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Found 81 results

  1. I had really hoped to get a hold of the Doctor Who level pack today as my local shop had told me they would get the second wave today. Unfortunately they got all but the Doctor Who level pack. I did get the Unikitty fun pack, and for the fun of it i will make it my first review ever of a LEGO set. Also offcourse my first review here on EuroBricks. Year of release: 2015 Theme: LEGO Dimensions Set name: Unikitty fun pack Set Number: 71231 Pieces: 60 So another member just entered my LEGO Dimensions collection. The front of the box: Shows Unikitty on her chip and the first variation of the Cloud Cuckoo Car. I really feel the build for the Cloud Cuckoo car looks promising. The back of the box: Shows the three variatoins of the Cloud Cuckoo Car, also their is the X-Stream Soaker and the Rainbow Cannon. The content: The content of the box reveals two bags, and the building instructions. Note as always, only building instructions for the mini figure or in this case Unikitty is available in the instruction booklet. The remaining build must be build from ingame instructions, or is available on Funny that they show two variations of Unikittys head, even though only one side is printed. However at the time of my review, no instructions was available yet online. Instructions: Step 1-3 lets you build Unikitty quite easily. You will have to open both bags to get Unikitty build. Unikitty meets up with some fellow companions of hers. As far as i know this is a new variation of the Unikitty 1x3 headpiece. Time to put Unikitty on the Toypad for some disco and load her ingame to get the instructions to build the Cloud Cuckoo car. A random instruction, in this case step 4 for the Cloud Cuckoo Car ingame. I dont know how to take screenshots from a PS3, if its even capable of it, so i had to just use my camera. Did turn out quite good afterall. The Cloud Cuckoo car done. It delivered on fun when building, offcourse their wasnt much to it, but a lot of different pieces in all sorts of colours go into the build. And the finished result is just as satisfying. Back view of the Cloud Cuckoo Car, quite nice as well. Unikitty riding her Car. Definately does make a fine and usable build if your into the whole LEGO Movie universe. I surely love it and it will make a nice display model on my Dimensions build for the toypad for sure. Spareparts: All the rainbows colours. Quite a nice collection of spares i must say. Last but not least an ingame picture of Unikitty in berserk mode. This is to say the least hilarious she goes totally nuts when in this mode and i just had to mention it even though, again i had to take a picture with my camera from the screen so its not that good. I havent been playing a whole lot yet with these builds, since i was more interested in trying to make a review. I will let you decide on your rating of it. For me its a nice package, the price tag is what it is considering it has both technonlogy and LEGO in it. But i feel its definately worth it if you enjoy playing LEGO Dimensions. Hope you enjoyed and please do comment. KlodsBrik.
  2. Ice cream "machine," or ice cream truck? That's your choice in… Set Title: Ice Cream Machine Set #: 70804 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 344 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Just browse the pics? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Who doesn't like ice cream? And who doesn't like pink? Tell me, who doesn't like giant LEGO ice cream cones? The answer to all of those questions is, of course, only crazy people. I consider myself at least partially sane, so I indeed was thrilled with the prospect of a LEGO set involving ice cream, pink and a giant ice cream cone. Let's check it out! BOX As the 2-in-1 boxes go, this one if fairly fun. The colors really pop, and the model looks ok. The ice cream truck in the corner looks better, though. The back shows you a bigger picture of the very lovely ice cream truck, and also wants to make you think that flick-fires actually work and are fun. This box is actually a little fatter than the other 2-in-1s, for some reason. Our cast is Ice Cream Mike, Ice Cream Jo, and Cardio Carrie. I wonder if she's the same as blood-soked Carrie. All look fun. CONTENTS Mmmmm, plenty of pink. I like. Like all these 2-in-1s, three booklets: micromanager, flying machine, and truck. In all of these booklets, there are warnings about not shooting things in your eye. The ridiculous thing is that they usually show them twice for one missile, often in a row, like here! I think people actually deserve medals if you manage to shoot a flick fire all the way into your eye. There are a bunch of stickers, but they add character to the set. It seems like Octan runs absolutely everything in this film. MINIFIGURES These minifigures are all a lot of fun. We've gotten workout outfits in the collectible series, but this one is still nice. The ice cream outfits are great too, but sadly the white printing was too thin so the white on the torso doesn't match up with the legs. Sad. Carrie has a reverse face with a mouth shape pretty similar to Sharon Shoehorn. Nice though. Mike's face is great too. Everybody has simple back printing. Carrie has serious lats. Since it didn't show up well on the previous photos, I snapped a close-up of Carrie's face to show the little sweat drops. They're a lovely little detail. SET - MICROMANAGER No legs no love. This might be my least favorite of all of these, but it's still kind of cute. This one actually has more of a play feature, which makes it sacrifice more of the cute feature. So here it is: a mini version of a play feature that has shown up in a number of sets dating back to Vikings. Usually there's an actual launching mechanism, but this time you're just supposed to rapidly flick the missiles yourself. I tried it and… it actually works, using your thumb to pop them out. So I guess flick fires can work. SET - ICE CREAM MACHINE The flying machine leaves a number of useful pieces leftover. The big tubes are actually just general extras, and never used. It's actually a pretty fun plane. The pink pops, the ice cream details are nice, and the big cone is a great "weapon." It also looks enough like a truck that was randomly converted into a plane, which I like. It looks very cheerful. The color coordinated green and blue ice-cream shooters are cool. There's plenty to make me want to go pew-pew-pew as I swoosh it around. Got to have some tail lights on the back. I hope Mike is holding onto something tight, because otherwise he's going to zoom right out of the open back! He does have a nice big pole to hold onto. The minifigures even look like they're having a good time. SET - ICE CREAM TRUCK The truck model leaves even more leftovers. Basically, if you buy the set for the truck, you'll get some nice extra plates in great colors to add to your Friends collection. That's a fantastic looking truck right there. Nice and tall, and long, with a fantastic color scheme. We've never gotten a truck like this in City, and it's great! The giant ice cream cone on top using the drill piece is ingenious. Both sides are open for plenty of ice cream serving all around. The back has a window that just shows the ice cream vats inside, and has a bunch of lime studs for decoration. The tail lights are quite small and hidden down below. As you can see, the set comes with plenty of the new ice cream cone piece, though a lot of them are used for decoration. You could pull them down and serve them to people if you want, though. The inside has a little SNOTted freezer for popsicles, plus the soft serve vats and plenty of room for the figures. Great details. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION This is certainly my favorite of the 2-in-1s. The truck is superb, and nothing like what we get in City. The only issue is that the printing on the ice cream torsos is too thin, but it's not a deal-breaker. This is a fun one right here. Only the garbage truck to go to finish up the 2-in-1 sets!
  3. The ice cream truck in the 70804 The LEGO Movie set was way too tall for my liking, so I decided to modify it to better (better, it's still pretty big for an ice cream van) fit the typical LEGO City scale. I kept all the original design elements, but got rid of the dark grey car base. Using only pieces from the set itself, I came up with this alternative model: LDD file is attached (I didn't bother with the big cone on the roof ). 70804 Ice Cream Van.lxf
  4. It possibly would come as no surprise that my childhood favourite LEGO theme was Adventurers. Some of my fondest playtime memories are of sprawling bedroom wide Adventurer Expeditions that ranged from the archeologically accurate dig site to a cartoon caper of chasing down the baddies while being chased by the Mummy or jungle tribesmen. The focal figures (literally!) were always Johnny Thunder and Pippin Reed. Johnny Thunder was part of the Theme Logo, he has appeared in eight LEGO video games. This chap was cornerstone enough to feature in The LEGO Movie and have a re-issue in the Super Secret Dropship set. So why don’t we get to know about our be-hatted hero. A Man of Many Names Back in the long ago days of the 90s there were not quite so many linked multi-media goodies for LEGO themes as there are these days. There were some small features in the LEGO Club magazine, the advert-comics that featured in kids magazines and sometimes the odd TV advertisement were all we really had. These might give you a few titbits to broaden the world presented on any bonus pages in the instruction manual or the little sheet that presented the other avaliable sets. Of course, many times you only learned the character names by purchasing the set they came in. With each language and market location there could be differences between the promotional material because no one had any communication or a single platform to access. This led to curiosities like multiple identities for the same character. Johnny also went by Sam Grant or Joe Freeman in other parts of the world. I was introduced to Sam Grant from the back of a cereal box promoting their giveaway (only six tokens and the p&p!) that included our intrepid hero and his desert car the Scorpion Tracker. Despite alll the names he still had his moustache, sideburns and the dimpled chin of a hero! Many Adventures Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers theme appeared in 1998 to 2000 with a revival in 2003. In this time the Adventurers, heroes and villains, travelled to many lands. The tomb filled deserts of Egypt where an undead Pharaoh lurched. Up the Amazon river with jewel thieves and lost tribes guarded gold. To a mystery island that time forgot with dinosaurs to protect from poachers and finally the Orient on the trail of Marco Polo's treasures. Johnny Thunder also gained his first acting credits in LEGO Studios, tumbling through a booby-trapped tomb and being chased by less friendly dinosaurs. Well Stocked Wardrobe As Johnny Thunder had plenty of adventures in a number of places quite sensibly he had a well stocked wardrobe to go with his trademark hat. While the well known tan shirt served well in the desert, the jungle and tracking dinosaurs there were varients for each of the locales of the Orient he ventured to. Classic, India and Tibet outfits. The tan shirt followed the same outfit archetype of the serial-film heroes Indiana Jones was drawn from and the later variations fitted in to the different locations visited in Orient Expidition. The reissue figure for The LEGO Movie follows the classic look with sharper printing, details on the back and the new colours LEGO brought in after Adventurers were no longer in production. This figure is a really nice inclusion on the part of both the Movie team and TLG, a little 'classic' nod to all of us AFOLs and something for my peer group to notice even if they aren't super LEGO fans. Media Man Just like any other superstar, Johnny Thunder appeared in many media ventures, from a simple 'easter egg' to a feature character in games and of course The LEGO Movie. A number of LEGO video games were released during the Adventurer's heyday and plenty of them featured the characters and theme locations to play through. The LEGOLAND game had Adventure Land attractions and features to unlock as you progressed with cutscenes too. The next game to feature Johnny was LEGO Racers as an opponent to race with a number of circuits based on the Adventurers theme. In LEGO Island 2 Johnny and co help Pepper Roni in his mission to collect Constructopedia pages on Adventure Island. In Racers 2 Johnny was once again an opponent in races and also an NPC interaction for mini-games and returned again as an NPC racer in LEGO Stunt Rally. In LEGO Soccer you had to face off against an Adventurer Expidition team made up of characters from the theme and once defeated Johnny became an optional player for your own soccer team. This was a time in LEGO history where a lot of video games were made so of course Johnny would feature often. He was a major LEGO character at the time after all! Once Adventurers ended and slowly left recent and target market memory and game development moved out-of-house to developers like Travellers Tales, Johnny Thunder and co didn't feature. However with the launch of LEGO Universe he was back as a member of the Venture League. While the character was intended to be the same Johnny Thunder from the Adventurer theme, he underwent many design tweaks, even appearing in a rather different guise during Beta Testing. Fan feedback (of which I was most certainly a part!) managed to return him to a more classic look as seen above, the only minor changes in accessories and 'printing'. In LEGO Universe the player had to complete missions for Johnny in order to receive Venture League approval and open that faction as a choice to join. Master Builder Of course, now we come to his latest major role. A Master Builder in The LEGO Movie! First spotted early on in a call-back to Indiana Jones, he rescues his hat just before slipping through the perimeter walls to escape the forces of Lord Business. He is present for Emmet's, ah, stirring speech and is seen fleeing the golf ball once again reminscent of Indy. Later, as the citizens of Bricksburg fight the micromanagers Johnny is noticeable riding a horse that is riding a bigger horse. Thus we can conclude that I really am a bit weird and look out for a minor character when watching the movie! I'd love to post some clips but there aren't any to be found online that feature Johnny but if you missed him before we all know that no one needs an excuse to watch the film again! So, Johnny Thunder was and is a pretty cool character and while his moment in the sun might be over and Adventurers was continued in a new guise we can surely look forward to his next heir in whatever form he or she takes.
  5. Sparky


    | | Metalbeard in all his glory, now with 100% more Bionicle pieces. (accessories and animals included)
  6. Greetings! As 2015 approaches, I've been very excited to see that the local Target has started to stock up with an early wave of Spring Releases. I feel this is going to be an 'Awesome' year for LEGO to showcase their ingenuity, as well as up and coming talents. The LEGO Movie [TLM] has, no doubt, helped sales for the company, but how has the creativity from a movie that's almost a year old continued to capture our attention? In June of 2014, I was given the honor of participating in the final week of The LEGO Inside Tour. As part of the tour we get to talk with set designers, and Chris [Designer for The LEGO Movie] shed some light on some of the process and concepts. From my own design experience, it was nice to see the organized chaos that was intentional within the TLM realm. From a business perspective, there have been some fine tuned calculations that make future purchases exciting, but also relevant. Here's how: Set: 70818 Double-Decker Couch Theme: The LEGO Movie Piece Count: 197 +ballast Population: 5 Season: Winter 2015 Wallet Request: USD $14.99 From the front of the box, there's a party waiting to happen. While the characters are evident from the set-up, the lower right corner also dedicates a space to clearly showcase, however redundant, the included minifigs. I'm not sure, however, the context of the image. Perhaps the characters are waiting off-set for filming to resume on TLM 2, or they are in a warehouse party. Either way, the proposed components would seem to be better suited for Emmet's Perfect Morning/Battle Pack. LEGO Ink, Flickr The rear of the box incorporates play features. I like the way that subtle features, such as a strip of film, make their way into presentation. Simple, and effective. LEGO Ink, Flickr An open box reveals four element bags, and an instruction booklet. None of them is numbered, and the only loose item is the instruction sticker sheet. I'm not opposed to applying sticker sheets, depending on the model, and I've never had the horrifically marred version that earned the DSS title, but a printed element is always preferred. LEGO Ink, Flickr With that, this little guy will obviously come in handy. LEGO Ink, Flickr While Uni-Kitty has neat elemental personalities, there's only two other parts that really stand out from this set as far as 'new and somewhat rare.' Both belong to Vitruvius. V's lower half is actually a Brick 1x2x2 to accommodate the ghost covering, opposed to the standard slope. It has a print on it, but his upper torso is blank. No complaints, however, as he's constantly covered. LEGO Ink, Flickr The ghost covering is also really neat because of it's design. I can't say, for certain, how long LEGO has used the process, but this particular element has been created using a two stage [at least] mould. One of the most prominent examples of this process was the dual textured Six Sided Game Die, but may also be found with this modified 1x2 w/ Angular Extension. Vitruvius' obligatory headband is the initial element, which also forms the connection to his head. The glow-in-the-dark portion is the second stage, which is cleanly moulded above and below the headband, leaving an uninterrupted band. LEGO Ink, Flickr The usual suspects have slight variations to their faces, but nothing substantial to their bodies, minus V's previously stated brick. One feature I keep coming back to, is the gloriously happy face we see presented on President Business. A first for this particular figure. His uni-brow rainbow makes me smile every time! LEGO Ink, Flickr Turning to the back will reveal alternate versions for all printed faces. One thing that you might find useful: Uni-Kitty is provided with an extra face, but no additional facial components. While the suggested swap isn't completely unrealistic, it takes time. As you will see in the additional elements, I'm given an ear, Uni-holder, and Horn. I just find it strange that an additional 1x3 plate [white] and 1x1 slope didn't find their way into the ballast. All of the faces hold a certain amount of concern, except for Benny. He's gone from content, to overjoyed! LEGO Ink, Flickr As an additional component, we get Emmet's car. It's neat, and I believe the first offered, though it's not overtly complex. It's practical, and simple. The perfect reflection of our yet-to-be-discovered hero. The vehicle features the previously stated Radio, two doors, removable roof, and appropriately proportioned boot for Emmet's hardhat. LEGO Ink, Flickr LEGO Ink, Flickr Here's the couch, pre-built. Upon further inspection, it will be built to the exact specifications as the couch from MetalBeard's Sea Cow. Now, this may bother some folks, but it's not so much an issue for me. I probably won't be able to obtain the Sea Cow soon, so this set has, again, retained its value as a nearly perfect battle pack. LEGO Ink, Flickr LEGO Ink, Flickr LEGO Ink, Flickr ::Too many mugs of milk later:: 'Why don’t vikings send e-mails? They prefer to use Norse code!' LEGO Ink, Flickr And the ballast. It's not a bad selection overall, it just seems...different. Again, we're given 3/5 of the elements necessary to avoid a complete swap for Uni-Kitty's head, but that's not an issue to be considered 'unbuyable'. LEGO Ink, Flickr Closing statements: This set brings an interesting mix of thoughts. On the positive side, it's got characters. Five of them. When you're paying $9.99 for a 3-pack of DIY figs from the LEGO Store, $14.99 for 5 specialized characters isn't so bad! Plus you get all the additional pieces, whether you build with them or not. As stated earlier, I'm looking at my budget through the eyes current budget. Getting the whole series isn't an option, but this set has made it possible to recreate lots of fun moments from TLM that other sets haven't been able to accomplish. If I'd already purchased Metalbeard's Sea Cow, I may be a little saddened by the repeat Couch build, but probably not. The car, again, isn't extraordinary...but it works really well. No, there weren't enough Uni-parts to make it an ideal trade, but I've got what I need to make something work. There just isn't enough improbability to even consider this as a bad buy. Cost - 5/5 - Even if you just want the figs, you have 150 +/- elements to do something else with. @ the ideal $0.10 price point, you're still in the lead. Playability - 4/5 - There aren't play 'features' in the action sense, but there's movement and potential. 4 new, interchangeable expressions is a big one for me. Freshness - 4/5 - The couch is recycled, and that's a majority of the parts. There are also characters only specific, currently, to this set. Take the very small plunge, and get yours today!
  7. Well this sure has been a fun few days, taking pictures, buying brick, cranking out reviews of smaller sets. I tell ya, this was not my New Year's 'Resolution', but I wouldn't trade it. Well...maybe for even more LEGO, but wouldn't we all? As a formality: Greetings! I go by LEGO_Ink (or various variations that may or may not include the '_'). While I'm not NEW new, I have only recently found a soft spot for trying to get ahead of the game on reviews. Any custom sets I design can be found here, but you can also jump in queue at any point by clicking the link by the imbedded images. The thing that really motivated me to start sharing my opinion for LEGO sets were the highly functional features that were starting to become more prominent from the LEGO Designers. There are such slight details and modifications, that I feel they really get overlooked in the grand scheme of completing a set but, should they be designed any other way, you'd have a completely different play experience.*** Moving forward, I'd like to_ I'M BATMAN!!!! LEGO Ink, Flickr Well, uh...hi, Batman. What's up? WHAT'S UP? YOU MEAN, BESIDES MY SWEET NEW GRAPPLING HOOK, AN OVER-SUPPRESSED KITTEN, AND MY MASCARA UPGRADE? Yeah, so...haven't gotten there yet. ... MMMMM. SOOOOO...? On it. Set: 70817 Batman(TRADEMARK!) & Super Angry Kitty Attack Theme: The LEGO Movie Piece Count: 115 +ballast Population: We're going to go with 4. Season: Winter 2015 Wallet Request: USD $9.99 Before I get rambling, or interrupted, I have been looking forward to this set as well. If you haven't read my previous review for Double-Decker Couch, we're in for some great characters. Between the two sets we're only missing Wyldstyle, as a primary, and she had enough incarnates from waves 1 & 2 that we all probably have something that will suffice. As for the here and now, the front of the box. What I am now seeing as 'standard' art for the boxes. We appear to be in the same TLM-2 off-stage area as D-D Couch, except tensions have arisen since the last call. If memory from the film serves correctly, we will be down a cast member, or two, by the time things get rolling again. LEGO Ink, Flickr The same little triangle can be found in the lower corner, and my first query comes here, which may be something that is up for debate among fans. Should Micro-Managers be considered as figs? They are not Mini- and thus do not fit that description. However, as some of you are probably going to pull the 'It's Brick-built!' card, I'll see you, and raise you a Uni-Kitty. Any of them. I'm not overtly concerned one way or the other, but I feel that they [M-M's] should count, especially this little one. Thus, my stated Population: 4. The box-art is direct, and what happened in the movie is, probably, most closely translated for this particular set. Carnage, Smirks, and Clumsy Robots. DON'T FORGET SWEET GRAPPLING HOOKS!! Yup, still on it... The back of the box. Even more action, and perfect explanations of details. One such detail, I actually overlooked in my eagerness to make sure I bought the set before it flew off the shelf, is the exploding feature of the Micro-Manager. (Further Down) We also have flick-fire missiles, which apparently work when you push the back of something. Who knew!? LEGO Ink, Flickr Box contents include three small [unnumbered] baggies, one instruction booklet, and one cape. I'd assume it's as near to random decision, as makes no difference, but Vitruvius' cape was included in the bags for D-D Couch, yet Batman's was excluded. It's power 'cannot be contained, in any container!!' TLM_SuperAngry_003 by LEGO Ink, on Flickr As stated in the other reviews, there is a lack of sticker sheet. And while the booklet has a prominent crease in the middle for folding, it's crisper than a minted green. Another stated element is the LEGO Survey. Prominent to me because the characters on the back seem to be reflective of whichever theme the booklet has been assigned. LEGO Ink, Flickr For new and rare elements, There's not a lot aside from the characters, which will be addressed later. What there is, however, sticks out. Element #85861, Plate, Round 1x1 w/ Open Stud. I absolutely love these, and for this set you won't be disappointed, either. We get 2 in Dark Red, only previously seen from the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Emmet's Construct-o-Mech. We also get 3 in Black, which marks its debut with this set. [EDIT 1/2/15 - Black also get some serious recognition in 10246 | Detective's Office. Seventeen of them, with potential to swap a dozen out for spares, according to New Elementary.] LEGO Ink, Flickr BUT, GOSH, MAN, WHY ARE THEY HERE? ...Yes, we're at the grappling gun. FINALLY!!! LEGO Ink, Flickr Either I'm out of the loop, or this really is one of the cleanest, most well executed, additions to a previously moulded weapon. Not only does it redefine a purposeful weapon [of the two 'barrels', the top is visually re-purposed into a sighting system while the bottom retains the conceptual propulsion system], but it's appropriately bulky, without being superficial. As a neatly printed element, I thought this could be handy for future use. Knowing more, now, about LEGO and printing processes, parts like this make my engineering self all giddy. There's so much decorative potential! LEGO Ink, Flickr *** Onto the only actual building that needs to take place for this set, we come across the obligatory Micro-Manager. As for the previously overlooked function, this one has flick-fire missiles, as well as an exploding function...all within a 3-Stud span of each other. Not to shabby. The section that really tied my laces, was the way that the function would be locked in. LEGO Ink, Flickr On any other M-M, we would see a fourth 'Inverted 1x2-2x2 Bracket'. Here, however you cap the back side with a standard '1x2-2x2 Bracket'. The Technic underlying brick will function as the pivot point, and once you get all four brackets into place... LEGO Ink, Flickr then place a 4x4 plate over both sides and very surely Lock the mechanism together. LEGO Ink, Flickr One would have to, extensively, surpass the vertical forces required for play to disrupt this function. The addition of the standard bracket is two-fold. After locking the whole thing together, the remaining top studs will act as a minimal connection point for the roof of the M-M. Because of the design, these are now connection points that won't shift during play, leaving a constant surface for reattachment. LEGO Ink, Flickr The Man Upstairs, having a go at the features. LEGO Ink, Flickr And here we have a finished product! Again, the size constraints amaze me for this particular build. The arms/tentacles, for example, have 3 (Three!!) points of articulation for each arm. This includes the rotating 'shoulder' at the base of the M-M, but doesn't include the four pose-able claws. Then, there's the levitation systems that are based on the two rocker panels at the rear. Or the two exploding roof panels. Oh, and the two flick-fire missiles which are intentionally differing sizes, that tuck cleanly above the 'shoulders', and below the exploding roof. While the M-M's have all had differing features, is this the first one that actually blows up? ON TO THE DUDES!!!! But, Uni-Kitty's name begins with 'Princess'. ::SIGHHHHHHHHHH:: YOU, ARE THE WORST. Onto the...the... Onto the Characters. THE BEST! Another Robo Skeleton. A SUPER Angry-Kitty. A Batman(TRADEMARK!) with a black headband. A Batman(SHUSH!), with a black headband? Why yes, I will tell you more. LEGO Ink, Flickr Here, we have a side-by-side of how his expression plays out. The elevated band offers the same principle as previous Bat-figs, it's no-so-secretly his eyes. However, for this rendition we have a black band with two white slits, per side, for eyes. As much as I wonder why this wasn't put into production for the previous TLM Bat-figs, I'm glad they decided to do it. With the cowl, he now looks how Bat-fig has meant to look for quite some time. With that, I do understand that Batman was illustrated with white-outs for his eyes for quite some time. He's also had mascara. Now both families win. The benefit to this new color scheme is that he doesn't look like he just came off the basketball court, or was mis-printed. To me, he actually kind of looks like he's got eyebrows to match his facial expression. The best part is that the unintentional 'eyebrows' don't clash with the respective faces. Instead, they make a slightly altered version to the same head we were just looking at. Exact same head, exact same side, but you add the cowl and he becomes that much goofier/angrier. LEGO Ink, Flickr LEGO Ink, Flickr As far as the ballast goes, I'm always up for goodies. The jewels of this batch include a red Kitty-Horn, and two Open Studs [both of the rarer variety]. LEGO Ink, Flickr HEY, GUY. IT'S GETTIN' LATE. Yes, my closing thoughts. This has been a long schpeel, for such a small set. Hopefully, you didn't tune out too long ago. 4/5 Cost effectiveness - Pretty alright, I'd say. At cost ratios, it's on point. You have to realize it's not substantial, as far as taking up space or bulk parts. You do get four characters, three of which are unique to this set. I, personally, don't mind the Robo Skeleton. He's something I'd eventually want extras of for any diorama invasion, so since he's my first I think I'll take him. 5/5 Play - Yes, the only thing that plays is the M-M. The Grappling Gun doesn't fire, Uni-Kitty doesn't have changing heads, and the Robo Skeleton isn't as agile. The Micro-Manager takes it up a notch, and has more play features in it's body than some $7 sets have in all their entirety. I'm glad I got it, and I'm not even a completest. I, sincerely, hope you all have had a Happy Christmas, and wonderful New Year!
  8. Another mech battle, and one of two big sets in the LEGO Movie January wave. That's right, I'm finally up to… Set Title: Rescue Reinforcements Set #: 70813 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 859 Minifigures: 5 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 70 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION I already did my little discussion of how I'm not a huge mech fan in my MetalBeard's Duel review. To repeat it again here would be extraneous. Besides for certain ones of the minifigures, which looked super-cool, this set wasn't particularly ringing my excitement bells. It seemed far outstripped by the Lair in the same price range (a set which I really love now, having built it). So how does this set stack up in the LEGO? Let us delve one last time into LEGO Movie review land and find out! BOX The box is large though not excessively so, as to be expected. It's the same size as the Lair's box. It makes you think that it's another 2-in-1 set, but it's not. Only the four USD 30 sets have two sets of instructions. In Creative Ambush and this one, building the alt models will be left up to you if you care to do so. There aren't a ton of play features in this set, and the box doesn't even show them all (since I think twisting the know to make the water gun go round would count as a play feature). The box shows how this set comes with a secret code (that I've blurred out of all my pictures) that will get you something in the video game, just like the code in the High Speed Chase City set got you something in Grand Theft LEGO. I doubt you will be quite as excited as Emmet when you use this code, though. To me, the minifigures alone certainly make this set enticing. Blacktron and Fabuland Fan torsos? How ridiculously wonderful! Hank Haystack looks cool too. CONTENTS This one's got seven numbered bags (all of which may or may not be present in this picture…), two loose fire hose strings, a DSS and three instruction booklets. Plenty of non-grey here, hooray! Sorry I'm not sorry that's always how I judge sets when I spill them out (although Arkham Asylum is wonderful, ok… grey can be fine). The DSS here is not so bad - I imagine the barn stickers could actually be pretty useful, even though splitting up "tresspassin'" in the middle might be hard to incorporate somewhere. The fire stickers are fairly standard affairs, though the warning sign stickers are nice. Why did I include the fire hoses in this shot? No idea… Three instruction booklets, the second of which is a smaller size. It's particularly nice with a big set with numbered bags that there are different instruction manuals for the three different builds (1 is the Fire Mech, 2 is the Micromanager, 3 is the flying barn). You could easily get three family members building at once for some lovely family bonding time, although the different builds may take different amounts of time. As a singular builder, I was surprised that the fire mech was the first thing to build. The Micromanager was first in all the other sets, and I always expect the biggest build to come last. It makes no difference whatsoever, but it breaks a pattern in build order that I thought I had noticed. Lots of sub-assemblies in the fire mech for lots of articulation! MINIFIGURES As expected, the Blacktron and Fabuland fans are terrific! Better yet, they have adolescent faces with too much excitement, braces, and freckles (or acne?)! Hank is a nice farmer figure too, and this is one of just two sets to have the new tactical vest. Plus another Robo SWAT for your Robo SWAT force. The only slightly less exciting figure is the firefighter. It's a great set of prints, but nothing special since it comes in a whole bunch of fire sets. Everybody has backprinting, and the kids have funny scared faces. Somebody commented on the Flying Flusher review that the plumbers could of used some butt printing for a plumber's crack, and well… Hank has got some butt printing! I actually did not notice that until I looked at this picture again. That's hilarious! (I guess we've learned minifigures' behinds are quite high up.) ANIMALS This set includes two lovely animals that are also quite rare. This is the third set to include the white printed chicken (the others being the Kingdoms Mill Village Raid and a new Friends stables set), and just the second to have the dirty-print pig! Even the clean pig only comes in four sets so far, so pigs are a rare commodity. I guess minifigures don't eat a lot of bacon, although I suppose even if they did it would come printed on a tile and they wouldn't needed pigs. EXTRA BITS Lots of nice extras here taken at an unhelpful angle that makes them hard to see! Plenty of extra cheese in different colors, plus an extra carrot-top and an entire extra fire hose, in case you wanted one. SET - FIRE MECH It feels strange to start with the mech, but I usually go in build-order for whatever reason, so here it is! I honestly did not expect to like this thing, but in actuality I do! The colors are on point and work together, the details are nice without being overdone or messy, and just overall it feels like it should be a Transformer and pulls off that look well. The mech is pretty squat and chunky, since the cockpit keeps the proportions of the cab of a LEGO fire truck for the most part. I like that the designer went for symmetry on the model - it makes the design look really put together. The designer easily could've gone an 'everything stuck any place' route, but the symmetry keeps it focused and pleasant. I also absolutely love the yellow cheese 'toes.' Maybe these were done practically for balance, but they're quite funny and cute! Only a few details differ on each side, since the 'hand' parts necessarily have to be different builds anyway. Here are looks from both sides. The back oddly has a rollcage door on the cab which is then covered by the ladder, so it can't open. I guess it's there just because LEGO usually uses that piece on fire trucks? It's a nice part and detail anyway. The back of the feet are kind of strange, but I like getting all of those parts in those particular colors, so I can't complain. One odd design feature is that there are hoses connected from the legs to the cab, a feature which will come into play in a moment. The cab is roomy, and has what you expect… a steering wheel. It would be even cooler with room for two firefighters (Pacific Rim style?), but you could MOD it that way. One seat in the middle is in keeping with LEGO's typical City designs. The one let down of the mech is the pose-ability. The legs don't have much range of movement, and even though the cab is on swivel parts, since there are those tubes connected it to the legs that I mentioned, it can barely turn! Of course you could just take those off, but it's a pretty big design flaw in my opinion. The arms can pose pretty well, though, so that's a plus. Overall this guy kind of reminds me of a sumo wrestler - squat and bulky. I like it, even though the legs and cab movement are impeded. SET - MICROMANGER This is the second tall chicken leg Micromanager, and it's very similar to the one in MetalBeard's Duel. The legs are identical besides for one parts detail difference. This one looks better than the MetalBeard one, though, since the sides get properly covered and don't look messy. This one also has a third arm with a gun. Even though it's the over-used AQ gun, at least it hasn't come in black much yet (only in the CMF line and some 2014 Chima sets), so I'll accept it. And it actually works in this situation. With two grabby arms and a gun, this Micromanager looks like it's ready to run around and do some proper damage. This might be the only Micromanager with a plain, single-unadorned-plate back! Not a problem, though. The function on this one is that the sides flip up to reveal some flick-fires. Extra flick ammo is included inside, which honestly seems like more of a detail than something useful, since I don't know how many people will be pulling out the flick-refill after discharging the first one. Even kids. Unlike the flying small Micromanager with flip-up wings, where the flipped-up mode looked cool, this one looks rather silly. I prefer it with the sides down (I'm not going to be flick-firing anything any time soon anyhow). SET - FLYING BARN I'm pretty partial to this flying barn as well. Unlike Creative Reinforcements, where I thought the plane looked too messy, this barn-copter has a well-balanced color scheme and general look that I can get behind. Perhaps it's because it still quite resembles a barn, just with some helicopter attachments, whereas the bi-plane was a bi-plane and not much of a saloon (which makes good sense, I just didn't like it). One aspect/detail I totally love here is the pilot controls. It's nothing so interesting, I guess, but the simpe combination looks wonderful as helicopter controls. They also make use of the new clip with rod-input piece, so that's nice since it's a great piece. The chicken lookout is also hilarious. The telescope piece is fairly rare in light bley, so that's nice to get. I'm not sure why there would be a pig on the tail, but who cares!? You get a pig! I also can't explain the reason to have a carrot strung up. EDIT: I've been informed in comments below that the pig is on a treadmill to power the tail rotors, and the carrot is what makes it keep walking! Hilarious! END EDIT Of course, two tail rotors is once again a head-scratcher when one considers real-world copters, but since this is a crazy contraption already I don't care much. It was worse in the Wolverine Chopper Showdown where the heli was somewhat 'realistic.' The wind-mill top rotor is quite nice too. I've never put down so many vertical clip pieces all at once (16 in one step). There are a couple of play features included (besides flick-fires and spinning rotors). First is this barrel attached on chains carrying apples. You can manually tip it over to drop some apple bombs (which sounds too much like "apple-bottom jeans" to me, and then reminds me of a certain song that involves those and boots with fur. Now it's stuck in my head ). The play feature works well though! On the other side are doors which open up to reveal a sliding thing with a hole in it for carrots. Pull it out far enough, and the carrots wil drop as carrot bombs! This is plenty of fun too. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION I like when this happens - I go into a set thinking I won't like it, and then it turns out to be great! This set has a lot going for it - good-looking models, some unique minifigures with terrific prints, some good parts, and plenty of fun to be had. That said, would I personally buy this? As a person with a tight budget, I can't say I would. The Evil Lair set is unquestionably more enticing since it comes with some key characters for the film and is the only way to get them, and I'm a bigger fan of location-sets than mech sets. There are also so many smaller sets in this line that would come first in buy-order, like the Super Cycle Chase (which already is not a cheap set), some of the USD 30 sets, the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, and the Getaway Glider. Honestly I'll say that if I hadn't received this set to review, I don't think it ever would've ended up in my collection. However, if I had a bigger LEGO budget, I would pick this one up now that I've built it (and not just brickling the Fabuland and Blacktron fan figures). I never would've known I'd want it just looking at the pictures, but having it in front of me, there's a lot ot like. It's a fun big mech and a nice barn with great figures, and when all is said and done it does feel like it's worth the money. Well, that wraps up my LEGO Movie reviews! I hope they've been enlightening when they needed to be, and I hope you've enjoyed them! I've certainly enjoyed bringing them to you. Coming up, look out for a wave overview with pictures of all the sets and group pictures like all of the Robo SWAT, all of the Micromanagers, etc. Coming… sometime! CloneyO out, for now.
  9. For those curious about the back... Benny finally gets to build the spaceship after everybody agrees to his idea! AC
  10. Here is my version of Wyldstyle's Flying Super Cycle. It took a lot longer than I hoped to complete this MOC mostly because about a dozen or more parts do not actually exist or don't exist in the colors depicted in the movie. With the help of several screen shots from the movie and the Golden Instructions #3 from TLM video game I got a very close version to the actual one from the movie. FlyingSuperCycle by mink66, on Flickr IMG_2401 by mink66, on Flickr IMG_2408 by mink66, on Flickr IMG_2416 by mink66, on Flickr IMG_2414 by mink66, on Flickr IMG_2419 by mink66, on Flickr
  11. Still working on it... AC
  12. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70812 Creative Ambush

    Flying shawarma. Saloon plane. Kabobs. It's time for… Set Name: Creative Ambush Set #: 70812 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 473 Minifigures: 4 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 40 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Once again, thanks to LEGO for sending me these sets to review. What's with the name of this set? It really sounds rather plain and could mean absolutely anything. Who is even getting ambushed? The robot? I guess. However, I will not judge a set by its crappy ambiguous name. I was quite excited about this set: it looked funky and cool. Will it look funky and cool in real life? Let's find out! BOX It's still looking funky and cool on the box, which is very square and not all that big. It's the same dimensions as the MetalBeard Duel box, only deeper, which may or may not mean nothing to you right now. Overall: funky. And cool. The back gives you a better, or perhaps worse, view of the plane. Actually in the picture, the plane still looks pretty cohesive, even though you can see more of it. LEGO ran out of play features it seems, since one of the inserts is just Bob standing on his flying cart. CONTENTS Inside we find a few numbered bags, two instruction manuals, and a sticker sheet. Looks like some nice white parts, and plenty of brown. Definitely a lot better than grey! The instruction manuals of course have the same funky and cool picture as the front of the box. These are some neat stickers, especially the Kabob Cart menu ones. Even if you don't like to apply stickers to sets, you might want to keep these around for a MOC of your own. The instructions use the drab blue and orange color scheme I already whined about in my Lair review. MINIFIGURES Yay, the goodies! They're spread out over the build, as LEGO likes to do now, but here they all are for you: From left to right: Kabob Bob, Executive Ellen, Rootbeer Belle, and Sudds Backwash. Out of these, most parts are new and looking good. I thought Ellen's head was the one from Alien Conquest, but it's actually slightly different, so props to LEGO for that! Also great are the three re-colored hair/hat pieces, all new in these colors. Only Sudds' torso is overly simple, a syndrome that afflicts a bunch of figures across this line. It does look pretty retro. Everybody gets backprinting this time, even Sudds with very simply back printing. All are lovely. Ellen has a reverse scared face which looks identical to the Alien Conquest figure minus a beauty mark. I also give you a better view of Sudds' whole face, which has some light markings to show how serious he is. Somehow I didn't take a picture of all the accessories, but you get a bunch of stuff like dynamite, guns of the old type (hooray no more Lone Ranger guns!), and a knife to shave shawarma. All of that gets attached to the vehicles, which might be why I forgot about it. BUILD Like the Lair, there are plenty of different things to build here, so it doesn't get too boring. It goes robot, cart, plane, which in a way goes from best to worst in this set. But that's to be talked about in the next sections. There are some nice pieces here, like a bunch of the new round plate with hole, the ice cream cone, clippy bits, and plenty of SNOT bricks. All of these robots have plenty of SNOT, and in different colors for whatever reason. Not too many extras of note, but studs are always handy nonetheless. SET - MICRO MANAGER Full disclosure, I thought these black square robot things were extremely bad-looking from the pictures. They just looked dumb. To my surprise, in real life they're actually pretty adorable. This one's got cute little arms and legs that are more pose-able than most. You have to have it yourself for it to win you over. On the back it has a mysterious clip that nothing clips onto. What should clip onto the Micro Manager? YOU Decide! Isn't it so cute? I can imagine it running after me pinching its cute little claws. Of course flick-fires are worthless but let's not shed too many tears about those. SET - KABOB CART Next, the Kabob cart. The instructions have you leave the wheels/thrusters flat, which just looks weird. Overall, I loved the idea behind this, but the result is kind of underwhelming. It's pretty plain. The details are nice, like the little bottles, and the thing that emits heat on the shawarma. Speaking of which, I do love the shawarma - that's ingenious and hilarious. But do you see those gears under the shawarma? They do nothing. I was really hoping for a play feature, but no, they just turn. This angle shows another view of the gears that do nothing. You can also see where to flick the flick-fires! Hooray! This cart would really be so much better if it had a more interesting play function. You can actually position the thrusters more like the box and have it stand up. With them like this, it definitely looks better, but it still feels a bit ho-hum to me when I hold it in my hand. I can't exactly put my finger on why. It may be that there aren't enough guns, so that when I swoosh it around, I don't feel like I can go pew-pew-pew because there's nothing to go pew-pew-pew on the model. SET - SALOON PLANE Finally, we get to the biggest chunk of the set - the plan. This thing looked pretty cool in the boxart, but I've got to say that in real life, it's a bit of a hot mess. Like the cart, it's a terrific idea, but it turns out looks pretty ugly. Brown with dark grey, some gold, dark tan, and little green, light grey, and black gets to be too much. The barrel thursters on the back are cool (thrusters on a bi-plane?), but again the thing overall is a bit unsightly. Perhaps if some of the grey was replaced with one of the other colors, it would look better. It least it is swooshable and makes me want to go pew-pew-pew as I swoosh it around. It really looks best from the front, where you can't see too much of it. LEGO sure knows how to pick the best angle for the boxart! Even though the plane as a whole is kind of ugly, some of the detailing is fantastic. I love the use of the spigot piece in gold as controls. And this piano may be my favorite part of the set! So cute! The plane does have tolerable play features as well. Of course the firing canons are always good, but there are also treasure-chest bombs - just open the chest and dump out some dynamite. Kind of a clunky feature, but not bad. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION So there you have it. The poorly titled and disappointing Creative Ambush. This was actually the first set of the wave that I built, and it wasn't a great start, but there are a lot of better sets to be had, thankfully. Still, there are some good elements here. The minifigures are all useful and offer existing parts in new colors, plus good prints all around. The Micro Manager is fun, and some of the little detail builds are superb, like the shawarma and piano. Parts-wise, there's a lot to like I think. Some new pieces like the round tile with hole, and lots of good brown things in the plan, as well as some tan. With 473 it's a great value (at least in the US), and may be worth it if you're into parts. I hope you enjoyed my second LEGO Movie review. I'm curious to hear what other people think of this one, since (as I've explained) it doesn't do much for me when all is said and done. Better things to come!
  13. okay, im taking on the project of building the full, movie size construction mech from the end of the lego movie, but have run into a big problem. theres a fairly complex looking technic build working as the midsection of the torso and the joint that supports the entire upper body, and i cant figure out how to build it. i dont have a great knowlage of technic, so i was wondering if i could get help from you guys here in the technic forum id'ing the parts and how they are used. im sorry, i know these arent the best shots of it, but this is about all i could find showing the darn thing.
  14. Set Title: MetalBeard's Sea Cow Set #: 70810 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 2741 Minifigures: 6 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 249,99/ EUR 249,99 /GBP 169,99 I had the joy of receiving this giant box yesterday and since noone seems to have done a review of it yet, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to do my part for this little community of ours ^^ So here goes. I admit, I shamelessly ripped off Clone O'Patra's structure to help me out in organising my thoughts. BOX this thing is massive. But I'm happy to say that it isn't needlessly so. The content actually takes most of the space inside. The art depicts a really nice dramatic night scene of the ship sailing the sea in the moonlight. Although the LEGO Movie takes a little too much space to my taste. And on the bottom right corner, we have the regular call out of all the minifigs included. Those figs are also better shown on the side of the box Then the back shows many of the features included in the set. CONTENTS obviously, 2700+ pieces count for something. They come in multiple bags numbered 1 to 9 (two or three per number) plus an extr aone containing the mast and sail pieces and the hull pieces were loose in the box The instruction book is a massive 287-page volume. this comes with the standard pieces call out before each step and was prety easy to follow. It even has the 1:1 image of some of the more confusing pieces when their length matters. Unfortunately, the set also comes with a sticker sheet. I was quite disappointed to sea the treasure maps on it too. BUILD The whole build took me around 7 hours to complete (since I'm a junkie, I did it all in one go) the first bag contains a first set of minifigs and a mini MetalBeard (which I counted among the minifigs but since he is brickbuild, I guess it's a matter of opinion ) A few pieces I'd never seen before : some miniature version of the ball joints and a different grapling hook Part two comes with the other figs, the micro managers and the famous double decker couch. And part 3 begins building the ship proper, starting with the hull and the gun deck Part 4 then adds more guns on the sides It also came with an interesting piece I'd never encountered : a 2x2 round tile with a hole in the middle Part 5 builds the round parts of the front and back of the hull, using the same technique as in the Imperial Flagship (another favourite set of mine) Then we build the rear cabin which contains the armory and some sort of engine. I assume it's for all the propellers at the back 7 adds the captain's cabin and one of the mast. This is where the sheer size of the ship starts making taking pictures a bit tricky. Also it was getting late and the light didn't really help... Bags 8 contains the rest of the masts and sails that are directly attached to the ship And finally, we build the middle deck and the steam engine. All in all, that was a very enjoyable build with quite a few nice surprises hidden here and there. MINIFIGS The set comes with Benny, Wyldstyle (are you Djing?), Emmet, Vitruvius, Queasy Kitty and MetalBeard (I'll get back to him in a minute) Since I don't have any other movie set, I assume they're the same (Emmet is from the promo polybag). Except for Queasy Kitty. She has a nice sick shade of green and her face is a printed piece. Also, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in Benny's helmet. I realise they can't really break every model they make for the sake of accuracy but that mold still looks kind of weird. All the regular figs come with variant back printed head. Although I had to look really hard to spot the difference on Wyldstyle's (the bottom of her eye dots look like she's slightly squinting or something) Now Mini Metal Beard on the other hand, I really like. The ymanaged to capture his look in mini form pretty well. It even comes with an anchor on his peg leg and a shark on his right hand Although admittedly, the back is a little bland and he is rather hard to set in any sort of interesting action pose Then come the two micro managers The big one comes with hidden flick fire missiles on the sides an a radar dish that folds down from his back (the stand isn't included) And the smaller one is a cutesie that spits a net from its mouth SET And now for the actual set. Let's start with the really important part : the double decker couch, of course. This is where I must be more of an Emmet than a master builder, because I actually find the idea pretty nice (it doesn't come wit hidden compartments, though) And the ship That thing is huge. I called Benny to help me give a sense of scale The front view And the back. There should be a few stickers on there but I'm still on the fence on whether I should apply them or not... A few pieces of interest : the machine gun attached to the front mast. It looks really nice, although a little impractical since it cannot swivel left or right. The figure at the top of the highest mast reminds me of the head of one of those white parrots with yellow feathers on the back of their head. I don't know if that's what they were aiming for but I find it a nice touch none the less. The place where MetalBeard drives the ship looks like a giant armchair but I could'nt make him fit in there. As I said, his posability isn't too great although they did it on the box art, so it's obviously doable The shipcan be separated in three parts for easy access to the captain's cabin and the gun deck below The central piece even has some hidden gems tucked in the beams At the back of the top deck, there is a nice looking telescope, too And then just below is the captain's cabin. All those 4x4 tiles are supposed to be treasure maps and blueprints but I haven't applied the stickers. Tere shold also be a portrait on the 4x2 brown tile on he wall. Also, I have no idea what that thing along the window is supposed to be. It sort of looks like a morse machine or a stapler. It confuses me a little. But the other side has an inkpot and a ship in a bottle and some rhum on a shelve Finally, there is the armory/engine room with a nice candelbra hanging from the ceiling. It's accessible by the front or the sides that can be opened for easier access CONCLUSION I love it. It's big, full of nifty little details and the whole thing looks impressive while its proportions makes it a little cartoonish. Not an easy combination but they pulled it off anyway. It's definitely worth its value. I'm really glad LEGO started making those higher price ranges where the designers go crazy on the stuff they can include.
  15. So, I was thinking about trying to recreate Wyldstyle's Flying Supercycle which is the vehicle the regular Supercycle converts into towards the end of the first Bad Cop chase scene. I started looking into this and it seems many of the same parts used with each vehicle except for two very important ones...the wings! The Flying super cycle appears to use a forward swept design and for the last several days I have been trying to identify these plates. I have had no luck thus far. Anyone else recognize these plates? I am at a loss. FlyingSuperCycle by mink66, on Flickr Flying Super Cycle by mink66, on Flickr Flying Super Cycle by mink66, on Flickr
  16. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70805 Trash Chomper

    Trash truck, or trash CHOMPER? You'll have to answer that one if you get… Set Title: Trash Chomper Set #: 70805 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 389 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This was probably the best-looking zany flying machine from the packaging. The mouth gave it a very fun, distinctive look that had more character than the flying machines in the other 2-in-1s. Plus, the "normal" model is something we already get in City, so not all that interesting to me. So is the flying machine actually the model to want in this set? Well, let's see… BOX The Trash Chomper actually looks great on the box. That's something funky I'd want to buy. The back shows more of the truck mode, this time from the back, and highlights the things that move. Yay for things that actually move on models! Like all the minifigures in this line, these need names! Gordon Zola is a nice funny play on gorgonzola, and somehow the names they gave to the garbage men seem very appropriate to me. They look like a Dan and a Grant. CONTENTS I'm vegetarian, so I guess I'm a sucker for vegetable color schemes. When I opened up the box I thought 'Mmmmm carrots!' Although the green to orange ratio isn't quite right to make carrots. Like all of these 2-in-1 sets, there are three booklets: micromanager, flying machine, and alternate model. Here's a step where you add gears just for decoration. There's something about adding gears that don't do anything that always disappoints me, and it happens in a few of these sets. Plenty of stickers, but I think you'd expect that for a garbage truck anyway. MINIFIGURES These aren't exactly the most exciting minifigures ever, but they are very well done. The garbage men have excellent get-ups that I can see being useful for a variety of things. Dan's head isn't new, but it's a newer one and I like it. He's got the new cap with a hole for attachments. Only Gordon's head is new, and not too exciting to me either. The garbage men have some nice dirty printing on their backs as well. Included are some accessories you'd expect for trash collectors, like a broom, shovel, trash cans, and of course trash! Gordon seems to have run out of his kitchen with a frying pan. SET - MICROMANAGER This time we've got another micromanager that's supposed to fly. Again not quite as cute as have stubbly legs, but trans-red dishes are always great, so I won't complain. Turn it around back and you'll see it's got some folding mechanism! And flick-fires… Ta-da! Wings pop out with the weapons arsenal. I like the use of that piece in the middle, but there's a little green visible that looks weird. It looks appropriately menacing from the front. SET - TRASH CHOMPER The flying mode uses all the pieces besides two plates. The trash chomper looks pretty silly and fun from the front, what with the big mouth. Vehicles with mouths are always whimsical. It looks scary too. I wouldn't want to mess with those teeth. But there's something about this model that feels a little off, and I think it's how tall and stubbly it is. It doesn't really seem like a flying machine at all - it's way too bulky for that. The mouth is nice, but the rest of it is really just a brick. The garbage cans are some sort of engines in the back, and Dan actually has a chair so he hopefully won't fly backwards when he takes off. So I'm not sure what to think. I love the mouth and trash-chomping idea, but the model as a whole feels to stubby. Speaking of the mouth, the chomping function works well and is great fun to play with. SET - GARBAGE TRUCK The truck uses everything up besides for a couple of technic parts. I may not care much for garbage trucks, but this is a very nice one. The color scheme is lovely, and the SNOT detailing on the side looks excellent. There's room for just one figure in the cab, and for some reason LEGO put the steering wheel high up in this one. That kind of makes sense for a big vehicle like this, which would have a big wheel. (My sticker-applying skills were clearly wearing out when I put on that license plate.) The side profile is nice indeed. The truck is pleasantly long, and feels well-proportioned all around. The back has its quite large cover, that can open up to reveal the place for the trash. Good stickers for detail back here. A little knob lets you control the back, which doesn't just go up and down but kind of slides up and then slides back down due to how the technic construction inside is made. But it actually doesn't go up all that high. I'm not sure how minifigures would really even be able to unload trash cans into there, but oh well. The gears are perhaps supposed to represent trash grinders. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION What I thought was going to be the best flying machine let me down some, though the mouth is still great. I guess as the flying machines go, the Ice Cream Machine wins out. However, this is a very nice trash truck. I'm not personally excited by trash trucks, since LEGO City has seen its fair share of those, but this one is still great. If you like good trash trucks, I'd think about picking this up. Parts-wise, green is a always a good color, and this set has plenty of it. Not too many new parts, but lots of nice green. The minifigures are basic, but useful nonetheless. The garbage-men torsos are pretty non-specific, making them useful for a lot of things. And their legs are great. That completes the 2-in-1s. Up next… everything else in some order!
  17. A super-tall suit. A high-ish price tag. Morgan Freeman! Yep, it's… Set Name: Lord Business' Evil Lair Set #: 70809 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 738 Minifgures: 6 + Kitty Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: 70 USD, Just browse the pics? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Special thanks to LEGO for sending me all of the January LEGO Movie sets to review. That's right, there will be reviews of all 13! This is just the first. I just figured I'd start with the big precious. This set looked cool from the outset. Nice design, nice minifigs, and nice pricetag. And Morgan Freeman! I was excited to crack this one open. Let's see if it lives up to the expectations… BOX Both this and Rescue Reinforcements have nice big boxy boxes of this size. Not that huge since LEGO went all environmental and/or economical with their box sizes, but a hefty enough size. We instantly see all the fun in this set - pretend-gluing of figures, a huge evil suit, ever-laughing Biznis Kitty. Goodies. The back shows basically the same thing but with Vitruvius running away, plus some inserts of the play features. My favorite play feature is… replacing hats with hair. Hours of funnnnnnnnnn! Meet our cast of characters for this set: another boring (but pleasant) Emmet, Vitruvius , Pa and Ma Cop, El Macho Wrestler (who I'm fairly certain was the villain in Despicable Me 2), Biznis Kitty, and Will Ferrell aka President Business. I wouldn't say the minifigures alone make the set worth it, but… this is the way to do a big set. Five cool and exclusive figures are awesome. CONTENTS Spill out the box and you get two instruction booklets, a lovely wonderful sticker sheet, the capes packed in a bag with a cardboard card to keep them nice and straight, two metallic-colored tubes, and five numbered bags. Lots of grey and black in there, but enough other colors to break it up. CloneyO doesn't love grey, but I'll deal with it here. INSTRUCTIONS Two sizable booklets get us through. The art makes it look like the LEGO lair is inside a much bigger lair. All of the LEGO Movie sets use just a plain blue and orange color scheme for the instructions pages. It reminded me of Creator sets. I understand why instructions would look boring for boring Creator sets that are just pieces and no minifigures besides for boring minifigures that nobody wants (#rant), but for these sets it's a bummer. I like those spooky low-opacity pictures in my instructions like the ones in most Licensed instructions! There are a lot of ads for the other sets in here. Also, there's the 2014 DC Lineup picture, for some reason. I'll just show that and link the other ads. These appear across all the instructions in all the sets. MINIFIGURES!!!! This will be a very long section, because in all honesty my favorite thing to photograph is minifigures. They're so ridiculously photogenic. Sometimes I sit at my desk and hear minifigures calling out to me to be photographed. Then I grab my camera and forget I have work to do for days on end. #fakestorytime Getting this many cool exclusive figures is just great. I do think that it would've been nicer of LEGO to include Vitruvius in a cheaper set as well, so that kids who couldn't get this one could still get him. That aside, these are amazing and they deserve some pictures in which they can shine. I'll cut right to Vitruvius. His cape is very soft - much softer than regular LEGO capes these days (which are kind of stiff). Perhaps that's so that it doesn't get all bent out of shape by his hair and beard. Speaking of his hair and beard, they're totally fantastic! I love these pieces. Back to his cape, I didn't previously notice that it's got sparkles on one side. It's not a print either - they're like glitter glued onto the cape. There's all Biznis Kitty looking nicely Biznisy from the front. Vitruvius also has a funky, worn-out look. I'm sure Emmet will do that to a person. This side of Kitty has a dollar sign and @ sign. Why? Because who knows. That's why. Vitruvius hair is so fantastic. It's a pretty thick hair - either he uses a lot of product or his hair is naturally luscious. It reminds me of Jasmine's hair in Aladdin; perhaps an upcoming Disney Princess set eh eh? Kitty sports the Euro and % signs on her other side. Her neck is very flexible if you couldn't tell. The torso and legs skirt line up well (hooray!) and have a lovely tie-die shirt pattern. It looks like the skirt is printed to simulate LEGO legs under the robe. Vitruvius is clearly tired out by the abundance of Kitty. Biznis' is exactly the same as regular Kitty but with the scribbles. Without the beard, Vitruvius' other face looks like wide-eyed shock. Or drugged-out. I forsee drug-infused Brickfilms coming. Enough Vitruvius. Next up: the Pres and Emmet. Business has a very simple suit print, fun face, and cool hair. The hair is ridiculous of course, but neat nonetheless. Emmet is Emmet. Not bad. Not revolutionary. Good for parts. Both have reverse heads. President Business' reverse face really goes with the helmet, but it's cool here anyway. Emmet gets annoying just to look at after a while, and he doesn't even move! Emmet has his simple back-printing, while Lord Business has none. I should've mentioned that Vitruvius doesn't have backprinting either, sadly. Business' back hair looks cool though. Ma and Pa cop are both pretty cool, mostly for their faces and hair. Their torsos, like many in this line, are extremely simple. Like, throw-back '90s and earlier simple. While torsos can get overly detailed these days, the Cops' torsos are so simple as to shock the system a little. El Macho Wrestler looks a bit more detailed, and is a lot of fun. Also cool to see the lilipad *ahem* Army Man stand piece return, this time in clear! Ma and Pa have lovely scared/angry reverse heads. There haven't been too many angry old-people faces yet, not to mention angry old ladies, so these are very welcome. El Macho has some back printing, while the cops don't. Lord Business' Super Suit Lord Business can also be outfitted with his super-insane big suit. I assume this guy is manically nuts. His suit certaily is. I love the tie-shaped cape, though. The hat does less for me. It's just too much. I recall people wondering how this thing wouldn't be wildly unstable, and what would keep the minifigure from snapping off all the time. Well, the pants are actually glued to newly-shaped black parts that go in to them. Oh the irony, glued parts in a set where glue is evil. These are interesting, and LEGO nicely gives you the second regular pair so you can make the regular non-suited President as well. I love the neck piece. It looks good without the whole suit too. BUILD This build is nice and varied, since you get a bunch of different things and some play features as well as nice details worked in. Overall, it's pretty enjoyable, without too much repetition. Aka my favorite type of build. Here are the extra pieces, which include three white studs with hole in them! Those are always great. BALCONY/GLUE SECTION Bear with my creative naming. I don't really know what to call the different parts of the lair, which do detach and also snap together, by the by. This side is adorned with lovely columns and a regal balcony. On the bottom are a couple imposing all-black doors, and up top is the big infinity window and Kragle, ready to glue things together! I'm not sure what exacly the battery is for, but it's neat. I always like to get some trans-blue panels as well. Nothing much to see from the back, but there's plenty of play in the front (as we're about to see), so that's no big deal. Here, El Macho goes up to the doors. He doesn't think they look so bad. Just doors. Without warning, the human pushes the gluer from the back, and the doors burst open! El Macho is about to get glued! This play feature is awesome and works well. Just push the thing from the back, and it opens the doors and comes through them. I love it. Biznis Kitty thinks she can chill in front of the infinity window, no problem. Suddenly, the human pulls out the front of the balcony, and her platform tips backwards! She's gone! This play feature is a nice idea, but harder to work. The problem is that you might bump the whole thing and knock whatever you have on the plate into the window without actually pulling the front of the blacony. Still, it's a good thought. I love on the Kragle that the designer has used two stickered parts to simulate a squeezed tube. I had not noticed that in the pictures of the set before I built it, and was pleasantly surprised. Great detail. BOARD ROOM/TV STUDIO SECTION This side has less going on (and no play features), but is still quite nice. The detailing on the torture device things up top is great, as is the meeting table and couch. Let's look at some close-ups. All of my Emmets demonstrate sitting at the table. The problem with the design is that once figures are in the chairs, they can really only be towards the table, looking to one end, or looking away. It's a shame they can't rotate more, but it's still a lovely table. The camera, lights, and especially the couch are all superb little builds. That couch I'll be appropriating that design some time. Some great Studs In All Directions building went into the torture chambers. I love seeing more advanced techniques like this in sets. How far LEGO has come. Again, not much from the back. It's all party in the front, nothing in the back. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION This set is a real stand-out of the wave. I don't love all the LEGO Movie sets, as you'll see once I review them all, but this one is truly great. The build is satisfying, the finished model has nice playability and generally looks great, the minifigures are wonderful, and the value is good too. Of course it falls into LEGO's trend of packed-in models as opposed to bigger models with more big pieces, but this one still feels worth $70 overall. If you like minifigures, good builds, and nice models, get this. It's a lot of fun. Look out for 12 more reviews! Until Next time (which will be quite soon)!
  18. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70801 Melting Room

    Bunch of grey stuff with the main characters, or worthwhile set? That's the question at hand in… Set Title: Melting Room Set #: 70801 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 122 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 13 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION When I saw the set pictures, this set said to me "main characters for cheap," and that's about it. You wouldn't get Wyldstyle's hair, but you could get that in the minifigure series if you wanted to, so this set was still about getting the main characters in the cheapest set possible. Well, does it turn out to be a more worthwhile set than just that? BOX The actual build in this set certainly doesn't seem all that exciting from the picture here. My eyes are mostly drawn to Wyldstyle's hood. The back again seems to emphasize the minfigures, although it does show a few configurations of the set. The top uses the cap piece for the 1:1, and gives us the character names we probably all know: Emmet, Wyldstyle, and a Robo SWAT. CONTENTS Just a couple small bags in there, along with the loose bigger piece and a folded up instruction booklet. The artwork on the set makes it look like this "room" is inside a much bigger room, just like the Lair art in fact. And this is what inside the booklet looks like, woohoo! MINIFIGURES The hoodpiece of Wyldstyle is cool if perhaps limited in use. Like I talked about in my Super Cycle Chase review, the Robo SWAT are excellent and make you want to have a whole force of them. This is the only set that includes the Super Secret Police logo cap, and it's the mould that was introduced in the collectible line, so that's extra cool. Emmet is Emmet. This is Wyldstyle's more cheerful face; she has a reverse slightly angrier one that I didn't photograph this time (but you can see it in my Cycle review, I believe). Everybody has nice back printing, and Wyldstyle has arm printing (which means her torso comes from "elsewhere" and she's got moulded numbers on her wrists and no neck printing). Wyldstyle is armed with an axe, and the Robo SWAT has the excellent new gun these Robo guys like to use. Since I haven't actually talked about it in any of my other reviews, here's Emmet's special brick (the piece of resistance?). It's like a two-tall brick with the back of a headlight brick in it. Will this be useful to builders? I dunno. Probably, since the AFOL community is quite creative with parts. EXTRA PARTS Nothing too exciting here, besides maybe the nozzle. The nozzle is nice. SET So here it is. Unlike my ho-hum thoughts about it from the pictures, it's actually kind of fun in real life. You can swivel the big melting gun and control panel around, and strap figures down to the torture bed, which also moves up and down. The color scheme doesn't pop, but there are good parts in here and it looks nice for what it is. I'm not sure what different angles really do to show this set - you can basically see everything from all angles. Good parts in here - the new a-frame piece, 1x2 slopes, the Cars bumper slopes in black, a trans-clear technic wheel. And no stickers! It's a lot more fun with the figures. I can easily see a kid having a bunch of fun with this set. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION All in all, Melting Room is a surprisingly good little set, surprising because I thought it didn't look so hot before I opened it up and built it. It doesn't scream buy as much as its sister set in this price range, Getaway Glider, but it's still worth picking up. The minifigures are good, especially the Robo SWAT. The model is pretty fun and looks good for what it is, but of course a little drab. The designer worked in some desirable parts, so for people looking for good parts, this has some. It's maybe not an instant buy, but since it's cheap, it'll probably call out to you from the store shelves after a while.
  19. Awaiting destruction or rescue...or a destructive rescue. If you've ever had nightmares of being chained to the chair of a maniacal dentist, the Melting Room set may send you haywire. Put yourself in Emmet's place and it may inspire thoughts that are more chilling than sympathetic. "At least Emmet doesn't have to watch in horror," you reason. But the real scary part? The brick on his back is the most valuable thing in the room. Name: Melting Room Set Number: 70801 Theme: The LEGO Movie Year: 2014 Pieces: 122 Minifigs: 3 Price: $12.99 US / $15.99 CDN -- Packaging Front The front of the box has the set taking up a surprising amount of real estate for its actual size, to the point where the piece count should serve as a reminder of its true stature. In other words, images on the front of the box are larger than they appear. There's not a whole lot of variation that could be done with depicting this scene, but the 'rescue mission' aspect does translate with Wyldstyle trumping the SWAT unit, who would presumably go on to plead for mercy, all while Emmet freaks out over a charging laser. Back The artwork on the back showcases the main play feature on this set — the crank mechanism on the chair where Emmet sits. In this case, the main shot sees Emmet sitting upright, watching on as Wyldstyle takes out the SWAT robot. He's less fazed by the glowing ray about to slice him in half than he is in the first bumper below, where he's shown panicking as the chair swivels and rotates. (Which is it, Emmet?!) Rather than highlighting the folding aspect of the laser, the second bumper shows Wyldstyle about to grab the axe at the small storage station. If play value is what you seek, the artwork here isn't as convincing as it perhaps could be. Minifigures Emmet Standard Emmet getup (Piece of Resistance included) with a double-sided frightened/passive face. No doubt an expression of confidence in Wyldstyle's rescue abilities. Wyldstyle Wyldstyle gets a special, exclusive add-on for her minifigure in the form of a hood. Along the inside, you'll spot threads of purple and blue colouring to represent her hair underneath the hood — that is, what it would be if there was a separate hairpiece included. As per movie form, she also wields an axe in this scene for loosening Emmet's chains. Robo SWAT The third minifigure is a standard Robo SWAT unit from the Super Secret Police. Front torso and leg printing reflect a well-prepared and adequately stocked unit, while the back shows a receiver peeking out from what would be his back pocket for communicating with the rest of the team. He also comes with a black cap featuring the SSP insignia on the front, along with slight grooves and indentations for detail. Also included in this set specifically for this fellow is a small blaster, no doubt for guard duty. Build The "evil dentist chair" serves as the centerpiece for the set, fixed atop a small octagonal base. An A-shaped piece (with grey arch pieces on the ends for some stability, though not perfect) connects this area to a small platform meant for item storage (i.e., the blaster and a set of handcuffs), and here is where you'll also find one of two security barriers with two red lights — the second being situated adjacent to the chair. Strapped in tight. Some interesting techniques are involved in the construction of the chair itself and the rotating platform it sits on. The mechanism works nicely for a twofold interaction when coupled with the rotating function: a knob along the bottom of the chair allows for vertical adjustments where the chair can sit lying flat or standing at an angle at either extreme. Just a regular, non-threatening swivel chair...with chains. The reverse-facing, swiveling chair is designed in such a way that Emmet will be standing (securely placed) with his face looking outside the main area and chain studs on either side of the chair attached to his hands. Everything latches together nicely and the physical execution works well on the whole. If you couldn't tell...I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! On the opposite end of the main base is a terminal for the laser, with a folding piece that allows you to position the device dead-on or further out. The machine prompted curiousity during the build, and when it's complete, the neatest aspect to it is the vacuum machine-like coil that serves as a connector between the top and bottom of the device. Is this thing on? There is a gizmo to the side of the contraption with reading levels and transparent orange and yellow studs for lights. There is a question of whether or not it's a necessary detail, particularly because when the laser is away from the base, this small gizmo is out of reach for the minifigures. Even the box shows it detached and off to the side. So the integration could have been a bit better, but for the most part there will be some gratitude over this tiny extra. Set laser to 'Exterminate'! Being able to position the laser is a nice boon to the overall set, as it lends to some playability. After saving Emmet, why not fashion a new escape route...through the roof. Or maybe head underground, where your getaway vehicle awaits. Coupled with the rotating chair, it makes for a set with energy. Conclusion The Melting Room is an easy, time-friendly build and a good starter set for the rest of the theme, especially because there's potential for it to pair with Lord Business' Lair for a more complete experience. Failing that, it'll be seen as a quirky, compact display piece with some decent interaction to it. Compared to its closest counterpart (the Getaway Glider, for its identical price and similar piece count), the Melting Room, though still light, has more going for it in the way of play value and integration with other sets. On its own merits, it's a good depiction of the scene it's based on and there's just enough here for a mildly satisfying experience to be had. What's more, those into other sci-fi themes will want to pick this up for the main components — if an insane dentist isn't your thing, then mad scientist will do just as well. Hold it, sister! Design: 7 Good for what it is; interaction sells the set; decent integration of secondary components for one single unit; good construction on the chair; one or two interesting parts/elements such as the coil; minor flaws with stability and lonely gizmo. Playability: 6 Decent for a small set of this calibre; scene re-creation; increases when paired with other LEGO Movie sets; fold-out laser allows for different positions; works for display purposes. Value: 6 Average minifigure count; exclusive hood piece; chair is adaptable for other sets; PPP ratio is relatively on par; will get more out of it than Getaway Glider for the same price. Overall: 63% -- My, how the tables have turned!
  20. This model is inspired by the Super Cycle as seen in The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie Video Game. I originally wanted to wrap chain track elements around a modern turntable element, similar to how the original models had chain track elements wrapped around an extra-large gear. Unfortunately, that didn't work out in LDD, so I settled for a standard wheel and tire combo instead. In addition, I couldn't find the correct torso and leg prints for Wyldstyle and Emmet, so I decided to be creative with their outfits. Click or tap any image for a larger version. LXF File - Brickshelf Gallery
  21. kofi

    MICRO Sea Cow

    175D Hi there, I hope I post this in the right forum! But I just seen the Review of Metal Beards Sea Cow. So I thought why not presenting my version of the Sea Cow in MICRO Scale! I built it for a competition in June. I tried to put as many details in this build as possible! Hope you enjoy! Micro Sea Cow by LF_kofi, on Flickr
  22. No line is complete these days without a mech set, right? Superheroes, Ninjago, Chima, Galaxy Squad… the list goes on. Here's one of two The LEGO Movie January mech battle sets: Set Title: MetalBeard's Duel Set #: 70807 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 412 Minifigures: 3 and one third Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: USD 35 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Mechs aren't really my thing, but LEGO definitely knows how to make them look exciting. The little Ninjago Fire Mech made me want to buy it just for the mech, and it looks fantastic. But bigger mechs don't usually do much for me. I only ever got a few small Exo-Force sets, but nothing bigger. MetalBeard is interesting of course because he is a mech, but he's still a bigger-size mech and didn't interest me. Let's see if building him changed my mind. BOX A couple mechs battling and minifigures running around fill the box. Or, rather, it's more like MetalBeard is holding the Micromanager at arm's length and toying with it. Not much of a duel if you ask me. Somehow MetalBeard always knows where the Robo Skellie is, since he's discharging a cannon straight up as the Skellie jumps at him. The back also highlights things like the sausage and bone MetalBeard keeps in his chest (which I think I actually forgot to photograph… oops). Sorry, Robo Skellie is actually Skeletron - another '80s space theme that never was along with Executron. The other figures aren't the most exciting necessarily; you'd have to want the mech to want the set, I'd say. INSTRUCTIONS Since the box is square, and the instructions are also square, they have almost the exact same art. The instructions show just a little bit more, I suppose. Since I haven't mentioned it before in any of these reviews - see the little blue arrow symbol showing you to flip the thing around in step 8? There are SO MANY OF THOSE in these sets. Maybe it's just because I've never built 13 sets so close together before, but these sets have you flip things over and around like crazy in the builds. Maybe this is necessary, but sometimes I felt it was extranneous and I could've figured out what to add without flipping the assembly around. MINIFIGURES These minifigures are actually pretty cool. This is the first ever bley skeleton, so that should definitely come in handy to people. As I've been saying, the Robo SWAT are always excellent, and this one gives you another printed helmet (though the printed cap in the Melting Room is cooler). MetalBeard has a nice piratey face, with a lovely new pirate hat print that's very nice and LEGO-y. Finally, Frank the Foreman might not be so exciting, but he's got nice new multi-purpose torso and leg prints, and a nice new face to boot (he looks like he could be Garbage Man Grant's twin to me). The two regular figures have good back printing. Here's a more complete look at MetalBeard's face as well - a nice addition to eye-patch pirates if you ask me. COOL BITS and EXTRA PARTS I should've included the sausage in this, since sausages are cool, but I frogot. Anyways, this set has the new shark mould that is very similar to the old one. The only differences are the gils on the side and the fact that it more universally attaches to studs on the bottom; the old one has an awkward 1x2 space to attach, whereas this one can be stuck down in the middle of a big plate if you like. The binoculars are new (I believe) in gold, and the wind-up thing is rare to see in sets. You get two of these cool bits as extras too! No extra shark sadly… surprise! Other nice extras are the pistol, skellie parts, and printed key-hole tile. (Did I mention there are no stickers in this set? Well there aren't any stickers!) SET - MICROMANAGER This is one of two bigger Micromanagers. It definitely has a different type of appeal - the others are cutesy, whereas this one looks silly because of its tal spindly legs. It's kind of like an AT-ST with a box as its head. The sides are pretty ugly unfortunately since they have fold-down flick-fires and also have to be designed for the top to fold open. This leaves them looking messy. The back has another mysterious attachment point to attach to nothing. Maybe eventually LEGO will tell us these have some use? As I mentioned, flick-fires fold down for your enjoyment. These are actually usable since they're out in the open, giving you plenty of room to manuver your flicking-finger of choice behind them. I tend to use my left pinky. #jokes This is the only Micromanager with room inside for a pilot, which seems to me like LEGO's desicion to give a Tank Droid, Droid Gunship, or Vulture Droid a pilot. Aren't these things robots themselves with their own robot brains? Maybe this is just a passenger seat for when the Robo SWAT gets tired, or something. This thing isn't super-duper pose-able, but it can pose well enough. The hand design, also used on a few other Micromanagers, works superbly for holding minifigures since the horn pieces are made out of a bendy material (and have been for a while, though they originally were regular hard LEGO). SET - METALBEARD Here he is, the name of the set, MetalBeard! I think opinions will be split over this guy. Some people will love the crazy look, but I'm more in an 'ugly mess' camp. The concept is cool, but in real life his colors are muted overall and it just looks ugly to me. He's also a lot smaller than I expected. He's bulky, but pretty short and doesn't feel 'big' overall. Even though I don't dig the overall look, there are some good parts in there nonetheless, like the new 1x2 slop in dark brown, the dark orange pieces, 2x2 jumper plates in dark red, more gold, just to name a few. There's actually a single dark orange cheese grater piece on one leg (which you can see a bit in this picture), which I believe is exclusive to this set (but will probably pop up in others since I can't see why LEGO would cast it in that color just for this set. MetalBeard can carry his big sword attached to his back, and has a swinging ancor on one leg (it swings freely do to friction-less pins). Besides that, not much detail on the back. Keen-eyed observers might have noticed a black clip under the gold flag on MetalBeard's flagpole. That's an extra piece and not supposed to be there, but the pole and flag don't have enough friction to keep the flag up by itself. At least on mine, the flag falls down the pole without that clip there. That's what I'd call an NNPU - not nice parts usage. The ice cream for smoke (because MetalBeard has an engine?) is an NPU though, and it's nice to see this NPU in a set since I've been seeing it in MOCs for quite a while. It brings it out to more people, like kids, who might not have thought of that before. The hand doesn't have an attachment point for the sword, but MetalBeard can still hold it fairly well. Sadly, and this is why I don't love mechs, MetalBeard can't pose all that well. What's the point of a mech if you can't actually pose it? Is it fun for kids to just hold a mech in each hand and smash them against each other? Ok maybe, but still I'd rather be able to pose my mechs as an AFOL. This is the 'most interesting' thing I could come up with without him toppling over. MetalBeard can nicely turn 360 degrees at his torso, but the peg leg seriously impedes leg posing. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION I can't say I like this set much. I tried to keep an open mind despite not loving bigger mechs, but MetalBeard feels dull and ugly and this is probably the worst Micromanagers due to messy-looking sides. I actually like MetalBeard a lot more in these pictures than I like him in real life - under nice lighting his colors kind of pop, but in real life under every-day kind of light he's pretty drab. Dark orange and dark red are nice colors, but when mixed with mostly dark colors like dark grey, dark brown, and black they kind of fall flat (I liked dark orange far more back in the Orient Expedition Scorpion Palace, which used a lot of white, for example). Parts-wise, I suppose this set is pretty good. Plenty of interesting parts, and plenty of parts in general for the price. The minifigures are also pretty good and useful. If you're somebody who likes to part out sets and can use the minifigures, this is a decent buy, but I'd say for everybody else it's underwhelming unless you personally really like the look of MetalBeard. I, on the other hand, would recommend any of the five (slightly cheaper) USD 30 sets over this in a heartbeat. Only one more review left: Rescue Reinforcements. Also a mech set, but (review spoiler alert) that one actually had me pleasantly surprised. Coming soon!
  23. SWAT vests. A beastly cop car. Another Emmet. Next up… Set Title: Super Cycle Chase Set #: 70808 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 514 Minifigures: 5 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 50 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Thanks to LEGO for sending me these sets to review. This was the first LEGO Movie set revealed way back when, and I think it left a lot of people scratching their heads. Of course the new minifigure accessories were awesome, but otherwise, this could've been a doosy. I didn't have much feeling for it going in. Could be great, could be dumb. Let's see… BOX The box gives you a nice view of the models, though the background is a bit drab. It's funny to see that stray flick-fire without showing you where it came from at all. On the back it seems all of the minifigures have ditched their rides and prefer a chase on foot? Since that makes sense. The back also shows you that there aren't very many true features, but honestly when things roll, that's feature enough for me most of the time. The top shows us our cast: Emmet, Wyldstyle, and three delicious Robo SWATs. CONTENTS Inside are a few numbered bags with a surprisingly low amount of orange. The cycle looks pretty orange from the picture, but there's not much of it. The designer made a little orange go a long way. Instead there's a lot of grey and black. There are two booklets and a pretty hefty sticker sheet. Sticker-haters will not at all be pleased, but I applied them all to stay true to the set. I don't seem to have taken pictures of inside the instructions, but they're the boring blue color scheme and whatever. You get it. MINIFIGURES If you had asked CloneyO which set in this wave had the best minifigures, he definitely would not have said this one. In fact, none of these minifigures are even exclusive, besides for one exclusive part: the special eye-piece attachment on one Robo SWAT. But in actuality, these are a lot cooler than they seem. There are certain minifigures that, when they appear in a lot of sets, you roll your eyes (like Battle Droids). But these Robo SWAT guys are awesome and I would totally want to army build them (I already have a mini-army since there are a bunch of them across the wave). These ones especially look totally cool in the new vest piece. Their torsos and legs are super-useful, and the heads are great too. Somehow I never realized before building the sets that Wyldstyle has a printed arm, which means her torso comes from… elsewhere and has the telltale markings on the hands and no printing on the neck. Oh, and Emmet is Emmet. The backs of the vests are printed with the hilarious "Super Secret Police," which perhaps make them slightly less useful, but oh well. Wyldstyle's hood piece is neat. The Robo SWAT get two of the neat new gun piece with different attachments, and a pair of handcuffs. Not bad. BUILD In the build I came across a couple of interesting pieces that I haven't seen much before. There are also some of the new 1x2 slope pieces, which you can note on the finished things. There are some nice leftovers. One can always use more cheese. SET - ROADBLOCK Let's start with perhaps the least interesting thing and go from there (this is also the build order). That would be this little roadblock device. LEGO has added chains to sets before to stop crooks (like in the Chase McCain set from CITY), but this time it's more of a play feature! Here it's all coiled up. But (theoretically) flip the thing on the back, it uncoils! I say theoretically because if you coil it in a sloppy manner, as I did, it doesn't really work. If you manage to get it coiled tightly, it does work well. This is a fun one, when it works. SET - SUPER CYCLE This thing actually looks awesome. Not a lot of orange pieces, but a lot of orange pop! There's something about it that makes it look really rough and fun. You don't want to mess with this bike. Wyldstyle looks menacing on it from the front. Somehow it looks cohesive against all odds. Each side has different stickers that look like cutoffs of something else. It adds to the feel that Wyldstyle assembled it out of other things, but unlike the saloon plane in Creative Ambush, this bike is subtle about it, so it doesn't turn out looking messy. The big back wheel is an awesome construction. I haven't seen track used for this before. Something about the big back wheel reminded me of the Shredder Dragon Bike, or made me think of what the Dragon Bike could've been if it was a better set. This bike right here is how to do a weird motorcycle - the Dragon Bike, not so much. SET - SUPER SWAT VEHICLE This thing is a BEAST - and I love it. This car seems to growl at you, it's so tough-looking. It looks like it could smash through a building. It's a terrific car. You don't want to see this car coming at you, because I think it'd run you down. Looks like I didn't press the top of the car down very well in this one, but apart from that, the side view looks nice. It's not too stubby of a vehicle, nor too long. It seems just right. No doors sadly, but I suppose Robo SWAT can just climb through the ceiling. I'm sure a big car like this is pretty terrible for the environment. Just look at all of those exhaust pipes! I love the ribbed pattern on the back. The back opens up to reveal a very small compartment where you can stash some dynamite, or whatever you like. The cab has plenty of room for more than one figure, and could easily be mod-ed to easily fit a few. The only "play feature" is that the side foot stands lift up to reveal everybody's favorite-flick fires. Everybody especially loves flick-fires that are nearly innaccessible for flicking. The car looks kind of interesting with the "wings" up, but really it's just better to forget about those flicky thingies. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Well, I'm sold. These vehicles are awesome, the Robo SWAT are great figures that you really can't get enough of, and Wyldstyle and Emmet are cool enough too (even in multiple). Parts-wise, there's a bunch to like, some new parts and the orange bits, which are more rare. Lots of nice slopes in the SWAT car too. I still can't quite wrap my head around what costs $50 recently. The vehicles are kind of compact, even though they have a lot of parts, so it doesn't exactly feel like $50 when it's built. But it's a great set anyway, and I guess it adds up. If you like vehicles and/or police stuff, I'd definitely pick this up. I imagine more people might want the cool bike after seeing the movie as well. Next up: the 2-in-1's in some order!
  24. I've seen a few attempts to recreate MetalBeard's film appearance around the net, but they've all fallen short of total accuracy by a significant measure. I looked back through the film and determined all of the differences, created an LDD model, ordered the parts I needed, and got to building. And the back There are a ton of minute differences between the film version and the final set, so I won't attempt to cover them all in text. Suffice to say most of the changes seem to be in the interest of stabilization and economy of parts. His right foot, peg leg, and back are the only parts constructed completely differently, but there are tiny changes throughout the model. If your interested in seeing everything in more detail, here's the LXF: This is the link to the LXF I just mentioned I believe I used the wrong color for the light grey parts in the LDD model, my bad. If you want to try your hand at building the model physically, note that there are a few parts that don't exist in the correct colors. The gears atop MetalBeard's shoulders should be dark grey, but only come in light grey. The chain from his chest to his shark arm should be metallic. I'm also fairly certain that the brackets holding his treasure chest are supposed to be gold. And that's all there is to say, I suppose. Arg!
  25. To be Bad Cop, or not to be Bad Cop? That's a question you could roleplay with… Set Title: Bad Cop's Pursuit Set #: 70802 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 314 Minifigures: 2 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Ask me which LEGO Movie sets I was least interested in, and this would've been at the top of my list. Only one unique minifigure, some random tower construction thing, and a car - not exactly that exciting. It seemed to compete with all of the other sets at this price point, the 2-in-1s, all of which seemed to be a lot better than this. But was my initial reaction correct? Let's find out! BOX Lots of action on the box, but again, not that much excitement. The cop car looks ok, but the other thing just looks like an excuse to have more parts in the set. The back doesn't exactly do much to help. The highlight seems to be the cop figure. Just two minifigures in this set - Bad Cop, and another Emmet that you'll probably get in a different set. Admittedly, this is the only way to get Bad Cop/Good Cop in a set, but he alone wouldn't be enough reason to buy this. INSTRUCTIONS Just one booklet for this set, and one small sticker sheet. Not too bad. Same dull color scheme inside as all the other sets, but oh well. It does the job. MINIFIGURES Emmet, as always, is useful if a bit dull, but Bad Cop is truly cool. I love the over-the-top angry face with the cool shades, and the helmet is a great new mould. The torso is nice standard cop affair. Both have alternate faces: the extremely silly Good Cop face, and Emmet's annoying scared face. The Good Cop face is terrific. Both hair/hat pieces are nice all around. Bad/Good Cop has some nice back printing too. A word about the new gun (making its only appearance so far out of Star Wars) - it works magnificently. I saw some reviews of Star Wars sets that say that it works sometimes and not others, but I'm not sure what those people did wrong, since it works every time for me. I get that it's no replacement for accurate guns in SW, but it's a really nice weapon that works very well. I can imagine kids (and myself) having a lot of fun shooting minifigures with this. ANIMALS We get two nice dark green cop gators; standard gator affair, but they're not in that many sets so it's nice to see them pop up again every once in a while. SET - RAILWAY Here's the thing that I took to be a bit of a throwaway, but it's actually an excellent construction. The build on the broken-down rails is great, and overall this thing looks lovely in real life. There's some nice little stone detailing with a frog down in the water, but what really makes this great is the play feature. You can push the red part to make the hanging track lock upright. Emmet thinks he's safe standing up on the rails (even if he's freaking out). And then you can pull out the red part again, and down he goes! It works very well, and I love that you can both lock it up and let it down with the same technic part. SET - COP CAR So the rail part looked surprisingly good, but the cop flying car is really amazing. The shaping is great, giving it a really sleek and fast look that just screams to swooshed around. I'm not sure these pictures show it well enough, but this car looks really really great. The designer did an outstanding job. The back has a great thrusters construction that makes it look like quite a fast flying machine. The inside is quite roomy. Plenty of space for Bad Cop to get comfortable and enjoy pursuing people. The sides lift up to reveal guns that are packed away. This feature is really unobtrusive when folded up. I always love some trans-yellow, even if it's just boat tiles. The guns fold out and back to become cop-colored weapons for to pew-pew away Bad Cop's enemies. The car looks a little strange with the wings up, and I wish they could fold back down somehow once the guns were out, but it's still plenty swooshable and doesn't ruin the look. Overall, just a terrific flying car. I haven't experienced a model I liked this much in a while (although the SWAT truck in the Cycle Chase set is pretty amazing too). EXTRAS Not too many extra pieces of note. You get a second one of the piece that shoots the studs in the new gun, but I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with that. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION To my great surprise, I've come away thinking that this set is a bit of a must-buy. The builds are great, especially the car car, which is simply outstanding. There is an excellent amount of pieces for the price, and though the minifigures might not sell this set, Bad Cop is great. I imagine a lot of people will want to get him after seeing the movie, since he seems to play a sizable role. Even though this is one of five sets at this price range for the line, I'd definitely consider getting this one. You won't be disappointed.