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Found 42 results

  1. A little less complex than the Yavin IV playset or Jedi Temple Playset I've made previously. But the result may actually a bit more along the lines of what TLG themselves might put together for a functional The Force Awakens Resistance Base playset. Likely going to add some pictures of the minifigs (the custom ones in particular) once my Snap Wexley and final piece for B-U4D droid arrive from bricklink. Minifig Lineup (Missing Wexley) Major Brance/Admiral Statura/Major Ematt Doctor Kalonia/Kaydel Ko/Pamich Nero Jess Pava/B-U4D "Buford" Loading Droid/T-70 X-Wing Pilot Nien Nunb/Resistance Infantry/4B-EG-6 GNK Series Power Droid General Leia/Han Solo/Chewbacca C-3PO/BB-8/R2-D2 T-70 X-Wing Pilot/Poe Dameron Rey/Admiral Ackbar/Finn "FN-2187" Updated T-70 X-Wing with Minifig/WindScreen Swappable Cockpit Updated Large Hangar Complete Surface Set Poe's T-70 X-Wing in Front of Hangar by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Regular T-70 X-Wing in Front of Hangar by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Actions Shots Arriving for Takodana by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Leaving for Starkiller Base by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Return from Starkiller Base by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Design Images Flickr Album Underground Resistance Command Centre Command Centre Folded Back by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Command Centre Open by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Command Centre Folded Front by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Command Centre Left by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Command Centre Middle by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Command Centre Right by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Hangar Entrance Large Hangar by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Hangar Entrance by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Power Generator Power Generator by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Communications and Pilots Communications and Pilots by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Resistance Base Speeder Resistance Base Speeder by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Poe's T-70 X-Wing Poe's T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Poe's T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Poe's T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Poe's T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr Standard Resistance T-70 X-Wing T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr T-70 X-Wing by Jonathan Hudson, on Flickr
  2. Brick Capone

    [WIP] Starkiller Base

    Hello all! I'm sure just about all of you have seen The Force Awakens now... in The Force Awakens, the scene that I wanted to most create in lego was the Starkiller Base speech scene, with all the Stormtroopers and Officers in the crowd, and General Hux presenting his speech prior to the destruction of Hosnian Prime. Note, I will update this as I have more progress. I've been working on this for a couple of weeks now, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far. But no where near done, in fact i'd say it may be only about 10-15% done at the current state. I'm going to make this HUGE. Now, instead of getting the majority of the big lego star wars force awakens related, but rather I've mainly been getting a lot of the Battlepacks that came out somewhat recently, and I plan to replicate that scene the best I can, with tons of baseplates, tons of minifigures.. Well it's not all planned out yet, but let me show you what I have so far. I'm sure others have thought about or are even doing the very same idea, and I also look forward to seeing some other versions out there at a later time. So, here it is so far. "Today is the end of the Republic! The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder! At this very moment, in a system far from here the New Republic LIES to the GALAXY while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand, will bring an end to the Senate! To their cherished fleet! All remaining systems will bow to the First Order! And will remember this... as the last day of the Republic!" ―General Hux Starkiller Base, Update by Brick Capone, on Flickr Starkiller Base Updates by Brick Capone, on Flickr image by Brick Capone, on Flickr I found the all plain white at the back of the base a bit boring, so I decided to add a Starkiller Base hallway with a bridge overhead like you see in the movie. Anyway, tell me what you think for now, and we'll see what it looks like at the end, which will be in a long time.
  3. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Rey's Speeder

    When I first went to see Star Wars Episode 7 on opening night, I've been very sceptical. I've seen Star Wars - The Force Awakens three times now. I love this movie, because right off the bat it delivers what makes Star Wars so great: Likeable and interesting characters, both heroes and villains that are fascinating, and a story that is driven by characters taking action and not endless, boring expositional dialogue. Discounting the Star Wars TV-experience with The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, both of which feature likeable characters and some well-written stories and arcs, Episode 7 was the first cinema-experience that truly felt like Star Wars since the not yet special-editioned Return of the Jedi. I personally rank Episode 7 at number 3, right after A New Hope and Empire, because it was a lot more character-driven than Return of the Jedi, had banter like Empire and was fast-paced without being annoying. Rey and Kylo Ren are my favorite aspects of the whole movie - both are well-written and the acting delivers greatly. One of my favorite vehicles in the movie is Rey's Speeder. It doesn't have the legacy of a Millenium Falcon, the notoriety of TIE fighters, nor is it an icon like the X-wings, but it is a nicely designed vehicle that perfectly fits Rey as a character. It is like a huge jet-intake and fuel chamber feeding two vertically-mounted jets, and you sit on it like on a powerful bike, not like in a car as with Luke's speeder in a New Hope. I've seen quite a lot of MOCs of this vehicle already, but none of them quite spoke to me, so this was an opportunity to have a go at my own. As anyone who knows my MOCs, while I have build some rather huge and mid-sized Star Wars Vehicles of all varieties, I do have a soft spot for speeders. What I was trying to achieve with this MOC was the narrow sleek shape of Rey's Speeder, the characteristic intake and have Rey in a riding position on it, not in a sitting position. I am quite pleased with the result, and I hope you like it too. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. Now that Episode 7 has rekindled my interest in Lego Star Wars, you can bet more MOCs will come in the near future.
  4. ACPin

    [MOC] Out For Lunch

    Choose iconic scenes from the movies/series/themes that you like. Makes it a lot easier for viewers to instantly recognise what it's all about even without a description. Doesn't always have to be a big battle/landscape, even a small vignette can do it. "Build what inspires you!" AC
  5. Chilly_Productions

    Goodbye Star Wars Forum

    I am leaving the LEGO Star Wars forum due to spoilers, I haven't heard any yet, but I'm still being careful. Are you taking a break from the Star Wars forum as well?
  6. Hello. What do you think about my interpretation of new X-Wing and Special Force TIE? X-Wing was based on the new Poe's X-Wing polybag TIE was my idea :D
  7. Hi LEGO community, I want to present you one (at least 2,probably 5)of my Updates for the crashed Star Destroyer ( http://www.eurobrick...51#entry2287244 ) Here is it: I hope you like it,let me know Greetings KevFett2011
  8. Hey guys, Now it`s done and my Apoca AT-AT from EPVII cocept art ist finished! It`s my first AT in minifig scale and the next step ist to build that he can stand All photos you can watch on Flickr and here are the WIP-Thread. Thanks for watching and hope you like it? cya markus
  9. YellowCorvette

    (LDD MOC) Another T-70 X-wing

    Hi, everyone on this forum! The Force Awakens sets is already available to buy, but except the 75099 Rey's Speeder, 75100 First Order Snowspeeder and 75103 First Order Transporter, I not very impressed with the others, espiecally the 75102 because of several inaccuracies when compared to the trailer. As a example, the wings on 75102 don't close like in the trailer. So, I builded this T-70 based on what a Lego T-70 X wing suppose to look like in my thinking. It's heavily based on 9493, but the cockpit canopy and the wings are different from 9493 and 75102. Incom T-70 X wing Starfighter lxf picture by ArmstrongYong, on Flickr Sorry about the longer laser cannon. I just realized that mistake after I posted this topic. Some screenshots of this T-70 X wing using both LDD and BlueRender. T-70 X-wing Screenshot 1 by ArmstrongYong, on Flickr T-70 X-wing Screenshot 2 by ArmstrongYong, on Flickr T-70 X-wing Screenshot 3 by ArmstrongYong, on Flickr Yes, the astromech droid you seen in the picture up there is the old R2-D2 type. I know it suppose to designed to fit the new astromech droids like BB-8, but I prefer this design more, so I designed it like that. Need a LDD file of this model ? Download it by pressing here. (If you interested) Note: The actual LXF File may vary from the pictures in this topic. Any comments, critisms, and suggestion are welcome.
  10. markus1984

    EPVII - Rey`s Desert Speeder

    Hi, Here is a small MOC for the coming Star Wars Noris Force Con in Nürnberg/Germany this weekend. To my Apoca AT-AT EPVII and the Dreadnoughts I also build some small MOC`s. One of this is a little vignette from EPVII Rey on her desert speeder. The speeder was an cooperation work with Vaionaut. After my first version he made this on LDD and the biggest part is the work of him. All photos you can watch on flickr. Cya markus
  11. Good morning, Here i show you my entry for the "May the 4th" contest on Imperium der Steine. All rules and entries you can watch "here". I build the Tie hangar because the szene looks so great in the trailer! It was a little bit difficult since we have a limited size to build but now watch the photos . On my Flickr page you can watch all photos! Hope you like it? cya markus
  12. Haven't seen any MOCs of the new white TIEs from Star Wars 7 yet, wanted to change that. Have this. The first of Sienar's TIEs with a more efficient white-painted solar cell, the TIE/cs utilizes five long range disruptor cannons, fed by two large power sources on the top of the wing struts. The extremely high rate of fire on the high-powered disruptor cannons necessitated the use of two "static emitter arrays", or SEAs. The bright flashes of the excess electric arcs emanating from the SEAs and the heavy strobe effect of the disruptor cannons earned the TIE/cs the nickname "Blinder". Later models were given an anti-flash protective layer on the cockpit, as to not damage the pilot's eyes. MORE HERE gaaah, mods please change name to just [The Force Awakens MOC] TIE/cs "Blinder" please
  13. I just finished creating the latest Star Wars trailer in LEGO. Thanks for watching!
  14. Hey guys, For an internal contest on ImperiumDerSteine we have to build the new Desert Speeder vom the EpisodeVII Trailer! It must be build with current parts and techniques (as much as possible) and it must be feasible in 20 minutes! Not so easy . Doesnt think that can be so difficult to build this speeder because the shape and details are very hard at this size. But now here the pictures. All photos you found on flickr. Hope you like it! markus
  15. BUCHET

    [MOC] SW7 Rey's speeder

    Hello, The first speeder was built after seeing a concept art, the second one after watching the teaser...
  16. After a non-stop 22 hours of work, I proudly present my version of the full first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer in glorious LEGO. 4 hours to shoot more than 1500 frames of animation at 29.97 FPS. 3 hours to build the landscapes and ships/vehicles. Topped off with 15 hours to add the finishing touches that will blow your mind away! Subscribe for new films. If you enjoyed this one you're certain to enjoy next month's film (An original film, 9 months in the making). Plus follow the DC/MARVEL crossover series that will continue to unfold over the next few months. Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Thanks for watching!
  17. This was made for my new video that was made in 22 hours. In the photo I included the original plate in the top left corner. Alot of the fx I added in was a rust texture for the speeder along with dust and some color correction. Alot of the parts in the speeder came from the Hulkbuster suit I made for an Avengers video awhile back. If you would like to check out the speeder in action here's the video below. Thanks for looking and may the force be with you!