' lolipop stick, which of course is also in Business' Lair.) So what's the other real stuff that appeared in the movie, and has anyone tried building any of it? (Some of these will be harder than others.) Off the top of my head, there were (SPOILERS AHEAD): - The Q-tip and the Nail Polish - The Band-Aid ("Cloak of Ban-da-Id") - The Exacto-Knife blade (the "Blade of Exact-Zero") - A tennis ball (I don't remember it in the film, but it's on the Unikitty cup we got from McDonalds)--this would be pretty hard to build - Chewing gum--this would be REALLY, REALLY hard to build. I also seem to remember an old 3.5 floppy disk in Business' treasure room. So, anything else? I know there was a lot more than these things. Has anyone tried building anything?
  7. Transparency for Effect

    All of The LEGO Movie's Master Builders?

    Can anyone provide me with a complete list of all of the Master Builders in The LEGO Movie? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Here's a WIP list...
  8. Hi everybody. Everyone is getting excited for The Lego Movie coming out next year and the tie-in sets have been getting generally positive responses too. However, there is one thing that has been bugging me about this movie: How does it fit into the Lego universe? The story of the film is still mostly shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that it depicts a world almost entirely made of Lego, with a few real-world items mixed in such as lollipops, batteries, and glue, where all Lego themes co-exist in the same world, even licensed themes, with each theme being represented as a town in this world. My question is: Is this part of the Lego canon, i.e. how Lego views their fictional universe? The nature of the Lego universe has never been quite clear. In the beginning, the themes were all separate until Time Cruisers introduced the idea that they all exist in the same world, just in different time zones / locations. However, this concept was later challenged by the Clutch Powers movie which suggests that almost every Lego theme exists on a different planet in the Lego universe. The MMO "Lego Universe" and the Ninjago TV series (which references Clutch Powers) support this idea. Considering the time cruisers were capable of interplanetary travel, this concept doesn't really contradict that of Time Cruisers, even though it was usually implied that all the time zones the cruisers traveled to were set on Earth (except for the space themes). For more on planets in the Lego universe, check out this handy index. Now the Lego Movie comes around and suggests that all themes take place on the same planet at the same time. Is Lego retconing their previously established canon? Or is the Lego Movie taking place in its own universe, separate from all other Lego themes? There are several differences between things in the Lego themes and their counterparts in the Lego Movie that suggest that the latter might be the case. For example, Batman is portrayed as a parody of himself rather than the awesome brooding Dark Knight that he usually is. He is an egotistical jerk who is very bad at throwing Batarangs, and he is said to protect Bricksburg, not Gotham City, so this can't be the Batman that we see in the sets and videogames. Also, I don't think Octan was meant to be an evil mega-corporation that owns everything in the Lego world (including meat products) until now. So perhaps The Lego Movie is more of a parallel universe to the main Lego universe? If that's the case, how do you incorporate the Lego Movie sets into your collection? Do you integrate them into your Lego City layout or keep them in their own separate corner on your display shelf? Perhaps the movie will shed some light on this matter, or maybe it wont. But whatever the official canon is, everybody has their own "head canon" or idea of how the Lego Movie fits into the Lego universe, so I would like to hear your thoughts on this. So what do you think? Does the Lego Movie affect the Lego canon? If so, how? Or am I just being a total geek and completely over-thinking this?
  9. I was rather interested in this polybag. Polybag availability can be iffy anywhere so I wasn't sure if I could get it. When I found it in my box I was quite excited to have it! Set Information: Name: Super Secret Police Enforcer Set Number: 30282 Pieces: 40 Price: $4.99 Ages: 6-12 Minifigs: 1 Theme: The LEGO Movie Year of Release: 2014 Bricklink Brickset Flickr Set Baggy: There's not much on the front of this bag, nice and neat. The speeder, for lack of a better word, is placed on a rather neutral background, I think it's a construction site. The back has the usual translations and warnings. Contents: Five extra parts. I wonder why LEGO chose the trans-black visor... Manual: The manual is a very nice blue and yellow setup, it reminds me of the construction sets. There are six steps on this page, and you've mostly finished the build. Four more steps on this page, along with two sub-assemblies. There's also a large ad for several other The LEGO Movie sets. Minifigure: While I really like the uni-eyed robot, this guy is growing on me. His helmet only comes in one other set, and this is a much cheaper way to get it. The torso is nicely detailed with a great badge that matches his helmet logo, and his knee-pads and pockets on his legs are great. On his back he has a radio with a wire going to his helmet. I guess what I don't like about this guy is that his head is a "v" shape, just not my style. This gun is great! I thought the stock would be longer, and I'm not sure if I like the clip on the top, but I think I can ignore it. Finished Model: No build pictures with this model as I showed you the manual. This is a very compact, fun little craft. The lines are great, and the angles flow well. Good work LEGO. While simple, this speeder is quite spectacular. The simple lines, flowing curves, and over all great shape lend this to be a great model. I noticed on the bag that LEGO intends for there to be three thrusters on this model, though only two have trans pieces to represent that. The back is not really for viewing, plus you won't see it when you're swooshing it. Conclusion: This is one of my favorite polybags that I've gotten in a long time. It's very, very fun to swoosh around the house. Like I said, the minifigure has grown on me as I've written this review, he looks better with his helmet on for sure. While the build is simple, and there are no great parts, it all goes together to make a great, fun little set. Good work LEGO. (Now to find out who designed it.) Ratings: Playability: 8/10 There's not a lot beyond swooshing it around. Yes I do love swooshing stuff that much. Design: 8/10 I think LEGO probably could have squeezed in a flick missile, but I like where the set is now. Price: 9/10 Not the best PPP ratio, but the design for such a small number of parts is great. Minifigures: 8/10 He's got a rather rare helmet. Parts: 6/10 Nothing new or spectacular in this set. Total: 39/50 How he drives in a straight line with only one hand on steering is beyond me. Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  10. When I first heard of this set, I wasn't at all interested. Small polybag, with Emmet and a rock? Not really interesting. I was planning on getting the Cloud Cuckoo set, so Emmet wasn't a draw for me. This set was in my package of sets including The LEGO Movie Press Kit. So I can't argue with that! Let's see how the set is. Set Information: Name: The Piece Of Resistance Set Number: 30280 Pieces: 33 Price: S@H Promotion Ages: 6-12 Minifigs: 1 Theme: The LEGO Movie Year of Release: 2014 Bricklink Brickset Flickr Set Baggy: I really like the layout of The LEGO Movie set art. We have The LEGO Movie logo in the upper right corner as well as some movie frames showing numbers. This is the European bag, and it doesn't have any age or part counts on the front. The back is full of the usual stuff, warnings in every language, and The LEGO Movie translated too. Contents: Here are the extra pieces. Rather boring, but not bad for a polybag. Manual: The manual has five, six if you want to count the instructions for Emmet, steps on this page. The blue and yellow printing seems fitting since this set is based in a construction site. On the back are four more steps, as well as a warning not to launch the rock bit at anyone head, though how you would do that I don't know. The other half of the manual is taken up by an ad for three of The LEGO Movie sets. Minifigure: Emmet is the same as each other Emmet made. While it is a generic construction worker design, after having seen the movie, it's much more special to me. I love his badge with his name on it, as well as his rather classic exp<b></b>ression. From the back you can really see the new hair mold well, the Piece of Resistance blocks up a lot of the printing on his back too. His alternate expression is nice, I love having new faces, as it gives me more choices in scared heads. The back print on Emmet is some reflective silver bits. Finished Model: The completed set. It's really simple and took me less than five minutes to build. Though I do like the combination of colors and slopes which make for an interesting look overall. It's really just a rock, though the 1x1 plates in trans-yellow do break up the monotony. LEGO has done a rather good job with their sloping in making an interesting shape. And the other side, this little bit is all functionally. Functions: The main feature of this set is "finding" the Piece of Resistance. By pushing this piece here. The rock piece goes flying. It actually launches fairly far, this is how far it went. I didn't push that hard, if you push harder it would probably go farther. Conclusion: This neat little polybag isn't terrible. Sure it just includes Emmet and a rock bit, but I could see some young boys wanting a cheap set with Emmet and the Piece of Resistance. I believe that this set is all about the functionally of "finding" the Piece. Which is a good idea, since this is a big moment in the film and not at all represented in the film. Overall I like, it. Not the best polybag I own, but not bad either. Ratings: Playability: 5/10 This set is all about the function of "finding" the Piece of Resistance. It's not a terrible function, but this throwing design has been done before. Design: 7/10 I like the color combination and the angles that the slopes make. Price: 7/10 I can see this set retailing for about $4, which isn't a bad price. I can see kids buying this just so they have Emmet. Minifigures: 6/10 It's just Emmet. He's generic but designed well, and I rather like him after see the movie. Parts: 8/10 Nothing to interesting, I do like the slopes that were included. More slopes are always nice, especially when I'm doing rock work. Total: 33/50 It works quite nicely as a Emmet flinger too. See my review of The LEGO Movie Press Kit here, as well as links to my reviews of the other LEGO Movie polybags! Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  11. So on tumblr, there's a few artists who got really hype about the lego movie and are producing some really great art for it. I'm a (rank) amateur artist, and I like seeing pictures of legos as well as just legos. The figures are really cute and easily fit cartoony expression. So... this page is mostly me hilighting other artists doing really great art featuring legos. This will probably be Lego Movie heavy. So first artist on the list: Billy Buckaroo! She's a talented artist with a real knack for cartoony design and movement. She also really. REALLY. Likes lord business. I highly recommend checking out her other stuff aside from Lego, which can be seen here. But, here's the stuff worth posting up here, a sampling of some of her best stuff, in my opinion. Some choice good cop/bad cop interracting with other characters, including the best character in the movie, the chair. Her self insert fan character (fan figure?) in three different outfits: her work outfit, her civilian outfit and her cloud cuckooland outfit, which she considers her master builder alter ego. Really cool stuff! Like I said, she really likes Lord Business. Also, picture of the other best character in the movie, Bizniss Kitty! Here is a link to her lego only tag as well. There's lots of gifs and image posts, along with her lego centric fanart. I'll probably be doing this for other artists as they come along my monitor.
  12. Airplane, or plumbing van? It's up to you in… Set Title: The Flying Flusher Set #: 70811 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 351 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This was another "neither here nor there" set for me. Besides for the Doctor figure, which looked cool, I didn't have many thoughts one way or another about it. Let's see what kind of thoughts building the thing will give me. BOX The art is pretty unremarkable. It's an airplane that I guess shoots plungers and vaguely looks like it was made out of a truck, but not even that much. The alternate model in the corner looks much more interesting. The back shows both models, including the hilarious exploding porta potty. The plane seems to pale in comparison. Some nice-looking minifigures in our lineup - nice overalls and a new doctor print. I look forward to these. CONTENTS Again, no numbered bags in these 2-in-1 sets. I spy some nice white and blue here. All of the 2-in-1s have three booklets: one for the micromanager, a "number 2" for the flying a machine, and a third for the alternate build. This set has got a small, inoffensive sticker sheet. Same dully-colored, easy-to-follow instructions as the rest. MINIFIGURES Nice guys here: Plumber Joe, his apprentice Alfie, and Dr. McScrubs. Great prints all around; I believe Joe's face is new, and McScrubs' definitely is. Great to get the hair on the Dr. now in dark brown. McScrubs has a hilarious alternate scared face, and Joe has some nice bushy eyebrows. Everybody has some good back printing too. SET - MICROMANAGER Like the micromanager in the Castle Cavalry, this guy can fold up. But it looks kind of helpless this way. Time to fold out his legs! Isn't it just adorable? These things are very endearing. This one seems to have a nerdy, braniac personality to me. Something about the little legs and big head - very thoughtful. This one doesn't need tail lights since it walks. SET - FLYING FLUSHER Building the plane leaves a fair number of parts leftover. Nothing all the exciting, besides the door perhaps, but here they are: I'll be up-front, I really don't care for this model. It's dull, it's too boxy for a plane, and it doesn't even look that much like a truck converted into a plane, which I think is the point of these. The targeting chair on the back is a nice assembly. It's about the only thing that really looks good on this model. The sides open, but there's nothing in there besides some poles. I guess in this picture it looks kind of chubby and cute, but it'd be a lot nicer if it was flatter and more sleek. The color scheme is fine, but doesn't particularly pop. The front has a Joe's Plumbing logo on the very thick wheel assembly. The other logo is behind the pilot. Not much in the cockpit - just enough room for the pilot. SET - TRUCK The truck also leaves a few leftovers, including one of the new inverted dome pieces! Yum. First to build is the porta potty. It looks great! It uses some nice new parts too, like the big wedge piece newly redesigned with complete stud compatability on the sides, and a bunch of the 1x2 slope piece. The back has a nice little detail of vents to get the smells out. The inside is great too. The toilet is a nice design, and the designer included a flushing button and toilet paper roll. A lot of detail packed into a small space. You can add the water flames to put it out of commission if you wish. The trucks is very chubby and cute. This color scheme looks nice on a truck (almost police-like, isn't it), and it does look like the type of van that would be used for a plumber. The big logo is lovely, as is the assymetry of the stuff on the roof. It's got two doors, which keep it from looking bland all around. It's a pleasant truck from all angles. The back door provides access to te ginormous plungers, needed for ginormous potty explosions! The side door provides access to… this thing. I have no idea what this is. It doesn't go anywhere - it's stuck down to the truck. Can anybody shed light on it? The entire interior is open, which actually fits for a van like this. There's plenty of room for both plumbers in there, as demonstrated. Alfie just has to be a bit uncomfortable, but he's an apprentice, so it comes with the territory. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Overall, a very pleasant set when it comes to the truck and porta potty model. The plane is complete bleh, but as a truck this set is pretty nice. Especially for City builders, this is an unusual subject for a truck, and the minifigures are very nice and handy. Are a truck, porta potty, and robot really worth $30? I don't know, but it's a very nice truck and porta potty, and a cute robot, with plenty of parts. So I guess so. Two more 2-in-1s to go!
  13. Masked Builder

    Review: The LEGO Movie Press Kit

    The LEGO Movie Press Kit. Those words send collectors running. When I heard that I was getting one I was ecstatic, I was also hoping Benny was in it. I also wasn't sure what to expect, this set wasn't well documented, but I knew it would be something good. A HUGE thank you to LEGO for sending me this set. (And 30280, 30281, and 30282) I am very privileged to have gotten to review these sets. Set Information: Name: The LEGO Movie Press Kit Set Number: N/A Pieces: 168 Price: N/A Ages: N/A Minifigures: 9 Theme: The LEGO Movie Year of Release: 2014 Brickset Flickr Set Box: I was sent The LEGO Movie Press Kit, I wasn't sure what was going to be in it, but this is what was in it! Read the other reviews: 30280, 30281, and 30282. While box is technically correct, it is really a tin. Which is unusual as I do not believe that LEGO has packaged a set in a tin before. Surprisingly, this set has some information on it, part count, name, and age suggestion. The image is The LEGO Movie's main poster, which seems fitting. The back is covered in warnings, as well as the first poster we got for The LEGO Movie, showing Emmet. One of the sides of the sleeve shows Batman, Benny, Good/Bad Cop, Metal Beard, and Unikitty. As well as their names and the actors names that voice them. The other side is the same, however it lists, Emmet, Wyld Style, Vitruvius, and President Business. The lid of the tin has a sticker on it, with the LEGO logo and The LEGO Movie logo. Contents: Inside there is the bag of parts, the instruction manual, and the piece of cardboard for the background. The front shows The LEGO Movie logo on a stage screen with the curtain pulled back. This side shows the curtain closed if you want to display it that way. The pile of parts! The bag was quite full. Manual: The front of the manual has a very roughly rendered image of the set. If you notice Wyld Style doesn't have her hair print, but Wonder Woman has her decoration... The instructions for the set are presented on a blue brick background, which is quite pleasing and simple. Someone would ask for this eventually, so here is the part page! The back just has the blue brick background and the LEGO logo. Minifigures: Since there are nine minifigures in this set, we shall go though them by the row they are sitting in. First up we have, Wyld Style, Emmet, and Batman. My bag was open and my Wyld Style hood was missing. (Kim if you're reading this, could I get another?) But it almost works better this way, she can sit in her chair better. I am still fond of Wyld Style's hoodie, it just looks good. All three figures have back print, which is a bit unusual for minifigures. You notice Emmet's alternate expression here. With their headgear removed, you can see their alternate expressions. Emmet is really freaking out. Next is Good/Bad Cop, President Business, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is exactly the same as her LEGO set self. Bad Cop's badge has the same logo as the bots from the movie. President Business is a fun minifigure, I quite like his very blocky hair. Wonder Woman and Bad Cop have back print. Bad cop is a rather rare figure, and his helmet is a new mold. President Business has his robot head for his alternate expression. Vitruvius, Ice Cream Jo, and the Gallant Guard. I was very excited to get Vitruvius, he's a very pivotal character in the movie. The others I wasn't super interested in but would come to like. Ice Cream Jo, and the Gallant Guard have fitting back print. Vitruvius' hair is very complex. Only Vitruvius has an alternate expression, a rather sad one too. His tye-dye t-shirt is neat too. The Build: Four steps in and you've only just started on building the base. A few steps later the first row is taking shape. Midway through, the theater is taking shape. More of the layers for the chairs are added. Each minifigure had it's own instruction page, then you added them. Finished Model: I think this model is meant to be viewed with all of the minifigures on it. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of generic parts. The fun thing with this model is that there was a promotional stand where you could put your face in a hole and be "in" the scene. Wonder Woman doesn't fit in her chair quite right. The simple way LEGO built the background in, is quite good. I would like to see more of this and less stickered parts. Vitruvius' hair fits nicely over the chair so he can sit! Conclusion: This set is an interesting conundrum. It wasn't available to the public so I think it is a must like set for me. That said, it isn't all that bad as a minifigure pack. I really like that LEGO didn't use a sticker for the background. As a promotional item, it does its job well. A bunch of minifigures from the movie, and the logo prominently displayed. Ratings: Playability: 0/10 No play value at all in this. Unless you just like minifigures. Design: 8/10 I'm giving this a rather high rating as I really like the use of the cardboard piece. Price: 0/10 Price isn't applicable here. Minifigures: 10/10 The sheer number of figures that are in this set is great, several of them are rather rare too. Parts: 5/10 Nothing super special in this set. Total: 23/50 30 Again big thanks to LEGO for making this review possible! You can read the other reviews: 30280, 30281, and 30282 Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy! ,
  14. Autobots vs Decepticons! Obama declares war on Clone Brands! George Clooney head explodes! Bane breaks Batmans back. Aquaman tackles a shark. All of this is just.. Awesome! A LEGO music video of the Everything is Awesome song from The LEGO Movie. Just a quick little test on some new features in preparation of the next Justice League movie. [media] [/media]
  15. Hello, I looked through forum and found some reviews of other The Lego Movie polybags, but couldn't find a review of this one) So, I decided to write it. It's easy found it in Russia - in our Lego franchise shops (Mir Kubikov, if interested), but it is only exchanged for The Lego Movie cinema ticket. Set Title: Micro Manager Battle Set #: 30281 Theme: The Lego Movie Pieces: 27 (and spares) Minifigures: 1 Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: Exchange for 'The Lego Movie" ticket + any set purchased at Mir Kubikov (franchise shop) (I bet, it can be found somewhere else) This set looks as a standart polybag. It's small-scale and colorfull . Pieces fill only a small part of the bag. There are about 31 pieces (including minifigure), and most of them are really usefull. Instruction is quite small, and short. WyldStyle, the only minifigure of the set looks really cool. Her hood is an separate piece. Colouring is pretty good, and it can be useful with other minifigs. Also, her torso has print on both sides. Her face has prints on both sides too. All parts of the set are used to build a Micro Manager. Undoubtedly, it is really cute) Both parts of set look cool together: As a conclusion, I'd like to say some things about this set. I discovered that i can get this set immediatly after watching the film, and I was really excited. because it's a great opportunity to get WyldStyle, with a plenty of some cool parts. Manager's design is cute, for me - it's the best Manager in this theme. CONCLUSION Design: 8/10. This scene could appear in the film, and Manager is cute) Parts: 9/10. Big variety of interesting parts. The only useless part is a red brick - and it can also be used) Build: 9/10. Fast and easy build Minifigs: 9/10. Fully standart WyldStyle. She is cool, and it's the cheapest oppotunity for getting her. Playability: 4/10. Only roleplay, nothing else. Price: 9/10. Free for everyone, who watched the Lego film. Total: 48/60. Great choice for a building, great choice for a collection.
  16. Update: I have ALMOST built the entire chair and posted a photo at the bottom of this post. I'm trying to recreate Abraham Lincoln's rocket chair with my bricks based on a VERY careful examination of the trailer. I don't quite have all the bricks, but I'm close. In the meantime, I think I've figured out what it needs through LDD. Lincoln's chair is not very visible, and . You can only see it from 1:50 to 1:54. Here's a bit of it from somebody's screen grab which I actually found useful--this little glimpse told me that the chair back was higher than his armrests, and this is the only shot where you can see it. Still, when it flies out of the palace, you can get a very careful look at what bricks make it up. Here's what I could make of it disassembled, with a little guesswork on my part: So here's what you need, mostly in white bricks: 4 1 x 4 plates 3 1 x 2 plates 3 2 x 4 plates 5 1 x 2 tiles 1 1 x 4 tile 5 1 x 2 ribbed bricks 1 2 x 2 brick 1 1 x 2 brick 1 2 x 2 round ribbed brick (I think anything could go in there, but the round ribbed brick looks good) 1 octagonal piece 1 R5-D4 white droid head (which I don't think exists without printing, but that's what appears to be under the octagon if you pause the trailer. Use a white 2 x 2 dome if nothing else is available.) 1 giant flame 4 smaller flames (with one caveat--I have no idea how to attach them, and I think the trailer is cheating) 1 Abraham Lincoln Collectable Minifigure Here's how the assembled product should look. The vertical "ribs" on the white bricks should face outward on all sides. The plates which form the base should be in two layers. The top layer should basically equate to a 4 x 6 white plate (and really, you could use that if you don't care that it's not film accurate). The bottom later should form a frame so you can put the big rocket exhaust in the middle. Front view: Back view: From what I could tell from the trailer, the back appears to be plain bricks, not ribbed. I could be wrong, but that's how it looked from the few seconds that we can see it. For the chair back, I used a 2 x 2 white brick for the base, two 1 x 2 white plates, and finally a 1 x 2 white brick, topped with a 1 x 2 white tile. Remember, the back should be slightly higher than the armrests. Bottom view: You CAN get a good look at the bottom in the trailer if you pause at the right moment. The only problem I have is that in LDD, the smaller flames WILL NOT attach to the white booster rockets. I have no idea how to get them in there. If it works in real life, please let me know. Also, again, the bottom piece holding the big flame should be an R5-D4 droid head from Star Wars, minus the printing. That doesn't exist in LDD, so I used the 2 x 2 round dome. One other thing to note in the trailer is that some of the white bricks appear to be tan depending on when you pause it. I have carefully decided that it's an effect of the light and the whole thing is actually white. Watch it carefully as it flies off--the whole thing looks white. I believe it's simply a reflection at certain moments where some of the white plates look tan. However, the color change does give you a good look at the bricks that make the base. EDIT: Here's what I've built using the bricks I have available: The top layer of the base is NOT film accurate. It's a 4 x 6 plate, so it holds together, but it's not made of the 2 x 4 and 1 x 4 plates that I identified from the trailer. Also also, I obviously don't have the little booster rockets, the flames, and my octagonal piece and exhaust are in black. This is close, so I'm happy, but I will need to Bricklink the right parts at some point.
  17. Another The Lego Movie polybag has been released into the wild! I previously reviewed the first set, The Piece of Resistance, in another thread. This time it's the Super Secret Police Enforcer, a little hoverbike which is exclusive to Toys R Us. Licensed polys often appear and disappear from TRU very quickly, so hopefully this review will give you an idea of whether you should try to find it before it's gone. Set Title: Super Secret Police Enforcer Set #: 30281 Theme: The Lego Movie Pieces: 40 (and spares) Minifigures: 1 Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: $4.99 US Here's the set in its usual, mid-sized polybag with the Minifigure next to it for comparative purposes. The bag has the same flashy packaging as the main retail sets. It is funny to see the traditional Lego logo next to the movie logo--what, as if we didn't know who made this product? Anyway, the overall package is decent. The back of the packaging lets you get a kid into Legoland for free. Actually, that's not too bad given that those parks are pretty expensive. It also works for the Legoland Discovery Centers which are appearing in more places, so if you live thousands of miles from California or Florida, you might not have to travel as far. Anyway, the back of the package gives you information in other languages. I guess "Enforcer" is the name of the minifigure as opposed to his scooter. For some reason, I thought the "enforcer" was the bike! Here's the parts. It's a motley selection, but if you're in the market for spare white angles or black curved slopes, this might be for you. The spare pieces. No surprises here. Everyone needs an extra visor, right? Here's the completed minifigure and his weapon. If you feel the need to army build for TLM, then this set may be your easy option to get this particular Robo-SWAt officer. The next cheapest option is to get the Melting Room ($12 US), which comes with a similar cop who has a different head and headpiece. Another option is the Super Cycle Chase ($40 US), which comes with the same minifig, but he's got a vest attachment. That gun accessory is new. It's a nice looking sci-fi rifle and could be useful in a variety of customized settings, so I hope Lego makes more of them. There's an odd clip on the top of the rifle and I'm not clear if it's intended for anything or if it's supposed to be a sight that just happens to be shaped like a clip. However, there is something neat you can do with it, which I'll discuss a little later. Here he is from the back. He actually has back printing. You can see that his voice transmitter from the front is wired to a walkie-talkie on his back. That's nice attention to detail. Here's the usual sheet of instructions. Nothing special to see here. The craft isn't very complicated. Here it is mostly built, except for the wings. Those are cleverly attached with hinged plates that do make a nice, sci-fi angled effect. The wings go on like so. I found this part a little confusing; my gut was to put them the other way since the angled white plates go on the inside. Remember: the blue and red lights go out. All finished. It's a cute little bike-thing that seems appropriate for a polybag. Remember how I said the rifle has a clip? You can conveniently attach it to the top of the SWAT-bot's seat. This frees up both of his hands to work the controls. He can almost reach behind his head to grab the hilt (except that his helmet gets in the way of his arm). It's a nice touch, whether the designer intended it or not. I did take a look at the bottom of the craft and decided that it's kind of...blah. Normally, I don't care about the bottom of a build, since it's just tubes and holes, but something really bothers me about how plain this is. I do recommend adding a clear piece to the bottom so that you can have a "hover" effect. I added one here to give you an idea of what to use. Lastly, here it is in "hover" mode. Adding a clear brick really lets this set "take off." I think that's my one disappointment, that they didn't include one. How is it overall? Compared to the Piece of Resistance set, I think this makes a nice little polybag. There really tend to be two kinds of licensed polys out there: true "promotional" sets, and "army builders." The Emmet set is the former: it was just the same Emmet you could get in most other TLM sets with a pile of rock, and it wasn't particularly film-accurate. (That set would have been a nice pairing with TRU's giveaway of Emmet's car, because they handed out a car without Emmet himself.) That set really had no use unless you really wanted an extra Emmet or are a poly completionist. This ranks it with other sets that have a unique figure which you can get elsewhere, like Thor and the Cosmic Cube, or Frodo and his small stove, or the Lone Ranger's Pump Car. I guess they're meant to be a gateway drug to larger sets, but they have no value added if you're already buying everything. On the other hand, you have "army builders" who can be bought in other sets, but they enhance what you already have. You want more of these guys because the source material has a lot of them. Examples are the Lord of the Rings Orc or the Hobbit's Lake Town Guard. (Too bad Star Wars never gives us polys with Stormtroopers or Clones.) If you're getting Super Cycle Chase or the Police Dropship, you probably want one of these to have just one more SWAT robot. I will say that I just watched the movie again yesterday and didn't see this craft anywhere. Maybe I missed it, but odds are this set is a unique toy you won't find in the film. And that's OK, since the film is all about creativity. It certainly looks like something that could be in the film, and it's one more cop for your assault on Cloud Cuckoo Land. CONCLUSION Design: 9/10. I like it! It's a nice "Blade Runner" kind of bike even if it wasn't in the film. Like I said, the addition of a clear piece to elevate it would have been nice. Parts: 7/10. Hmmmm. The parts are ok, but nothing I was personally screaming for. They come together nicely, though. Build: 8/10. The build is short and easy, but not complicated (other than the wings being a little confusing). Minifigs: 9/10. Army builders are always good. Playability: 8/10. It's a nice "swooshable" craft. It has no real play features. I guess you can rotate the wings, but I don't think they're intended to rotate (but use your imagination). Price: 8/10. I'd like to have paid a dollar less, but I think that's decreasingly likely with prices slowly creeping up. (I just paid $5.50 for a poly at Target.) Total: 49/60. Hmmmm. I'd have thought that would have come out higher. I like it and I think it makes a nice little addition to the TLM sets. Compared to the Piece of Resistance, it's a much nicer polybag. I suspect I'll like it a lot better than the Micro Manager Battle poly which nobody's been able to locate yet. My verdict is to buy it. Coming up next: has anyone seen the Wyldstyle/Piece of Resistance set yet?
  18. Horatio-Caine

    Benny Starfighter

    I've not really done anything Classic Space MOC wise and thought this would be a good chance to do one with the recent Lego Movie and return of classic space and space somewhat in general with the sets that are going to be released, which I'll be buying for my collection. Anyway, while I like the large Spaceship (70816), I personally prefer the smaller one as seen in the promo poster in this thread. I decided to make my own version/interpretation of it. It is different from the Lego version as I like to make my stuff streamlined, as well as some of the details being a bit different, however hopefully it stays faithful to the original while also offering a personal flavour to it. Here it is, I'll get more pictures up in time. Hope you like it.
  19. It's that time again! The first Tuesday of the month means that the Lego Brick-and-Mortar Stores have put out their Monthly Mini Builds for the kids. The Stores do these once a month (at least) to get you into the store and spending money. However, you do walk out with some free bricks and a possibly functional model. I recently reviewed all of 2013's MMB's in this article. I also reviewed last month's model here, where you can see I quickly copied-and-pasted this introductory paragraph because I need to put my daughter to bed. If you're sad because you don't have a Lego Store near you, that's ok, because Lego publishes the instructions for each month's builds on their website. If it's not up yet, it should be soon. If you haven't noticed, there's been a TON of promotions of late for The Lego Movie, which premieres across the U.S. this Friday. (Other countries, check your schedules. I think the UK gets it this week too, while other countries need to wait a bit.) Today, the Lego Store jumped on the bandwagon by having their monthly mini build be a themed item. To my knowledge, this is the very first time the Store has done a themed, promotional mini-build. Usually, it's something very generic and seasonal. For example, last month's promotion was a snowplough for January (makes sense, it's cold); next month's is a bird in a tree (obviously for spring). The rest of the year's schedule hasn't been released, but expect some summer items for June through August, something spooky for October, and something festive for December. I could be wrong, but I bet I'm not. But this month? It's a tie-in to a promotional line! How does it stack against the TLM sets you've been buying? Read on! Set Title: Micro Manager Set #: 40095-1 Theme: Monthly Mini Build Pieces: 50. FIFTY! (Monthly Mini-Builds tend to be between 20 and 40.) Minifigures: None Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: Free! FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! First things first. When you get in line outside the store, you get a ticket with the parts list on the back and a picture of the item on the front. It's got a spot to write in the builder's name so you can proudly display it at home. My daughter actually went and wrote her name in, so Where Are My Pants? Guy is protecting her privacy (but not his). This is the usual one-sheet of directions you get with the MMBs. I'm not sure if posting both sides violates copyright, but there's actually only three steps on the other side and it's very easy to build on sight at that point. This build comes with an incredible number of pieces. We've gone to 18 MMBs at the Store now, and they've never gone much past 40 pieces. This one came with 50 (plus spares). I see a few spots where they could have lowered the piece count, so I'm surprised it's this many. I'll take it! Starting the build here. A double layer of 1 x 2 plates with "up" SNOT sides forms the core of the robot. Two more 1 x 2 plates with the "down" SNOT sides will complete the sides. The only oddity is that there's no reason for them to have used red in here, as you can't see it in the finished model. I don't mind the red, but they could have gone with any color and had the end result be the same. Continuing the build here, you stack the SNOT sides with 2 x 2 red plates. The result almost looks like a Lego Games die stripped of the rubber layer. It's an interesting build, but it really comes together in the end. The bottom layer is a metallic octagonal piece with various odd pieces and supported by four trans-red dish pieces. Again, a neat little build. I was terrified that the clip arms would snap when my daughter put them on, but they've held on fine so far. Don't forget the 2 x 2 round plate on top of the octagon; you won't be able to support the box portion without it. Almost done. Here's the Micro Manager with his brain exposed so you can see how it all comes together, minus the face. The finished product. Ahhhh! It's alive! Let's get out of here, pants! Seriously, this guy should be a welcome addition to any TLM scene you plan on making. He's got a chainsaw and a hammer; who wouldn't be scared of that? I am the spares that came in this set. I was expecting the Battle Droid arm and the 1 x 1 studs. However, the spare SNOT pieces was an unexpected surprise. These are the largest spare pieces I've ever gotten in a set, particularly an MMB. I had to look at the kid next to my daughter to make sure it wasn't a fluke--he had the spares as well. I'll take them. If you brought two kids and have some spare black 4 x 4 plates, you could get started on another Micro Manager. CONCLUSION Design: 9/10. I love it. I'm not sure of the arm, since most of the Micro Managers in TLM sets use ratcheted/Technic arms. This guy uses Battle Droid arms. Since he's free, I'm not complaining, but I'm curious if he's film-accurate. We'll find out this weekend. Parts: 10/10. Absolutely no complaints here. The SNOTs are awesome, and there's plenty to use here even if you don't want a Micro Manager. Build: 8/10. My daughter mostly built this on her own and did fine, but I could see a kid struggling with the SNOT techniques. I wonder why they didn't use SNOT bricks instead of the plates? That might have cut down on the part count. Oh well, it still works. Minifigs: N/A. But for $3, you can add someone from the Collectible Minifigure Line for the Micro Manager to chase. Playability: 10/10. We're going to be having fun with this guy. He's very functional, and I'm guessing that he's fair game to blow up when our Lego citizens have to convert their vehicles into weapons. Price: 10/10. It was free! Free! Overall: 47/50. So very close to a 50. I'll be looking very carefully in the film to see if this guy appears anywhere. The official sets all use different types of Micro Managers; the only consistency is that they're black boxes with red eyes. Even if he doesn't appear in the Movie, he sure looks like he could. As a reminder, Toys R' Us is having a free build of Emmet's car this Saturday. The car looks very similar to the City Small Car from 2010, so if you have that set and can't get to a TRU, it should be an easy conversion with a few parts swapped. Also, Barnes and Noble is doing some "Build the Lego Movie" event in early March. This film has resulted in a plethora of freebies, so take advantage, people!
  20. Alright, EBers, we've gotten reviews of every The Lego Movie set released so far EXCEPT the polybags. This is probably because the polys are just making their way onto the market now. The Super Secret Police cycle is making its way to Toys R Us, and there's a Wyldstyle poly out there...somewhere. And then there's this guy, which is (so far) exclusive to the Lego Store. Is it essential to your TLM collection, or can you skip it? Read on! (Warning: movie spoilers ahead!) Set Title: The Piece of Resistance Set #: 30280 Theme: The Lego Movie Pieces: 33 (and spares) Minifigures: 1 Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: Free with a $50 (US) purchase at The Lego Store (though its retail value should be $4.99 US) 30280 is your standard 2014 small polybag dressed up in TLM style. I've put out a ruler as a size reference, so it looks to be approximately 6' x 6', or bigger than, say, a bottle of Kragle. (N.B.: I wish I had a proper bottle of Krazy Glue so I could compare the "piece of resistance" to what comes in the set. If I can get a bottle in the next few days, I'll update the photos.) The set includes your standard "tiny" polybag instructions which fold up to approximately the size of a minifigure. Here it is unfolded, but in folded condition, it's half the size of the set image in the top left corner. The set includes 33 pieces in an odd mix of slopes, clear plates, and some Technic parts. Included above are the spare pieces: one Technic stud, one cheese slope, one trans-yellow plate, and one minifigure back plate. Surprisingly, there's no spare coffee mug. Most sets where I've gotten a coffee mug came with spares--last year's City Advent Calendar was loaded with them. Oh, well--you take what you can get. Anyway, there's otherwise nothing unusual in this set other than the Piece of Resistance and Emmet's unique hair. If you buy EVERY TLM set, you're going to have a lot of Emmets with only some unique variances in the face. The Emmet from this set is in the middle, placed for comparison with Pyjamas Emmet on the left and CMF Emmet on the right. He's clearly similar to the CMF edition, except he's got the trademark "cowlick" hair and a toothy face. Frankly, this Emmet appears to be identical to the one in the Cloud Cuckoo Palace set, so there's nothing unique about the Emmet in this set. The back view. Emmet's back printing just shows the continuation of his safety stripes on his vest. His face is again the same as the Cloud Cuckoo version with the "scared" face. If you've seen the movie, then you'll know that the face is moderately appropriate for his encounter with the PoR. Here's a closeup of the PoR brick itself. If you don't know by now, it's a 1 x 1 brick with the unique feature of being two bricks high and having a stud-sized indent in the back. For film purposes, it's intended to be the It'll be interesting if Lego decides to incorporate it into other building sets in the future. What, I don't know, but a good Master Builder will find a use for anything. This set is intended to capture Emmet's discovery of the PoR, which he finds in a cave at the bottom of a hole. How well does it capture this? Well, let's look at the rock formation where the PoR is found. It's built on a 4 x 4 light bley base and made from a variety of bley slopes with the yellow 1 x 1 plates to add some glitter. The "rock" is initially built as seen above, with the Technic parts forming a lever which will be explained in a moment. The completed rock is finished like so. The PoR is hidden on the Technic mechanism behind the tall dark bley slope. Press the Technic lever and the dark bley slope pops off, and out comes the PoR. If this style looks familiar to you, it's because Lego uses the same basic idea in polybag set 30163, Thor and the Cosmic Cube. What this set and 30163 also have in common is that these polys don't really capture what happened in the movie, although this set is a little more accurate than the Avengers set. I don't think I'm spoiling much here--in the film, Emmet simply finds the PoR on a glowing rock; there's no revelation where a rock pops open as in this set. I don't think the rock quite looked like this, either--my recollection is that in The Lego Movie, the rock was black and looked like glowing lava. I could be wrong, but it didn't look like this. Also, Emmet didn't have a coffee mug in this scene. If anything, he should come with the phone he was carrying just before he fell in the pit, though maybe a printed tile matching Emmet's phone doesn't exist yet. Anyway, that's the set. So, is the set worth it? Pyjamas Emmet on the left is pretty bored by this set; PoR Emmet in the middle is confused, and CMF Emmet on the right thinks it's awesome! In other words, you'll have one of these three attitudes from the set. I think I personally fall in the middle. On the one hand, this particular scene is appropriate for a polybag. In the film, there's nothing visually exciting in the cave that would translate well into a playset. Emmet doesn't meet anyone in the pit. He simply falls down and finds the PoR. There's not a lot that would work in a full set, so a poly is probably the best choice to represent this limited scene. On the other hand, there's nothing unique to this set that can't be bought elsewhere. If you can purchase this Emmet at retail cost or if you get him incident to a $50 purchase that you were already making at the Lego Store, then he's your cheapest means of getting this Emmet. But should you go out of your way to get him? If you're already getting Cloud Cuckoo Palace, then no. Heck, even if you get Melting Room or Getaway Glider, you'll already get an Emmet who wouldn't have this exact head, but would be close. The PoR also comes in almost any set with an Emmet. Unless you're a polybag or TLM completist, or if you really, really need some bley slopes, there's not a lot of appeal here. I may put this Emmet on my desk, but that's about it for him. Really, this polybag seems to be an odd marketing tool. The draw of polys is that they're a cheap impulse buy intended to get the customer hooked to a Lego theme at a low price. They also give Lego the opportunity to get one more use out of a unique mold, so I guess this allowed them to produce a few more PoRs and Emmet hairpieces. Being the main character of the film, I can see why Emmet would be an easy candidate for a poly. However, this poly is being offered to a very limited segment: people who go through Lego's exclusive store and are spending $50. I suppose that it might be intended to hook Lego shoppers who are on the fence about getting into TLM toys, but chances are that if you shop at the Lego Store, you'll be seeing TLM and will be buying the sets. This set might have worked well as a promo at Toys R' Us, which gave away Emmet's car (without an Emmet) last Saturday. That makes sense--come in for Emmet's car, and for $5 more, you can buy an actual Emmet. And hey, while you're here, here's all the movie sets. The Lego Store's exclusive then could have been the Secret Police cycle which TRU is releasing at some point (as of tonight, mine still doesn't have it). Oh, well--it's your loss, Lego. Overall, this isn't a bad set, but there's nothing amazing enough about it that would make me tell you to go spend $50 at Lego just to get it. These types of polys do sometimes seem to end up for sale at the Lego Store, or they eventually make their way to Wal-Mart. If you're wanting this set but you're patient, it may turn up elsewhere. I can keep an eye on my store if anyone is desperate for one. CONCLUSION Design: 5/10. It's a pile of rocks that doesn't quite look like the film scene should. The Technic mechanism is cute, but again, the PoR doesn't manifest that way in the movie. Parts: 6/10. If you need light bley slopes, this is for you. I wasn't really wowed by anything in here. Build: 8/10. The build is short and easy, though the top slopes don't really secure in any way due to the mechanism. Minifigs: 7/10. It's Emmet. It's not a particularly unique Emmet. If they'd included a standard hardhat or a phone, I might rate this a little higher. Playability: 5/10. Push the lever, out pops the PoR. Granted, polybags have limited playability due to their size, but don't expect much other than "out comes the brick." Price: 7/10. It was technically free, but it's likely a $4.99 value. I believe that's standard for a licensed theme poly, but I was hoping for more pieces or something special. Total: 38/60. Not a great set. Not really a lousy set, either; it's just sort of "there" and you're not missing much unless you really need to have every TLM set. If you find it for sale after February when the exclusive offer has ended, go ahead and buy it if you want a cheap, quick Emmet source.
  21. I haven't watched this awesome movie yet, but I am going to do so tomorrow. Here is my entry to the recent THE LEGO MOVIE competition in Hong Kong, organized by HKLUG, Warner Bros. HK, LEGO HK Ltd, HK The Grand Cinema Based on scenes from the trailer and with the Melting Room set, I created this 32X32 vignette as my entry. Emmet was arrested by Lord Business' police force and was sent to the melting chamber to destroy the Piece of Resistance. Wyldstyle came to rescue Emmet from the laser beam and the Robot SWAT. As one of the winners, I get the movie tickets and display at The Grand Cinema !!! Hope you like my MOC and enjoy the movie !
  22. alanboar HK


    "Everything is Awesome!" Hi , it is my recently MOC for the HK lego competition. It is the story of LEGO movie "Emmet" try escape from the bad sheriff and robot. Mixed with 70800 Getaway Glider, 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace to complete the creation and enhance the backgroud with "Unikitty" , "Wyldstyle" lovely Rainbow and Sunshine. I m very happy to know I can get the cinema tickets (winner price) from competition. Special thanks HKLUG to launch and arrange the competition with parties. (Warner Bros. HK, LEGO HK Ltd, HK Grand cinema) I made the funny comic and My family will join in the western to help Emmet escape XD. Enjoy it~ Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  23. Melan-E


    Check out the Unikitty I built with the help from my Lug for Toronto's Breakfast Television on the 4th and todays Premiere!
  24. Time to call in the interior designer(?) Abe's Cribs Emmet on the job Get a grip on it people! I don't know why some get all worked up when somebody comes up with an unusual design/technique. Then try to one-up by doing the same thing and claim they did it first or that somebody has already done it and accuse you that you're a copycat. First of all, these are common bricks that can be put together in so many different ways that it's bound to happen that different people can come up with a design/technique that are similar. Second, the end result might be the same but the solution could be different. Third, I lay claim that anybody who does this design/technique is a copycat! AC